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Jubeele - I really enjoyed reading your story.

The little boy probably lived in the vicinity of your grandpa's house at some stage. He was possibly dressed in that manner when he passed, bare butt and all. Please, by all that is holy, let me be fully dressed before I do any haunting πŸ˜†

I think it happens to most of us that we don't ask the questions we should when we have the opportunity to do so. There are many things I would love to know about both sets of grandparents but unfortunately when I was young I don't think I was terribly interested. They were there, so what was there to ask? We only think of these things later in life. Actually, my father's parents were no longer alive when I was born but I could have asked my father, or my mother for that matter.

You have a very interesting background πŸ˜‰

Regards, Melda
Rex-T - Great story, you had me sitting on the edge of my seat!

Now this is where I display my ignorance. Sorry but I just HAVE to know. What is the significance of the house being situated at the crossroads? Does that mean that Mrs Smith was indeed a nutcase and it was in fact a technical issue? πŸ˜•

Nobody has asked that question so I assume I'm the only one who's read this that doesn't know the answer 😁

Regards, Melda
MariaMason in Best Hug Ever
Beautifully written post. Happy for you that you got positive experience.
MariaMason in Ghost Buildings
This is something scary I have read today. Interesting post!
MaggieMay_Not in Father Knows Best
EmmalineTexas - Thank you for the information. Wiccan? Interesting, I never knew. I am half tempted to ask my dad how he knew it, but... Yeah not going there.

Jubeele - thank you, I like your name, it makes me think of a dark starry sky lit by explosions of red, gold and green fireworks, sparklers glowing in the streaks as children wave them excitedly, and the a cool breeze on a hot summer night.

My brother has given me permission to discuss my memory of the conversation, but nothing else. As it is not a verified, first person account I am not entirely comfortable discussing it. Also, I think He is very smart to not open that door. A young man, my brother's best friend, died because of that incident.
Mannerizms in Paranormal Pregnancy?
Wow! That is VERY intense especially for a new mom! It's good to know that all is well and the little guy is doing great! I think as a mom, we worry about everything that COULD happen, which in my opinion, if you are not currently open could open you to these things. I was especially happy to see that your family was up to help with cleansing!

I hope this finds you and your family well.

Welcome to YGS! ❀

Stay Safe and Blessed be!
AugustaM, It is kind of sad that it got condemned. It is still standing and I personally think that it could be fixed but it would take a lot of Know how and a lot of money mainly to fix the old wiring treat the extreme mold that was apparently in the walls and the damage from the fire but at least it was used for a long time.

I think You are right that the positive energy is more of as you said a gel because when You are first in the house it feels pretty warm and inviting like when You go in someone's house and You know they love each other to the top degree and it just radiates off of them into the atmosphere. That's about how the ground floor feels like.

But when you go upstairs which is where a lot of the boarders we're said to stay and where the most has been modernized. It just kind of feels less inviting You can feel the love there but it's more like a Hodge podged combo of chaos up there. You fell a little joy and a lot of sadness, a lot of anger and a lot of anxiety.

I have tried talking to the guy who bought it one time when I saw him at the library but he said he didn't know much other than rumours and a little about the original owners. He still thinks I'm nuts though. I think he knows more but he won't talk about it. Why else would he get the knowing holy crap how did you know that kind of face when I told him what I heard if he didn't. I may be able to find something in the old newspapers but haven't really looked into it much, it could be interesting.

Hope you enjoyed this,

Jubeele, I think all of it happened for a reason, just not really sure what that reason was. I have had a few run instead with interactive residual spirits it's just always brief. Just like the guy a quick wave asked for a match and when I came back with the lighter he is gone. I personally think that it really just depends on how strong of an anchor the spirit has. It's rare but it can happen. I am seriously torn on who was rocking the bassinet. I think it was the woman upstairs because she mentioned the baby and part of me thinks that it was the older woman the original owner who was doing it. Mainly because one time Jessica told me that it happened again while she was watching her niece again but She saw an older woman standing beside it, It was as You said both sweet and creepy. Especially when we knew there was no logical way that bassinet would be rocking. But when it happened it didn't seem threatening, weird thing is I didn't see anyone when it happened. But all in all it was creepishly awesome. When I look back on it now anyway.

