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Sound more like motion sickness pills, Oceana. Those make me very drowsy, so I'm with you: no taking them when I have to be in control of myself.

Going back in time is the only other explanation that comes to my mind. Have you checked archives for photographs of the houses and people who used to live on the street? It would be interesting if you could pick the man in the top hat out from a photo.
My pills for travel are those which I only take for travel such as holidays and boats. Not just walking down the road. I haven't taken them since I went on holiday. I am on herbal meds for sleep which are okay in doing their job. Doctors are free in UK
As Professor Diggory Kirk noted in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe:

There are three possibilities. Either she is lying. Or she is mad. Or she is telling the truth. One need only look at her to see she is not mad, so unless some further evidence comes to light, we must assume she is telling the truth.

So, Oceana, I want you to know that I do take you seriously. I believe you saw and experienced something out of the ordinary, and you are not lying in reporting your experience.

Only two possibilities come to my mind, however.

First, it could be a time slip, being able to peek into the past.

Second, it might be a hallucination. I'd want to know more about the side effects of the medication, and also be certain you're getting enough sleep. A trip to the doctor couldn't hurt much. Except maybe your wallet.:P
One more question.
What's the name of those pills? 🤔

Pills pills
Oceana, other than you, no one has mentioned the word 'crazy'.

In my opinion, there's not enough information in this narrative as to say what you saw, besides, it's difficult to ignore the fact that you had to take some prescription drugs to be able to travel.

How long did you have to take them? Do you know all the side effects of those drugs? Could they cause hallucinations? Are you sure your system has cleared them off?

Like I said, a medical check up wouldn't hurt you. 😉
I'm not crazy, you know. Can you treat me like any other person please and take me seriously
Manafon1 in Anastasia
LuciaJacinta - Thanks for providing that book and author information. I have no problem whatsoever admitting I was wrong about something. The thing I'd like you to understand is that the comment section is for asking questions and, if there are doubts, to voice them.

Having been a member of YGS for several years I have read a lot of accounts on this site that have turned out to be partially or completely fabricated. I have bought, hook, line and sinker stories that turned out to be completely fake and that makes a person a bit more skeptical, jaded even, when reading an account with elements that bring to mind other accounts that weren't on the level.

I have stated all along that I believe you saw the apparition of Amanda Bayne. I wasn't calling you a liar. My nitpicking comes from the widespread skepticism that paranormal cases, even extremely well documented ones, face in the wider scientific community where even parapsychology is considered a fringe or pseudo-science. When accounts contain any embellishments it makes an already uphill struggle that much more difficult to convice the naysayers.

With all that said you don't need to feel angry with me. I am just extremely interested in paranormal subjects and as I've been scammed before, can be a bit overly cautious at times.
Macknorton in The Man Made Of Light
Hi Emma

Thanks for sharing. I'm a real weather geek and I'm fascinated by the power and destructive force of tornadoes. We occasionally get them in here in New Zealand but they are usually very small and don't last long.

Can you please elaborate on the distance between your house and your neighbours?


LuciaJacinta in Anastasia
Since ya know, it's so embellished, I guess this Google search of a local author who wrote about it is just more embellishing...

The World's Most Haunted Places, Revised Edition: From the Secret...
Https:// › books

It's by Jeff Belanger

Well if you read, you can see there it says that it was used as apartments from 1975 to 1982 with an eyewitness account from some guy named Zettle and his wife and child who lived there...

And you can tell that there are allusions to many other accounts and sightings as well of which they are not all written down.
Well, considering that you have not been able to sleep at night after your trip to Colorado...

You should go to the doctor, sleep deprivation can affect a person's mind and health.
Strangely, from the description I knew it was a funerary urn. Asian maybe? I almost think Japanese and I do not know why. I have a very definite image of it in my mind. Going to sound dumb but... May I suggest some chrysanthemum and lotus petals in the urn? I am not a flower person, I don't even pretend to know what flowers would help, but those two... And maybe violets. UGh. Just to see if it 'feels' better?

Thanks for sharing.

sophiethunder in Holiday Visitor
Oceana, I do believe you. I think that Emmanual could see the future or something like that. I don't care how you got there and shame on those who called you a liar because you were out of it for the trip there. Whatever it was you live in UK and that happened in USA so calm down, I'm sure the answers will come to you eventually.
I believe your story but the only thing hard to digest is the Imaam talking about you being a Libra? By "Imaam" I assume he was a muslim and head of the mosque. But islam doesn't believes in zodiac signs and astrology is forbidden in islam. Cz I am a muslim too. Then I wonder how can a religious head state something like this!
Oceana in Holiday Visitor
I took these tablets and the whole trip was a blur. That's why I was relying on my friend take me to where I needed to go. I have travel issues. The holiday, I can remember, the trip there, I can't.

Please believe me. I need someone to help me with this. I'm so scared I can't sleep at night.
Manafon1 in Anastasia
Augusta - I can understand kids listening in on an unexpected and exciting incident but I have to say that, unlike Colonial Williamsburg which is a very famous destination, that a rather small local library would be much less likely to withhold such impressive and startling incidents as renters fleeing in horror or an apparition walking around witnessed by multiple people. I found several articles of the Bayne Library online and all outlined similar activity. In such a small library with an equally small staff, it seems much less likely that such sensational stories would be ignored when newspapers show up every October to detail the haunted history of the place.

There are pictures of the library online too. If you look at them you can see it would be a strange decision to rent to a family with an infant and a toddler as it simply isn't that large and they would almost certainly make A LOT of noise that wouldn't be conducive to the silence libraries insist on. The OP, in a response to one of my comments, went on to write that she didn't know who the renters were and suggests they might have been researchers, students or contractors. Those are possibilities but the two young kids who were mentioned would be a bit problematic in any of those set-ups. Possible yes but to me unlikely.

