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Experimenting With A Home Made Ouija Board As Child


About 10 years ago, I experimented with a home made Ouija board with my friends. This was the start of my paranormal activity fascination. (I'll tell you that I don't remember much of this story but thank god this was the time I actually wrote down my experiences, besides school experiences).

In the summer of 2011 (July 19 I think, all the notebook said was July).

My friend Maddie invited me and my other friend Faith over for a sleepover. It was late at night somewhere around 9:30pm. We were all bored.

We had watched about half of the movies Maddie owned (which was a lot) and it was only after 9pm. We had started watching movies at around 5pm so it was about 4 movies we had watched that night.

After a while of chatting and eating snacks Maddie's parents brought us earlier, the topic of ghosts came up. I was interested in paranormal activity at the time (I still am) along with Maddie, who found it fascinating as well. Not much of a surprise that sneaked in the conversation.

Faith was a different story.

She actually had phasmophobia (fear of ghosts). Me and Maddie never got bothered by this and sometimes would try to help her overcome her fear.

Anyway as we were talking about ghosts and stuff. Maddie suggested that we should play the Ouija board. Since I was an dumb and careless child I agreed with her.

The only problem here was that Maddie didn't own a Ouija board and didn't know anyone else who would have an Ouija board. Faith sitting on Maddie's bed said we could make one. I could tell she wanted in on the action too.

We agreed with Faith and went straight to work. Maddie didn't have any good supplies we could use so we had to make it out of construction paper. Faith helped and did all the drawing since she was good at it, I was searching up the rules, and Maddie was making the planchette.

After everything was set up it was around 10 maybe 11pm. So it was dark out. Kind of a perfect time to play.

So we set the board in between us (Me and Faith were up against Maddie's bed and Maddie was by her dresser).

I learned that if you do it in figure eights that'll get the energy going. I tried it out by doing this moment 5 times with all of our fingers on the planchette. After the 5 time I asked if there's someone who would like to talk to us? The planchette moved over to yes.

Me and the girls all looked at each other. We're now communicating a sprit? The energy in the room felt no different though. We just went a head asking questions, Faith staying close by be because she was freaked out.

Maddie: "Are you a good sprit?"

Answer: "YES"

Faith: "what's your name?"

Answer: "Sadie"

Me: "Sadie how old are you?"

Sadie: "7"

Maddie: "I don't mean to be mean but when did you die?"

Sadie: "1998"

Faith: "Where are you in the room?"

Sadie: "She has Blonde hair"

Maddie: "you mean me?"

Sadie: "YES"

We all looked at each other then Maddie said she felt a strong peaceful like energy right on her left. I just went a head and asked a question.

Me: "Sadie, do you mind knocking some thing over for us?"

Sadie: "YES"

A couple minutes later we saw one of Maddie's stuff animals fall off the shelf. Then there was laughter of a little girl. Seconds later the planchette moved again:

Sadie:" that was funny but I must leave "

Faith: "I wish you could talk more"

All three of us said goodbye and then I moved the planchette to goodbye.

It was a really interesting night for us and I'll never forget about it.

Till this day Maddie hasn't experienced anything odd in her house which made us sad because the girl was so nice.

If you have questions don't mind asking! Bye.

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Jessbcr25 (5 stories) (10 posts)
9 months ago (2023-10-10)
I don't appreciate all the comments in disbelief of others stories. Why troll people? Why not scroll to the next story... "I don't want to be mean" then proceeds to be rude... Commenters like this are going to shy people away from telling their stories to avoid the know it all's. Be positive and don't belittle others experiences. How was any of that allowed on here?
Rachel9997 (4 stories) (27 posts)
3 years ago (2021-12-26)
I think it could be Sadie. The math works out. If there's a way to find out who live in the house when it was first built, that would helpful.

Weird things do happen with Ouija boards. A friend of mine told me a spirit she and her friends spoke with spelled out one of their middle names.

