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Gh0stHunter in Legs

Thank you for the feedback! I hadn't thought of that but its possible haha
Gh0stHunter in Legs

Lol it would be relieving if it was. Yes some things are bigger but I made a slight one number typoπŸ˜‚
Gh0stHunter in Legs

Sorry that was most definately a typo. I meant 9. Everything is bigger in Texas but, not THAT bigπŸ˜‚
Gh0stHunter in Legs
Yes my bad I meant to put 6 not 9 lol sorry everyone for that horrible typo. I type pretty fast I must have not even noticed it but, yes 6 feet. Not 9
A wonderful story Emmaline. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. 😊
Manafon1 in Grandma's Kiss
Username - It does seem like your grandma came to give you a farewell, possibly drawn by your great grief. You state, "I don't believe in ghosts or anything paranormal, I haven't seen any of those things". As your account illustrates, one doesn't need to "see" an apparition to experience something paranormal. Since you seem convinced your grandmother paid you a farewell visit you should probably revise your above statement. Paranormal experiences can be dramatic or very subtle. Your experience falls on the more subtle side but hopefully has shifted your earlier dismissal of the paranormal to at least suggest the possibility that there is much more to existence than can be seen with your mortal eyes.
Emmaline - What a fascinating experience you had.

I googled Berenstain (ein) Bears. I have to admit that I'd never even heard of them.

What is very significant to me is that the Mandela Effect was mentioned on that particular site. Nelson Mandela definitely did not die in prison, which I'm sure most people who keep in touch with world events would know. He was the most wonderful President and his death was a huge loss to our country, South Africa. If only we could find another like him 😟

Regards, Melda
MaggieMay_Not in Legs
I actually think that 9 foot is a typo. The 9 is right above the six on a numeric keypad. Probably poor editing rather than ignorance or lying. I am confused about why anyone would go out ghost hunting in a storm, much less an electrical storm, but it sounds like the writer was pressured into it. Young people are prone to that influence. So a young writer with poor editing? I don't doubt in the slightest the author saw something, but without photos I couldn't say what. I'd like to pass on a lesson I learned fairly young. Don't disturb the dead or their places of rest. They get tetchy about such things. Keep exploring dear writer, just keep it respectful and safe.
Melda in Legs
Gh0sthunter - I would really like to hear your response to the comments.

Babygoatpuller - 9 foot or 9 inches would be equally confusing to me. Then again... I certainly don't know everything πŸ€” Maybe it's better that I don't. I have enough to confuse me with real life issues!

Regards, Melda
babygoatpuller in Legs
You had me until the, "The average HUMAN is about what like 9 foot right?" The average professional basketball player isn't even that tall and those dudes are TALL!

You said the wind was blowing the rain right into your faces and you couldn't even look straight ahead. Given that it was raining so hard, the adrenaline you were all experiencing and the intermittent lightning flashes, I think you saw something that was probably a natural part of the landscape that resembled what you think you saw.

I don't know why anyone would choose to go ghost hunting out in a storm with so much or ANY lightning. Seems a bit reckless if not downright dangerous if you ask me.
notjustme - It could just be my age? I wrote another comment and it disappeared, how strange! When Star Wars came out I saw it about 10 times and I think I read the Bearenstain bears to my son. I blame it on being more of an early elderly instead of middle-aged. 😁
Rex-T - Thank you so much for your kind comment! I'm so glad you got to enjoy San Francisco. I remember the Rainbow Tunnel! I love your story you posted about the crossroads and the phone problems. Thank you!
What a lovely bit of vindication! Sounds like your grandad was a character and a wonderful one at that! I'm glad you were able to interact with him this way and that he was able to do you a good turn!

My guess is that he's been looking out for you ever since ❀
Jubeele in Legs
With all due respect, I have to ask this question: did anyone remember to take a photo? I mean you were intrepid ghost hunters, right? Your phones would've cameras and that was the very experience you all went to capture. Pity about the missed opportunity. πŸ€”

Is it possible you saw a banyan tree or some type of strangler fig? All those long, dangling adventitious roots can look like "legs" on a dark and stormy night.

As for the woman with the whip - well, Madame Lash may be on vacation too...😜 You write well though - a most entertaining story.
Melda in Legs
Gh0stHunter - You did well. Setting, perfect. Weather, who could ask for more?

I would expect a 9 foot person to be appearing in a circus and even then I would suspect that stilts were used.

I have to be honest. I don't want to accuse you of lying but I absolutely cannot accept that you saw what you think you saw.

Also, don't go trespassing looking for ghosts. The chances are that you will find what you go looking for but don't actually want to see 😐

Regards, Melda
Cups - Very interesting! I too believe that this was a residual haunting. It sends the imagination in all sorts of directions. Who were they, what did they look like, what were their jobs on the farm, were they the owners or just employed workers? I love it 😊

Regards, Melda
Notjustme - Nice to hear from you.

How fortunate you are that your mother visits you. Mine does occasionally in my dreams but I would love to see her standing in front of me face to face. She knows I would be able to see her and she wouldn't frighten me. However, for all I know she's moved on to the extent that she doesn't want to appear.

