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My Great Grandfather, the Joker


I live with my mum, brother, sister, nan and pop in a two story house, before it was my great grandfather's house, he died, we believe that it's him haunting the house because he was a joker.

Heaps of thing happen here, lights on and off, doors shut them selves, we hear things and see things out the corners of our eyes. The washing machine turns off, a fan turned on by it self things, disappear and reappear in places we have looked, mum sometimes wakes up to some one whispering her name urgently like they are trying to wake her up.

One time, me and my mum were home alone and we heard the garage door close and the door leading to either the laundry or the granny flat close, we were thinking my nan was coming home from shopping and no one was there.

My mum had locked the screen door and the wooden door. Went into the kitchen table (which you can see the door from) and started to read the paper. After a while, she looked up and the doors were open, she looked back down then remembered that she locked them so she went to lock them again, but when she looked again it was closed.

One day, mum was having a nap on the lounge. When she heard a bang, she went to look for the source when she looked in my room. In the middle of it was my Navaho doll with my porcelain doll on top, with its head pointing to the wall with the shelf. Which is impossible considering that if that doll fell it would topple forward and land with its head pointing away. The stuff in front of it would fall, the doll would have to fall diagonally to get to that place and the Navaho doll is at the other end

One time I saw a shadow that was walking right in the middle of the walkway following my mum into the kitchen.

Other stuff has happened but I can't think of it right know.

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ellycat (guest)
16 years ago (2007-05-18)
oh I forgot to put this in but in one room babies will smile wave and giggle while looking at a certain corner

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