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Contact With Our Grandfathers


July 10, 2010. Scranton, PA. My best friend and I purchased a Ouija Board the other night because we have always been interested in the paranormal. The two of us have an insane connection with each other where we can read each other's minds and have full blown conversations without speaking. Most people don't believe us but we know what the truth is. In knowing that we already have such a strong connection with each other we knew that when we used the Ouija Board it would work. We had faith in it and did a lot of research before using it, as we did not want to come in contact with bad spirits.

Night #1

Our first night using it we had some interaction with a 28 year old male named AL... Still not sure whether that was his first name or his initials... As it was our first time and we forgot to ask a bunch of questions we had discussed asking. What we got out of it was that he died in 2006 at 28. He died with his mother. *when I asked if he died alone the response we got was... MAMA... When asked if he died with his mother he said yes.* As soon as I asked if he died alone I got an overwhelming sense of sadness and began to cry as he spelled out MAMA. It was a strange feeling but I couldn't help the sadness. I asked if he was making me sad he said yes. We also asked if he had died peacefully... The response was "QK" (assuming that would be QUICK)... We asked a few more questions and the last one that we asked was if he died in an accident. When the planchette quickly moved to "NO" my friend and I had an anxious feeling... We said that we think we had had enough for the night and we thanked him for speaking with us... The planchette then moved to goodbye. We flipped the planchette and the board and about 10 seconds later... We heard something hit the fence of the baseball field... But we couldn't see anything that did. Needless to say we were a bit freaked out but we knew that it would not be the end of our experiences with the Ouija Board.

This brings me to night #2.

After reading more of other people's stories we felt we had learned a little more about communicating with the other side. We were very eager to experience what we had experienced our first night. We went to visit a friend and began telling him of our experience that we had... He wanted us to "show him" so we got the board and set it up, again with candles, a ring of salt around us, and silver rings on the board.

My best friend had been hoping for a while that she would be able to contact someone that she was very close with. I was just hoping for more contact.

We once again began with a protection prayer while our friend sat and watched.

Me: Are there any spirits here with us tonight who would like to speak with us?

Spirit: (about 1.5 minutes later) YES

Me: Are you male or female?

Spirit: MALE (spelled out)

Amanda: Are you old?

Spirit: NO

Amanda: So you're young?

Spirit: YES

Me: Can you tell us how old you are?

Spirit: 21

Amanda: Can you tell us your name?

Spirit: AMC

Me: Are those your initials?

Spirit: (kept going from M to C to A seemed confused we decided to ask a different question)

Amanda: Did one of us know you?

Spirit: YES

Amanda: Did you know me?

Spirit: YES

Me: Did you know me?

Spirit: YES

Amanda: Did you go to school with us?

Spirit: YES

Me: Were we friends?

Spirit: NO

Me: Did we ever hang out?

Spirit: NO

We did not know what to ask so we figured we'd try contacting another spirit.

Me: Are there any other spirits who would like to speak with us tonight?

Spirit: YES

Amanda: How many other spirits are there?

Spirit: 8

Amanda: How many of you are female?

Spirit: 3

For a few minutes it seemed like we couldn't speak to just one spirit but then one came forth.

Amanda: Are you old?

Spirit: yes.

Amanda: Does one of us know you?

Spirit: Yes

Amanda: Do I know you?

Spirit: Y

There were a series of questions asked that made Amanda believe that she had made contact with the person she wanted to make contact with all along.

Amanda: (being overwhelmed with sadness...) Are you my poppy?

Spirit: yes

Amanda began to cry so I decided to ask some questions for her...

Me: Is there anything you want to tell Amanda?

Spirit: I MIZ YO

Amanda: You know that I feel really bad that I didn't get to say goodbye right?

Spirit: I NO

Amanda: What did you always send me to the store to get when I was a little kid?

Spirit: Tics (her poppy sent her to get lottery tickets all the time... I had no prior knowledge of this)

Amanda: What of yours is sitting on my dresser?

Spirit: MONK (she has a monkey from her poppys bedroom on her dresser; I did not know that it was from him...)

Amanda asked a few more questions and then we decided to move on...

Me: Is there anyone else who would like to communicate with us?

Spirit: YES

Me: Are you male or female?

Spirit: F

Me: How old are you?

Spirit: 81

Me: Can you tell us your initials?

Spirit: BH

Me: your initials are BH?

Spirit: YES

Amanda: Can you spell your first name?

Spirit: BARB

Amanda: Is your name BARB?

Spirit: YES

Amanda: Did we know you?

Spirit: NO

Amanda: Did someone we know, know you?

Spirit: YES

Amanda: Did you know Sarah's Grandmother?

