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Ouija Board Gone Wrong


Myself and two friends decided to play an Ouija board. The first time we played with it it claimed to be my great great aunt (whom I never met but was told she supposedly killed 3 out of her 4 husbands) then after I got a bad feeling and stopped playing, it claimed to be my friend's dad.

After she had been talking to it for hours and finally tricked it into answering a question wrong it went crazy, cussing all of us. We put the board away but then smelled something burning. Could only smell it in the room we played with the board in. We threw the board out and the smell went away. But whatever it was didn't leave me alone for years.

It would go away, sometimes for months, but eventually come back. I think it's gone now. After moving 3 times and a lot of prayer and having missionaries bless my home and contacting a demonologist and following their tips on ridding my home of it. It got to where my husband and I were seeing it and something was scaring my son by whispering his name in his ear. He's still terrified to go into the back bedrooms alone. I actually made my sons sleep together with a Bible between them.

One night I woke up and saw what looked like an extremely small man in very old army clothes. It didn't look like a midget, (I'm sorry if that offends anyone. I just don't know how else to explain it) looked like a very normal man but around 4 feet tall and grey. He just looked at me and after I blinked he was gone. I don't know where he fits in all of this, but for some reason he didn't scare me. The other thing though, that's another story.

I'm not sure my husband really believed me until he actually saw it. He was absolutely terrified. We were in bed and I had been hearing it for a while now. I was so paranoid that it would do something that I made my husband sleep in the bedroom with our kids and I would sleep in the living room so one of us were on each end of the house. Well I was used to seeing it walk up and down the hallway. I would catch glimpses and hear the footsteps. It was so incredibly scary.

One night my husband came into the living room shaking. He asked if I was just in the bathroom. I told him I hadn't been but I knew why he was asking because I had seen it too. It was very big. From the floor to the ceiling and as wide as the hallway. It would just walk up and down the hallway all night.

One day I woke up and my house felt less tense. I had reached out to the demonologist and followed their steps two days before. I had been in a horrible depression and my oldest son was sick a lot and had to go to monthly appts at Children's hospital and a lot of local drs appointments and some visits to the emergency room and he was on a bunch of meds. But that day it seemed like everyone was happy.

Later that night my husband and I were up really late watching tv. Something knocked on the door. I yelled at my husband when he went to get up to answer the door and told him nothing was there and to sit back down. I had a horrible feeling and knew it was that thing. A couple minutes later we heard something hit my door. We both went to the windows, that gives you a clear view of our entire porch, and sure enough nothing was there. Only a broom that was on one side of the porch when we came in for the night that was now on the floor in front of the door. The knocking happened for three nights. I think it was trying to get us to let it back in.

Because of everything we went through I strongly urge people to think twice before "playing" with a board. It's not a game. What three teenage girls thought was a creepy game turned out to haunt me for eight years. I'll always be paranoid now. Always wondering if I have done something to invite it back and wondering what it'll do next. Once you have some huge black shadow looking thing at least 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide walking around your house at night and it's messing with your family, it's tough to relax afterwards.

Hopefully this all makes sense because I'm trying to type and take care of the kids at the same time. Will answer any questions!

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Melda (9 stories) (796 posts)
6 months ago (2017-08-02)
ChrisLau - My opinion is that the only believable experience you could expect from such an app would manifest in the form of a virus.

Regards, Melda
ChrisLau (1 posts)
6 months ago (2017-08-02)
I don't understand why people keep using real ouijas while there already exist simple and safe things like and many resembling apps
Caylo28 (3 stories) (16 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-29)
Never will I ever touch or even be in the same room as an O.B. Session is going.
Reason one The Exorcist. That movie still scares the pants off me and I cannot watch it.
Reason 2 things like to follow me.
I was once invited to a birthday party by a girl I disliked (it was mutual) I went because majority of my friend were there. Turns out she invited me because my friends told her "scary" stuff happens when I'm around and the only time anything paranormal has happened to them I was there.
After all the festivities she pulls out an ob... I said "Thanks for the cake" and left. I lived across the street from her and I heard them scream a couple times.
I hope that the thing is gone for good and your babies health gets better. Positive energy headed your way!
Lotus29 (2 stories) (12 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-28)
As per what others have said the OB is NOT a toy and most definitely should not be used for entertainment purposes. You have to close the board down per RedWolf's instructions and you also have to ask the spirits to leave at the end of the session. There are specific ways to dispose of boards and planchettes (you have to separate them).

Anyone who engages in any type of spirit work goes through rigorous grounding, protection and cleansing rituals before and after engaging with those in spirit. It is a very time consuming process and extremely necessary, and takes years of training and practice. Basically using a OB is like conducting a type of sΓ©ance where you are summoning spirits. They may not be human spirits. It is a very unsafe occult practice. You can be plagued with back luck, depression and other mental illnesses, anger, or feelings of being out of control, as well as being subjected to frightening paranormal experiences.

