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Various Strange Experiences And Peculiar Dream Connections


I have a wide variety of different types of ghostly encounters to share from sightings, to possible warnings and even physical encounters. Firstly I'll post my most peculiar encounters with ghosts followed by a few shorter stories. My dreams and connections with these stories will follow up at the end. All of the stories unless stated otherwise (Only the one at my aunties house) occurred in my house I've been living at for roughly 14 years, I'm now 20 and the first ghostly encounter I remember was when I was roughly 14, the dreams happened beforehand probably when I was around 8-12 years old.

Starting with the best story:

=====1st Story=====

My parents were on holiday for 2 weeks and I stayed at home with my sister who spent the majority of the time out. She was out one night and it was about 10pm and most of the lights were out and I needed to go downstairs to let the dog out, the dog always followed me closely and I would make sure she would follow me anyway as it was too scary to be walking the house in the dark especially after other experiences I've had and with the dreams, anyway, I went down stairs and into the kitchen, usually I would turn the kitchen light on but I had already left the light on in the next room leading to the back door so I thought I'd walk straight through and let the dog out but as soon as I was about to walk out of the kitchen I felt a sharp stabbing pain just below the back of my neck that hurt and made me force my head down and tense up. I instantly turned around and nothing was there but my dog looked really scared and was stood on the opposite side of the kitchen, about 3 metres away from me, to say she normally always stands under my feet and is even more reluctant to get out of the back door whenever she knows it's going to be open that was extremely peculiar.

I told a friend and she said it could have been a muscle spasm, if it was then I've never had one of those before and I also wasn't moving my neck if it's a cause of one which seems likely but it's really strange that the dog looked scared and kept her distance too, even after I was patting my knees and telling her to come to me which always makes her come to me and the fact that I've never experienced a pain like before or since the incident is weird, I'm now 20 and this happened roughly 2 years ago.

I would like to add that close to the same position as where I was stood when I felt the stabbing pain I saw what I could only describe as a white humanoid figure stood there a few times, I've seen it 3 or 4 times each time when I first go into the kitchen but it disappears instantly, it could just be my eyes playing games as I'm moving from a low lighted hallway into a nearly pitch black kitchen.

=====2nd Story=====

Another short story that could relate to the above happened during the day when I was alone, I was upstairs on my laptop when I suddenly heard metal rattling, the same noise you would hear when you reach in to grab from a pile of forks/knives/spoons. I stopped and listened carefully but couldn't hear anything else so thought it could have just been something falling, I kept my ears peeled though as I was a bit on edge in case someone had got into the house and was looking for a knife (Yeah pretty stupid but it was a scary situation) and a few minutes later I heard it again so I stopped and listened carefully again and didn't hear anything more so I thought I'd go to the top of the stairs and listen, I did so and stayed there staring down for a few minutes, everything was silent until I heard it again, it was definitely coming from the kitchen but I was too scared to go down though and just returned to my laptop, I didn't hear or see anything after this.

=====3rd Story=====

This story should have been the best actually and is by far the most difficult to pass as anything other than a ghost, it only just come to mind and could relate to the ghost in the above 2 stories, if it was a ghost and if it is it seems to be rather violent.

This time I was on the PC in the living room at around 2am, the kitchen door was about 4 metres behind me and closed, all of a sudden I heard a fairly loud bang on the door as if someone ran into it (It was 2 small bangs as if someone ran into something or was pushed into something - There hands hitting it, followed by a loud thud as if there body hit it), there was also a thing hanging from the door that makes a "tingling" noise when hit with force or opened, kind of like a wind chime which rattled too so whatever hit the door hit it with some force. I suddenly span around in the chair and stayed in absolute silence thinking someone could have snook downstairs and did it to try and scare me but I heard no one on the stairs. I definitely would have heard someone as the stairs are fairly squeaky even if you walk as slowly as possible up them. After a few seconds of shock and thinking what I should do I sure wasn't staying down there on my own and as the lights were out and were also near the kitchen door I decided I'd just make a run for it past the door and upstairs, leaving the PC running.

The next morning I was the 1st downstairs and went into the kitchen to investigate any potential causes of the bang, there was nothing against the door that could have fallen onto it and nothing within the vicinity that could have done it either, I asked if anyone had come into the kitchen and no one had and even if they did they wouldn't have moved something from behind the door far away, it would have been left next to the door and the only things that are ever left there anyway are shoes and a sweeping brush, nowhere near enough to make 3 bangs, the last of the 3 being the loudest. My dad is a huge skeptic and he was trying to give explanations as to what it could have been but nothing he said could have been capable of it either.