People rolling their eyes? Yes I've been there. Nowadays I simply don't say anything about my experiences, except to people very close to me. If they roll their eyes it's done in a funny sort of way. All the people close to me accept what I am. People that I meet casually? Well I don't say a word. I've learnt from past experience that the less said the better πŸ˜†

Regards, Melda
Your name can be your greatest strength or your worst weakness, if a demon learns your name it can attach itself to you. There is one demon that tried to possess me but failed and she knows my name now, Luna keeps saying the "stalker" demon has the same presence as the one that attempted possession on me. I do take the advice of the spirits, phoenix doesn't talk much but she always alerts luna if something is coming. In a way they feel like a combative unit in a way. Its weird at times with how they act as a group.
Emmaline I enjoyed your story on many levels.
The traffic jams took me back to when my wife and me were touring the American South West. We were approaching San Francisco from the north and we got stuck in a traffic jam just after the "rainbow tunnel". The jam lasted all the way over the Golden Gate Bridge but the tour group didn't care as we were all taking snaps of the harbor and Alcatraz.
I was also reminded of this year's Nobel Physics Award for the detection of gravity waves that not only warp gravity but also time. I wonder if you could have driven into and out of one of these waves.
You could always keep this one up your sleeve and try it out on Boss Wolfe or some other psycho boss next time you're late.
Hi Lilwolf,
I enjoyed reading your experience. Strange how you seem to have had earlier premonitions and finding the apartment vacant would be unsettling - if only the land lord had said more!
By the way, I loved the "wiggling up a storm" description 😁
eloisa28 in Grandma's Kiss
This story is so touching! I love it. Thanks for sharing this one. It is really a sign for a grandmother's love for you dear. Such a heartfelt.

Thank you for the kind words, Manafon! Ugh, hearing a couple arguing every night doesn't sound pleasant... I will check out your story - I'm intrigued now.

I have thought of this voice over the years & could never find an explanation for it. I'm now 36 years old, and we have deer (among many other animals) in the yard & surrounding areas year-round... Never have I heard anything close to the "Noah" bit.
Emma, so in your memory, it was Berenstain and not STEIN? πŸ€” I always remembered it as stein... And tho I am no starwars fan. People around for as long as I can remember always said Luke... Head scratcher
notjustme - Thanks for confirming that I fell through a cosmic pothole. I did remember it was Berenstain and "No, I am your Father." Someone out there is living my life and vice versa. 😲
And don't even get me started in "Luke, I am your father"...apparently, it has always been "noo, I am your father" πŸ˜• no! NONONO! Impossible!
Haha yes you will be able to haunt him from anywhere and forever. My mom does for me. ❀ I think some people just choose not to think about anything that is out of the ordinary for a various of reasons. I am the "different" one out of my batch of cousins because I will openly talk about my beliefs and spirits and all sorts of "nonsense: to some. Some of my cousins will listen and be on the fence and some will roll their eyes. But I know they are curious too. They just don't want to shift out of what they have been taught their whole lives. Or change their comfortable ways of mentality. Especially if they cannot explain what they've seen or felt. I always say why can't science mix with spirit? Spirit science anyone? Great thing to watch by the way on youtube. I believe Kevin will one day see or feel or have an experience of his own. Possibly from you πŸ˜‰
notjustme in Legs
It sounds to me like you foudnd a lynch victim and possibly his abuser? Sometimes when thi gs happen so traumatically, it can leave an evil imprint of what took place. My guess is that is what you guys saw. As for the size of the legs, I believe evil entities can appear in many forms. Maybe it just knows that this form would be very frightening so it chose to take that form. Or maybe they were tortured on the tree and had their legs pulled? There's many sick ways to torture someone... Just my wild guesses πŸ˜†
Haha Val and Emma... You are correct! Or should I say you WERE correct. Before I proceed, I muat say you are not crazy and do not doibt yourself because I am CERTAIN as you both they wete called Berenstein bears. I tried posting a link but it won't work. But how about googling Berenstein bears conspiracy and choose the first link. Have a read and please tell me what you think

😨 prepare to be mind blown and self doubt lol
I am absolutely no expert, and have much less experience than you but this may still help.
These spirits clearly care for you and their warning should be taken seriously.
In my experience with unpleasent spirits (I sense emotion and presence only) I have noticed that their own emotions are normally easily projected onto you, with bad natured spirits leading to posession.
The way I deal with this is when I notice a sudden wave of anger, misery or jealousy I repeat my own name to myself over and over. Focusing on myself, my emotions and name tends to have that feeling immediatley dissapear.
Never focus on your feelings of fear or anger in these moments, being sure of yourself and your own strength will keep you safe.
What a wonderful memory for you. It's so reassuring to know that the people that have passed are still looking out for you. Your Mum must have been so shocked when that screw cane rolling out. Bless her for admitting to you at that young age that she was wrong and that she believed you. Too often we brush off things that children say, when they can see things best of all.
Rex-T - Sorry, Kevin has been in Canada for two years not three! Anyway, it feels like ten 😒

Regards, Melda
Rex-T - Thanks for your comment.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with my PC. My older son, Craig, who is an electronic engineer, checked it for me as well - no problem to be found anywhere! Not that electronic engineers are all knowing but he's pretty good at these things.