If you haven't done so already, you should seek professional assistance. Expect to be told off.
Triskaideka (2 stories) (369 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-25)
Delightful that my front door creaked and the dishwasher dry light came on and went off again while I was reading this. 😨 Haha

My friends and I 'played Ouija' from scratch (didn't have a board, so we drew one and made a planchette from cardboard), and we spent hours playing. A story unfolded of a little boy. I don't remember much, but it was fun and intriguing, and really, I think the three of us all contributed to the story. We were just three teens, essentially RPing (roleplaying) a fun story whilst pretending there was a ghost. No hauntings for any of us after (though in retrospect, one of those friends did have an interesting Tarot card experience... Ohai dishwasher light wat r u doing... And now it's off again)

What I'm curious about, and forgive me, it's late, and I think I missed something. You mention a demonologist, you mention the 'other thing' trying to 'come back in'... How did it wind up outside in the first place? And good grief the light's on again... And off... And on...

I guess it just goes to show sometimes weird things happen.

The knock may have been the broom falling over in the wind and hitting upon various surfaces on the way down, I think.

IDK about the shadow... That is quite odd. Curious about the interim between its pacing and its being outside. Hope all is well now!
Slewis88 (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-23)
When I said "hours" I didn't mean in one setting. This went on for a couple days. As I said before this was 10 years ago so lots has happened. As for the other girls, one of them I haven't spoken to in years but one I'm still close to. She had some problems but I think I was the easier target. My sons dad died not long after this while I was only three months pregnant. I was a mess mentally. But things seem to have lightened up a lot for about 6 months now. And I really can't remember if I said goodbye the last time. I know I always said goodbye but I just can't remember saying it that time. I probably did because we were so crazy about doing that so nothing could come out of the board.
Slewis88 (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-23)
[at] RedWolf and [at] lady-glow thank you both for your responses. And of course my husband didn't mistake me for a 7' monster haha. The first time he caught a glimpse of it he didn't see it's size, only a shadow that he was hoping was me. This stuff went on for 10 years so there are lots and lots of details left out. I told it to leave so many times that it would be impossible to count. It would do things like push the gas peddle while I was going around curves and it tried pulling me into the couch. Sounds so goofy but I'm not sure how else to explain it. I had just gotten off of work at 5am and laid down on the couch at 6am. I thought I must've imagined it because I was tired so I flipped around on the couch and it happened again. Felt like something was under the couch slowly pulling me into it. It absolutely terrified me. Also my son would get sick and stay sick for weeks, sometimes up to 2 months. There are lots of things that happened, I'll elaborate once I have a little time to do so.
ShySgaile (2 stories) (11 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-22)
I won't drag on with details right now of my experiences (suddenly in my mid 30's when my kids were young too)...but super understand your fear... My 'stuff' seemed to blurt into my life (following from home to home, or even when on a family trip in a hotel!) after my gram passed. So though different way, but its been a journey.

A very upsetting scary one for me, and my husband as he doesn't like ghost stuff anyway- but glimpsing, or hearing something that I am full on seeing, is a freak out for him. My kids are young adults now- but I sort of instilled in them when they were little (and yep, r kids were in our rm, lots of nights!) ..."its time for you to go, Iam getting mom if you dont... Go go go, I'll never stop saying this, so may as well go"

Sounds silly, but that's a thing I have learned... To know in my heart, that it is true- personally (I didn't expect my kiddos to shoulder creepy things, they knew it was ok to call for us or come and sleep in our rm) - I truly do not stop saying that! Sometimes a presence has stuck around for weeks, but I repeat that. "No presence has my permission to scare, upset, surprise or hang out in my home. Or pester my family. Unless there is something for me to know-for my greater good, and from a Loving Source, (God,or whatever word one prefers), its time to go."

It took years to finally figure it out. I needed to set boundaries for me- and family... Even if I by accident attracted some presence by hearing/watching some ghost vid on YouTube or something. (My one post so far, was before I ever started doing what I describe... I felt invaded, vulnerable, watched, anx, ill-u name it! It was horrible at first).

Perhaps practice what's comfortable for u, to say... Along those lines-but the 'I will NEVER stop saying this', has helped a lot. It seems laborious, but has been worth the peace (mostly-i still experience presenses, but am not so freaked out nowadays, I am tired! (and don't have time, my husb healing from a super not fun brain tumor journey since this Jan., I need as much energy as poss!)

Many bright thoughts your way, and family too. It will be ok. It will. And as said... Boards can be a gate... I haven't ever tried one, but think I shall stear clear of them! ~
Kest (7 stories) (30 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-21)
I was wondering if you said "Goodbye." You always need to tell the spirit goodbye to close out the session. I hope you can get rid of whatever is haunting you by using suggestions others have given you.
BeautInside (2 stories) (186 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-21)
Hi Slewis88,

I am very sorry to know about your ordeal, trully hope everything works for the best for you and your family.

