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Sleep Paralysis Or Not?


I have searched and searched and this is the closest thing to what I can find about what happened. I'll start from the beginning;

(This is why I don't believe what happened was sleep paralysis)... When I first moved into my house 6 years ago, within the first week I had a case of sleep paralysis, I was sleeping, and around half 2 I woke up, and wasn't able to move or breathe, I couldn't even move my head to see what was happening, I could feel someone there though, and all I heard was "get out".

Ever since then, for the past 6 years, I have woken up around 2:30/3:00 am, but there's never anything there, which I don't understand why.

Lately though, around the past 3 month, each time I wake up I hear a noise, and I have asked my family about this, and none of them hear it, I can't even describe it, its like a cat scratching, but with a dripping noise as well, but I only ever hear it if I'm sleeping in my mums room, never when I'm in my own.

And I get to what happened last night. I was sleeping in my mums room, and I woke up hearing the noises again, this no longer creeps me out (although I would love to know what it is) I'm just used to it, and I went to turn over (I was fully awake at this point, hence why I don't think its sleep paralysis), and I could feel something pull on the cover, thinking it was my dog, I just turned over, and I felt something drag me back down, then I couldn't move, but I didn't see and figures or anything like that, but then I felt it pull the cover again as if it was climbing up it, and I felt it move through me, it was as if it just walked through my arm, but it defiantly went through me, and I could feel the heat going through me as it moved.

No idea what it was that happened, any ideas?

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robertar (223 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-10)
i used to think it was just bad dreams/sleep paralysis... Until the damned things started talking to me and manifesting on the bed.

Some time later I became a practicing Christian, I pray and the damned things don't bother me anymore, or don't try to.

Weird thing, in one apartment. If I forgot to check the lock on my front door, and the windows, I was almost sure to have episodes of SP. Also, my neighbor never heard of this until moving in next to me, at which time she had an SP episode thinking someone was knocking on her window.
Justaguy (7 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-20)
Think of your fear as battery, or energy source, for the entity. The more you give the more power (meaning real power like a generater) you give it. With this power it can cross dimensional boundries easier or once it has crossed can manipulate this dimension with greater force.

Also understand, this is just not your fear. Be careful in telling persons who visit about this issue, because their fear can do the same. Also, Anger is the same as fear. Entities will often promote discord among family members to insight anger to use for manifestation. Places with Fear and/or Anger imprinted on them are likely hotspots for haunting i.e. Murder seen, prisons, hospitals etc... Having someone die in a location is only part of the Haunting equation, the other half is the energy source.

The answer to your question is "yes". It will get pissed. No one likes to get ignored, and often enitities like this are like 4 year olds throwing temper tantrums. Those tantrums have very little effect on our lives though because the tantrums usually do not happen in our deminsion. If the enitity can cross over and its tantrum does manifest on physical objects, tell it to leave you and your stuff alone.

For instance, I have the late former owner of my home still living with us. I would continually have a wall hanging fall. No matter what type of hook or eye-screw I used the Ghost would knock it off the wall (apparently she did not like it). I finally told her one day as I was re-hanging it, "You do not pay the morgage on this house. I do, and when you start manifesting some money then I will take this down." Since then I have never had a problem.

I think you need to do some homework on the history, and try to findout who this entity was and apply some psyc 101 to him. But no matter who it was, speak practically to him. Remember, these are the residual energies of humans. They understand money, loans, ownership and in most cases common sense, so speak in common terms with it. For instance, if it ever tells you to, "get out" again. Say to it, "when you give me some the money I have in rent or equity then I will leave".

Just remember, this ghost is probably an old, lonely, probably a male, and is definatly not demonic (in the evil sense, if it was it would not want you to leave). On face value, my hunch is it is previous resident who still preceives the home as his own. He was probably an overbarring pig that kept his wife under his thumb (if he could keep a wife at all). He probably mananged all the finances and more than likely went to work everyday and brought home a paycheck weekly. So, at every occurance verbally state, "If your not paying the bills, then don't bother me." Understand this will likely Piss him off, considering that for lack of a better term, he is a "prick". Do not go to far with comments and do not tell the ghost to leave (that may be physically impossible). In a calm but matter of fact voice say things like, "we can share this space, but unless you have a body and a job don't make yourself known unless your cleaning something."

NOTE: Sharing the space is important. A head to head conflict situation can escilate and stir anger. ANGER IS THE SAME AS FEAR.

Hope this helps. Do some reserch at the local library. If you find something post it an I will help you get into its head.