When I talk about the hair on my arms and neck raising and the weird feeling I had, I know exactly what it was. This is something I have experienced since childhood. It was a ghost - as plain and simple as that. I am also 90% certain that it was my neighbour Em. I can't even begin to explain it but the way I related my experience is how it happened.

Thanks so much for commenting and I really loved your story. I hope others will read your account because I'm sure they'll like it as well. Unfortunately when we publish our experiences we don't know what kind of response we'll get.

I'm sure Kevin is a whiter shade of pale at this stage anyway, having been in Canada for three years. That's coming from sunny South Africa where he'd be bronze in summer and the winters there seem to be pretty long! That's a long time not being able to give him a hug and a kiss. Before I get sad, I'll move on 😊

Regards, Melda
Babygoatpuller - You just gave me an existential huh moment. I love that. Thank you! NASA was fun. I used to have to go and wake up one physicist every afternoon after he took a nap in the dumpster. Brilliant minds, but Sheldon Cooper had nothing on them.
lady-glow in Legs
Wish-Not: perhaps the OP is talking about Cinderella's foot? πŸ€”

πŸ‘»Hunter: it's possible that a dominatrix in full attire got lost under the rain and was wandering around the place.
I have to agree with Wish-Not, is everything really bigger in Texas? πŸ€”
What would be even more weird Emmaline, is if all those people you passed on the freeway/roads, and all the people in the office had a deja vu moment when you showed up at NASA that morning. πŸ˜•

I don't have anything to offer in the way of answers, but I'm sure your going to get some great feedback from others here. Where's Manafon!?

How cool is it to work at NASA! 😊
Wish-Not in Legs
GhOstHunter- Well "The average HUMAN is about what like 9 foot right?" They say everything is bigger in Texas. Seems so. Around our parts 9 feet would be considered abnormally tall.

I'll have to wait for a bit more clarification on this.
babygoatpuller in When Grandad Came To Visit
This was a delightful read Elivia! Whether there was any significance to the screw or not, your Grandad got the message and proved to everyone that he was really there. I'm sure he stuck around just keeping an eye on everyone.

Like Jubeele, I can just imagine all the excitement going on as this all played out.

Welcome to the club! 😁
Notjustme - The Berenstein Bears? LOL I kind of remember them. Thanks for the flashback. Hadn't though of them in years. I'm sure that I'm spelling it wrong though! I guess I time travelled. The other explanation is a lot less appealing. I always wondered if I fell into a parallel existence and I've been a poser here for all these years. 😜
Jubeele - I love your name. My best friend is Chinese from Singapore and it reminds me of New Years celebrations. Complete with red envelopes and dragons. Re the story - I wondered if I wandered into a pocket of the past, or was it more of a mirror thing. It was very Lewis Carroll. Thanks for your comment I love all of the points that you raise. I have no answers.
Valkricry - I didn't dare ask anyone. They would have thought I was crazy. No one else seemed to notice, but I wonder how many people had the same experience that day. Thanks so much for your comment. Really good points!
Lady-glow- Now, that's funny! He probably did. I just don't remember. I didn't have makeup on and had a huge runner down my tights. Probably thought I'd been out late partying
Thank you for your comments. Maybe it was a ripple? It was weird that the effect went out for blocks. Any insights are appreciated. I've never quite figured it out. Thanks for being so kind ❀
Manafon1 in Calling For Noah
Hi Cups - I enjoyed reading your account. When I was the same age as you were in your account, I heard a man and woman arguing every night for several months. The voices were clear but oddly muted. I detail this in an account I submitted on YGS some time ago. It does seem likely that your young mind, being more open and receptive to the paranormal, was indeed picking up on a residual type of voice calling out for "Noah".

I can understand how hearing this voice nightly would freak you out. For whatever reason the voices I heard never scared me. In the end it seems you were just receptive to hearing a voice imprinted in close proximity of your house. Thanks for sharing!
Jubeele in Shapeshifter
Aaru, your account made me curious, so I looked up "chalawa". Its name means "the one that jumps". According to the reference I found, it is a trickster that can jump great distances, but it isn't known to harm people. Perhaps it only wanted to scare your grand-aunt? But I wouldn't stayed to find out though - I'd have run away screaming too!

Thanks for letting us learn something new. 😊
Hey Melda, just read your story about your computer and skeptic son Kevin. Couldn't help but notice that it is still drawing comments (as it should!).
Having been exposed to minor electric shocks while working on telephones, I am a bit concerned about what you felt prior to your computer (PC) having a fit. If you think that you could have been shocked please get your PC and power cord inspected by a qualified electrician.
If the ghostly visitor was the problem, could she/he/it have been 'miffed' because all your attention was on the PC and decided a more direct approach was needed to announce their presence? May have been Arthur as I suspect that he would have gotten into the Internet by now!
As for Kevin, try to make it to Canada in this life. Just make sure you've got the camera primed to take that "whiter shade of pale" shot.
lady-glow in Shapeshifter
Do you know if the neighbor's son saw the chalawa on his way to your relatives's place or do they scare only women?

