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It Wanted My Unborn Child


I was 18 and pregnant with my first child. I was living with my boyfriend's dad at the time and far from my family. My boyfriend worked all day and so did his dad, so I was left alone in the house all day too. At first I never really felt much, but then the more I was left alone the more I felt and saw.

One day I had gone into the garage for something I didn't turn on the light because the light from underneath the garage door was enough to see around. As I turned towards the far end of the garage there were some boxes stacked there and I clearly saw a shadow of a male hide back into the boxes. I didn't think it was a ghost or something weird like that, I actually thought, "Oh my god, someone is in here!" I shut the door and called my boyfriend he went in with a baseball bat turned on the light and inspected the whole place, but of course nothing or no one was there. I let that go and went on with my day.

Later that night I got ready to go to bed like always. I fell asleep quickly and around like 12:3 or so I was almost awoken by something and I say almost because I could only move my eyes and could hear everything around me but could not move. I wasn't afraid because I was use to this, it had happened all my life so I was like, "oh gawd not again." except this time it was way different. I as I tried to get out of this state I heard the ugliest, most scary laughter you could ever hear! I shifted my eyes to my left and there sat a shapeless black shadow with red eyes he kept asking me for something but don't know what all I kept saying to him was no! I said no many times in my head because I couldn't speak finally it left. But it kept coming back almost every night until I had my daughter then one last time same thing happened and I once again kept saying no to whatever he kept asking for.

At this time my daughter was 2 days old and laying next to me asleep. I felt like it wanted her. And I furiously yelled, "NO!" in my head and it made a weird noise and I felt a sting on my left wrist then it flew into the wall that went into the garage. When I could finally move and sit up I looked at my wrist and there were 3 scratches on it no blood but enough to raise the skin on my wrist.

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sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-16)
Its said that in pregnancy you can see ghost. I don't know the reason. But it happens. My grandma got miscarriage after seeing ghost. Thank god your baby is safely born. Take care of her.
With lots of love ❤
maleena84 (2 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-08)
[at] mizgarcia yeah it was pretty scary! I was afraid of doing anything to make it more aggressive: (I've moved out of that house since and thank God I've never had to deal with demonic forces again...
mizgarcia (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-08)
This was one chilling story. There's no way in Hell I would've been so cool about it. I would've freaked out and called a priest and showed that demon what I could do. He could go back to the rotting pits of Hell and leave my beautiful baby alone. 😲
GhostBeliver1234 (29 posts)
13 years ago (2010-07-31)
Ive had sleep paralysis many times and its not really enjoying 😐 I often sleep with my eyes open. I see the room, walls and bed and also my dream and if I try to talk its like a low whisper and my ears start beeping as hell! But I can combat the sleep paralysis its easy but not for everyone.

Best wishes and God Bless you and your child. ❤ ❤
vulcan10 (5 stories) (332 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-27)
since it was well known to you that you had sleep paralysis, or a facsimile there of, it would seem most likely that you were experiencing hypnagogic hallucinations. They are usually triggered by sudden emotional reactions such as laughter, anger, surprise, or fear, and may last from a few seconds to several minutes. The person remains conscious throughout the episode and are vivid, often frightening, dreamlike experiences that occur while dozing, falling asleep and/or while awakening. Edgar Allan Poe, for example, wrote of the 'fancies' he experienced "only when I am on the brink of sleep, with the consciousness that I am so." do a sleep analysis at a sleep clinic. It will probably help
Panda06 (2 stories) (28 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-27)
JimD is possibly right, but I think it could also just be a soul looking to reborn as your child. Good thing you kept saying no though.
maleena84 (2 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-26)
id like to thank Jimd, Timothyj and Diviousangel for your comments. I liked Jimd's comment because he had a lot of new things in it that I never knew like the 3 scratches thing. Timothy's was cool because that's just how I would feel if I read from someone else. And Deviousangel's was also cool because she or he gives me the scientific points and what other reasons there might be. I'm open to all and I don't dismiss any ones opinion. Thanks guys! ❤
JimD (431 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-26)

I'm sorry that this happened. Three scratches - how often do I hear this? Three is the calling card of the demonic. It mocks the Holy Trinity. The black mass that causes fear was a demon.

I am a lay Catholic demonologist, and the symptoms are clear. Next time use the names of Jesus, Mary, and St. Michael the Archangel, when commanding it to leave. Also, Catholic Holy water should be spread around your house liberally. Please get a gallon from a local Catholic church.

9 pm - 6 am are the psychic hours, when angelic trash are most active. Demons will respond with terrible, mocking laughter, if commanded to depart in our own names. They respect only one thing - force, in this case proper spiritual force.

If Catholic, attend Mass, Receive Holy Communion, and go to Confession - often. Also, the Rosary helps a lot.

In any case, goo luck and God bless you. Email me at, if you need more help. Many, many others are so doing, saying "you were correct - nothing else worked, etc" And it's fine; I'm happy to do it.
TimothyJ (6 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-26)
I think the story is cool... That's a freaky experience. I don't know what I would do if it happened to me. 😲
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-26)
I'm not really sure how the title coincides. How do you know that this entity was after your child? I would suggest, if this continues in the future, to video tape yourself while you sleep to rule out the possibility that you hurt yourself while you were asleep. I would also recommend consulting a physician and finding out if you have Sleep Paralysis, and if so, how to combat it.

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