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Over the years I have been tormented by an entity. I know that this is not a ghost. I am an empath; I know spirits of the human sorts and can tell the difference of something else. I have helped others with hauntings by spirits. But this entity of mine I cannot get rid of.

This thing has tormented women in my family for at least 6 generations. We have tried and tried over the years to release this thing. But all attempts have failed.

It started off by night hauntings. Lights turning on or off, random footsteps, shadows over the bed. Scratching noises on the wall, things being moved when no one else could have moved them. It comes and goes in spurts. We blessed the house and my body and soul. We tried a ritual to get rid of it. It worked for a few months but now this thing is back and with a vengeance.

There are three main experiences that I will describe within this story. But please understand that these are not the only three experiences that I have encountered with this thing.

Let me start by saying that usually this thing will come and attack during the state of half asleep and half awake. It will come and place pressure on my body to the point where I cannot move, breathe or even vocally speak. I will think that I am screaming with all of my might, although no one can hear me, when it finally releases me I will suddenly pop up with all my might and scream as loud as I can. (MID SCREAM) No matter how hard you fight you cannot move.

In July 2008 I felt one night as if I was trying to be taken over, sort of like a possession. It attempted to jump into my body and I had to fight it off through prayer. Several people that lived around us that night saw the shadows, and heard banging in our house. It began around 3 am. I had been having horrible dreams up until that point. My husband wrote it off as a dream, and thought nothing more of it, but I could not shake the feeling that it was a real attempt.

After that I contacted a spiritualist and several other religious advisers. The house was cleansed and blessed, along with my body, soul, and mind. It was gone for quite some time, but now it came back again and it's mad.

In September 2009 it came back and attacked on a very physical level. It attacked two others besides me and those in my blood line. In one weekend it bothered my niece (through marriage not blood), and my husband. It used my niece's greatest fear against her, and stopped her from breathing and held her down. And presented itself to my husband as some kind of androgynous creature in a white robe and held my husband down. He could not scream move nor breathe either. Then later the next night it came after me again.

I was in the half dream state and I heard growling coming from underneath my couch. My husband and I had slept on the living room floor that night. We fell asleep watching TV. I glanced at the couch and saw that there was a glowing red like zombie type creature that was coming from underneath my couch. It reached out and grabbed my arm and began to pull me in the direction of the couch.

My husband felt me start to move across the floor very slowly. My husband thought that I was trying to move up to the couch so he grabbed my by my hips to pull me back down to him. My husband realized that there was some resistance and he had to pull very hard. I ended up sitting straight up screaming. During that whole time I could feel my husband pulling me and I could see him. I was screaming and praying that someone could help me. I ended up having bruises in the shape of fingers on my arms.

It still ended up attacking but excluding moving me and bruises until this month. It started again at the end of December 09 until January 2010, which we are still in. It showed itself to me twice in the image that he wanted me to see him as. One was this sort of green cartoonish blob monster type thing that was the 27th and then the 29th of December. That time he appeared as what I would assume is a man. I could see pants, slacks, and male dress shoes. This time I wanted to view it to see what it was. The more I tried to look the more I tried to view it; it began to move and became angry. It began to put this horridly loud vibration sound inside of my head. Then my head began to vibrate and shake so fierce that it woke up my husband. My husband shook me awake. Yet again I was in the midst of prayer. I woke up with the taste of blood in my mouth.

Since that night it comes almost every night. Whispering my name, even stroking my hair. I have talked to almost everyone and everything that I could think of. All we know for certain in that is an entity and not a ghost and never was human. I have done everything except for contact a priest. The only thing that stops it from going any further are prayers in Jesus name.

If any one has and ideas or would like more details please let me know. This is all true, and I fear that my life is now in danger. I have researched this a lot, and when they get this active, it can lead to death shortly. 3 am seems to be the most active time for it.

Oh and before I forget; now there is a strange scent of cologne around the house and we have also moved at the beginning of December of 09 so it is following me.