I'm glad You enjoyed this, thanks for reading it, I have a few more to come.
majarlika012 in The Night He Went Away
[at] Sid926 thanks 😁 stories about family is always close to our hearts ❀
Hi Lynx! I could have taken you to a ghostly hot spot in Thailand if I knew you were here haha 😜 I've never heard of putting amulets behind the back of a picture, but amulets are commonly used to ward of evil or bring luck etc, but I don't know why they would hide it, maybe they didn't want it to be seen for some reason. Maybe they were afraid someone would mess with it if seen. What was the picture of, maybe that's relevant? What sort of amulet was it? Our home is filled with them too, but not because of anything bad happened here but for luck and protection, (my husband is quite traditional Thai) we have a small altar with many amulets, on the front of our door, in our car, on necklaces etc. But now where did you find cheap wine in Thailand?! The tax on wine is outrageous!😜

Thanks for your input
I always forget to look and see the part about if the OP will or will not participate. I'm always wondering why put a story on here and then not be willing to discuss? Those make me think that some just want to toss up a story.
I will at least give credit to the OP on this one.
In spite of stating they wouldn't be relying, at least they came back to try and clarify points in their story

Have a great day
Thanks wendyjean for taking the time to read my story and I'm glad that you have connected with my experience. I'm always regaling my wife with memorable instances from my time fixing phones and her encouragement was instrumental in posting this story. 😁
Hey majarlika012 I really loved reading your story. Heart touching 😊 ❀.
I found this story on another Ghost website; "We were at Caleruega for a retreat. I heard a lot of ghost stories about the place but I didn't believe any of it. On our second night, past midnight, we heard a girl screaming so loud as if she was dying. We tried to look for her but we didn't see anyone."

- Michelle I also found a picture.
Thanks Augusta and aisyah for bringing attention to this older account from terranimga. It's a most compelling read.

For the past four years, I have spent a lot of time waiting in hospitals for my husband to undergo yet another procedure for his chronic illness. The most harrowing was in July this year when he underwent a lifesaving transplant. I was there so often with him in the intensive care unit that the nurses had me help with his care on occasion when they were short-staffed. It takes a rare person of courage and compassion to be a nurse. The doctors make the life-and-death decisions, but the nurses are the ones who pick up the pieces.

It was quite surreal and eerie in the wards when the lights were dimmed during the night shift. Once, the patient in the next bed to my husband didn't make it through the night. The air that night was thick with sadness and a pervading quiet despair. Yet I also felt this sense of release from suffering too. I don't know if I was picking up impressions from the patient himself or the nursing staff at the time.

Over the years, I've spent many hours in the visitors' lounge talking to other long-term patients and off-duty nurses. Wouldn't it be strange if some of them were also ghostly "visitors"?
Lilwolf, what if you'd listened to your gut and waited for the rain to ease? You wouldn't be there at the same time as the truck for it to hit your car. Your friend Jessica wouldn't have asked you to spend the night and then you wouldn't have been there to see anything at her house!

Is it a case of being at the wrong place at the right time or the right place at the wrong time? My mind is spinning at the possibilities. But I think it was inevitable you'd have come across those apparitions when you visited her. I also thought it unusual that a residual haunting could also be 'interactive'. Unless there were different events at play? Do you think the female voice was the same spirit who rocked the bassinet? That was kind of sweet, but spooky too.

Thanks for another interesting account.

Thanks for responding to my question.

The title states "woman at the cemetery", but in thinking back, I cannot say for certain it was a woman.

I thought this was a "woman" because of the hair which was tied at the back. When I think about the hair, it now reminds me of the wigs worn by men in eighteenth century Europe, as seen in the movie Armadeus.

I don't think the thought of being impolite kept me from looking at her face as planned; there seemed to have been a moment of brief 'blackout" as I passed her. This is the best way I can think of to describe what happened.

It is interesting to compare the observations of the movement of the two apparitions.

I think I read somewhere that the average person is a very unreliable observer, and typically seem to be so caught up in the emotions of the moment, that the awareness of the need to observe details is simply not there at the time.