All 3 of the above stories are all to do with my kitchen, although I have seen the white humanoid figure a few times as I said it could be a trick of the vision but I've never felt any strange feelings or "cold places" as most people explain with ghostly encounters and I've also never seen anything in there other than when I first walk in to turn the light on, which could be something to do with being in the light then quickly looking into darkness, it is strange that it happens to be in the same place and appears as an humanoid figure every time though but I won't consider it a ghost I seen until/if I see more of it and can be sure.

=====4th Story=====

A good few years ago I was stupidly playing with my baby brother, who was about 4 at the time by crawling down stairs head first. As I was doing this for some reason I just turned around over my right shoulder, even though my baby brother was on my left, I just had an urge to look over my right, as I did this I clearly saw a girl in a long white old fashioned looking dress and black curly/wavy hair going about half way down her back, her face was white but clearly had eyes, a nose and a mouth but she was almost completely solid, I don't remember being able to see through her but then again I only saw her for a split second and was shocked. She disappeared almost as soon as I saw her and I almost broke my neck crawling down the rest of the stairs at the speed of light out of panic, as soon as I hit the bottom I instantly span around and looked up again but there was nothing in sight.

Now this was DEFINATELY a human figure, unlike the one I saw in the kitchen this had very clear humanoid features and was wearing clothing no doubt about it, whether it was my mind playing tricks on me is something else but I have never, ever seen a clear, ghostly humanoid figure before so the chances of me seeing things is slim to none, if it was a ghost though it was probably just warning me to stop playing silly games as it was rather dangerous, despite putting my life on the line whilst I charged down the remaining stairs when I seen it, it was probably for the best!

I do have an older sister who died when or before she was born, my mum has had dreams during the day when she's been in bed where a picture on the wall just suddenly opened up like a book and she was suddenly in a flower of fields with a young girl pushing a pram along, could the apparition have been my sister trying to stop me from being reckless? Curly/wavy hair, my other sister had naturally curly hair as a child, although the apparition I saw was quite tall and looked around 15-20 but late teens would be the age she would have been if she were alive.

A few other short stories about ghostly encounters with me and my family:

A few days ago I saw a small black humanoid figure stood at the bathroom door as I got to the top of the hallway with the lights out, I walked up and around the corner into my room whilst looking into the bathroom as usual and I saw it but turned my head normally but after noticing it I quickly turned to look again and it was gone, there was definitely a black figure there but it could have been once again my eyes playing tricks on me.

My mum was in my room putting clothes away once and at the corner of her eye she saw a girl walk past wearing my sister's shirt, she said it looked like the girl was floating though, she thought it was my sister and called her but there was no reply so she went in and no one was there. When she went down stairs my sister was on the PC, she then went into the kitchen and the top that she just seen the girl wearing was there lying on top of a pile of clothes she was about to put away.

Another time my mum was in bed she felt something that wasn't actually there get in behind her, my mum felt comfortable with it though and turned over, this thing then moved over her and behind her again, my mum turned around again and it did the same, after that she just let it stay behind her and she went to sleep.

Once again another time my mum was in bed she felt something holding her hand, she got out of bed and could still feel it so she went to my sister's room to talk to her, she could still feel the thing holding her hand even as she was talking to my sister about it and she went back to bed, with this thing still holding her hand.

Another scary story about my house is I was jokingly talking to my brothers about a ghost being at the top of the stairs as the air is all distorted, like when you see hot air mixing with cold air, this is at the bottom of a door at the top of the stairs, we were all scared then and messing around seeing who would go furthest up the steps, after my brothers only went up half way Max decided I'd be brave and go straight to the top, I did so and started saying "See what's so scary?" then about 3 seconds later all of a sudden the bathroom window slammed shut, my brothers, stood at the bottom of the stairs quickly ran into the living room and of course, I was soon following them. I'm not sure if it was the wind causing it or if we aggravated a ghost but I thought I'd share it as it could well have been a ghost due to the good timing and it was the 1st and only time I've heard the window slam shut!

When I woke up during the night over a period of a few weeks I sometimes heard someone walking up about 3-5 of our 13 steps then suddenly stopping, this was definitely whilst I was awake and after I had been awake for a few minutes there was clearly someone on the stairs as it was the exact same noise anyone would make when walking up the stairs but not a living person as they wouldn't have stopped, it was also pitch black and there were no other sounds, no one would walk around the house in the dark! I said this happened only over a few weeks as I've never heard it again and I never heard it before, it may still occur, but never when I'm awake.

I woke up one night after a bad dream and I saw a black ball shape above the middle of my bed, could this thing have been causing my dream? It's harder to pass this off as an optical illusion or anything like that because the room was dark already and I never saw dark patches within clear view, it's always at the corner of my eyes, but suddenly waking up could have had something to do with it, although this would be a 1st.