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applebees (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-06-28)
sleep sideways tonight it helps a lot and you won't get sleep paralysis anymore.
scrapmetalkitten (306 posts)
13 years ago (2010-04-23)
You haven't commented in awhile, I hope everything is going ok with you.
Jitow (362 posts)
13 years ago (2010-04-05)
If it is something that strong then there is nothing that you can do alone, it only can be done through Christ who strengthens you. So if you are a youth minister then you know exactly what putting on the whole armour of God means. You also know that once you have put on all the armour (leaving nothing out) that Jesus tells us to stand (stand in faith and He will battle for us). If you try anything other than giving it to God through Christ Jesus then you are weakening that armour. You know that God's word is perfect and it is complete, you need nothing outside of that to defeat anything that comes your way. His word is life and it is spirit and sharper than any two edged sword and it rightly divides good from evil and I know that it will for you. I am praying for you.
princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-14)
bless you! I live in colorado if you need prayer & a shoulder to cry on you can contact me lotus08 [at] I'm ordaned & involved in the church. I grew up in the church my father is a pastor 😊 I'm not OVERLY disgustingly religious, I'm real lol! I will continue to pray for you & yours & I hope to hear from you soon!

ghostaric (9 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-06)
I thinks its jelus of your maridje and thet it loves you quote"Since that night it comes almost every night. Whispering my name, even stroking my hair."
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-12)
In some ways I have to aggree with Cristine. I don't think it's impossible that a mental disorder could be carried down genetically over multiple generations. However, for the sake of argument, I would like to point out another reason why this event has persisted.

It feels to me that you are lacking in faith. Please try not to take offense to this. I find that steadfast believers in the Christian faith do not fear demons or things of that sort, because they know that inevitably, the Christian God will protect them. There is no question as to whether or not you could be physically harmed or that you should fear this thing killing you. Do you really think that if you prayed with all your heart that God would allow you to be assaulted by a demon? Or that the demon would be impervious to God's name? I feel that you are doubting your faith, and I don't necessarily think it's a demon that's attacking you, but paranoias inspired by spiritiaul energy brought on by the feeling that you are lacking protection due to an equal lack of confidence in your God.

This is something that you must solve within yourself. I hope the best for you and your family that you get this worked out. Again, I mean no offense to you, though I'm pretty sure it will be taken anyway. That's just my outlook on this situation.

It would also explain why blessings and excorcisms won't work. Doubt and fear are the real demons, not invisible spiritual entities that are out to kill you and your family, which would do them no good in the end if you were faithful to God and welcomed to heaven.
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1525 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-11)
christine 1969, I know you mean well but I'm sorry, I read your comment on "what is it"most of the comments were suggesting that young lady go see a doctor and you suggested she was being attacked by night demons?
jazzeyjay (3 stories) (215 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-11)
christine1969, I don't think you've read the whole story. How are you going to tell this lady to go to a medical doctor or see a psychiatrist because she may have a mental problem? If you read her story in full you would have read that this is something she says has been goin on for 6 generations. So you mean to say that all 6 generations of people have had mental problems too as well as the new room mate who is now experiencing things as well. She said she has not opened up and told the new room mate about the happenings out of fear that they would not want to room with her. Sometimes it's best to read the whole story before giving advise, and as far as people filling her head with bologna, you have some nerve! We are not filling her head with bologna, we are commenting on her story and giving her advise as we see it from reading her story. This lady is going through something and needs all the help she can get. If you can join together with the rest of us and lift her and her family up in prayer it sure would be appreciated.
As Christian people, we don't beat our sister's and brother's who are in need down to a pulp, we as Christians lift them up in prayer. When they hurt, we hurt!
cristine1969 (5 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-11)
I am not trying to be insensitive but what I think you need to do as a woman, a mother, a wife and so forth is that you need to be more proactive. You are not accepting this as a responsible party to what you believe is happening to you. What you need to do is eliminate all other factors, possibilities, and elements in your life that could very likely be causing this. I would like for you to go see a medical doctor and tell the doctor what you are experiancing. It is very factual that if the doctor finds no medical problems that you will be referred to a psychiatrist. This is a necessity. You cannot bypass this because if you do have a mental health disorder, and you might have a mental disorder. This is what I would tell you if you were a friend because you have to eliminate all other possibilities in order to get the help that you need.
I am not saying that what you have gone through is not legitament. I believe that you believe that this is real, but after reading your story there are a lot of inconsistencies with this being a demonic entity, and unfortunetly a lot of people who are trying to be helpful will fill your head with more bologna about what they believe it to be.
Your faith in Jesus Christ is most powerful against evil. You can say when you feel threatned, "I ask in the name of Jesus Christ for all of you to be gone. GET OUT!"

