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Bug Or Plane?


This was back when I used to "ghost bust" with friends, and was one of the first times that I went ghost hunting.

There is an old historical war marker that's just outside my town that I used to visit during childhood field trips that's 30 minutes out of town. It always fascinated me. Years down the road I'm ghost hunting with friends at 18, when I finally broke free from my parent's grip and moved out. I guess you could say my "rebellious stage" lol.

I took 3 of my closest friends to this place that was claimed to be haunted. Me being a bit of a sleptic, it peaked all kind of of interests when I saw all the reviews online. It was around midnight on a weekend.

We go through the gate and start wandering around aimlessly. Looking at all of the chimneys, what remained of the old buildings. I was having a blast. My friend Kaitlyn asked me about a ghost app that I joked about downloading a couple months back. It had a radar and said words when an entity passes through your device through an electro magnetic field.

I questioned her on why I would download it on my phone. Simply because... Well it's a phone and NOT an actual ghost hunting device. So I kind of laughed at the idea at which I THOUGHT was absurd. Well... Me being easily persuaded, she was telling me about the reviews a certain ghost hunting app (out of many) had so many positive reviews about people getting actual results.

I download and open it and started laughing because it looked like something a kid would download. I asked if it was the right app "if there was an actual app" and she said it was. She seemed intrigued by it, and I found her "intriguing" expression cute so, I kept the app open while we walked around.

At the top of the screen, the app has these frequency sound bars that bumped up and down a little followed by a slightly annoying white noise, which I tried to turn down but kept the volume up because my weird friend likes the sound of white noise. At the bottom of the screen showed a blank box where words are "shown" when an entity passes through some electro magnetic field. At the time, I thought this thing on my phone was just dumb. Well... All the way up to where it read "hospital".

So, this app is already creepy with the white noise. Not only that but, if your sound is all the way up when the words come through, it makes the most eerie groaning noise. So, hearing this for the first time ever, I stop dead in my tracks and I can feel the "fight or flight" taking over my body. It didn't help when Kaitlyn screamed like she had just stepped on a lego.

We just sat there and started at the word "hospital" in the small box on the screen, not knowing what to do with it. If things weren't weird enough, Kaitlyn turns and starts talking to the air. "What does this mean? What are you trying to tell us?" My other friend Braden, and I laughed at her. We couldn't help it. We saw her as some crazy woman talking to air and thought it was just funny. Then we heard her gasp.

It wasn't one of those gasps from fright but, from excitement. She walked up to a wooden sign by the closest building that we were near which read "hospital". She gave Braden and I the "I told you so" look and I just claimed it a coincidence. Even though I felt my heart pounding through my chest.

Then, if things couldn't get even WEIRDER, I lose Braden into this posh. HE starts talking to the air too! "Is this where you died?" and "Can you tell us your story?"

Just as I felt like face palming myself because I had two of the most gullible friends to ever exist, the app starts making this slow, high pitched, ear ringing beeping sound. I remember looking up at the night sky and thinking "oh gosh..." while Braden and Kaitlyn huddled near me, crowding my phone.

The beeping started to get progressively faster. Not only that but, the frequency bars started to bounce a bit higher while turning from a soft green to a solid blue. It gave me an eerie feeling.

Another creepy groaning sound came through as a word slowly started to appear in the box that read "cannon". Okay... At this point, my skepticism started to take a slight turn. There was a cannon. In the middle of an open field within the fort that faced towards the street. Braden starts talking to the wind again, "you want us to go to the cannon? Is there something you're trying to show us?"

I'm silent...speechless. I wanted to tell him to quit and that the app is rigged. My thought process at this point is that the app is going off of my location. That it did some kind of search on the location that we were at on the internet and saw that the fort had a cannon. I was overthinking. Anything to believe that this app that looks like a childs toy isn't real. I didn't want to turn into... Whatever my friends turned into. Talking to wind and all, expecting it to talk back to me lol.

We walk to the cannon and wait. The app didn't do anything for awhile so, my friends start talking to the air yet again. I started to get bored so, I handed Kaitlyn my phone. A few minutes later, it started to beep again and the bars rising and changing color. I prepared myself for the creepy moan that would come through so I wouldn't get freaked out. It was a different moan every single time.

The words in the box read "look there" and my heart skipped a beat. I didn't want to look anywhere. That's the worst thing to do so, I stared at the word while my friends looked around aimlessly. When I realized I was freaking myself out over a toy app, I calmed down completely. Now this is the strange part.

The other reason I calmed down is because before those words came through, Kaitlyn was telling Braden to "look" over by the trees in the distance. Then Braden asked where? She said "there".

"Look." "There."

It started making sense. This app not only tracks your location, but RECORDS you as well. I immediately told them about it. About the solution I found for the fake app. Then, Kaitlyn looked down at the phone and told me that my location wasn't even turned on, which made my stomach drop. I literally was making myself sick just to avoid believing that it was possible that spirits were communicating through my phone. There was no way. Right?

BUT, I stuck by my confirmation on the recording only because Kaitlyn did say "look" and "there" only moments before the app said it. They had no choice but, to believe that part.

Well this app starts beeping again. This time the beeps progressively got faster and faster. Not only that but, the frequency bars rose to the highest point of the screen while turning from a blue to an eerie dark red. Bouncing rapidly. We all were silent and I felt like I was going to panic. The images that were randomly going through my own head wasn't helping.

Out of NO WHERE I hear a buzzing sound next to my ear. It was so sudden and so loud, I actually bent down, covered my ears and gave a sharp (but manly) yelp. I made Kaitlyn and Braden duck and scream too. When the buzzing stopped I was screaming at them in panic asking if they heard it too.