It seems that every culture believe in shape shifters, I would need to see one in order to believe though I prefer not to ever encounter one. That would be creepy! 😨

Glad to hear that nobody got hurt.

Thanks for sharing.
Fascinating. Did boss Wolfe complain about your appearance that morning? 😜
I understand feeling afraid and intimidated about confiding something so deeply personal to someone face to face- heck, I'm such an introvert that I start to stammer when merely telling someone my own name face to face! Perhaps a less intimidating way of approaching the situation would be to go to confession - not that you have done anything wrong to bring this on yourself or have anything that you should be ashamed of! But, it gives you a way to open up about the subject with a degree of anonymity while knowing that the priest is bound not to tell anyone what you have said. If they seem helpful in confession, you can later set up an appointment to meet with them and talk more. Granted, I don't know if you are specifically Catholic but, even if you aren't, all Christian churches seek the same god and, in my personal opinion, I don't think the divine would fault a young girl for seeking help through any channel.

If possible, maybe consider taking a women's self defense course or at least some form of martial arts. No, you can't physically fight this thing off with fists BUT the empowerment to be gained from such a class and some of the psychology they teach you about how predators work could be very helpful to your situation. It would also give you more contacts and possibly new friends - all positive things that will help drive this thing off.

Its good that prayer seems to be helping - keep believing in what you are doing and in yourself. Remember that this thing is just a baddy - anything positive will make it recoil. When it comes at you say 'NO, you aren't welcome here - get out.' Think of things that bring you happiness, love and joy - pets, best friends, beloved family members, specific memories of good times - mentally surround yourself with love knowing that love both the divine and the quite mundane are stronger by far than the entity. Tell it to back off with self affirmations 'I am strong and I don't want you here. Go back to where you came from.' Never let its petty negativity invade your space in any way not even in the speech you use to drive it off.

Fact is, remember all that energy I mentioned that folks theorize is generated by young people your age? Well, if the theory holds that it is strong enough to attract or even generate poltergeist activity - that is a lot of energy and energy is power... You have power. When it comes at you, tell it no, say your prayers and in your mind envision yourself surrounded by that power - an impenetrable bubble of power, strength, love and good.
notjustme, the only thing I can recall was the Bearstein bears or was that Berenstein? My daughter had a slew of those books and watched the tv show.

Emmaline, very interesting! It sounds like somehow, for you, time rewound. Now, being me, I need to wonder if you were the only one affected? (Of course you don't know the answer. You probably never mentioned what you experienced to them, and I doubt they would either.) But you gotta wonder.
Emmaline, for some reason I thought of the Philadelphia Experiment, except this is with time distortion instead of stealth technology. Hmmm, what were the NASA scientists working on that day? Quantum physics, Einstein's Theory of Relativity and the manipulation of space-time continuum? You could have stepped through a wrinkle in time and slipped into a fragment from the past, and then looped back again. I've always wondered if conventional concepts of time are but a part of the true picture and that time is not quite so linear after all.

At first, I wondered if you had somehow woken up extra early - after all your alarm clock had broken down - and maybe the sky seemed darker because it was still pre-dawn. But then there was the electronic disturbance with the car radio and your feeling of disorientation. Your internal clock knew something was off-balance. Then finally, the clincher: your watch showed the actual time that was supposed to have elapsed.

This is disturbing in a "Twilight Zone" way.πŸ˜• Thanks for a really interesting account.
Elivia - what a lovely experience. Does your Grandad still visit, perhaps in your dreams? I had a chuckle imagining the excited happy drama in the kitchen. Such a great memory to cherish.

Thanks for sharing this with us. Welcome to YGS. 😊
It was also a famous series of children's' book... Please spell it as you remember it. Words words words
Ooohhhh fascinating Emma! The only explanation I can guess is you time travelled πŸ€” I am very open to many ideas, and lately there has been many talks about the Mandela effect. I am sorry I do not actually have any good advice for your story. I just find it very interesting and I am grateful you shared it with us. On a side note, without googling, you must remember the children cartoon about a family of bears whom resided in a tree. Mother bear, father bear, sister bear and brother bear. What was the name of these bears? I promise it is relatedπŸ˜† nah uh uh... No googling
Hello there. To my understanding, young souls are very "open". I mean open in a way that your mind is open to many possibilities, and the mind, my friend, is VERY powerful. So this is just my jab at this according to my own gatherings of the paranormal and my years of trying to understand it. I think that night as you layed there relaxed as any 7 year old could be, like people in deep meditation, your energy field was open. This gave whatever evil that was lurking around it's chance to try to mess with you. But, luckily your courage/faith gave you enough to scream for your parents and your smart parents LOL God Bless them, was quick to action.