I'm totally new to all of this because I've only recently started hearing stories I actually believe, and yours is fascinating to me.
jwilc (3 posts)
3 years ago (2021-12-18)
Hi, this is the first comment I have made on here; I have always been interested in how Ouija boards work, but I will never try one, based on the things I have heard. The amount of power that an Ouija board has is stunning. I know someone who believes in ghosts, and has a psychic friend, and they both say not to ever use Ouija boards.
tigerfeet (4 stories) (11 posts)
3 years ago (2021-12-06)
I am at a total loss as to why people continue to 'play' the Ouija Board 'game'. It's not a game at all. Not only can the 'players' be harmed (some possibly permanently mentally harmed) but the so called 'good' or 'nice' spirits/ghosts who are strongly attracted to the possibility of being able to tell their story to someone and to let someone know the reason they are earthbound, could also be harmed. I personally know of a 'good' spirit who has been held against their will by a 'bad' spirit, and can be harmed if the 'bad' spirit is so inclined, purely for trying to talk to someone - who might, just might, have the ability to help them cross over to wherever spirits go. Sermon over!

I have a 'poltergeist' who we call Charlie, who has followed me the length of Great Britain - from London to Kent, to the West Midlands and now to the northern most island off of Scotland. What I'm trying to say is that yes, a spirit can follow you. I have to say though, that the only cases of spirits following is where there has been a strong family connection. Charlie has been with my family for at least 5 generations, so seems to be firmly attached to my family. I really don't think that the 'Sadie Girl' will have followed you if she was something that was called up - this is assuming she is what she claims to be and not something horrible masquerading as a 'nice' spirit. But, don't panic as I find it very unlikely that if it was something malicious it wouldn't have done something to show it's 'true colours' between you summoning it 10 years ago and now.

I must say that I'm surprised that you don't remember the name of your elementary school - which I assume is the same as our primary schools in the UK. I remember the name of mine as well as my teachers names - and I'm, I presume, quite a bit older than you! I have to be honest with you DarkDaisy, I have some doubts about your account. I'm not sure if you've forgotten some of the events or got them mixed up with something you've read or seen in a film. Why would you not remember the name of your first school if you only moved away 3 weeks before you wrote your account and, had many paranormal experiences there? Why would Faith be asked to 'do the drawing' for the Ouija Board? What made you think that doing a 'figure of eight' movement with the planchet five times would summon a spirit? I also don't understand why you would think that a fleeting interaction with a spirit would compel it to move with you from Ohio to Virginia, which I think is quite a distance.

I'm not trying to be mean to you, before anyone jumps on me for being horrible and sharing my views! I just find your account very strange. Please remember that this is just my opinion based on many years (my whole life lol) of interaction with various spirits and ghosts.

Be lucky.
DarkDaisy_13 (4 stories) (27 posts)
3 years ago (2021-12-05)
Also lady-glow,
My sister's name it Sophia we just call her Sophie.
DarkDaisy_13 (4 stories) (27 posts)
3 years ago (2021-12-05)
Hi there Rajine,

Maddie hasn't experienced anything until this day and I'm not sure why
Rajine (14 stories) (835 posts)
3 years ago (2021-12-05)
Hi again DarkDaisy_13

Firstly I'm glad that your first ouija board experience was pleasant, some of the other stories I read on here about ouija board experiences are terrifying, as for me personally I have not and will never be tempted to try it, who knows what we can unleash in doing so, I've also come across stories like yours where negative entities come through and pretend to be good, so I won't take that chance.

I'm curious about Sadie though I wonder if she's a resident spirit and how did she pass on? And is she still in your friends house?
DarkDaisy_13 (4 stories) (27 posts)
3 years ago (2021-12-04)

It's ever so possible something else is haunting me but there's so much to take in it gets complicated when you really think about it.

A little girl went missing in the woods? A little girl possibly haunting my home? What are the odds.

Obviously if you try and do any research on missing cases in Richmond, Virginia about a little girl going missing in a forest. Nothing shows up.

My neighbor never said when exactly but based on what I know this girl could've gone missing years ago.

Now I know the idea of it being the "sadie girl" is pretty out there but I got no other good leads. Also I have no clue if she was lying or not but we all know based on her laughing she had to be around 7.

I'm probably going to do an Ouija board session later some day to see if I can communicate with the sprit, try and give you guys more information.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (835 posts)
3 years ago (2021-12-04)
Well, the math did confuse me, Lady-Glow, so I chose to focus on the possibly ghostly aspects.