As I wrote in earlier comments, I absolutely believe the OP saw the apparition of Amanda Bayne, probably several times. I personally feel, however, that she added the more sensational incidents to spice up or enliven her narrative. It's just my gut feeling. I apologize for any confusion regarding my last comment to you. Your insight is always most welcome. I just have a feeling there are embellishments in this account that don't add up when the location is taken into close consideration.
I think when a bunch of snakes are like that they probably just hatched from eggs if they were baby snakes. I think it's gross but I've heard of this where a bunch of snakes are all together like that. Plus the smell...that's the smell of the snakes. I smelled that smell once when a bunch of snakes were all born in our basement somehow. It's a very gross smell. It was in the later summer and early fall which is the time period you mentioned. I think it's creepy but not necessarily paranormal. The deer...hmmmm...I don't disbelieve you. I'm sure you heard the voice and saw the deer but maybe the voice was coming from somewhere else and it just appeared to come from the deer.
AugustaM in Anastasia
Manafon, I am not sure where you got that from - my comment was to do with renters in historic buildings, the tendency of kids to oogle in the face of a surprising incident, the OP's lack of fear of the ghost and a possible confusion over vocabulary. I never commented on the frequency of the sighting, possible differences in names or embellishments.

However, in terms of your comment regarding a lack of additional accounts online, there is some precedent for that. Sure, CW has its ghost tours and there are a few publications allegedly on its hauntings, the real stories are rarely shared with outsiders. I don't think most consciously decide to keep such things secret just that they tend not to talk about it but with each other. Quite possibly, the same goes for this library. There are also various historic homes scattered across the landscape near where I live and if you talk to the employees you'll find that the ghost encounters abound - some even involving guests - but you only rarely see such things published. Maybe other items proved more newsworthy at the time.

Oh and, Lucia - my mom left me in the car all the time and I was born in the mid 80s. Whether we were at the grocery store or Wal-Mart or wherever. I preferred it. I kept the doors locked and knew not to open them - it was never a problem.
Oceana in Holiday Visitor
I'm just telling you what happened. I don't know anything really, I'm telling you what my friend told me. I keep asking him all the questions you ask me and he tells me the stuff that I have told you. He took me everywhere, I only know I have a house in Colorado and I went there in his private boat and drove me to my house. I don't have a clue about anything else. I'm not making it up I swear. I know that I got a plane back to the uk and that there was a suicide in my house in Colorado. I don't know why you don't believe me because it's all true and it happened. I came on here because I am creeped out right now and wanted someone to tell me that what happened was not me going crazy. And all I have got is a load of questions about how I got on holiday. I dont' know ok. Friend planned it, friend organized it. I know that I stayed in my house in Colorado and all the weird stuff happened. I'm really not making it up.
dilip506 in My First Incident
I agree with lady glow... Your frns might have pranked with u...
Kaavalane mimalni akadiki rappinchi, already akada vaallu plan cheskoni, mimalni bayapetti untaru...
Manafon1 in Holiday Visitor
Rook asked Oceana if he was departing from a port on the Gulf of Mexico or was going to travel to a port on the East Coast to which Oceana replied, "Gulf of Mexico I think".

There are only two possible responses to your confusion Oceana. One, you were inhaling ether ala Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or are making stuff up as you go along. Maybe a bit of both.

Everyone, I would suggest the OP has had his fifteen minutes. Let it drop.
Macknorton in Holiday Visitor
Oh and one more point: if someone broke into your holiday home and comnitted suicide, then that's a crime scene.

The local authorities would be contacting you regarding this incident. They would HAVE to. And they would be able to find out the houses owner very easily.

So for you to hear about an actual suicide (or potential murder) in YOUR house from your NEIGHBOUR and not the local police is quite frankly, almost totally unbelievable in my humble opinion.


Macknorton in Holiday Visitor
Hi Oceana

I have to agree with others who have commented. To me this isn't so much a true ghost / spirit experience but more like a vague and seemingly unlikely encounter with some weird guy.

There was no proof of this hanging vision, and nothing to suggest there was arguing in your house.

And in terms of the boat that hit
"something" and "smashed to pieces" well, it would have to be a very shall boat hitting something very large at great speed.

The driver of the boat would presumably have known what he collided with and I would have assumed he then would have had quite a detailed story of THAT event to share with you.

Based then on the assumption your nautical friend wrecked a speed boat; according to some research I did regarding crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a small monohull; it might average as little as 100 nautical miles a day and would have to plan for a trip of just under 30 days.

That sea crossing would be the star of the trip / story wouldn't it? Spending a month at sea in a speed boat on the Atlantic?

Sorry but there is definitely something a bit fishy about this tale.


lady-glow in Holiday Visitor
If a seer, Emmanual isn't very accurate, after all, the boat was already wrecked by the time he warned you against getting on it.

And, IF your friend crashed his boat, it surely should be some mention about this accident in the news, but I came empty handed when trying to find any information...
your encounter brought goose bumbs. So glad your son was safe and sound. What a terrifying thing to go thru. 😘
LuciaJacinta in Anastasia
I said almost fainted.

"A"s spirit was seen many many times by others in the town. In many ways. Every incident wasn't documented. It was a general sense of hey there is this spirit and she typically does this and that that was passed down to today. I just happen to have a particular story to share to the ygs community if you all like to read such things I thought it would be of interest.

This was the 70s. People left their kids in the car all the time. It was a safe town, safe place. It was only for a few minutes. My mom could see me from the doors. No other other cars were there. The lot is very small, like for only 4 cars at a time so it wasn't like I was abandoned in a parking lot at Walmart.

I can't prove anything. I can clarify. If you don't want to believe my story that's fine.
Oceana in Holiday Visitor
Gulf of mexico I think.
I drove through Texas.
There was nothing in the room as in an empty room. I don't keep things up there.
He had no way of finding out about the boat because I didn't say the word boat in my entire stay.
My friend said that the boat hit something and smashed into pieces.
And yes I work and live in the UK and go to Colorado for holidays
rookdygin in Holiday Visitor
Just me picking nits...

You said...

"Colorado to Texas then drive to the coast and boat from there to UK..."

Were you departing from a Port on the Gulf of Mexico or were you to travel by car to a Port on the East Coast of the US?

A better question might be... Were you simply going to reverse the way you arrived for your visit, if so what Port did you enter and which states did you drive through to get to Colorado?

As far as Emmanual goes...Hummmm...

Is there ANYWAY he could have found out your plans for returning via a Boat rather than flying?

Further more...

"I ventured upstairs with him behind me and checked the room he had seen the person in. On opening the door, there was nothing there as I expected."

What do you mean 'nothing'? Was the room completely empty? Or do you mean there was 'no body' hanging from the ceiling as, you expected? If the room was not 'completely empty' did you check to see if there was something that may have 'caused' it to LOOK like someone was hanging in that room? Another thing... Did you go outside and look at the window to see if you could see what Emmanual was talking about?