They said they only heard me scream. Nothing else. I was angry at this point. They were messing with me. I asked them how they couldn't hear the loud buzzing. They asked what it sounded like and I said that it sounded like either a plane or a huge bug and they said again that they didn't hear it.

I noticed my phone on the ground face down and Kaitlyn apologized for dropping it when I scared her. When I picked it up, it read "plane."

Let me explain this. The a word will appear in the box when the beeping stops. Well, the beeping sounds had stopped when I...yelped.

Meaning my theory of the app recording us was invalid. I had said "plane" way after that same word appeared on the screen guys. This was legit and I had run out of options. I had lost my sanity at this point lol.

While my friends were giving me the "I told you so" speech in the car while I was collecting myself so I could drive home and the heck away from the fort, I couldn't help but suppress an uncontrollable laughter at myself for how much of a pansy I was.

I talked with one of my actual experienced ghost hunter friend, Caroline, the next day and told her all about it. Her theory is that whatever was out there was trying to target ME, since I was being disrespectful in their territory. Which might explain why I was the only one that heard the loud buzzing right next to my ear.

I also asked her about the app in hope that she could decode it since I had run out of theories and she had none. She told me that it just might be legit.

To this day, years later, I still have that same app on my phone. I haven't opened it in... Well years lol but since it's provided me with... Interesting experiences, I kind of just leave it there.

And also because I bought all of the content for it after that day😂

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Jubeele (5 stories) (330 posts)
3 weeks ago (2017-11-21)
Huh, not a plane? Could it be a ghostly misspelling and it actually meant "plain"?

Oh-no, then could it be... Monster Bugs? Eek! Now that's really scarey.

I think I'd much prefer the idea of a wandering ghost messing around. Maybe someone/something simply couldn't resist throwing that in out of left-field, just as a prank. 😜
AugustaM (2 stories) (429 posts)
3 weeks ago (2017-11-21)
I don't know - I am still skeptical about this app - especially because it said 'plane'. Fort Phantom Hill was never used during any war where airplanes were used and in fact had been a ruin for decades before the invention of the air plane. I can't even find an owner of the property who even flew planes recreationally.

If the app really was picking up in something, I can only guess it was a walk through spirit messing with you on his way through town and not any spirit actually associated with the location.
Mona777 (2 stories) (20 posts)
3 weeks ago (2017-11-19)

Hi 😊

I suppose that you don't do ghost hunting anymore but if you do still have that app and you happen to go to a haunted place in the future. I suggest that you download another similar app with good reviews and open them both at the same time, see if they both have same or similar results since you're a skeptic. 😁
Gh0stHunter (3 stories) (20 posts)
4 weeks ago (2017-11-16)
Ignore the last piece of that last comment lol I copy other comments and answer them in order the best I can lol oops 😆
Gh0stHunter (3 stories) (20 posts)
4 weeks ago (2017-11-16)

Nail right on the head! Yes it most definately Fort Phantom Hill!

There is a hospital there and I'm more than sure that it was used however, I'm not too sure on WHICH war.

I have not experimented with the sounds I've captured (and there are many) but, that seems like a very good idea to do so! And I would most definately use the same app if I ever ghost hunt again. I have too many crazy memories with it lol.

Caroline said the exact same thing about the buzzing! She said it was probably most likely the sound of a plane from a war! I didn't mention it in case someone in the comments mentioned it too and you sure did!

I'm glad you like the humor I threw in! I like to use humor to ease some tension (if any) lol.

Here's something on planes and the "buzz-saw" effect: "That buzzing sound is from the tips of the fan blades breaking the sound barrier..."
And this is something technical for the engineers among us:

Your humour even in the frightening moments made me smile. While I was reading it, the image came to mind of Scooby-doo and his intrepid mates (do you know they first came out in 1969?) heading off on an escapade in their Mystery Machine. Oh, to be 18 and energetic again - plus the benefit of knowledge gained from life experience. 😊
Jubeele (5 stories) (330 posts)
4 weeks ago (2017-11-16)
Hello Gh0sthunter, thanks for another interesting encounter.

Having grown up in a "haunted" home environment and a Big Chook <cluck> by nature, I'm not someone who'd go hunting for ghosts. I did look up various haunted sites in Texas. It sure is a "busy" place, along with lots of activity in hospitals too. Was the fort you visited used as a hospital during a war and do you know which war it was?

Did this incident also take place at Fort Phantom Hill or was it someplace else? I found a hospital sign and a cannon there:

I'm curious about that app. Would you use it again or have you found better alternatives during your stint as a ghost hunter? Have you tried listening to those groaning sounds on another device, and then experimenting with the volume or speed to see if anything understandable emerges? I was wondering that if they were different each time, they could have been spirit messages from various sources. Just a crazy idea. 😉

Although I'd prefer the buzzing sound to be a giant bug (scarier fun!), I think it might be the residual sound of a plane. Perhaps warplanes from WWII or some air rescue craft bringing in the wounded? Or could it be the sound of cannon firing a barrage of artillery shells?

Here's something on planes and the "buzz-saw" effect: "That buzzing sound is from the tips of the fan blades breaking the sound barrier..."
And this is something technical for the engineers among us:

Your humour even in the frightening moments made me smile. While I was reading it, the image came to mind of Scooby-doo and his intrepid mates (do you know they first came out in 1969?) heading off on an escapade in their Mystery Machine. Oh, to be 18 and energetic again - plus the benefit of knowledge gained from life experience. 😊

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