Good luck.
signup (31 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-11)
what about consulting a priest?
Could they perform an excorcism?
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1525 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-11)
Very interesting story, I had a entity try to invade my body once in my life in a half sleep or semi conscious state of mind and I can relate how serious and invasive this experience feels. But it seems this entity has something personal and long standing against you and your family. Not sure what to offer you in helping you resolve this matter, If it only has strength when your semi conscious perhaps its using hypnosis to control you. Think about this if a hypnotist can make
Hes audience behave how he wants and all of us have seen on stage people acting out hes suggestions then perhaps this entity is controlling you in a similar way, Good luck mate wish you all the best.
kellbear (2 stories) (17 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-10)
I got chills just reading about this entity. I have dealt with similar entities but not to the level which you are experiencing. My experience is that you have a really nasty demon which is attached to you and your family. Is it possible one of your ancestors called or invoked this demon? My prayers are with you but you need to contact a priest that has exocism experience. I believe that a true Catholic exorcism is going to be your only option at this point. And at the level of your "possesion" it will take many sessions to get relief from this entity. I hope this will help.
Highlandergirl61 (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-10)
I would contact that psychic I believe his name is Vince Van Praugh? I would have him definitely help you. That sounds really weird, what does this cologne smell like is it a nice scent? What does it remind you of. I definetly too would contact a priest, and hopefully something can be done. This entity or whatever it is seems quite strong.
SmartBoy6198 (15 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-10)
contact a priest and try not to be scared of it the more you ar scared of it the more it will attack you

Hope this info helps

Yours truly Smart Boy
Jitow (362 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-09)
My fault, I only read your story and not your comments. I will certainly keep you and your family in my prayers. As you know also, God forgives us of our sins and forgets them by the Blood of Christ, but that does not mean we do not have to suffer the earthly consequence of that sin. So this may well be something that you will, and I know you will, overcome through Christ Jesus.
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2010-01-09)
OK. So as a youth minister, do you have access to the fellowship of like minded individuals who believe that entities are possible?
I am NOT trying to be rude, belittle this, nor am I throwing in any sarcasm. From my own personal experiences, I KNOW that there are MANY who Believe, but not too many in that field believe in "other entities". BUT, I also know that if you were to be able to gather a group of spiritual warriors, you COULD (together. "Wherever two or more are gathered...") put this entity in it's place.
Thank you.
sunshyneforever (1 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-09)
Jitow no offense but I am a youth minister I know that. Christ is the only thing that keeps me safe. But being covered under the blood means more attacks. Its a spiritual war. And satan will form his weapons like he does all the time. It does not mean it will prosper. We are human. Strong through Christ but weak in the flesh. This is something strong
Jitow (362 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-08)
You already have your answer. You said it yourself. Nothing has worked except praying in Jesus name. Now you know that works and you wonder why these things keep coming back, even after a while when you prayed in Jesus name. Jesus is all powerful and He gives those who truly believe in Him the power over darkness and evil. Jesus is all or nothing, in the Bible He told us that unbelievers are like water to drink to Him if we are neither hot nor cold in our belief Jesus spews us out of His mouth. Christianity is not a religion of once and a while, it is committing your heart and life to Him. He will protect you if you accept Him as your saviour.
sunshyneforever (1 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-08)
I never have either but in rare cases and the ending is never pleasant. My room mate that I will have at my new house is complaining about door opening and closing, bangs on the wall, and growling. But not touching him. My new room mate knows nothing of what's going on over here or he probably would not have decided to live with my family. But my room mate now has only smelled the cologne scent. So it seems to be able to sense me out somehow. I just think it is looking for me because stuff at my old house happened the other day while we were there. Moving confuses it or make it mad one or the other.
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-08)
in what way is this thing bothering your roommate? I have never heard of something as active as this that is stalking you.
sunshyneforever (1 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-08)
ok now it is stalking the place I am currently at and the place I am moving to this week. Yes I decided to move again to ditch this thing. But as soon as my stuff got placed in the other house, it went over there too it is now bothering my new room mate. And the cats are acting strangely more aggressive and hiding. I will post all this as story with more detail when the submission page comes back up
sunshyneforever (1 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-08)
I am contacting every investigator possible. We have always thought it was a curse but possibly females. Jazzeyjay thank you for more insight. Eyeswideopen thank you very much also. I am very christian and an inspiring youth minister. So the Lord is my life as well as my family. It is getting worse and worse now. I just pray I survive this thing.
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-08)
I would avoid the paranormal state team, and Chip coffee in particular.
blondiexisxmex (1 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-08)
contact a demonoligist now. Don't waste any time. I fear that you and your family are in danger.
ColoSpgsParanormalAssociation (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-08)
Hi sunshyneforever, I just e-mailed you. Please forward your contact info so I can discuss this with you. Thanks,