Emmanual may have been a 'sensitive' one who can feel or see spirits... AND he may...MAY...have had a 'precognitive vision' concerning your 'ocean voyage'. I say MAY because of two things...

FIRST: The way you describe him telling you not to get on the boat...

"The way he said it really scared me. It was as if he was warning me against some sort of attack he was to take part in."

If he had no way of knowing HOW you were going home why would he sound like a sympathetic terrorist? (ie: (his point of view) I have grown found of you, don't get on that boat... Something bad is going to happen...)


SECOND: This is simply a narrative of... Well fiction. I understand that it says you are a young adult AND that by YGS's terms that age range is pretty 'wide' but To live and work in the UK and own a VACATION Home in Colorado and to travel back and forth via Boat and Car...NICE.

Last thing... Did your friend say 'how' the accident with his boat occurred?

I remain your truly as I sit out here on the fence.


Jubeele - Thanks for another wonderful story! When I read that it was a young woman dressed in white, I wondered immediately about the cemetery aspect. Was it a custom in the 1900's for someone to be buried in white? If I remember right, in some cultures white is associated with death instead of black. Fascinating that your family treats it all as commonplace. I can relate because my family also goes over an account, tries to figure it out, then simply moves on... ❤

Thank you,
Oceana in Holiday Visitor
Any thoughts about Emmanual? What do you think he saw?
I don't want this discussion to be only about how I went on holiday.
Macknorton in Anastasia
Hi LuciaJacinta

Thanks for taking the time to share this. It's quite a long read!

My personal rule of thumb, or methodology when reading submissions on this site is that I imagine myself there as the OP or witnessing the events. Then I have to decide whether what is written is within plausible boundaries that are acceptable; I.e is that really how people would behave / act?

That can be difficult when dealing with spirits, the spirit world, our minds and everything that exists in between.

I can see why some members have doubts about aspects of this story. But I think it's perfectly reasonable to ask for clarification or more information in order to better understand the submission.

Personally I struggled with the part where your mother left you, as s young child waiting by the car in a car park whilst she "tried doors". As a parent of three children I find that odd; I would instinctively take my children with me and they would want to stick close by. It just seemed too convenient that while you were alone this "spirit" was visible in the window.

I also agree that multiple sightings of spirits would garner A LOT of newsworthyness.

Also people fainting? That just seems unlikely considering it was just a human form. In my opinion most people would instinctively assume they were hallucinating
And then be confused and then talk with others as in "Did you just see that too?" Then the fear would come later as their minds work out what they witnessed.

No doubt this building and gardens captivated you but aspects of this story do appear somewhat embellished. That's my ten cents worth for what it's worth.


Oceana in Holiday Visitor
That was the plan anyway. For me it was cheaper. Colorado to Texas then drive to the coast and boat from there to UK. It worked and I know that much. I got there that way and then plane back from Colorado to UK
lady-glow in Holiday Visitor
Not really. 😕

Oceana, I hope you don't mind to explain your intended itinerary by land and water.
What place in the coast?
Knowing the location of Colorado, I dare to say that traveling by plane would have been the cheapest option.
Oceana in Holiday Visitor
My friend was going to drive me to the coast and then we were going to go back to the uk by boat that he owned. We were doing it that was to spend less money. Boat- free, car- cost a little bit, house- nothing apart from a little bit for the upkeep of it.

I wouldn't have opened the door, but it was constant banging and I thought maybe someone was in bad trouble.

Sorry it didn't make sense. I hope I cleared it up for you.
lady-glow in My First Incident
I have to agree with Rook and Mark, the apparition could have been a person.

What are the chances that your friends decided to play a prank on the only two people missing the party at the godow?
I find it suspicious that the drunk birthday boy would suddenly 'remember' that he forgot to lock the godow. 🤔

Perhaps that was his best birthday present... Having a good laugh at you!
rookdygin in My First Incident
I do not mean to disbelieve your experience, however I must agree with Mack...

Was your experience anything like what is seen in these vids?


Thanks for sharing.


truffles in Holiday Visitor
lady-glow, I was thinking the same thing you wrote. Maybe Oceana can explain.
I listened to the recording and the sound is so low I had to download the sound file and merge it with a copy of it's self to hear the howl. Even after that I can make out a faint howl and has previously been stated may also have been a bird?

When I used to work as an aged care nurse we used to go outside on night shifts out the front of the building to smoke on our break and one time I had been the first to come out and I could hear this horrible breathing noise and it sent shivers down my spine. I still sucked away on my smoke but walked briskly to the front door with the lights.

I would hear this breathing which sounded like someone trying to breathe through fluid on the lungs.

I was out another night with a co-worker on our break and we both heard it and I freaked out. She laughed at me and told me that it was a mating call of a tawny frogmouth which is a bird that is native to Australia. It is mostly nocturnal and has one of the creepiest calls I've ever heard!

Great story by the way, just thought I'd give an example of a different possible answer for the howl.

Thank you for sharing 😊
LuciaJacinta in Anastasia
Tweed I can't clarify any further than I have. That's all I know. I do know there was a family there for a time. How or why I don't know. I can't prove it any further so if you don't want to believe that's fine.

The family came down running very flustered and upset saying they can't stay there. I didn't dream that. Several of us were at the bottom of the stairs and we saw her when all this happened. I can't help it wasn't documented. I bet there were many sightings of which weren't documented.

Jubeele there have been multiple psychics that have had sessions there. What transpired during those sessions I don't know. Yes, they believe they have made contact with her. I never had contact with her outside of the house, I don't think she roams the grounds just the house.
Tweed in Anastasia
Manafon, we're old and grey jaded YGS members, it would seem. I get your point about embellishments, I figured as much while reading this account.

Lucia, I believe much of your account, like Manafon. But some of the reactions don't seem to fit. Is it possible you dreamed some of this as a child and have remembered some dreams as real events?
The lease thing is odd, aren't libraries supposed to belong to the public? It does seem weird a portion of a library was rented out. Or maybe I'm out of touch.

