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Shadow Man With Yellow Eyes


A few years back, my fiancé and I went to a local cemetery that is known for being haunted. He asked a few questions, and had a recorder with him. The only recording we got was a loud "NO" and a roar, after he asked if it would like to speak. We started seeing a lot of things moving, and got this awful feeling. As we drove off, he saw a dark silhouette of a man standing and watching us.

When we got home, which is only about a block away from the cemetery, we knew it had followed us home. The windows started fogging up, and we could just feel it. We agreed not to speak of it again, and begged it to stop. And it did. For a while. Every once in a while my fiancé would find the E.V.P. File on his computer, no matter how many times he deleted it. And he started to see dark figures in his periphery.

Well one day, he was in a bad car wreck and broke his neck. He survived, but was in a halo brace. One night, as he lay in bed in the contraption, he saw that same shadow man at his bedside. It picked him up out of bed by the bars of the brace.

Ever since then he sees it every once in a while. Usually surrounded by other paranormal activity happening. There are always multiple presences when he sees this thing. It just usually stands in his room and watches him. Well last night, it came and it was pacing by his closet. I got a phone call from him around 12:30. He said "it's in my room." I knew what he meant, so I asked him to tell me everything that was happening.

He was hearing whispers. They sounded strange and multi-tonal. It was soft, and he couldn't tell if it was English. It almost sounded like a strange static hum, he said. It stopped pacing and sat on a chair by the closet and just watched him. He says it had yellow eyes that resembled an animal's eyes at night.

I told him to get the cross necklace and scapulars that hung on a nail next to his bed, but as he reached, the eyes followed his hand. He paused. He reached to touch them, and the thing stood up. He paused again. The thing was projecting the threatening feeling. He could feel it didn't want him to put them on. He pulled them off the nail, and it got worse. Finally he brought them to his chest. The thing flashed across the room to stand next to his bed. Clearly trying to scare him. He prayed that it would leave and be cast out, and the room temperature started going back to normal.

It was playing possum. He could see it outside his door. The thing seemed puzzled that he could still see it, like it was meant to be hiding. I told him to turn on the light, and he said he didn't want to move. He heard the words "You might not like what you see" clearly, projected through his mind. He took it as a warning not to turn the light on. It then started moving things around his room, opening drawers, etc.

We figured out that it was feeding off of his fear. It would let him relax, and then do something to scare him and feed off of the adrenaline rush. It was well after 1 when it was over and he went back to sleep.

Has anyone else had this happen?

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AloveB85 (2 stories) (31 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-17)
i know this was posted awhile ago, and hopefully by now you both have found peace, I apologize if I'm repeating what someone else has said.

You mentioned "yellow eyes" color I think plays in part in the paranormal. Most people think yellow is cheery and sunny... However its the hardest color to take it. And is normally upsetting in nature.

This spirit may of attached itself to your fiance becasue he called out to it in the cemetary, a evil spirit may take that as a challenge, which is why people shouldn't try to deal with the unknown, unless specically trained to do so.

You said he heard "static" when it was talking, and he couldn't make out if it was english or not. Itmay not if been, if this particulat spirit was from cemetary.
Or it could of been trying to mock your fiance by sounding as if it was speaking throught a recorder, as you guys had a recorder that night and caught it on tape, upsetting the spirit...
Which definatly sounds evil.
On this site you will find many great ideas and tips on getting rid of the evil. But be careful, research what is said, a lot of people think they know what they are talking about but don't and you can end up making it worse.
texanblood (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-15)
I might be able to help you in that it sounds like the same kind of thing that troubled me when I was a kid. First, you need to know the name and I am willing to bet that it has whispered it once or twice. It is extremely important that you know your enemy in order to defeat them, and believe me when I say this spirit is an enemy. It feeds on fear, and it will do all it can to scare you. Second, (which is actually first) get prayed up, and make a stand in Christ. This thing cannot stand in the presence of Christ. You must be strong because it will try to separate you from each other. Let your love show. If it is what it sounds like, he will leave eventually, but with a lot of noise. You must break the chain now before it becomes a familiar spirit which follows the family line. DO NOT ALLOW IT TO FOLLOW YOUR CHILDREN. One possible name is Skeekan. That was the name of the one that followed my family line and attempted to do so with my son. The line has been broken and he may be looking for another one to attach to. Please let us know how things are going and talk to your Pastor or a leader in your church that you can trust. Read Psalms 6:4-8 to help you sleep, use it as a prayer of protection while you sleep.
youralycat (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-23)
I have dreamed of a man... Or creature rather, with yellow eyes. In fact he haunts me rather often. The best lore I can find is a man with yellow eyes is also known as the biblical arch angel Simon, aka Death/the grimm reaper.

Google the lore of death and you'll find he is often represented as a wolf, a panther... Any black animal with yellow eyes... Hooded skeletal figure, even as dark shadows.

He is a very frightening figure, though I don't think he feeds off of fear, but rather gets kicks off of it. Something tells me you stirred up trouble in the wrong area at the wrong time... Not many people see him... That is if what you saw is the same yellow eye'd man that haunts me.
Aya-Love-Carrots (150 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-08)
I don't think exorcisting it was a good idea, it would make the matter worste... Just go back to the cementery and say sorry, and offer some incense + prayer... (did I spell it right?) and don't do some "OH IM/WERE SO BRAVE, WE CAN GO ON A GHOST-HUNTING STUFF" 😊

-Aya Ayasegawa
If you had the guts to do that stuff... Then have the guts to clean it up...
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-06)
rcfranz: Thats quite freaky, so your saying this has been happening for a few years? Have you tried anything to get rid of this entity or are you just content with what is going on? 😕

Thank you for sharing.

zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
14 years ago (2010-07-06)
rcfranz: I suggest the next time you or your boyfriend experience this being that you apologize, and tell him you meant no disrespect... This just sounds like the "keeper" (I don't know if that's the right term, but that's what I call them)...A spirit that helps to protect those who've been laid to rest... I think he just wants to ensure that you guys won't try to disturb his charges again...

If you don't want to wait until you see him again, you could go back to the cemetery and do so...

Cemeteries really aren't good places to go ghost hunting...They're meant to be a place for spirits to rest, or at least their earthly vessels... I think the best way to "capture" anything in a cemetery would be by taking pictures or video... Or if you really want evp, just let the recorder run without asking questions... ALWAYS be respectful... ❤
IAmTheUnison (9 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-06)
This sorta thing happens a lot; especially when you go into cemeteries looking for trouble.

My suggestion to you is to very quickly perform a blessing and banishing ritual over yourselves and your property to drive the dark spirit away. After that he should leave you both alone for a while (I cannot say it will get rid of him forever).

If you need more details on what to do just e-mail me at my e-mail address, and I'll give you further instructions.
Rashidah (guest)
14 years ago (2010-07-06)
Why are you two going into cemeteries harassing spirits?

I am not surprised this happened.
isis80 (3 stories) (51 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-06)
No, I have never had anything like this happen to me, but it sounds to me like you have picked up your very own demon.

There are people on here who can help you much better than I can, but I think you should get your house blessed and use lots of holy water. There are certain rituals you can peform to keep you from letting the demon in (I think). Sorry if I'm not much help.

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