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The Mysterious Nurse


A few years ago, I fell sick due to high blood pressure and needed to be monitored, so they decided to keep me in for few days at a nearby hospital/clinic near my home.

This hospital was turned into a small clinic, quite recently at that time. So they sometimes still accepted patients for admission. I assume, I was the last patient at that time that was ever admitted there.

It was a small hospital, for the female ward, they only have around 8 beds and if you go further down, there's a place for newborn babies (incubators - that are no longer in use). The female ward was also a maternity ward back then.

For the first night, I was alone in the ward. There was a washroom in between the female ward and the baby unit. As I couldn't sleep, I could hear toilet flushing as if someone was using the washroom but there wasn't any other patient other than me.

On the second night, I ask my mom to accompany me. She slept next to me on the other bed and she was sound asleep while I couldn't keep my eyes closed. I was on my bed and kept staring at this bottle next to my bed. This bottle has a reflection (mirror-like). As I was staring at the bottle, I suddenly saw a pregnant nurse peeking in between the curtain via the water bottle. I pretend that I was asleep and turn my body. I heard she was calling my name and as I turned back, I saw a pregnant nurse attending me saying that she needs to check my pulse.

The next morning I asked the working nurses, they said that there was no pregnant nurses in the ward. Then who was that pregnant nurse?

Well this is just my first ever story here and I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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Rajine (14 stories) (775 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-16)
Also from what I've read, you seemed alert, could it be perhaps your medication could have played a part in your experience?
Rajine (14 stories) (775 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-16)
Hi ghost_fan

That is indeed strange, more so that whatever it was knew your name, when she was doing her check up did you have any sort of conversation with her? And did you get any sort of response or vibe from her, to suggest that something wasn't right with the situation?

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