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So, just a little background on myself. I am 24 and really hadn't dealt any with paranormal or unexplainable events until rather recently. In the last few years here are some of the more confusing and terrifying instances I've dealt with. I am hopeful that others can relate or perhaps provide some insight as to how to handle these things. Also as a side note, I personally try to come up with logical explanations for when these things happen. If I am able to find a single plausible alternative, I have brushed it off and don't consider it to be paranormal so please keep that in mind.

The first experience I had that got me to even open my mind to ghosts or spirits seriously was about 2 years ago. My boyfriend and I live together in a small house that was built in the 50s as I recall and when I moved in I was warned that some strange things tend to happen in and around the house. I didn't think anything of it until I started feeling that sense that someone is right beside you... When no one was there. Again, something I just shrugged off for the most part.

At the time this particular event happened, we also had a friend living with us who is unfortunately plagued with spirits on a 24/7 basis. To make a long story short, he kept a pendant for protection because of his unfortunate spiritual connection and one night while he was cleaning it, it fell on the floor of our computer room. He had tried to look for it but had no luck and asked if I could search for the pendant when I got off work. I said, sure I'll try and find it. So I got home around 6:15-6:20 pm and started searching the computer room for the pendant. No luck.

At this point I decided to check and see if there was any possible way for it to have gone in a vent or something and still no luck, so I gave up and was going to just apologize to our friend. Instead I went and put his mail on his bed in the basement (roughly directly below our computer room).

Later that night our friend comes home and comes upstairs and says "thank you" to me. I figured he was thanking me for getting his mail and apologized for not being able to find his pendant. Then he tells me that the pendant was neatly placed right next to the mail I placed on his bed and of course, he assumed I put it there... Let me just say there are no vents, no holes, and ABSOLUTELY no way that his pendant could have gotten anywhere near his bed even if there WAS a way it could have fallen. Also note that we have known this friend since kindergarten, this was no prank.

Before that happened I had another instance when I first moved in and was doing laundry. I was switching loads and as I was taking things out of the top loading washer, I found the large flat plastic attachment to our vacuum as well as filters for it. Now the filters made at least some sense but the attachment was large enough to not have been missed when loading the laundry for one and for two it SHOULD have made a good amount of ruckus... But it didn't at all. Completely normal.

Two of my more recent issues have been terrifying enough to put me in tears and I really don't know what to do. The first was several months ago. I was in the house, watching a show while letting our sugar gliders play and keeping an eye on them. I was standing in the carpeted living room but directly behind me was our hard wood floor dining room. As I was watching the little ones playing I felt like someone had walked up behind me and stopped right behind me. It felt exactly how it has felt for the last several years when my boyfriend comes up behind me to hug me. It had the same weight on the ground, the same shift in weight and sound as footsteps, and I felt it stop directly behind me; close enough that if it were a person I could have felt their breath on my neck. I really thought for a second that it was my boyfriend, even hoped it was... But I could see him playing games in the other room... And the real terror hit when I turned around to find no one there. Words cannot express how real that felt.

And then we have just last night. I have only had one other time where I physically felt anything, and the other time I was in bed and felt like a cat was trying to get in my lap, except we don't have any pets that aren't in a cage... And certainly no cats. Well last night I had gone to bed around 11pm and was snuggled up in bed trying to warm up. Suddenly, I felt what I would swear was a hand grab my leg and yank. It pulled enough for my leg, which was completely under the covers, to come out from under them. The second I felt it, I shook and kicked at it but no sooner than I started to panic, it was gone.

I honestly don't know what any of this means, if it even has meaning. All I know is that you start to feel like you are insane really fast, it's rather frightening, and I don't know many people I can share such things with without the threat of being sent to the looney bin as a result.

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Kudahbear (4 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-29)
Hello, your friend is able to see ghost? Often when someone is open like that spirits see a light which draws them like moths to light. It could be random earth bound spirits that our confused. Just a thought have you researched the history of the house?

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