Bev - Colorado Springs Paranormal Association
jazzeyjay (3 stories) (215 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-07)
sunshyneforever: I felt and saw each of these things by reading your story. Please listen to me! This thing is evil and it has influenced the people in your family in to doing harm to themselves. It almost sounds like a curse upon your family that started many, many years ago with a male. Sort of like revenge and someone being very angry to the point, where they said, I will get you, I will make you pay, and your family too. This curse was put up on him, his family and his discendents. Have you ever heard of the saying. "The children will suffer for the sins of the father?"
I pray for you and your family and I am so very sorry for your losses. Please reach out to a Priest and if I were you I would reach out to Paranormal State and Father Bob Bailey, Chip Coffey & Lorraine Warren to come in and help you. You are going to need some strong people in there who can act as warriors and remove this entity by force, because you've ask it to leave, you've had the house cleansed and it's still not getting the picture, so now it's time to turn the tables on it.
In the mean time, get some Holy, blessed objects and put all over the house, get some blessed salt water and spray it into the corners of the house and pray, pour salt around the outside of your apartment if you can and I would pour salt in each corner of my rooms and in the closets if you can and pray. Ask the Lord to come into your life more powerful than ever and protect you and your family. Ask him to surround you with the White Light of the Holy Spirit and by all means, please reach out to some professionals for help.

If there are any items in your apartment that don't need to be there, please get rid of them! Look around and make sure, it could be the smallest of things.

God bless you!
EyesWideOpen (63 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-07)
sunshyneforever, (please, try to read all of this)

All of my thoughts are not in the best order, so try to get through this if it is possible.

The Apostle Paul wrote:

"The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned"
(1 Cor. 2:14).

Have you ever read John 3:16?

I'm not sure if you've given your life to Christ, but part of that includes having the Holy Spirit in your heart and mind.

And if you didn't already know, God does not give us a spirit of fear.

What I've practiced on a daily basis includes daily devotions (reading my Bible) and prayer. In your case, I'd recommend seeing a minister or priest in order to get them to give you scriptural references for prayers that are directly applicable to your life circumstances.

You might even browse a Christian Bookstore, or website to find a book of prayers.

I also recommend writing down your favorite scriptures on "Post It" note pads and place them in clear view, all over the house, especially in your room. In the Bible it mentions God's people used to carve God's Word into their door ways. That would be conspicuous on purpose.

I also used to tune my stereo to my favorite Christian radio station and let it play all day long while I was gone to work.

I look for ways to repel unwanted visitors.
I look for scriptures that asserts Jesus' rule over these beings, write that on a note and post it where it is visible.

You should know that just the mention of the name of Jesus causes these beings to fear.

There are seven or eight examples in the New Testament where Jesus confronted people who were possessed. I may be wrong, but I think haunting leads to possession.

To be perfectly clear, Satan and all under his rule want to corrupt and destroy mankind. Beyond here is a quick sketch of the future.

God created man, put him on earth in the Garden of Eden, and told him to multiply, and subdue the earth and to rule over it.

When man sinned, he fell from a state of perfection, and lost his rule over the earth, and that allowed Satan to rule.

Much later when Jesus was being tested and tempted in the wilderness for 40 days, Satan offered all of the world's kingdoms if Jesus would simply bow down and worship Satan..., well that didn't happen.

Satan has been tempting, testing and trying all of mankind ever since. Some people give in and others don't. I think he's trying to create a one world government so he may rule over all of mankind.

In case you haven't guessed by now, those who will not accept his rule, will be eliminated. However, ultimately this government will also fall apart. That might be because of the nature of man! He just isn't easy to work with.

In the future, Christ will set up his government, and he will rule with a scepter of iron. I kind of suspect He may deal harshly with transgressors..., I can accept that.

Beyond all this, I believe that the race of mankind will be transformed into a new form of life higher than the angels. This is what Satan knew in heaven, and that is why he refused to worship man when God commanded it.

You should know that Satan still comes and goes between Heaven and Earth, always accusing God's children..., Job is a good example. Read about it in the Old Testament in the Book of Job. It's a pretty good book. It may give you some insight into the character of God and Satan.

There is one creator, God, and no created being will depose Him. ❤
sunshyneforever (1 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-07)
jazzeyjay to answer your questions:

1. I did practice what could be called black magic when I was younger, I didn't realize it was. I was learning from the wrong person. It is also rumored that the older generations in my family were "Brujas" which is the Spanish term for witch. Most were curanderas but some were brujas.