Working telephone tech support for a certain cell phone and internet service provider has exposed me to folks who, honestly, I'm surprised they survived to adulthood. So I try not to let some things get in the way of doing what I came here for.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3165 posts)
3 years ago (2021-12-03)
"sorry for the math I'm terrible at it"

You're not kidding... Though, from my point of view and not necessarily disagreeing with RCRuskin, the flaws in your math make this story look a tad confusing.

To answer your question: "Who thinks this entity could be the little girl Sadie?"

Let's see... This happened "In the summer of 2011". Based on your previous stories and comments, I understand that you were still living in Ohio, and you moved to Virginia not too long ago, right?

Date: 2021-11-09
Country: United States
State: Virginia
Paranormal Category: Haunted Places

So basically back when I was around 8 I had lots of paranormal experiences at my Elementary school... I forgot the name of the school because that was back when I was living in Ohio and I have moved to Virginia about 3 weeks ago"

I don't think Sadie would have gone all the way from Ohio to Virginia. We have to keep in mind that earthbound spirits tend to remain trapped within the time and the circumstances of the moment they got separated of their physical body, and some times they are not even aware that they have died.

This last part makes me wonder if "Sadie" was being honest by telling you when she passed away.

The normal course of events after a person has passed away, is for their soul to move on, not staying on this plane like ghosts.

From one of your comments in your red crayon story, dated November 22, 2021:

"Hi there Rajine,

I don't know the inter history behind the house but it has something to do with a little girl going missing in the woods behind are house and she seemed to be forgotten. (My neighbor told me) "

Did the neighbor mention how long ago this girl went missing?
1998 isn't really too long ago, I'm sure that any entry to missing children in the internet would yield a long list of names and cases. Besides, if a little girl went missing, this not necessarily would mean that she was murdered and her spirit has been following hikers to their home. It could be a case of parental kidnapping.
And again, IF there's a ghost involved, what are the chances of it being summoned to Ohio through an OB session performed by three little girls roughly 10 years ago?

...slim chance, if I may say.

I know this didn't happen in the house you're living now, but perhaps it's time to have it blessed/cleansed either by yourself or asking for the help of a religious person of your faith, and help crossing over any earthbound spirits that might be there.

P.S. Since I'm in asking mode, is your little sister name Sophie or Sophia? I have seen you using both names when referring to her.

Thanks for sharing.
DarkDaisy_13 (4 stories) (27 posts)
3 years ago (2021-12-02)

Im not very sure why Faith was scared of ghosts, and I don't think Maddie knew either. Mainly because Faith was the person who didn't want to tell anything she found "personal" not even us.

Now yes Maddie is Christian. But a priest never came to bless her house as far as I know.
Her family wasn't that religious but they sometimes would go to church on Sundays.

Oooh yes ghostly laughter is the creepiest!
I remember when we heard it we all freaked out but didn't scream, just really scared. (Faith literally got so scared she had scooted closer to me)

Hope this solves your questions! (also sorry for the math I'm terrible at it)
RCRuskin (9 stories) (835 posts)
3 years ago (2021-12-02)
Hi, Dark Daisy.

Another interesting experience, though also rather mundane. And there may be some problems with the math, but I'd rather focus on the ghostly aspects in my comments.

Faith, first, however. Things we're afraid of usually have a reason behind that fear. It isn't always rational, but in my case, I apparently had a possibly dramatic experience with a high place as a toddler, and today, I am scared of heights. I think Faith is right in being timid around ghostly things, but it was certainly nice of her to agree to your game. Though perhaps it was just an example of the Abilene Paradox,

Ghostly laughter is the scariest thing. Not ghostly, but I had an interview with a store in a mall once, had to get there about 7 AM for said interview when the mall was basically empty. And walking through the empty mall and then hearing a recorded laugh from some child's ride thing... Yeah. Freaked me out and that was explainable.

And as for the Ouija Board itself, which sometimes is alleged to be a portal that allows demons and other malicious entities in, rather lucky that did not happen. As you recall, were Maggie's parents particularly religious, the sort of family would regularly have their priest/minister come around to pray and bless the house?
DarkDaisy_13 (4 stories) (27 posts)
3 years ago (2021-12-01)
To everyone that read this please let me explain something I have just found out!

According to the information we found on the little girl Sadie and what we know about the entity in our home. Who thinks this entity could be the little girl Sadie?

I know it's a while guess but all the information lead to this, even the odd laughter.

The year our house was built was 1976. The difference is just over 7 years.

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