Once again, this is just my own opinion. Thank you for sharing ❀
Melda, I got your emails and will send a response soon. We've both fine. Always good to hear from you. I'm actually going through my Malaysian cookbook to pick up a nice recipe for you! ❀
I pray the best for your family and you for being so strong during these hard times. Such a heartbreaking story... ❀
Jubeele - I know this has nothing to do with your publication, which I found intriguing.

I have been trying to reply to your email and in fact sent you two messages which you might not have received. It could be that my mails are not going through to you due to my service provider πŸ˜•

All the best to both of you. ❀

Regards, Melda
MaggieMay Not - I know I'm a little bit late but just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this. We never, ever, know what is waiting around the corner. I think your dad is a great guy and I also believe he was not telling you everything for fear of scaring you.

Regards, Melda
Update: (sorry for any typos I'm very tired as of writing this)

Not being able to sleep is annoying. I spoke with the spirit Osiris today and asked him about some of my memories to see if he would know anything. All he would say to me is "don't get possessed" he wouldn't even elaborate on what he meant by that. He did add one thing though he said "we will try to protect you as much as we can. Now sleep you have work in the morning" i'm a little puzzled by his words and the incident with the "stalker" demon that tailed me a few nights prior. I'm lucky mother gave me the ring that bares my religious simble on it. Being a pagan - its a pentagram, I was attacked by a spirit at one point and I felt hands around my neck tightly against my windpipe and I pressed my hand with the ring against my neck and the hands had let go.
aisyah1987 in New House Spook 2
Looking forward to more updates!

Freaky but such good experiences!

Stay safe and always keep on a lookout. Hopefully it's nothing bad. Perhaps you can think of how you can communicate with it, but shield yourself first.

Prayers goes to you! ❀
Hello dear, Your story brought tears to my eyes. Yes He must be in a safe place now.
frangelica1 in Phantom Phone Ringing
Hi lilpeachyghost - I was wondering based on it only being 2 rings if maybe a loved one that has departed is trying to let you know they are around you or needs you to pay attention to something at that time.

I had something similar happen to me many years ago with a phone that was disconnected and with no phone service at the house, that really scared me at the time. But now after becoming more familiar with signs from our loved ones, wonder if a loved one is just trying to get your attention?

Anyway, just thought I would share that possibility, especially since you are the only one hearing it. Our loved ones on the other side really love to use telephones and other electrical things to make us aware of their presence and to say hello!
frangelica1 in Can It Be An Incubus?
Hi MyStory15: I was really happy to hear that you ask Archangel Michael for protection. I encourage you to call on him often for protection as needed. He has saved my life many times and Archangel Raphael also has helped me so much. Based on their help, I have even had police officers say "That was a miracle"!

I would like to encourage you to check out Lisa Beachy on Youtube. She has meditations for all the Archangels and I utilize them often. There are a few for Archangel Michael and here is one for his protection and I would check out the others on her site also:

I have trained as a medium and always ask for Archangel Michael and Raphael's help in my work and can actually see Archangel Michael appear via a blue orb. Others see this blue light around me also. Continue praying and asking help from the Archangels - they have never let me down and I know they will try and help you! Everyone else's advice is very good and please listen to their suggestions also!

I am going to pray for you that you get the protection you need from our creator and the Archangels. I and everyone else here is on your side and are here for you!
Hi MaggieMay_Not, it's my Aussie husband's influence. According to an online Aussie slang dictionary, "chuff" is Australian Slang meaning: "to delight, to please (originally British slang (1950s); from British dialect Γ’Β€ΒœchuffҀ - proud, elated, swollen with pride, fat, chubby) ". Thanks for your lovely description of my name.

Glad to know your brother is alright. We all express our beliefs, love and caring for one another in different ways. Best wishes to you and your family. ❀
Hi everyone,

So, this week, was pretty fine but... After I recorded it... It became worse.
Right now is night here in Germany. I did my usual prayer to God and Archangel Michael before bed, when I felt touches on my legs. At first I thought is just the covers and I shouldnt pay attention. Then the touches started to move up until it touched my butt and then I knew this is not just me. I felt cold breathing in my face and neck, I can still feel it. I was lying in bed with my left knee resting on my right leg. I felt something pulling it in the opposite way so my legs were wide open and I started to feel like cold hands down there... And then I somehow managed to get out of bed to turn on the lights, but it was hard since I was feeling a heavy weight on my whole body, and I can still feel it.
I heared whispers which sounded like " submit" but one of them was a female like voice that said with a laugh " That little head of yours will understand".
I also heared sounds coming from my walls and my lamp. I can't describe it. I live in an apartment and here is very quiet. The neighbors don't make noise and the building is new.
I started to pray when the sounds became worst. Now that the light is in I rarely hear any sound in the walls. I'm scared to go back to bed... Even before I went to bed I felt someone cupping my face. I still feel it.
It told me to submit and obviously wanted to scare me just to accept but even thought it was tempting, I still said no, that I don't belong to anyone, that I only dedicate all my being to God. I will try to fall asleep now... I will keep updating.