DO NOT GET FREAKED BY THIS: Don't get too freaked out by it because it really is not too much of a "bad ass". If it was, its energy would not have passed through you. It would have pushed you off the bed, because I am pretty sure that was what he was trying to do. But even as scared as you were, it was not getting enough energy to manifest to that level. Any reduction in your fear and/or anger will render it powerless. So don't worry about it being annoyed.
blackbear21 (4 posts)
13 years ago (2010-04-15)
it was sleep paralysis. It really feels real when you wake up but your not awake. I have sleep paralysis I know it feels really really real, but its not. But it is odd that you wake up every night at the same time. But who knows. I hate sleep paralysis. People say when you have night mares there's a demon on your chest makeing you have a nightmare eversince I heard that I sleep on my side and never my back since then I don't have my sleep paralysis dreams and nightmares I don't dream I just see black until I wake up.:)
samiixox (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-30)
thank you all for getting back to me:)

& I get what you mean "dont show your fear" but won't that just annoy them more? I'm not into annoying it lol
Ghost_Lover32 (8 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-28)
Maybe you were being possessed (which means a ghost takes over your body) or if you watch ghost hunters get some recording of them (although your hearing most of them by ear others might think your crazy cause they don't hear the same thing not sure if necessary but maybe give it a try)

If you need anymore information on what I'm talking about comment back
Junebugger (2 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-27)
Justaguy is on track. You probably have some spirits that are not welcoming you into their zone. Example. My neighborhood was once a grave yard, 100's of yeas ago. There are nights that I wake up and see stuff, people just walking across my room. Or just hear foot steps. In my opinion you should talk to it, see what it wants. If its willing to physically touch you, then it should be willing to respond with signals you can understand. Go paranormal with it, set some kind of camera in you room. See what happens over night.
Last respects! I think its cool how you don't even fear whatever is messing with you anymore. That's probably making it mad!
Wish you luck as well, hope you over come this!
-_Syeetaque_- (5 stories) (109 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-26)
Well, I have the exact same views with Justaguy... Never to show your fear... Wishing you good luck... And always remember that this thing don't have power to control you as God gives the power to us to control oursleves... Take care and good luck ❤
the_echo (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-26)
odd same think kind of happened to me I was asleep then suddenly I woke up out of dead sleep it felt as if something was laying on my whole body. I couldn't move and I couldn't breath my head was getting smashed into the pillow and my hands and arms felt like they were pinned to the bed then suddenly everything was fine so I sat up scared out of my mind, thankfully not voices though... Just thought id share that...
Justaguy (7 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-26)
You have a great personal experience. Unfortunately that is all it is. I can't do help you, but you can help yourself! Its clear whatever this is trying to escalate because your no longer scared by the "the little bumps in the night".

Here's what you do:
#1. Do some homework. Find out the history of your house, and property. Look for obvious things that may cause residual energy violent deaths, tragic loss, etc. ALSO, LOOK for the length a person lived in the home, Geological Survey (limestone, water increase energy promoting Entities) and other emotional attachments too. DON'T STOP at the first thing you find because this is likely an old energy... See #2
#2 Don't be afraid! The energy is from another dimension. It has to find a way to manipulate energy to get into ours. They can watch our dimension like we watch TV, but also like we cannot manipulate a program, most entities cannot either or if they can it is very minor. Occasionally, energy does learn to manipulate what it sees. REMEMBER: they are watching like the Holographic Room on Star Trek (imagine how frustrating it would be to see loved ones making mistakes and not be able to do anything about it). Also remember they don't have a body so if they can move unrestricted without the restraint of gravity very FAST so by the time a manipulation occurs (knock, footsteps, etc) and you react the Entity is likely gone.
Only a few entities can physically get to the other side. This one knows how and is damn good at it! Good ones have been on the other side a while and over time has learned to manipulate the other side. It sounds like it has attachment to the home and does not like you being there which brings me to the next topic.

#3 Why, refer back to #1. Then determine if you can help the energy to chill-out. If it is a bad energy or one that just wants to be and ass, remember that it cannot do you tremendous harm.

#4 the most harm you receive is a potential scratch, throw something at you lightly with the same aim as a normal human, etc... These things may freak you out like the blanket issue did but that's all. Ass----Ghosts are like animals... They sense fear and like to take advantage. Some theories say that fear causes humans to emit some energy that allows Energies to manipulate this dimension. Keep your head, remembering the more fear you show-the more you empower the energy to take advantage of the situation. Conversely, the less fear you have the more empowered you are which takes energy away from the Entity.

#5 Help out Science. Find an investigation group to check out your home. Have a THIRD PARTY have recording sessions asking questions, especially if you find some history (don't do it yourself, EVP communication can be consuming either by fear or addiction due to curiosity in your own home). Set up a camera to watch while you sleep, IF it will not scare you in the event you catch something. Again, fear will empower the Entity, so sometimes what you don't know can't hurt you.
#6 Faiths will help overcome fear. Seek out your personal faith and practice. Putting Faith in something positive reduces our fear in the unknown which we usually associate as negative (not always the case sometimes an Entity is a loved one reaching out in yearning.) If the Entity is, for lack of a better term, "Demonic" faith of any type will repel the Entity.

Hope this helps. Sorry its long but I wanted to be complete. Good luck and remember to approach this scientifically as well as religiously.

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