The library I frequented as a child was supposed to be haunted. Many people spoke of a woman in white roaming the grounds, and sometimes she was supposedly seen in the building. These encounters did the rounds, that's for sure. But so did the older encounters from years previous, in an urban legend kind of way. So I find it strange no one documented a multiple witness event.
Manafon1 in Anastasia
LuciaJacinta - My point is that stories of full bodied apparitions appearing to multiple stunned people and a fleeing family would be expected to garner more attention and mentions in newspaper articles than lights and fans being switched on. And with that I'm out.
Jubeele in Anastasia
Hi LuciaJacinta, I enjoyed reading your account. You've described it so thoroughly that I can almost see it in my mind's eye. I love libraries. Yet another place I'd love to visit someday. I have such a long list now!

Has anyone ever talked to Amanda? Or had her say anything to them? I wonder if she had a favourite spot that she frequented. When you were children walking in the park, it is significant that you were not afraid. "I don't ever remember any of us kids being scared." Because in your innocence, you were also more open to your instinctive senses, which told you there was nothing to fear.

Thank you for sharing this with us. 😊
LuciaJacinta in Anastasia
The original 2 librarians were like 80 year old ladies at the time who were volunteers I believe. When I first went there, it was not automated in any way. Very old fashioned. You wrote you name on old library cards by hand. The old ladies must have passed on to be replaced by other very old ladies and so on... When I recently went there, a newer modern crop of employees officially took over employed by the city. This group of employees might keep better records. Lots of incidents had to have occurred there, no one is going to officially document each one. I'm sure stories were passed down, but not every one is going to be written in a newspaper.
Manafon1 in Anastasia
LuciaJacinta - I wasn't suggesting that you were scared but you certainly suggested other people were. The fleeing family, the person who almost fainted when seeing the ghost, people exclaiming, "Help, a ghost" and your brother.

As I wrote earlier, the comment section exists to clarify aspects of the account. That's all I am trying to engage in. I don't doubt you saw a ghost.
Manafon1 in Anastasia
Augusta - I stated in my last comment that I believe the OP saw an apparition of Amanda Bayne. My issues stem from what seem to be additions to add more drama. If multiple people saw the apparition of Amanda Bayne walking back and forth on a landing and then disappearing while descending the staircase, that incident would have been remembered by staff at the library and passed down over the years before lights being switched on would. The same goes for a young family fleeing the building in fear and breaking a lease after seeing a ghost. I found several articles online and all only mention fairly innocuous incidents.

My skepticism is not about the OP seeing a ghost, even multiple times, but to certain aspects of the bigger picture that require clarification.
LuciaJacinta in Anastasia
Well I said, I never felt scared by her. I thought I conveyed that. Nor did other children I know feel scared. But I think it's natural for some people to get spooked. Just the thought of ghosts scare some people.

I for sure remember a family living there for a time. How or why they came to live there I don't know. It's a possibility they were researchers or students living there for just a few weeks, months I don't know. The point is they did only occupy it for a limited time on a temporary basis. Maybe they were contractors renovating it and it was just easier to stay there, I don't know. But I do know the librarian told me people were staying up there and I saw them that one day.

The stories that are documented are all similar. Surely there has to be lots more that are undocumented. I can't help that. I think articles allude to the fact that there are long standing circulating stories from various people.
lady-glow in Anastasia
LuciaJacinta - the following link explains a lot about your story:


Sorry for the doubtful attitude.😶

Welcome to YGS!
AugustaM in Anastasia
I don't get the feeling that this is fabricated. It reminds me too much of Colonial Williamsburg - both going there as a child and working there for a decade as an adult. There too, parts of the museum were and are rented out to families as living quarters and passing through the museum is necessary for them to come and go. As an employee there, I was not the landlord and never elected to be a renter but I still knew plenty about renting said residences... Its osmosis, you can't help but pick things up when you work in such close proximity. And, had I been a child in a fascinating old library who just witnessed the commotion of an entire family tumbling downstairs in a panic, I probably would have stood there transfixed listening to the exchange as well.

CW also has its share of ghosts. Most of them quite benign spectral sightings. I have never been frightened by them. Though some renters have been given quite a start!

And I think what the OP means as "paranormal activity" is more physical less spectral. A misunderstanding in vocabulary doesn't mean fabrication.

Hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and mine is keep the experiences coming, particularly if they involve time slips, ghost particles, tornado's and paranormal entities.

By the way, the insurance company was probably referring to a 'dericho' or 'down burst'. They are both as destructive as a tornado and can emanate from the same super cell (storm cell). Here is one of the links (if your interested).


Manafon1 in Anastasia
LuciaJacinta - Thanks for giving the name of the library. I looked it up online and there are a lot of articles about it. Indeed the present librarian says she feels Amanda Bayne's spirit watches over the house and is benevolent and friendly. Footsteps are sometimes heard upstairs, lights and overhead fans have turned on unexpectedly and DVD players have become stuck. There have even been reports of Amanda's ghostly torso being seen through her one time bedroom window.

I wasn't able to find anything about people feeling scared in the building or that there was ever an apartment upstairs. There very well could have been an apartment upstairs in the 70s of course. However, It seems included in your narrative to really drive home how haunted the place was and doesn't line up with the gentle nature of the spirit others have reported. I don't doubt you saw Amanda Bayne's apparition. When you write that Amanda appeared at the top of the staircase to you, your brother and several patrons (several who gasped and one who almost fainted) and then disappeared while descending the stairs, it just seems that incident would have been documented at the time and would have been mentioned in stories of the place down the years before lights being turned on by unseen hands which is what is mentioned in every article.

Your clarifications have helped much. That's the comments section is for.
Hi Chanced,

Thanks for commenting! It's interesting to get the opinion of someone with military background. It struck me as very orderly when I found them and that's what made me wonder about the soldiers, or possibly the nurses tidying up...
EmmalineTexas in The Man Made Of Light
Melda - Our neighbor didn't have much to say. He and I didn't get along very well. He was cruel and kept his dogs outside in snowstorms and I had called the local judge on him over animal cruelty.

Lady-Glow - Thanks for your comment. LOL Mother Nature can be a witch all right.
EmmalineTexas in The Man Made Of Light
Rex-T - It might have been May 1. I'm sorry but I don't remember the exact date. I know there was a tornado outbreak and the night before and straight line winds had destroyed the roof of a grocery store in Tyler. I'm not sure if this was officially a tornado. It was at the tail end of all of it and the insurance adjuster called it straight line winds. That's a narrow band, not the big funnel like in Twister.

