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Child Ghost In My House And Other Experiences


Okay before I write, this I'm sorry for my lack of good writing skills.

Right now I'm currently 16 years old, living with my grandmother in a new house we moved into 2 years ago. I'm stating back to the time was about 7 to 12 years old (this is how long I have lived in this house that was once my dream home). The reason I really liked this house was because it was huge, to me it was anyway, there were 4 bedrooms, and in 2 of the bedrooms there was a closet that I really loved for some reason. I spent a lot of my time in here when I was younger for no apparent reason I just felt the need to, the cool thing about it was that one closet connected to the other room, hard to explain but I loved it, that was a plus, but a negative about the house was like other haunted homes the Basement. I hated going down there period. I just felt like I was being watched, well I actually had that feeling, everywhere in the house, at first it didn't scare me all that much until there were encounters that my other family members had and lived to tell.

I remember we used to have family members over for camp outs and we would all sleep in the living room on sponge mattresses and the couches. I was sleeping but in the morning (When we all woke up) my 3 cousins told us that during the middle of the night they heard the cups moving in the kitchen like someone was putting the dishes away, and hearing a conversation of 2 men. They couldn't make out the words that they were saying. I remember being only partially scared.

The relative experience that scared me was the night my auntie had when she was coming home late at night. I remember hearing her scream like literally a death curdling scream. She, being scared was outside when me and my grandmother came downstairs to investigate, and only the upstairs hallway light was on and the downstairs. We opened the outside door to see her almost crying with fear and told her to come inside and tell us what happened. I remember her exactly saying " I saw a little boy sitting on the stairs" she described him as having really pale skin and having black eyes and 2 seconds later he was gone. This scared me to the point I couldn't sleep right after that for a few nights there was many more experiences we had in that old house actually quite a lot. If you want to know more contact me... (Sorry it sounds sketchy...)

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gamer12 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-08-22)
this sounds like a creepy story I would like to know more if possible I know I must be super late to be asking but get back to me?
NativeGirl (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-17)
omg that's what everyone who heard this story reffered him to, but I know what she experienced was real.
The house was pretty old, my cousin brought up a story that one of his close friends had told us, he said a young boy died in our house several years ago... Wich freaked me out, after we moved out of that house, people never lived in that house for 2 long maybe a month or two, it was a nice low rental house too. I would like to go back there and check it out, that would be nice - ish? well thanks for reading my story, best of luck with other people personal experiences
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-11)
Hi NativeGirl that would have been quite frightning to witness kind of reminds me of the boy out of the movie The Grudge. The house must have a sad history to it I believe, sounds like a residual haunting aswell some info to its past would be great.

Thanks for sharing


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