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Lady In White In The Comfort Room


I never had any paranormal experience since childhood. I'm just an ordinary girl who hears a lot of different rumors about entities encountered by my friends who possess a third eye. Way back in my college days, I began to experience different kinds of weird events, and here's one of my stories.

It was a sunny morning (June 2006). It was the time for our first semester enrollment. As a regulation of our Nursing department, every year we are all obliged to undergo a medical exam in one of our affiliated hospital's before we can proceed to enrollment properly. During that day, my friend Mithi (not the real name), was already in the school clinic verifying if the results of our medical already came. She saw me outside and called me to stay with her in the clinic. I sat beside her and we were exchanging a lot of stories. Then, I told her that I'd just go to the comfort room. I went to the CR just beside the clinic. That CR has three cubicles on the left side and a long rectangular mirror with three sinks beneath on the right.

All I know is that I was the only person inside. I was facing the mirror and doing my retouch routines. After that, I was going to the cubicle. The two cubicles were out of order and the middle cubicle was only available. The cubicle's door was slightly open and I was able to peek through that little space. To my surprise, I saw that there was a lady sitting on the toilet bowl. She wore a white long gown that almost touched the floor; her hair was long and covered her face. I thought I was just daydreaming, so I blinked my eyes again and again but she was still there. I began to feel scared but I ignored the feeling. I thought that maybe she was just another student so I stepped back and said "Oops, I'm sorry!" I patiently stood there, waiting for her to come out. Almost 5minutes passed, she had not come out. I was getting impatient. What I did was I knocked at the door and asked if she was done, but I got no answer. When I pulled the door, it opened; I saw that there was no one inside.

Goosebumps crept all over my body. I was really sure that I saw a lady in white sitting on the toilet bowl. I wanted to scream but I couldn't. I wanted to run but I could not move my feet, it's was if the floor had a magnet. I walked hurriedly towards the door; my heart was pounding so fast. I went back to Mithi who saw I was so startled. She asked me what happened. I told her the whole story but she remained calm. I never said a while ago that Mithi has a third eye.

She told me many times before that the CR beside the clinic is eerie. I did not just believe her because I don't have the same ability as hers. But from that time on, I believed her stories. She told me that a long time ago, a female student committed suicide exactly on the second middle cubicle that her spirit was still stuck up on that place. Upon knowing that it's true, I never dared to go to that CR. If ever I had no other choice, I brought my friends to accompany me.

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pdofkfmdk (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-25)
oh my gosh LOVELYYYY! I am scared going to the toilet that is in my OWN house so if that was me i'd die right there.
vulcan10 (5 stories) (332 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-17)
way back in my college days? I was thinking okay, early eighties, maybe seventies or before, but 2006? I have undies older than that. And I'm not putting you down in any way but the chance of meeting anyone with a so called "third eye" (and I really think they need to rethink their classifications on these subjects. Whoever they are),anywho, the chance of meeting one such person is nil, but to have chance encounters with several, well suffice to say I'd be buying lottery tickets to go along with it. Interesting story though. And by "comfort room" I take it you mean the toilet areas. Or bathroom.
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2010-01-16)
Oh, OK. So did YOU re-close the door after thinking she may have been another student, or did SHE close the stall door? I just had to reread through that and I do not see the answer.
Did you ever do your own research into the woman who supposedly committed suicide in that cubical? As word of mouth stories seem to gain momentum as time goes on, I should think that I, personally, would have had to look that up as an added "proof". It would be interesting, to me, to see if the stresses of school (highly probable, NO ONE wants to disappoint anyone in the midst of studies, and they DO get stressful), family life or WHAT could have caused such an untimely end.
I see that you have chosen the slide out "I need help with...". As this was back in your college years, was there something ABOUT the episode that you would like assistance with? A lingering issue maybe?
It really sounds MUCH like a residual haunt, and as such (if, in fact it IS one) there really is nothing you could do about it. There is no ghost present, just the residual energies OF her life, or her being, stuck in that space in time. One just has to wait it out. When the "film" has run it's course, it will end.
I would think, though I could be wrong, I AM only human, that if she had been an Intelligent haunt, she MAY have tried to communicate. Or at least get your attention more fully.
Thank you for sharing this.

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