Jubeele - Thanks as always. I loved the link. ❤
Hi Meghanh,

I was going to suggest the same as Lady Glow for the window figure. I hope it was a ghost, because if not that's super creepy.

Your second experience is fascinating. I'm so intrigued by how he looked like a black and white image!
Thanks for sharing.
LuciaJacinta in The Man Made Of Light
I have had similar experiences as a child. I don't think it was a ghost though in this story, more of an angel. But who knows. There are definitely spiritual beings that help us. Good story.
RC, your comment may not the first - but it's just as valued.

I'm still uncertain whether it was a residual or a wandering spirit. There were a few rumours of suicides in the apartment block on the hill behind that carpark. But it may have been a much later period. I'll have to ask my mother or my elder sister if they remember anything happening around that time.

The carpark, the nearby apartment blocks are all built on the site of a Chinese cemetery.
"Queenstown was formerly a swampy valley with two hills named Hong Lim and Hong Yin. The Hong Lim hill was a cemetery for over 100, 000 Chinese graves, while Hong Yin hill was covered with orchards and rubber plantations."

I'm not really sure if it was the ghost of that murdered woman. But thanks for pointing out that wandering spirits have been know to travel far distances. When you put it that way, a block away isn't that far away.

But I'm intrigued about the idea of having a glimpse of someone in the future. Thank you for the information. You've given me many aspects to consider.
EmmalineTexas in The Man Made Of Light
Tweed - I totally respect your opinion. This did happen and however you see it, that's fine. No one will ever convince me that something moved my boy out of the way. But thank you so much for commenting. If anyone else feels that way, I'll be happy to keep myself to commenting only.

Am I the only person who doesn't believe this?

Maybe I've been away for too long, but this sounds like someone over compensating for having trees cut down, nothing more. 😐 Feel like I've seen this in a horror film, including the P&J in the VCR.
Thanks for your kind comment, Fergie. I hope my cousin will open up and share his experiences. I hear he's a grandfather already - I wonder if his son and grandson also share his gift?

That account about the woman and the train sounds interesting. I'm going to keep an eye out for it in the archives.

All the best to you and the family - especially Shenay in her new school term. ❤
LuciaJacinta in Anastasia
This was the 1970s when my story begins. So, this was before a lot of regulations I would guess about people renting out a room above a library. I don't know why that would be questionable. It was a Victorian house that "A" lived at herself that was bequeathed to the city to do as they wished. It was converted to a library over the years. It probably coexisted as an apartment and library grounds for a few years in the 1960s and early 70s. This was to raise money for the library. No there was no outdoor private access. Yes I did stand there and listen to the conversation. Sorry if you don't believe that. I don't think the librarian was the renter, the city probably was, but, they were just telling the librarian out of desperation. It wasn't initially open all the time, it probably had limited hours which would have been fine if a family lived there too. I don't think it's much of a problem to rent a young family.

When I say it gradually changed, over the years, it changed from just seeing impressions of "A" to contacting her. To me it was initially just residual energy to more of an interaction. But, in my opinion, not sure if what the mediums stirred up was actually her that's what I'm saying when it felt like a change.

I wasn't sure if I was allowed to give actual details. The name is Bayne library. I changed the named of the ghost for this story. It autocorrected at the end. I missed it when I looked over it, so if you see that at the end oops.

Sorry if you think my story is unbelievable. It's not fabricated or embellished.
I'm not the first? Oh, the shame... 😁

Having not yet read the other comments, I'm just going to answer your questions, Jubeele, as if I was the first.

Do hauntings stay localized at the point of demise? In my experience, no. A residual haunting, like a video recording, would just play over and over, but a willful ghost/spirit would not be bound by such limitations and could wander wherever it wished. Such ghosts usually go to places that were important to them in life. Why a ghost would go to a carpark is not something I can comprehend, unless they parked their car there that evening and were trying to get home.

In the case of restless or wandering ghosts, how far can they possibly roam? Quite far, I think. I've heard and read stories of soldiers dying on battlefields, and their spirits appearing to family, friends, and loved ones on the other side of the globe. The exact distance away would depend, I suppose, on whether the ghost traveled along the surface of our sphere or chose to go through the crust, mantle, and core on the way.

Assuming the ghost your 'brother'/cousin saw was not that of the locally murdered woman, she could have come from any era to the spot where she had an emotional attachment. Perhaps sometime in the past or the future, where there was a carpark in the 70s there was, or will be, a house.
Hi Emma,

I found a reference to the 1998 East Texas Tornado Outbreak, which generated 8 tornados from the afternoon of April 30 to the morning of May 1. Did your incredibly lucky escape happen on the morning of May 1?

A force that can twist a tree off at the stump and drive it head first into a house is 'hand of god' stuff.

That a power decided to save your boy makes me wonder whether he is destined to do something great in his life (or already has - making his mum very happy).

Jubeele, thank you for another well written, interesting account. Here is to hoping cousin Nick will take you into his confidence.

I don't know how far spirits can roam, but I do half-remember a few accounts that did the rounds here a few years back.

One was of a fatal accident just outside of a town named Vereeniging. The case was of a young woman, and a man, being killed by a train on a level crossing. For years afterwards, the woman would be seen flagging motorists down as a train was approaching. This went on, even though a bridge had been built over the train line.
This went on, until someone took pity on the spirit; stopped his car, and told the spirit she could rest now. There was no more danger on the tracks.
Meghana23 in My First Incident
Creepy story bro... 😨

Nuvu mi frnd ni adagaledha a incident gurnchi next day.
...adagakapothe adigi comment cheyi bro... It's really interesting
Old_Dude, you are one of my favourite posters. Your posts are so gripping and I LOVE the historical aspects.

