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More Than Just An Ordinary House


I'm always hearing my dad talking about his experiences in this house. From heavy footsteps on the stairs, from the little bell hanging off this door ringing by itself. I have lived in this house ever since I was born... 13 years ago. I know it's hard to believe what a 13-year-old says, but believe it or not, all of it's true.

One day, my mom was cleaning out the big closet in our foyer. It was a nice, sunny day, no breeze, no wind, no movement. She turned around to look out the door (its all glass) to see our hibiscus bush moving, just like it would be if it were windy outside. She walked over and went outside to find no wind... No one close by. Then when she turned back around the closet door was shut and our bathroom door was open. (Before she turned around it was the exact opposite.) She was so baffled by it.

My brother and my dad were home alone one day, when all of a sudden they heard the garage door open. (It makes a really loud sound) They went downstairs to find it open. We did have pets at the time, but you have to press a button on the wall to make it open. How could a 120 pound dog press a button 4 feet up the wall? He is also 10 years old so he can't jump anymore.

Well I have certainly heard some strange things, too. All the time, I and my dad will hear heavy footsteps up the stairs at night. I know, I bet your saying "It's just your dog" But my dog sleeps at the foot of my parent's bed every night with the door shut. One day, I heard whispering in my living room. I told my mom, but she really didn't seem to believe it.

Also, one day my entire family went outside to do yard work. I forgot something in my room, so I went back inside, went into my room to find something on a shelf 10 feet up my wall was stuffed between my bed and a little white cart right beside my bed. I remember exactly that it was a birthday teddy bear my parents got my when I turned 10. Now, think, what can climb a wall, pick up a stuffed bear, and stuff it between my bed and my cart? My 15 year-old brother? I know it wasn't him; he wouldn't take the time to do it.

Another experience I've had in my room was yet another thing misplaced. At the time, I had a twin bed that I had up against the wall. It left a little space about 3 feet wide. I used it as a little storage space. In the 'storage space' I had a small box with all kinds of junk in it. I had just finished cleaning my room when I walked out into the hall when I heard this huge crash. It literally sounded like someone wrecked a car into a house. I ran back to my room to find nothing out of place... Except for one little thing. A CD that was in my box of junk was lying in the middle of my floor. Nothing else out of place. No way was it my dog, because you can hear him panting from a mile away and he would still be in my room. What could've made a giant crash with nothing but a CD out of place? It still confuses me.

My parent's room isn't the nicest place to be... It really creeps me out in there. One morning, I went into their room while no one was home to take a shower (there is a bathroom in their room) when all of a sudden I started to feel dizzy and the room started spinning erratically. I couldn't tell where I was. Then I started seeing black streaks everywhere. I thought it was me about to pass out. Eventually I came to and ran for my life. You can believe this or not. I wouldn't make something like that up.

Here is the last story. This happened just a few days ago actually. I was walking down the hall, when I heard something behind me. I turned around and saw the back end of a cat going into my room. The cat was more of silhouette, and it glowed a bluish-purple. I have several real cats, but we just got them last year before any of the other stories happened. The sight of the cat just gave me the chills. The animals have sensed things before also. My dog barks for no reason ALL THE TIME. It drives my parent's nuts, but I know he's not barking at nothing. Sometimes the cats will just stare at nothing for awhile and you can't catch their attention. Sometimes my chinchillas will cry for no reason. We really just don't know...

Well, I hope you enjoyed hearing my ghost experiences. Like I said, believe them or not, their all true.

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Aya-Love-Carrots (150 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-08)
I agree with hannah, some of what you said can be explain with non supernatural explaination 😊 anyway to be sure that there's a spirit or ghost or what ever supernatural entity is in there... Get a paper a candel and an oil,:D put the paper on the item that had been touch or you think that had been moved by the entity, the after putting it there, get it, apply some oil, don't get it all wet, just a little oil, the burned the candle, put the paper on top, move it, move it, don't get it burned ok, after a while there will be black stain (frome the candle) look for some image,:D wahlaa... There you go, if you saw some image and there is one, this method is kind of safe, than using an ouija board, or auto writing... Ajejejeje... Anyway this method is not permited/ or it is agains't catholic teaching, hmmm... Anyway take care... If I wouldn't go away, burn some sage, that's what others do... 😊

Bleach shinigami
hannahbmarie101 (4 stories) (23 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-06)
What caught my attention was the cats that you see. I often see black cats running down halls and walking into rooms. But the rest sounds like a simple poltergeist or could maybe be explained by something non supernaturalπŸ€”. It doesn't sound like anything you need to fear nonetheless. 😁

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