Spirit: YES

Me: Is there anything you'd like me to tell her?

Spirit: IM OK

Because I didn't know who this was we once again decided to move on.

Me: Is there anyone else who would like to speak with us.

Spirit: 1

Upon finding that there was 1 we asked a few questions and there seemed to be much confusion.

Me: Can you tell us your initials?

Spirit: EK

Me: Is this who I think it is? (My Papa's initials were EK... I didn't expect to see that at all)

Spirit: YES

Me: Have you come to visit me before?

Spirit: YES (I have seen my Papa (who passed when I was 5 months old) once... As a full bodied apparition)

Me: How long ago did you visit?

Spirit: 3 (it has been 3 years since I saw his apparition)

Me: Where did I see you?

Spirit: KITCHEN (which is exactly where)

Me: Grandma misses you a lot you know that right?

Spirit: I KNO

Me: You like to play tricks on her a lot don't you?

Spirit: YES

Me: Are you happy where you are?

Spirit: Y

Me: How many grandchildren did you have when you passed?

Spirit: 8 (I didn't even know for sure how many until I subtracted those children in the family born after me which did make the # 8.)

Me: Who was your favorite child?

Spirit: (planchette hung between D-E... My uncle's name is ED)

Me: What is the name of your oldest child?

Spirit: TINA (his oldest children were twins... I did not know who was older until asking my gram later... It was TINA)

Me: Is there anything you would like me to tell Grandma?

Spirit: MAKELI

Amanda: Would you like to try again?

Spirit: (planchette quickly moving from letter to letter) MAKELIFEHAPY

Me: Is there anything else you would like to say?

Spirit: NO

Me: Well thanks for coming and talking to us Papa... And to all the other spirits who came forth tonight... We are now going to go.


So that's our story... I believe that if you are positive and you do things properly... Only positive spirits are going to come in contact with you.

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BunnyPanda (guest)
10 years ago (2012-07-05)
Touching story: (. It was sad how the man died with his mom and I think he was trying to make you sad because he wants you to feel his pain. And I think it was funny when you asked your papa said YES on the question: You like to play tricks on her a lot don't you? It was touching when your papa wanted your grandma to make life happy; (. I wonder do you miss your papa? And when you said," I believe that if you are positive and you do things right... Only positive spirits ar going to come in contact with you." Do you mean if we do good things in life, then you can contact good spirits? Thanks for sharing and I'm glad Amanda got to communicate with her poppy. Best Ouijah Board story so far:) <3
templer_knight (1 stories) (14 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-20)
Thankyou for sharing your experiences. As others have said, it's nice to see more than horror tales of peoples experiences. I've been considering getting a (an?) Ouija board myself, to help my communications.

Your positive story has given me hope that it can be used without strictly negative consequences.
Aya-Love-Carrots (150 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-22)
Hmmm... Nice story 😁 but I'm kind of wondering why all of the spirit are related to you and your friends... And this story proves another theory of mine, 😊 thanks for sharing, you completed my theory about ouija board LOLx...

Shadead (91 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-22)
Your Ouija details are accurate jsut wondering if you recorded them like wrote them down ect its what I used to do with mine in an old notebook.

Your story is good glad to hear that you had some good convos and enjoyed the expeirnce arent listenin to scared people saying ouija is bad it gave you some closure so not all bad ey?

Anyhow Best of luck and post more if you can I'm interested.

princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-21)
OH he passed when you were 5 months, you didn't see him! Sorry I misunderstood! LOL! Still I'll comment further later on. Much love
princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-21)
Spirit: YES (I have seen my Papa (who passed when I was 5 months old) once... As a full bodied apparition)

How do you remember what you saw at 5 months old? There are many things I would like to comment on your post & thank you for sharing your experiences! I am, however going to wait to post my comments until I see what others have to say about this. Bless you & yours.

BinghamtonParanormal (19 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-21)
Hello there. Wow, what neat story you had to share with us. And we thank you for it.

I am the founder of the Binghamton Area Paranormal Society out of Binghamton, NY. We use scientific equipment to try and prove and or disprove the existence of spirits in certain areas.

Your case of the paranormal has interested me and my team and we were wondering if you would be interested in having us come down and investigate the place you had your experiences.

Please e-mail so we can discuss further details

Binghamtonareaparanormalsoociety [at]

Our website is:

Thank You!
Lead Investigator
The Finest Ghost Hunting Team in the Area
Watersprite (3 stories) (85 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-21)
Fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing your story! It is very refreshing to read some positive things on this site - no "demons," people having the crap scared out of them, etc. 😆

Please write some more if you have any further experiences.

Best wishes,

Watersprite ❤

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