With respect,
Hey Jazzy, Know that You are not alone in this quite a few women have said to have more paranormal activity happen in the home or around them while they are pregnant. I can vouch for this myself, when I was pregnant with my daughter I had a lot of weird nightmares and some strange things going on in our house but after a good cleansing the majority of it stopped. As for Your dream about the demon as I think You put it, I believe that maybe you already being worried about something happening to Your baby and having all of the precautions rolling around in Your mind plus having all those things taking place without knowing what was causing it could have caused the dream. Why it was a redskinned goat hoof creature with horns there is no telling other than Your mind projecting fears creating a face for what seemed to be lurking about. I could be completely wrong but that's about all I could figure that would make sense with all of this. I am glad that You and Your baby are doing good and that things seemed to fizzle out. Thanks for sharing.
Evening Limey
I wish I was off to see Michelle Pfeiffer Ha!
Maybe it was her brummie sister?
On a serious note. Its not something my collegue would have done, he's a straight up guy. I've past the spot on numerous occasions since and half expect to experience another dose of weirdness.
MaggieMay_Not in Father Knows Best
Jubeele I hope Chuffed means amused or something positive to you. To me a chuff is a sound a large animal makes in the back of it's throat and out through its mouth, almost like a cough.:) He is as protected as he will allow. He is heavily immersed in Christianity and like my mother, now avows anything outside of it as devil worship. He prays for my soul and I thank him every day for it.
Hmm... Interesting experience!
My aunt once told me something similar during her childhood.
She lived in a tin shack house with my mother and my grandfather from my mother's side.

She thought she saw her only doll which was placed at her bedside table shaking its head hard, and then fell off the table. She woke up to try to pick it up but then the walls of the house rattled as if someone was outside shaking it hard. Spooky indeed, but yes, just like you nothing else had happened.

I too have had encountered an orb touching my hair, then on, nothing obvious had happened to me, yes, you could say that nothing else had happened to me too so far.

Reports of such to my knowledge is either a spirit going pass or just a psychokinesis that was performed mindlessly, no, no science proof or actual explanations just some stuff my friend's uncle had scrapped together from his long carrier as an investigator. Sometime I find them logical and so I am sharing them to you.

Oops! It seemed that I offended someone here, oh well. πŸ˜•

Jubeele, Now that you have said, I sure do understand how serious things like that could be not just Thailand, even the US there are spooky cases from the reports of NYPD too. There are more dead than the one alive the world was formed by the passed one to let the living live, that's what my grandmother used to say.

Phuket... Got to do lots of researches... Not of ghosts I mean for my next trip lol

Hi Celestina, welcome to YGS.

That sure was spooky! Though, in my opinion, it looks more like a dream. It's possible that you were falling asleep and at the same time fighting to stay awake, that's why you were so aware of your surroundings and the images you saw looked so real.

I like when parents listen to their children and don't deny the existence of ghosts and paranormal stuff in general but it is important to teach them to first try to figure out all the logical explanations for an unexplained event before going into panic mood.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi demonkitty, if you still visit this site, I just want you to know that I enjoyed your account. Did you or your mother ever look into the history of that terrace house? Any missing persons reported in the area? If they were renting, maybe the landlord might have a tale or two to tell. Neighbours who have been in the area for a while are another good source of info on the local goss too.

Pity you can't dig up that slab without damaging the fireplace. Some kind of sonar, doppler, x-ray imaging? But I suppose they're all too expensive and not feasible either. Well, the mystery remains... 😊
Hi Roy
I agree we must always be respectful and careful not to cause offense. The newslinks were just to give you an idea of how seriously such things are taken in the country. The police were called in those instances to prevent further panic and it may be that the areas could still be cordoned off. It might be best to simply visit the more "established" places.

Phuket was great fun - great food too. I'm sure cloudy will be able to provide recommendations on the best places! 😊
ajonverge in Ghost In The Well
There's something very spooky about wells, isn't it? Deep, Dark, Dinghy places...
Well Thanks for sharing nandiiiinii. I'm sure your dad loved you very much. I have had similar experience on the night my dad died in a dream. It's been 12 years now but not a single week passes by when I don't have him in my dream. And all these dreams are the same. Where I wonder how my dad is still alive? I ask him the same. I say, " I thought you were dead!" He never says anything, he just smiles at me and that's it. When I wake up, it's reli horrible for me though. I keep feeling very depressed week on week and can't get this out of my mind. I wish to cry my heart out, I have done that when I'm alone too but it never goes. I'm reli tired of this. I wish I cud just let this go now. I don't wish to have this sadness no more.
I recommend you never use a ouijaΒ board. That will make the spirit stronger. Please please don't ever use them.
gypsyking410 in Ghost With Lantern
Don't approve any more of his stories from now on. Or if the OP does not revert on the comments the story should be taken down.
DarkAngel, I am sure that I will find it thank You for telling me about it. I am very interested. 😊

Thank you for your reply and you're Welcome! 😊
NightlyEclipse in Pesky Ghosts Part 3
[at] notjustme My cat's big enough that she can push open my closet door. That's how she destroys my neatly organized closet, damn thing.