Beanie, thank you so much for for your story. You posted this 5 years before I read it but I wish I had fou d it sooner. When I was a little boy and in 2nd grade, every night like clockwork I would WAKE up in the middle of the night and I experienced almost the exact same thing and until just now I have not found anybody else who had this happen as close as the way you put it especially in regards to the noise. I have told a number of people my story and they best way I could ever describe it was that it sounded almost like a high pitched steam engine of a train. It would start of faint and since we live in a two story house and my bedroom was upstairs I always thought it was just coming from downstairs. The sound would grow and grow and there were pauses in between each pulse hence they steam engine analogy. Once the noise would become almost deafening it would just stop and there was silence. I would always try and hide under my covers and close my eyes. I could literally hear something moving about my room. Occasionally I would ever so slightly peak out and what I saw was a tall figure, dark and with no distinguishing features that I could see but it would just be frozen in place. When I would pull the covers back down I could hear it resume moving about the room and when I woiuld peak back out it would sure enough be in another location. I had a bunk bed and at first I used to sleep on the bottom but when this started happening I moved up to the top. The event always ended the same... All of a sudden I would close my eyes and become paralyzed in fear. Then and would feel the covers pulled down and would then feel what seemed like hot breath on my neck. All of a sudden it would be lights out and next thing I know it was morning. To put into perspective how loud the sound was I must add that when this started happening I asked my parents to give me our box fan to sleep with at night. I used to always find comfort in being right up next to it and would make forts using a blanket wrapped around it. The blanket would bubble up and voila you had this little room to yourself. When the events started happening I began setting my fan right next to me at night and would make these forts before I went to sleep as like a false sense of security. Sometimes when I would wake up in the middle of the night the fort would be destroyed and when I started to hear the noise I would frantically try to build it back before the figure arrived. Sometimes I wasn't fast enough and would just pull the covers over me anyways. The point is that despite this fan being right next to my face I could hear this noise plain as day. I told my parents but they disregarded it as just the ramblings of a child and I eventually began sneaking into their room at night which actually worked for a while. That is until my father began getting mad and would send me back to my room. I became very very stealthy and memorized where every single creak in the floorboards were and would grab my blanket and sleep on the floor next to their bed. This worked for a while. That is until dad started locking the door. One night as I sneaked out of my room, passed the stairs and crossed the hallway I reached their door only to find it closed. Then I started to hear the noise... I was to afraid to afraid to move and I didn't have a blanket or anything to cover with. I was completely exposed. All I could do was close my eyes as tight as I could. The noise grew and grew, stopped, and I felt that hot sensation on my neck and then I fell unconscious. Mom found me the next morning in the middle of the floor and I never tried to attempt to escape to their room again. I can no express the terror that these years have brought to me and to this day at 28 years old I still sleep with a very loud fan.
I don't know if you still get on here but in the off chance that you do feel free to pm me at qvultaggio [at] It would be nice to speak with someone who may have experienced and has an idea of what happened to me. For so many years I just chucked it up to "sleep paralysis" but the only thing is I was not paralyzed until those final moments. Up until this I could move freely.
Wow, Old-Dude. What an excellent post!

I did some digging on the Fort Malden Insane Asylum and found the following:

" Dr. Fischer was the head physician for the course of the asylum when he started at the age of 25. Dr. Fischer would take 20 male patients from Toronto who were the "most industrious and quiet". These patients would be used in the process of turning the fort into an asylum such as putting in fences to contain the patients when they arrive. One major attraction for Fort Malden is that when all of the patients arrived, there was two of the original 20 that vanished without a trace. " -

Adds to the atmosphere of the asylum, doesn't it?

Some nice pictures on that site too.

Em, trust your instincts! When I was reading this, I had this sudden feeling of deep wonder. I believe that an angel of light did come to you in your hour of need and protected your boy.

This is my personal belief, but I do feel that God or a divine presence does walk with us and talk to us. But only when we're quiet and not busy chasing after a myriad of distractions.

This song by Mark Knopflef from his "Golden Heart" album kept playing through my head as I was writing this. I'd like to share it with you:

Peace and joy to you. 😘
Melda, that's an interesting point about my cousin's ability. The sighting seems likely to be a residual as the woman in white never gave any indication she was aware of them.

I've walked the distance from my parent's flat to where the shooting occurred. It's quite troubling to be reminded that evil deeds can remain unsolved. That poor woman's family. I can't imagine what they must've gone through. If she had family or friends in the area, you may be right that it was part of her routine and she was revisiting the places she used to go to.

I'm planning a visit back to Singapore soon and I've promised my aunt to visit her and the family. Maybe I can persuade my cousin to talk about his experiences with me. But only if he's willing though - he's always been a bit uncomfortable with his gift.

Thank you for your kind comments. I'm glad you enjoyed this simple account. ❤
Hi lady-glow, I honestly have no idea. It's frustrating - if only I knew then the wisdom of keeping a journal. But I was only between 8 to 10 years old at the time. All I'm sure of was that my cousin was quite frightened that night. It was the first time I realised that a grown man could be so affected.

That cold case involving that poor woman caught my attention because it was close to the period and within walking distance of the flat. It does provide interesting speculation. I hope she is now at peace.

My cousin to this day remains very tight-lipped about his experiences. His wife has said that he's seen other things but he still wouldn't give any details to us. I think Grandma's rules still remain in force. ❤
lady-glow in Anastasia
Beautifully written story... Though, I have to say, too questionable.
Melda in Anastasia
LuciaJacinta - I don't think that Anastasia's haunting was residual as you say she interacted with you and others. Also, you mention that after the elms were cut down her activity increased.

I know you say that ghost hunts took place and psychics visited the house/library. Do you perhaps know whether anybody tried to help her cross over? As it seems that many of the inhabitants of the town were aware of her presence, I would have hoped that some kind person with the ability to do so would have tried to assist her.

It says quite a lot that you weren't frightened when you discovered that she was a ghost. She must indeed have been extremely benign and friendly. When I was a kid ghosts terrified the living daylights out of me 😨

Regards, Melda
Manafon1 in Anastasia
LuciaJacinta - Well that was a heck of a tale. The haunting you describe starts believably enough but quickly descends into awkward and unnatural dialogue ('Help, it's a ghost') and an unclear housing arrangement.

Why are people living upstairs at this library without a private access to the outside. You write, "Again when I was there, I was near the staircase, the young family renting the upstairs came running down the stairs screaming 'ghost ghost... I just saw a ghost!' The young man was holding a baby about a year old and the wife was crying holding another small child. They ran like someone put a rocket under them and screamed 'we can't live here anymore. Enough is enough!' The librarian at the bottom of them stairs understood and tried to calm them down working out the details of breaking their lease."

There are so many things here that don't make sense. Was the librarian the renter's landlord? Why would a library rent an apartment to a couple with a baby and a toddler who could potentially create a lot of noise? Did you really stand there and listen to a full conversation about a lease being broken?

