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My Paranormal Encounters 2


I said in my last story I'd let you all know if any other paranormal happenings occurred.

Firstly I'll start with a very vivid dream I had about 6 months ago, I dreamt that there was a demon of some sort attacking me and the only way it would go was if I let it bite me. I had a fight with it every night for about a week until I let it bite me. I woke up that morning with a small red mark on my chest exactly where I had been bitten in my dream.

Secondly I have continued to feel people holding my hands and recently my mother and I were discussing an elderly relative of ours whom I had never met, suddenly the room went very cold and both of us felt a push through our chests, the man we were discussing was who we believe to be the man I saw on the stairs some months previously.

Finally my nephew (aged 2) has been sensing presences. Firstly in my home in which he said he was shutting the door on 'naughty man' then running to me and saying 'jack fright' 'bye bye man'. Secondly when he was at home he was looking at the toy story 3 poster that has been up for weeks, he started shouting 'no poster no Vicky'. Vicky happens to be the name of my cousin who died 3 days before he was born then when he was back at our house the following day he lay on the floor spread out in a star shape opening and closing his legs saying 'Vicky,Vicky'.

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chicalovesu92 (12 posts)
11 years ago (2010-08-22)
that sunds like a ghost or spirit has been tellin him about Vicky. Some little kids can see and hear ghost. It is possible that he heard one. Or maybe it was Vicky trying to tell him about her because she died b4 he was born. So if he ever does that again you need to get an exorcist or a priest to pureify your house. 😐

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