Update #2 (I know I should just make a new story but that takes time lol) The most that has happened is the occasional item going missing. It's not too serious, but irritating. I'll give it a week or so and hopefully, the little activity will dwindle to none.
Darkangel73 in The Old Boarding House
Lilwolf- Yeah I can't recall the Title but I have wrote a story.
tigerfeet in Ghost Buildings
Unexplained, I read the story you highlighted with great interest - and became very jealous that the writer had interacted with the hotel people, something I've never done 😒 I would love to talk to people from a previous time! The story seems to be a similar haunting to the famous Versailles event and the not so famous (but well known) event that happened on the Normandy beach where the D-Day landings took place.

MariaMason - apart from the event on the motorway, I have never been scared of what I see - in fact I sometimes wonder if these sightings are what sparked my interest in history.
valkricry in Garden Of The Gods
Mona, thank you very much.:blush: says I need at least 50 characters to post, but that's all I really had to say, is thank you.
Hi valkricry,

I love all of your accounts, they are so detailed and beautifully written. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us 😊
Hi AugustaM,

Omg Thank you for your comment, somehow you always make my day 😊.
Thank you for the app recomandation but I need another phone to use it and I don't have another one so I guess I will stick with the main idea, to audio record. If its something paranormal happening I guess I will hear something, right?
Talking about trusting others... Well I would go to a priest but he may think I'm crazy, or that I'm with the evil spirits and stuff. I'm scared, to be honest. If there was anyone that could see ghosts and spirits in my area, that would be the first person to go to.
I tried to talk to my friends about it, but they all said that the stress from school makes me see things already and that I probably dreamed about thise events and I shouldnt worry and yea... They didn't believed me. Bht there is one friend that believes me but she can't give me proper advice cause she doesn't have any experience in parabormal, she is only reading about it.
By the way right now I'm typing and I feel someone touching my cheek and like some breathes right into my face. Its not my imagination, cause my hair is moving because of the air... And today it began to touch me sexually again. I noticed it does that when I'm weak. For example, now I'm on my menses and I guess you know how it feels. It gets more touchy with me in this period of time, that's what I noticed.
Thank you again for your help and support, I will keep you updated.

kxoshblog in Sinister
Hello I am from delhi; INDIA
I am searching for a real tantrik who can see and communicate with ghost...
I have blackamagic on my body...
The spirit doesn't speak at all but it is destroying my body organs from inside.
Everything in blood reports done by doctors come Normal...
I am going everywhere for past 4 years Bihar, Rajasthan,Mumbai, Kolkata,Lucknow, Bareilly...
Even went to Balaji but no one was able to cure...
I need a tantrik who is real and can see ghost and can heal me...
Please help me at this I will have to kill myself very soon
Jubeele and BGP, you two just made my day.😊I do work hard on my graphics, and as you can see am a stickler for details. Trespauze is open 24/7, 365 days a year. So come back anytime you want. Something new is always brewing.πŸ˜‰
babygoatpuller in The Boy In The Red Vest
Your father must have been very spooked by the whole thing once he figured it out Jubeele. If the vest the child was wearing at the time was old fashioned, I'm wondering if the drain pipe was even there at the time.

It could be just a replay of a happier time in the kid's life and your father just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Or, from his standpoint, the wrong place... 😨

I found all the items. The witch is lying! Ribbit... 😜
If you have a tablet or smartphone, you can download an app called Alfred. Its free and will turn your device into a motion activated camera with night vision capability- it might help you.

I am glad prayer is helping for you - your belief is what gives strength to anything you chose to fight this thing with.

I am sorry to hear about your family situation - that is a lot to put on someone your age. I do think your age has a lot to do with what is going on. You are going through a period of such tumultuous change - everything about you is effected by puberty from the physical to the emotional. I was the most innocent and sheltered kid in the world when I hit that stage and suddenly I was thinking all sorts of thoughts that would have been absolutely gross to me before. Fact is, your brain has had chemicals introduced to it that it has never experienced before at levels it will never have to cope with again - the effect can be similar to the effects of a stimulant drug rush. You say these thoughts 'aren't you' and in many ways you are exactly right. They are just the effect of hormones and they're a rollercoaster ride. Don't let them disturb you - just learn to laugh at them and accept your changing self.

Its a well known theory that all the turmoil of puberty can produce energies that have a paranormal effect- that's why many theorize that poltergeists have a sort of reciprocal relationship with teens in that age group. Maybe that thought puts the thing into perspective - if puberty is powerful enough to exert a paranormal pull, of course its making you feel not yourself! And that is my guess as to why this nasty entity fixated on you - the turmoil of puberty created the energy to attract it and the stress of school and your family situation made you vulnerable.