My mum was stood on some step ladders painting at my aunt's house when all of a sudden the ladder started shaking, she thought it was her nephew so she said "Stop it Stephen" then they started shaking again, she looked down and no one was there. My aunty and cousin who live at that house have said they've had weird experiences too.


During the first paragraph I mentioned about dreams that could relate to the possible ghosts, I explain their possible connections in the next paragraph. In one dream I was coming out of the bathroom and I tried shutting the door when it jammed, all of a sudden it swung open and a ghost jumped out from behind then I woke up. Another I was walking down stairs and turned around to see a huge dog looking beast charge around the corner (From the bathroom side, from my fourth story the girl was on the bathroom side too) and charged down stairs at me, I got to the bottom step, turned around and woke up, sound familiar to the fourth story? My other dream I was at the bottom of the stairs looking into the living room and my brother was staring at me whilst walking towards me, he was also duplicating himself multiple times so there was about 15 of him all staring at me and slowly walking towards me as if he was possessed, he got close to the living room door before I ran half way up the stairs and woke up when the door opened, which also made a bang like noise.

Those are the only dreams that I remember that are to do with my house (All the others are random places, never my house) and realize how each one of them has something to do with my bathroom/hallway and outside the kitchen where I happen to have experienced all my ghostly encounters? The first about the bathroom door could be the black apparition I saw stood at the door. The beast chasing me down stairs could be the fourth story, if we want to go deep into this the demon dog could have been a sign of something bad to happen and maybe the girl prevented it? My brother and the door could relate to the bang on the kitchen door or could be some weird way of the stabbing pain I got as my brother looked possessed as if he would have stabbed me up if he had caught me.

It's also strange that I happen to have remembered those three dreams even though they all happened possibly over 10 years ago, there's only one other dream about a man that could take his chin off and a nightmare I used to have about a boulder chasing me then being stuck on a floating mid air platform where I couldn't escape that I remember (I had that same dream 3 or 4 few times and when I woke up I would be really hot and feel dizzy and have a weird feeling that I have never experienced before), 3 of those 5 dreams that I remember have some kind of relation with the ghostly happenings in my house, maybe the other 2 are soon to come, although they seem a lot more far fetched and difficult to compare to something in real life, only time will tell.

In closing I still find it hard to believe in ghosts as I just don't want to think they're real since it's rather scary, especially when you're hearing bangs from them and even getting stabbed by them!

I hope you enjoyed the read and I look forward to your comments about these! Sorry if I wasn't particularly clear about any aspects of a story, there's quite a lot there, if you need any clarification I will gladly fill you in.

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Vlax (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-21)
Thanks for the input all!

[at] zzagranny

It was 2am in the morning and I had stayed up on the PC, wide awake, playing a game, the bang was definately on the kitchen door right behind me which was closed and I was the only person awake, if anyone else was they too would have heard it which they didn't when I asked in the morning and I would have heard movement too. There was absolutely no chance any known person in the house could have done it.
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-19)
hmm, I wonder did your house on murder senc? The way you feeling the stab in the kitchen. Maybe the family was murder before ya'll move in. Just my opion.
number13 (31 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-18)
Hello Vlax, I am number13, let's skip the formalities and get straight to the point. It sems that you have encountered these entity, first of all, I suggest you to learn about the history of the house, was there any murder, occult or witchcraft being studied there, then learn about the spirits, know what are they doing, what happenned to them but not usin Ouija board, use EVP instead, and the demon dog, it maybe the thing that's guarding the spirits to get out and cross over, it maybe you're life is potentially in danger witout those spirits, so I suggest you get rid of the demon dog then make the spirits cross over. Or exorcism in the house would work, even though it could take months of preparation even there's a catholic church in frot of your house. So try use holy water and a cross neclace to protect yourself. I will try to find other ways if I have the time. Good luck and have a nice life.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
14 years ago (2010-02-17)
I can understand the noise with the door because I walked into our bedroom door this morning! 😆...I'm zombiefied when I first wake up, the door is usually open and my sons had a friend over last night and they're not the quietest people on earth... So I think my husband shut the door...

I don't know if your dreams are related to your experiences or not, but like darkness said, I don't think they mean any harm... The girl may have been trying to warn you, or she could have just been very curious as to why you would do such a thing! 😆

Those are some cool experiences... Thanks for writing, and keep us posted!
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-17)
Hi Vlax those are some crazy encounters you have had. I believe the first 3 stories you have written could just be some coincedences and effects as you have mentioned about your eyes adjusting to the light although I could be wrong. The 4th story does seem like you have seen an apparition it could have very well been your sister who has passed, I think she was trying to maybe warn you if you kept playing like that something bad might happen. In the end it does feel as if there might be a presance dwelling in you home but something very subtle I don't think it is harmful. All the best to you!

Thank you for sharing.


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