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The Old House I Lived In


The old house I lived in, between the age of nine and ten, was unforgettable. I am fourteen now and I have decided to share my experiences with all of you.

The first happening was when my mom dated this guy (and later got engaged, then separated the day before the wedding) who seemed very nice. The weird thing was, when he started living with us, the weird things started happening. I still wonder if he had brought something unexplainable and abnormal, which was linked, or was the supernatural with him.

There were so many strange and unexplainable things that happened there. When we got the house, mind you, it was brand new. When he moved in, I always heard knocking on my window. The knocking noise freaked me out, but the first time it started I thought it had a simple explanation, a bug. Whenever I looked out the window (this only happened at night) I saw nothing. When I settled back into my bed, the knocking would start again. When this happened I would call my mom into my room. We sat there silent, for about 30 minutes, and decided it might have been the house settling, so, she went back to bed. I, at the time, thought it was no big deal, and went back to bed myself. The knocking would start again. I had to sleep like this for months and months, and it never did stop.

Second thing, my dog would not stop whining or cowering. My mom said, when I was away at school, my dog, Teddy, would put his paw up on my mom's knee and growl, for sometimes 10 minutes straight, usually at the stairway.

There's still more. When we got rid of Teddy, we got a new dog, Chloe. She was playful and small. She is a half Yorkie, half Australian terrier, which is a Silky Terrier. Her kennel sat by a wall. This only happened once. In the middle of the night, the kennel door slammed into the wall and a really loud noise. I sat straight up, and of course my mom and her boyfriend got up, thinking I accidently bumped into it when I got up. I was in bed, almost asleep though. We had looked at the wall, and there was a mark where the kennel door had met the wall. This never happened again.

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ricki (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-23)
Great story I would have freaked out whit the papping on the windows. Thankyou for sharing it.

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