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My last story I wrote on here was an experience of what had happened in the past when I was little. I left off at the end this...

(Another was when I moved to Vegas and lived in some old military homes on base. My brother had been complaining up and down that he was choked one night in his bedroom that he felt some weight on his bed and then his air was cut off at his throat. Around this time was when my computer kept doing weird stuff, and I kept hearing as if someone was typing on it as it cut on and literally went to Microsoft Word. So at the time I joked around saying, "Maybe we have ghosts and yours is the brother of mine. Like yin and yang. You got the bad, I got a good one."

Now the reason I said good, was because one day when I stayed home from school, I was lying on my bed from being sick. Windows were closed, door was shut, and air conditioning was not on. I was just about to hit sleep land when a gush of air blasts into my face, my hair blowing back at the same time my whole body with cold and numb, ears popping. When I opened my eyes, I quickly looked around, freaking out for a moment, as my body started tingling as if it was waking up from limbs being asleep. Tired, I try to go back to sleep just for it to happen once more. During the time as I did try to sleep, I heard my computer turn on again, and then the gush of wind happens when I ignore it. So in my sleepy and annoyed state, I told whatever was in my room, "Let me sleep for crying out loud" and finally went to sleep.

Now to this day I'm confused to what that was. I do think I was trying to be possessed or something, because I felt extremely cold when it happened, or it was trying to tell me something. Yet I always did feel safe in my room for some strange reason even when I would have moments as if something was talking to me, the hearing my name being called making me smile rather than be scared.)

During that time when this was happening my brother told me that he had something try choking him in his sleep. He couldn't move, what he had said, that there was weight pressed down on him holding him down. He continuously kept having nightmares during the time and I do remember one night being in his room when he started up crying and thrashing about in his sleep... I stood there and just smiled because I felt that the comfortable presence was in there with me.

When the presence left, it happened when I let a lot of negativity rule my life. I did a lot of bad things but I never felt that presence around again.

Well, to get into the story I've met a Wiccan friend who I've been talking to for quite a lot lately. She's my mentor, and around my age but she's helping me see things the Wiccan way and all. We have a special link that I can't really explain. Just I can always tell what is wrong with her and she can do the same for me, it's really special.

Just this weekend I watched a movie called "Paranormal Activity" and I had a moment where I asked myself what I'd do now if the stuff in the past happened again now that I'm more older and all. So I innocently wanted it to happen again in my mind. When I went to school the 2 days after, my Wiccan friend told me she has experienced a haunting in her house that something was trying to harm her. We got to sharing stories and she told me some stuff that worried me. The voice that calls her name, by how she described, sounds like the one I heard in the past. This time, it's harming her by dropping objects from her bed on top of her. Something about it trying to make her use her magic.

Well that day I went home worried, because it was a big coincidence. The next day, which is today, I stayed home and happened to call up my boyfriend early in the morning. We held a good conversation for awhile and then I brought up what was worrying me. As soon as I started mentioning that, being Jaysa's haunting and all, there was a strange voice on the phone. He continued talking but it reminded me of the voice and I felt scared. I asked my boyfriend if there was someone in the room with him, since the voice sounded in the distance but on his side of the phone. He told me no one was in his room and asked why I was asking. I was embarrassed but asked if he had anything playing that had a man talking. He told me nothing was on in his room that he couldn't hear the voice and started asking if I was ok. The voice was speaking, but it didn't sound like a language... It was more of like a between snarl and word, only thing that I barely understood was it saying the S word if it even did. I was telling my boyfriend to be quiet so I could understand, and the voice would get quiet and when my boyfriend spoke it would cut off where I heard the voice more than him talking. Then I started crying, something by how it was talking was making me freaked, then when I told my boyfriend what was going on, it stopped.

I ended up getting grounded but I'm trying to see if I can go over and spend the night at my friend's house to see if it has anything to do with me. If it's the same thing, it only harmed people around me and not me... I had told myself if I had something like this happen again I would try to figure out what it was. It's happening again so I'm staying with the promise.

Though, does anyone know what this could be? I'm told it's a demon, not a ghost or spirit. I just need help figuring out what this haunting is.

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princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-04)
Yeah, the comment about your brothers nightmares & how you responded to it does concern me. & if this friend of yours who is wiccan doesn't really know what she is doing the enemy can use her trying to do magic for good & make it very dangerous. I know this from experience, having done magic in the past & until I knew what I was doing things would try to change things from what I had intended. & yes I think it's a good idea for you to just tell it to leave you alone. If things are hurting your friend (which is horrible & wrong!) don't you think for 1 second that it will not do the same or worse to you. Keep us posted.

DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-04)
Well, for one thing, why didn't you wake your brother up from his nightmares instead of standing there smiling and watching him thrash around? That's pretty disturbing behavior if you ask me.

Also, I'm curious as to why you thought that something was trying to possess you because you felt cold and tingly? Physically, it sounds like the onset of sleep paralysis. Have you ever experienced that before? Was it just a "bad vibe" you had?

At least, it sounds like something has attached itself to you. The fact that it has given you the feeling that it is benevolent even though it's hurting other people makes me worried about you. I think it's using you to harass people, and it might be best just to tell it to go away and never come back.

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