2. I have never really played with a board. I am very christian and is against my beliefs. I think we had a toy box one once at a slumber party ages ago but I barely touched it and refused to play. My aunt did once but it was already after this had been plaguing our family. I know that back to 5 generations as far as we know no one else has touched one.

3.I have never sold my soul. I have asked and going back to what we know the answer is no.

4. The house I was raised up in as a kid was rumored to be an old Indian burial ground. But yet again we lived there way after this thing presented itself to the family. While I was living in that house is when it began to plague me. And that was the house where my grandmother had her physical attacks. Hers stopped before they had moved but it seemed it jumped on to me. Also that house was a nexus. And I seem to have the knack for living in nexus without knowing it. In almost every place I have moved to in my adult life. I move a lot trying to lose this thing, but it always finds me. Also the house it became very physical at with me was on a military base and a nexus. It has made our attic cave in leaks, a lot of stuff. But we moved to an apartment in mid December but it came too.

5. Well... Most of the women in my family have died by suicide or traumatic deaths which we believe are because of this thing. The women alive, I cannot say. But The others have had suicides, traumatic, unexplainable, or long horrible deaths.

6.My grandmother is obsessed with antiques. But its been around long before her birth. All the family heir looms we destroyed about 10 years back. SO if it is attached to an object we certainly don't know.

7.That one I'm not sure. But we move a lot so...

8. No wells at all where I have lived. A few at my grandmothers child hood home but that house was sold and I believe the land was leveled.
sunshyneforever (1 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-07)
Thank all of you for all your help. I am doing the prayers and will keep up with it. I haven't tried calling a priest yet because its not in the home it stalks me, but I think a priest is the best and only way to go. I will be posting another story tonight about what has happened in the past few days. Thank you all so much for your help and prayers
jazzeyjay (3 stories) (215 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-07)
sunshyneforever: Thank you for your story. My heart truly goes out to you and your family. No one should have to live their life in fear. I would like to ask you a few questions that may be relivant to what's taking place here. If you don't know the answers to some of these questions, ask some of your family members to help you out.

1. Have you or anyone in your family ever practiced black magic, satanism or worshiped the devil in anyway?

2. Have you or anyone ever played around with a Ouija board and without knowing invited this entity into your lives?

3. Have you or anyone in your family ever sold your soul to the devil?

4. Do you live on land that may be associated with a grave yard or sacred burial ground?

5. Has there been any type of trauma, deaths, suicides of any type in your family that you or family members may still be holding on to the grief or guilt?

6. Have you or any of your family members purchased something maybe from an antique store, garage sale or somewhere that may in some way be the key to this entity?

7. Is there anything in your home that may hold the key to this haunting. Something that was a part of a persons life long ago, but they gave up that part of their life, but failed to get rid of the things that were attatched to that lifestyle?

8. Are there any uncovered wells on your property?

After you read this and get with your family and you all answer these questions, I would call in a Priest and have my house blessed and anointed. I would also have him anoint my family as well.
If these things don't work, then try contacting some paranormal investigators. By all means try your best to keep documentation of these events if possible. If you can, set up a video camera. We will all be praying for you and your family.

Try being forceful and you and your family stand up to this thing and tell it In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave my house! You are not welcome here! In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit I command you to leave! Shout at it, be forceful and show no fear, take back your house and your surroundings. You have to do this no matter how afraid you all may be. You must unite as a family and make this thing your target. You all have been it's target long enough. UNITY is the key. These evil entities don't like a happy family and a household filled with love, laughter and joy. I would have people over, cook up food, and fill that house with so much laughter it would make this thing's head spin. This evil being has no business there around you and your family. It has to go, he can't stay there!

Please keep us posted on you and your family's well being and I will leave you with this prayer.

Heavenly Father, by the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus, I cast out all fear in my life. Father, put your loving arms around me and build a fortress against the evil spirits that try to attack. Equip my mind and my heart on your word to be ready at all times. Dear Lord, you suffered, died and rose from the dead, so I could have a fear-free life. By the mighty weapons of the Spirit and the Word of God, I will walk free of fear believing God's word that tells me that perfect love casts out all fear. I know that I am perfectly loved and I now proclaim that God has not given me the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind. I boldly declare, the Lord is my helper; and I will not fear what ever is before me in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

No Weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. Isaiah 54:17

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