There are so many questions in this story. You even state at one point, "But gradually the incidents changed from sightings to paranormal activity." If you saw a ghost in a window and lots of other kids did, then there was "paranormal activity". There are so many vague elements to this account that it's hard to distinguish what might have happened from what's fabrication or embellishment brought on by stories you heard when you were a child concerning the library and your own imagination.

Please let YGS know the name of the library. I do believe that is acceptable by YGS standards as long as no address is given. If what you write is true, that is one damned haunted library,
Emma - What an amazing experience!

I've heard of a few experiences that people have had where they say they were carried out of harm's way by somebody or something. This just goes to show that you and your son were not meant to be harmed, which is why you also knew you had to cut down those trees.

Did your neighbour have anything to say about the tree that he insisted on keeping?

Regards, Melda
Jubeele - Quite possibly the woman wasn't intentionally showing herself to Nick but he had the ability to see her and his wife and mother didn't.

I think that mostly ghosts will stay close to people that they were close to during life or locations where they had lived and felt comfortable during life, much like we go home after a shopping spree. I'm not comparing death to a shopping spree but I think it would be a natural thing to do, unless the spirit of the person was fortunate enough to cross over immediately.

Very interesting and well written, as always 😊

Regards, Melda
Macknorton in My First Incident
Hi Surya

Welcome to YGS, and thanks for sharing this. However, what makes you (particularly your friend - who, let's not forget, was "drunk" by your own description) so sure that what he experienced was a spirit / ghost?

Is it possible it was a "flesh and blood" human being? Either with possibly some behavioral issues, and / or a warped sense of humor?

If the branch it was sitting on was, in fact "swinging" that suggests some kind of physical weight, and if it was running after you, that suggests a human body, otherwise it would simply float around your bike, screaming for maximum underwear-filling effect?

I have no idea, I wasn't there but it's always good to first attempt to rule out other more mundane possibilities before we yell "GHOST!"


Hi Jubeele!

Fascinating story!
I'd assume that ghosts would wander around the places that had some significance during their lives and daily rutine, specially if they aren't aware of their passing.
After reading the provided link, it makes me wonder if she used to walk the area of the housing estate on her way to work.

Do you have any idea if this encounter happened in the anniversary of this girl's murder?

Thanks for sharing. ❤
Fascinating and touching experience! I'm glad to know nothing bad happened to you and your son.
Thank goodness for angels!

Mother Nature can be a witch when PMS'ing!
lady-glow in Crazy Encounters
Welcome to YGS.

Do you think it possible that a person was spying on the living room window that night? I imagine it was scary for you and your brother to see the figure, but it's hard to say if it was a ghost or only a person with not very good intentions.

As for your second experience, I find it to be fascinating. It's reassuring to know that our ancestors keep a watching eye on their descendants.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Holiday Visitor
You should NEVER open the door to strangers!


According to your previous stories, you live in the United Kingdom. Do you mean you were planing to go back to the UK by BOAT?!... From Colorado? It would have to be a flying boat... Colorado is not a coastal state!?
Was this boat, by any chance, The Flying Dutchman?

I don't want to say anything rude but... Your story makes no sense.

Patiently seating on the fence.

Jon Santa.
long time since update because nothing has really happened. The first day of spring came and he said "The mystery person is moving quickly now." He had his meeting with the counselor the next day, the counselor asked him about it and from what I understand he told her that "God says the mystery person isn't allowed to bother me anymore and God showed me how to get rid of the mystery people." He has been much happier, just a normal kid. He told me a few weeks after his counselors meeting that to get rid of the mystery people he tells them "God says you're not supposed to be here" and then they go back into the ground. A bit strange but I am not worried about this anymore he hasn't even mentioned seeing one for probably 6 months now. He still sees a counselor and all is good here.
I was very young when I had something like this happen. It still bothers me to this day. I was lying in bed but unable to sleep playing with a bell my head board was more like prison bars so I had my arms hanging through them just ringing my bell when something reached up and grabbed it from me. I've never forgotten the long fingers and nails. I was so scared I immediately tried to go to sleep. I looked for my bell and never found it. That incident is still stick in my mind
The photo: looks very much like a cat, or possibly small dog, has been caught mid jump / pounce and has blurred. 🤔
AugustaM in Evil Or Not
No one not even the church can tell you what you believe in. That has to come from within you or it will never be real. I understand hardships causing a crisis in faith - that doesn't reflect badly on you. For now, work on the things you do believe in like yourself and those you love. Actively do positive things for yourself to bolster your self confidence - exercising (endorphins are magic), a new class (anything from dancing to ceramics, you name it - something challenging) and maybe a self defense course etc bottom line something new interesting and a bit challenging. Surround yourself with meaningful items on your home - things that remind you of the good things in your life and that you are loved - family photos are great. Once you are in a secure and positive place within yourself (and that may take time and that's ok) then, maybe, you will be in a better place to reevaluate your faith - there is no rush.

Maybe this entity in your home is there to show you that you are not alone - that there is something more out there - something to believe in. I don't know, just a thought as his presence does not seem to be threatening. Trust your gut and believe in yourself and you will be fine ❤
Hi LostGirl! Awesome post! Thanks for sharing:)
When I was in the military we would all pile our combat boots on the sides of the bed in a orderly row, or outside the door/at the door- again all in a organised line. I don't know if this relates but it did get me thinking! Thanks again!
LuciaJacinta in Black Faceless Mystery
Your story is intriguing to me. I believe this as true. But it makes me question as to why so many things... Such as where this thing originated from the school or the house and why would it be at Walgreens lol... But seriously, I believe everything you wrote. It's been a while since this was written. Are there any updates to this story?

I wonder about the house. How long have you lived there? Any weird histories of the house or school?

Did you find out where the St Benedict's medal came from?

I have not written out my story yet, but I wanted to mention that it is a common practice for Catholics to bury St. Benedict's medals in the 4 corners of the house in the Earth. Is it possible that your son dug it up outside? Sometimes they do this to protect a house they feel may be cursed or some do it out of habit to prevent demons and such. Now, some do this inside their homes as well. Mentioning this because in our house which I felt was haunted I put medals inside rooms near doorways but often tucked them under things like under the rugs etc. I think I may have left a few when we moved that I placed inside. So I'm suggesting this is where one might have just appeared with your son. He may have found one that a previous person hid, or even in his school maybe someone hid one so these are very probable reasons where a St Benedict's medal could have appeared from.

