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A Lady In White


About a month ago my son who is 21 years of age came home after spending 2 hours chatting with his friends. It was around midnight when he arrived and he found me sitting on the bed with the TV on, fast asleep, so he switched off the TV and went to sleep. I must tell you that his bedroom and mine are two separated rooms but they are like one, they are built one after the other, and there is no wooden door, only a curtain, so everything will be heard because like I mentioned before, they are like one room with only a thin wall separate them. (I mentioned this, to understand more the story) So a few minutes after he switched off the TV, I woke up and went to the kitchen to have a glass of water and then I went back to sleep.

Everywhere was in total darkness now. As I was trying to sleep again, I heard my son saying GO AWAY and I thought that he was saying this to our cat, or talking in his sleep, so I took no notice. Then all of a sudden he shouted MAAAAAAAAA. MA means mum in Maltese, and I said to him in a loud voice because he scared me "What happened" and he said "here is a ghost" with frightened voice. I said "A ghost?!" and I quickly switched on the spotlight that I have above my bed, and he said "Okay she's gone" because as I told you before, the light went into his bedroom as well because there is no door.

To cut the story short he told me briefly that he saw a woman dressed in white, and because I was a little bit frightened I didn't ask him more about it at that time. The next day after he came from work I asked him what happened the night before, and he told me that all day he was wondering about it.

He told me that he was asleep and he heard like footsteps which I did not hear, and he opened his eyes and saw a woman in mid 30s dressed in white, and she had black shoulder length hair, and her face was not featured clear, and she was sitting down near his bed but like sitting in the air, and he covered his head. And then curiosity won, and began to uncover his head bit by bit and she was still there, so he got up half sitting in bed and he waved his hand to see if it is an imagination, and told her to go away and his hand went through her, and instead of keep sitting she stood up and remained looking at him and at that time he called me, and as soon as I switched on the light she disappeared.

I told him if you see her again don't send her away, but ask her what she wants and who she is. But until now he didn't see her again, maybe he would. I believed every word he said because first he never lied, and second my brother who lived in my place before me, told me a couple of years ago, that when he used to live himself, one fine day he and his wife had a visit from a cousin, who is very sensitive, and saw a shadowy figure of a lady crossing in the room where I sleep now, That's all for this time. Next time I write again and tell you my true own experience which happened in another place.

Thanks a lot for reading my story.

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i_luv_zombies (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-07)
i have noticed something mysterious about ghost situations, most of the ghost are women with a white dress, black hair 😕
Well I hope you find something

Mekenna ❤
Amadiria (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-07)
Hello kamui, I'm glad that I learned something else that in the Phillipines you call your mom." ma" like the Maltese people:-) and to you dear cosmogal926, I want to tell you that I don't know any history of the house or land, but I will make a research. I suspect that the land has something to do with it, because my neighbour once told me and we were not talking about ghosts, we were talking about our pets, that she can't have a dog in her house because all the dogs that she had, about 3 in all, died mysteriously. Let me tell you that in the area where I live, all the houses are built one near the other with no space of gardens etc.I'm sure of it, that the spirit that I have in my house, is a good spirit but sometimes I am sorry for her because if it is earthbound she has to be realesed to go on the other side where she belongs now, but believe or not I love to have her in my house as she is a good spirit. When my brother who used to live in the house before me, decided to go in a new house because this one is old, everything began to go wrong eg;an ashtray fell from the side table on it's own and was shattered. The oven door which was made of glass was shattered as well. She didn't want them to leave:-) By the way cosmogal926 you also say "ma" how nice! Cu next time with another experience xx
kamui (1 stories) (56 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-07)
im pretty sure that ghost wants to tell a message. And she might knew that your son has this sense to communicate with what the others. We also called Ma our mom here in the Philippines:D so cool! Looking forward to read more of your stories!:D
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-05)
Hello Amadiria, Do you know any history of the house or land? Perhaps this lady once lived there. I would say this is an intelligent haunt, since it responded to your son waving his hand and telling it to go away. I don't think she meant any harm, and was probably just curious. Oh by the way, I always call my mother Ma! In fact almost everyone I know does too. I had no idea it was Maltese. I just figured we butchered the English version of Mother with our slang. LOL! Thanks for sharing your story and I am looking forward to reading more. Take care 😊 ❤

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