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Good Entity?


Everything in this story is real; I haven't made any of it up so please read.

Recently I have been seeing and hearing things around my room that I think might be a presence, however I am not sure if it is good or bad. It hasn't done anything yet so I suppose I am just writing this to see if anyone else has had any similar experiences and if you have please comment and tell me how things went afterwards.

When I was younger I lived in a pub in Kent, I lived there with my mum, dad, older sister, my aunt and eventually in the last few months my younger sister. My mum and dad told me that when I was around five or six years old, my mum and were downstairs with some of their friends. I kept coming downstairs saying there was a man sitting at the end of my bed. My dad came up with me each time and checked around my room and saw nothing. I described the man to my dad (unfortunately they couldn't remember my description). The next day my dad was talking to the pub cleaner about the night before and gave her the description. The cleaner, Rosie said that it was the previous landlord, George. He had had a heart attack behind the bar a few months before we moved in. This as it would anyone shocked him a little; I had never seen a picture of George or anything. I never saw him again after that.

After this we sort of became aware of other things that were happening around the place; when anything was going bad, like for example when one of the bar maids was stealing out of the till, thing started to go missing and being found in places that we had checked more the once. It was little things like hairbrushes, my mum's passport, and a leg of lamb. We never really blamed it on anyone but we suspected it might have been him. After we moved out of the pub into a house in Basildon, things died down, however when my great granddad got diagnosed with cancer things started to happen, my mum would be woken up by the covers being pulled off of her during the night, doors would open on their own with no windows or doors being open and again things would go missing and turn up in places that we had checked. Another time that really scared my mum was when my older sister and my aunt went away on holiday to Spain. One night, when my dad had fallen asleep downstairs, she woke up to find the covers being pulled down at the four corners pinning her down on the bed. This lasted for a few minutes and then it got released. The next day we got a call from my sister and aunt and they told us that they had been caught in a rip current and almost drowned that day. My mum thinks that again that George was warning her that something was going to go wrong. After a few years of living in there we had to move again to a bigger house to make room for my little brother. Thankfully nothing had happened physically to my mum or any of us.

Now days we just hear footsteps and sometimes stamping coming from upstairs when there is no one up there, doors opening on their own and once we recorded a programme and a strange voice could be heard in the background which had nothing to do with the programme, we rewound it to hear it again and from what we could make out it said 'once or a penny'. Everyone else shrugged it off as a problem with the recording but I think that it might have been George.

About three months ago we swapped the rooms around and I am now in the biggest bedroom of the house. Since moving into this bedroom I have been hearing footsteps pacing across the floor of a night when everyone else is asleep, I also hear someone breathing nearby my bed; it varies between being near my head and at the bottom. During the day not much happens apart from when I am in the house alone I'll hear people walking around upstairs, I sometimes see black shapes moving at the corner of my eye but when I look there is nothing there, when I'm hovering around the house I get the feeling that someone is watching me so now I won't hover while I'm alone in the house. This feeling has been getting more frequent and not just when I am hovering, I have felt it while I've been upstairs in my room and my mum and dad are downstairs. I think that my little brother may have felt it but not wanted to say anything because for about two years he refused to go upstairs on his own, even if it was just to run upstairs to quickly grab something someone had to be upstairs with him or at least on the top few steps of the stairway. Whenever we asked him about it he would say something different like 'I just don't like it' or 'there's monsters' but it would never be the same thing which makes me think that maybe he felt it. I might be wrong and it was just a phase he went through.

Nothing big has happened recently but I am getting scared to be in the house alone because of the feeling that someone is watching me and occasionally I now hear a banging noise as if someone is hammering a nail into the wall facing the back garden, so it can't have been the neighbours. Now my family joke around saying that when things go missing or something strange happens they say 'oh George is making sure we know he is here' or 'Give it back George' stuff like that to make light of the situation.

There have been a few things that have happened which I am not sure if they are relevant or not but I thought that I would include them just in case they are. Ever since moving into my room I have been having this dream at least once a week. In the dream I am running towards a big barn in the middle of a field. Behind me there is a large crowd of people that are yelling at me and for some reason I run. Once I reach the barn I close and lock the door behind me and hide, after a few minutes I hear the door burst open and people rushing in. Just as I am found I wake up.

Another thing is I've been waking up with bruises that weren't there before. I really don't know what to make of these things as I haven't had a dream like this since I was a little girl and had nightmares anyway and as for the bruising I have no idea.

I am hoping that someone can give me some insight into whether this is a good or evil presence and maybe some advice to help me whilst I am in the house alone because I am sixteen now and I am of that age that I don't want to go everywhere with my mum and dad so I end up being in the house alone when I can't go out.

Please if anyone has had anything similar could you please tell me how things went and if I should be worried?

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flippy919 (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-13)
I have the samish experiements with ghosts. I have a ghost and she moves stuff around but yet I know she's good and I no she's just kidding. Check out my story. It's called My friends Violet and Irene.
jb12345678 (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-09)
shes right its definitly not george you should call a phycic😕
LouSlips (10 stories) (979 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-09)
Hi, Meghan.

Has your mom ever talked to a medium or a psychic about her experiences? I could be way off base on this but: Being prompted to wake up implies there was a need for her to check on something... Just like your great grandad should have, before his cancer got so bad. Being held down in bed and restricted could simulate the helplessness of drowning as your sister and your aunt nearly experienced. Your mother's premonitions may be based in the fact that she is an empath.
You've likely inherited the ability from your mom. The dream you are experiencing is not random, it is an experience that the entity in your home lived through, or died during. I believe your story about George, when you were a child... But the entity you are experiencing now, is not George.


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