I can't say much about OBs but for what I have come to hear from people who played with it, I am very glad I have never touched one!

Really do hope that thing leaves you alone!

tigrisvpm (11 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-21)
hi Sliwis, I agreed with valkricry in this case. Working with Ouija board is not a game. Its medium for contact with spirits. We must follow the rules when using a Ouija Board. I and Hunterjack face some problems when using Ouija board for contact spirit for the first time. Its open the door for an entity and its our duty to close it with perfect procedure.

Thanks for sharing.
valkricry (39 stories) (2786 posts) mod
6 months ago (2017-07-21)
L_Melb and lady-glow,
You ask if a Ouija board session can go on for hours, in general based on those I know who work them - yes and no. A Ouija session is another kind of seance. That is you're attempting to communicate with the spirit of the dead, and your energy is being used. As the energy wanes, so does the spirit in most cases.
It would be very unusual for novices to maintain that type of contact for extended periods of time. Even those who become 'addicted' to the Ouija (it can happen, and is one of the reason using it alone is NOT recommended) generally spend several times a day at it, not hours at a stretch.
L_Melb (202 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-20)
Thanks lady-glow! I was worried it was a silly question but I know my hand has a tendency to cramp up now and then and a spirit hanging around for that long... It may be more boring on the other side than I thought 😜
lady-glow (9 stories) (1702 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-20)
L_Melb: I, too, wonder about the plausibility of a several hours OB session.
And I wonder if now that girl got arthritis on her fingers. πŸ˜‰

A little too much to take in in this story.
L_Melb (202 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-20)
Something in rook's question gave me a question
In general, do ouija sessions last for "hours"? Isn't that kind of a really long time to have your fingers lightly on the planchette? How can you maintain any kind of accuracy? This is a general question as my curiosity got going 😁
Thanks, L
rookdygin (24 stories) (4384 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-20)
I to am curious about the others who were present during this 'session' especially because of this statement...

"After she had been talking to it for hours and finally tricked it into answering a question wrong it went crazy, cussing all of us."

In my experience the 'spirit/entity' contacted would hold a grudge against the one who tricked it directly OR the entire group would somehow be 'haunted'.

Unless 'she' and the others took more precautions than you did OR were somehow 'less vulnerable' to an attachment.

How long has it been 'gone'? I hope it stays that way. Please have a look at my profile, there you will find a Cleansing/Shielding Method you may find helpful.


L_Melb (202 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-20)
Seems I agreed with everyone - when I was writing I had only seen the first post and now I check back it looks like I was the last to hit publish! 😁
L_Melb (202 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-20)
I agree once more with lady-glow!
How frightening - I only say a big thank you for reading experiences on this site when I was thinking of trying the ouija myself and concluded apart from not knowing what I was doing, better safe than petrified πŸ˜•
Thanks for sharing this and hope all is peaceful!
Melda (9 stories) (796 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-20)
Slewis88 - The things people do in blissful ignorance!

Please don't think that I'm rubbing my hands in glee and thinking that you deserved it, because that is certainly not the case.

Years ago (I was about 20 at the time) my sister had a rather unsettling episode with a ouija board and as far as I'm concerned, it's a huge no-no. Yes there are very experienced people who know how to use it safely. I can think of only one member of this site that I would consider "trying" it with and even then I have my reservations.

There are so many horrifying stories on this site concerning the ouija board that I'm not even prepared to place a hand on one! These things are even sold at toy shops, for heaven's sake.

I sincerely hope that whatever emerged from that horrible object called the ouija board will now permanently leave you in peace.

Regards, Melda
RedWolf (28 stories) (1259 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-20)
I don't know how many times I've told people NOT to "play" with the O.B. On this site. It is not never has been a toy. The reason you had your problem for so many years is because you did not close your session the right way. You never just close it up and throw/put it away. You must always push the planchette to goodbye.

As lady-glow said I too would be very upset if my husband mistook me for a 7ft tall 3 feet wide thing.

I doubt what you had was demonic because it never attacked or try to possess anyone. You could have told it to get out of your house and that it was not welcome. Spirits can not stay where they are told to get out unless of course it is attached to the house or an item in the house. Also if you have a Welcome Mat turn it around so it is facing the wrong way or better yet just get a plain mat to wipe your feet and leave it at that.

lady-glow (9 stories) (1702 posts)
6 months ago (2017-07-19)
Oh my... This is quite disturbing!

Did you use the OB in your house? Did any of your friends experience anything similar to what happened to you, specially the one that " had been talking to it for hours"?

It would be very upsetting if my husband ever mistakes me for a "7 feet tall and 3 feet wide" thing! 😠

Thanks for sharing.

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