I know how easy it is, without any paranormal interference, to feel isolated and powerless as a teen. Reach out to your friends, extended family, guidance councillor at school, local church, community center - pick whichever you feel most comfortable with, pick a few if you can - you don't have to tell them everything at first, let yourself get to know and trust them first - and you don't have to tell them anything you don't want to. But finding allies in this situation will help. The stronger and more fortified you feel, the weaker this thing becomes. Keep praying. Keep doing what you believe in. And always ALWAYS believe in yourself - you may be changing right now but YOU will always be in there, never doubt that ❀
DarkAngel, Wow I bet that was very creepy, have You shared a story on here about it if so I would like to read.
Darkangel73 in The Old Boarding House
LilWolf - It is a trip to experience something like that. I live in apartment complex, the first apartment had 3 spirits. The husband wife and supposed lover. The husband killed the wife and lover then I guess himself. But the fact that you experienced that was less violent towards you. My experience wasn't that nice.
My friend just came up with an idea, to recorn myself during the night. Since my camera can't record in the dark, I will record only with a voice recorder and see if I can hear anything suspecious. I will keep updating.
Lady-glow, You are always welcome senhora! I have to thank you to for always being "our torch in a foggy day", I mean you always will clarify everything that most people will find confusing.

Sheetal, Why? Just think that it is just part of nature, eventually the energy will weaken and will be gone forever, it is just a sign that the dead once were living, nothing to be fearful of.

Jubeele, Phuket! Another paradise island! Well, I will ask if my friend would want to go to haunted spots first before banging into those interesting places, I would also need to find a reason for going to such place, like reasons I go, and what I will do... You know just banging in those place meaninglessly is rude for the victims. Thank you for the information anyway!

Hi Roy, I went to Phuket with my parents a few years before the Boxing Day tsunami. Sadly, the small hotel where we stayed in is now part of the Andaman Sea.

I did a few searches on "Thai hauntings". I think these will make interesting reading. Here's some reported locations of hauntings to look into before your next trip. Wish I could come with you:

Lady-glow - only too glad to offer a few baht's worth of info. My parents were well-educated but their families followed many traditional customs. I've always been interested in Asian cultures and the wealth of folklore we have. There's always something new to learn and legends are constantly evolving. 😁
sheetal - thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed it. Who knows, maybe somewhere in Georgetown, a cheeky little boy spirit is still out there playing in the twilight...
lady-glow - I think history constantly repeats itself because once the lesson has been learnt, it's almost instantly forgotten when the next generation comes along to make the same tragic mistakes all over again.

My family has never spoken with rancour or bitterness about those times. It's remarkable because both their families were wealthy before the Occupation. But my parents always said that they were fortunate to survive and that was enough. I'm grateful that I never grew up blindly hating people for things that happened in the past. πŸ€”
Martin - thanks for your help and Halloween wishes. Hope the "ghost" in the machine didn't cause too much havoc.

Val - Trespauze Manor was sooo cool. Great graphics. Never got past the coffee in the kitchen (I can't find it!), but my lucky "Ba-gua" mirror deflected the Witch's curse. I did explore the Mine and read your haunting tales. Thanks for a fun Halloween! 😘
sheetal in Sinister
This is first time I am reading that the tree where someone had commit suicide is consider auspicious. Whatever is my knowledge, we normally keep away pregnant woman from funeral and anything where dead people involve. Quite strange, However I am glad that your sister had safe delivery.
I guess the boy must have died there. Overall I loved the story. Thanks for sharing.
This is quite creepy.It's really strange why she show herself in the bathroom only. There must be some history. Enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing.
This is really interesting to read and loved the discussion. I think the hotel should close the room.
Your experience is really scary. I am so glad that you able to fight with your fear. Thanks for sharing.

Yes I talked to Mr. Rook and curently I'm trying some shielding methods. He also gave me advice about my problem.
Talking about my clothes... I'm more than sure that they were secured. Those buttons were very well put on the shirt, its impossible to fall on their own, and my pants too. That zipper is hard to unzipp. I believe its not just a coincidence because before, when I heared his voice, he was practically stripping me during classes and school. You have no idea how unconfortable I was in that period of time.
I read yesterday on the internet, that you can hear it's voice when you are trusting it, and also, when the incubus feels confortable with you and made a connection witg you so... I guess I'm on the right path? Since I'm not trusting it anymore.
By the way, from all of the methods recomanded to me, I find prayers the most useful. I just believe in them.
My family is a christian one, and my mom and grandma have books about archangels and my mom told me once that if I have any problem, I can pray to them. She also strongly believes in them cause once she was in a very bad condition in hospital, and she prayed to archangel Raphael, and it helped her a lot.
(Im trying another methods too, but I strongly believe in Gods power so that's why I'm always praying. I pray before bed, before going to school, before a test, for my parents and so on)
I have a feeling that I put an imaginary wall between me and him but I feel like he is doing anything in his power to get me back.
I know it may be the age and all... But for a time I became very perverted and I feel like... I need sexual things to happen to me. When I get this thoughts I try to deny it cause this isn't me. If you knew me in real life, you would know that.
Anyway, thank you for your time and support.

With respect,
riyuzaki007 in Ghost With Lantern
Been into this site from 2014 and an active reader but I don't have any real experience of any paranormal event that why I know its better to write truth than fiction for guys like us who would love to have an experience but sadly cant.
SilentAngel - Thanks. The reason I didn't comment on your story is because I can't relate to it. I'd rather not comment at all unless I have an opinion to express.

Regards, Melda

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