Do any other kids at school see this?

The dates seem significant as well but scary that the thing can still get inside your thoughts during this time period.

That's quite a story. Thank you for submitting it.

You have brought to mind the two questions I have when this sort of thing happens:

Who is it that watches over you (us) as you/we make our way through life?

Who is it that loves you (us) so much that they would do this for you (us)?

I don't expect you to have the answer, Mavvey, but I bet you would like to know. I know I want to know. Perhaps someone who reads this will know.

Welcome to YGS. I hope you enjoy the stories.

I feel like guardian entities/spirits exist to do just this - give you a nudge in the right direction, show you what you're doing is right and so on... My experience isn't totally similar, but in ways it sort of is.

When I was in my younger teen years (12, 13ish) I'd walk our family dog down the street, into the park, and through a hole in the fence that seperated the park and train tracks. On the other side of the tracks was a creek, and my sisters apartment building a little ways up. My grandparents ALWAYS chastised me for wearing both my headphones when walking alone, and I never listened.

So that's what I was doing, listening to music and walking my dog to my sisters to say hi before heading back home for supper - it was near dusk, but it was still light enough out to see everything. I was just ducking through the hole in the fence when something grabbed my sweater. I freaked, and my dog began barking (at me cause I had screamed a little) because the park by my house was not only ALWAYS vacant but I didn't live in the safest part of town when I was younger... I felt like I was in danger.

But when I spun around, no one was there. I stood for a few moments, shaking it off and kept going. My one ear bud was out and I slowly pushed myself through the hole in the fence, eyes looking for someone or something - and as I went to head across the tracks, moving to pop my earbud back in I heard the loudest, most blood curdling scream call my name, of all things. (Mind you, my name isn't the easiest to pronounce so it couldn't have been a mistake.) I couldn't discern whether it was male or female, but it stopped me dead in my tracks.

That's when the train, literal seconds later flew by on the tracks. A bullet train, silent as death, you'd never hear it coming. It was the first one ever introduced to my area then, it was on its testing week. I had no idea, normally you can FEEL the trains in my town coming so it never bothered me to cross with my earphones in... But had that hand not pulled me back or that voice not called out for me, my dog and I would have been dead, no doubt about it.

I have never worn earphones in since then, and crossing train tracks gives me major anxiety now. But I'm alive, and to me that's all that matters.
Wow so freaky! I hope you get rid of this thing and find peace again. Thank you for sharing your story 😊
OMG I would have soaked my panties if I were in that situation as a child. I used to see shadow people when I was little but only ever heard them when I was about 12 and that scares the poop out of me. Not literally though thank god lol. Thank you for sharing your story 😊
Wow freaky story, thank you for sharing. If I were in your situation I would get an axe and chop the closet up into little pieces. Your story gave me chills and was entertaining 😊
Thank your for your help. I will try to get my family to agree to a cleansing. I have tried to look up the history of my house, but not ever came up. And apparently when we first moved in my mom told any negative spirits to 'get out'. Thank you. 😊

Yes my mom thought my brother, I only have one, was possessed: but she believes in the devil, not ghosts. So she thought that whatever was in the house had left. Note that this was before Red Eyes so it might be connected. And the journal is a good idea. That is actually where this is from; a goggle doc where I have been recording anything that happens. I shared it because things have gotten worse. I have been really sick on and off for over a year and a few weeks ago, when I was on a walk, I was told to 'go die' but I was completely alone. Thank you for your help. 😁

Thank you for reading this account. It is so old now, I was surprised to see the name come up on my feed.

The intense pain of our loss has lessened, but not gone completely. Your condolences are still welcome, thank you.

Angel still 'visits' every now and then, though not as often as before. She usually makes her presence known by her perfume, or the smell of fresh-cut roses. I only heard her voice on one occasion.

Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it. 😊
EmmalineTexas in Tragedy2
Roopa - I'm so relieved to hear that you're all right. So many people on here have been worried about you. I'm so sorry that you felt that you had to take your own life. It sounds like you're okay so that is a good step. Thank you for posting your email as a way to reach you. You have many people who do care and want you to be happy and well. ❤

Please stay in touch.
I agree that dogs' sense of smell is incredible. Cadaver trained dogs can find human remains in all sorts of conditions through unbelievable layers of rubble etc. But these dogs are highly trained to recognize specific scents. I am uncertain that a regular untrained house pet would have such an intense reaction to the trace scent of ashes long gone.

And as the OP pointed out, that still doesn't explain the human reactions to the object.

Sad irony that the lady who acquired and was so intrigued by this little urn would soon need a similar vessel herself. Has activity around the urn changed at all since her passing? Perhaps it came into her life as a harbinger.

I am sorry for your loss and hope your family has been able to heal and find peace ❤
Chanced in My Friend Bill
GroundZero, this was an absolutely amazing account. As a military Veteran myself, I want to thank you for sharing this truly moving and incredibly well written story. I really felt like I was there with you, Bill and everyone else!
Reading this taught me a lot and helped me put many things into perspective about my own experiences. I found it easy to relate to your and Bills dreams of going to Australia... Plans like that where at times the strongest beacons of light during my service. I personally spent almost a year travelling South America when I finished my service.
I am sorry that you had to experience such a loss... I hope that Bill ultimately found peace.
Note to self: ALWAYS pay attention to the Empath warnings!

What a beautiful and sad post. My heart really goes out to you and your family. I'm glad that Angel is in a happy place.

Bee Beans - Thanks for your nice comment. Humanity encroaches on nature every day as unchecked overpopulation does its damage. Yet the spirits of the Earth still check in on us every once in awhile. Just remain open and receptive to the natural world around you. Who knows, you might have an encounter one day too.
Hi Bee Beans, yes I think that's possible. But after reading this experience again, I think Rook's comment is more likely. That the dog creature is a manifestation of something the OP needs to deal with.
Bee_Beans in Garden Of The Gods
Straight into favourites! I'm so glad that you found your son. Losing a child is every parent's worst nightmare. Thank goodness for Chaska.

kunwargarhwal in That Girl
It's the hotel right beside, "dhanbad guest house" which is located nearby railway station.

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