I remember that when I saw "the woman at the cemetery", my mind was struggling to comprehend what it is that I was seeing, and I looked at the image from head to feet, taking in the details as my mind tried to understand what I was seeing. I think that is why I remember so much detail, because I was trying to understand what I was seeing.

I make these comments about observing because, since my experience, I have wondered just how reliable the descriptions of spirits, ghosts, apparitions are. I have not come across too many descriptions of the way an apparition moved. Most of the descriptions of the movements I remember, seem to describe a sliding or floating sort of movement.

The "woman at the cemetery" did not move any limbs, there was absolutely no movement, but the apparition progressed along the cemetery road as if seen in a strobe light; one moment here, another moment there.

I had hoped that more readers who witnessed a spirit or apparition would have joined in the conversation to offer some insight into what is the typical manner of movement for a ghost.

PS: something strange occurred with this sighting. After writing down the experience, my memory seemed to have been stimulated, and I remembered details I did not remember at the time of writing the experience. About two weeks after writing the experience and posting it to this site, I remembered that I did actually see her face.

After I passed the "woman", the strangeness of her appearance made me stop the bike and dismount. At the same moment, she turned around to make the right turn back into the cemetery, and I got a look at the face and shoes.

The face did not look real, but looked artificial... Like a mask. The nose was straight and very pointed, and the color seemed overdone.

Wait. Wait!?... I'm getting confused.

From your answer to my previous comment:

"I think she will do that in every room she go once she hear any rumors. Rumor about this amulet thingy made her became curious and so she found this picture in our room and looked behind..."

And from your narrative:

"I looked at it and it seemed to me that it looked like an amulet. I told her that it may be something cultural in Thailand to put an amulet behind a picture.

"vocΓͺ tem certeza?" (Are you sure?) She asked. I told her that I will ask the front desk what that was about. We chatted through the night and got readied for the next day.

The next day, I ask one of the hotel staff if there..."

Please correct me if I'm wrong but, the narrative suggests that your friend FIRST found the amulet and then you asked at the front desk until the NEXT day. What do you mean by her checking the back of the picture after hearing the rumors about the amulet's location? Was she aware of this custom before arriving to the hotel/Thailand? πŸ˜•

Could you describe the amulet to more detail? How was it attached to the picture/frame? Did she checked the pictures in the other room?
It's odd that the pictures in the hotel weren't screwed to the wall since most hotels usually secure any paintings not only to prevent theft but to avoid any art from landing on the head of any unsuspecting guest.

Sorry for all the questions but, by now, I know you know how curious I am... Perhaps as curious as your friend or, more?😜

Yeah, at first I kind of hesitated but in the end I had to lol πŸ˜†
jubilee, I don't know about any complaints...
Well, perhaps not only that room... Some other room where you know something else had happened? You know since it's an old hotel so there is lots of rumors bad ones and good ones... But most bad rumors πŸ™„
lilpeachyghost in Phantom Phone Ringing
Thanks for replying everyone, I just want to clear some things up.

Firstly, I don't have tinnitus, the ringing is not constant and it's not a ringing as in a bell ringing or a high pitched sound in my head. It's very hard to explain but I know 100% that it's outside of my head in the real waking world. I just can't find the source of it. Also, each time I hear it, it's exactly the same. It rings twice and then stops abruptly and I don't hear it again for another few days/weeks or even months.

Secondly, I know for a fact that none of my neighbours have home phones anymore and even if they did, the walls are far too thick for me to be able to hear it ringing especially when we have the tv on and such.

There's no landline/house phone in my house anymore as everyone in my household has a mobile and I know what they all sound like and which ringtone belongs to which phone, and they sound nothing like an old-fashioned cord house phone (the ones you see in movies when they hold the phone between their ear and their shoulder and twirl the cord around their finger or pace up and down but can't move far because it's attached). So even when I hear the old-fashioned phone ringing, there's no landline for me to pick up and "answer".

Maybe the next time I hear it I should try and see if my cat hears it too because it's obvious none of my human family members can.
lady-glow, Well she is a curious person... Really lol

I think she will do that in every room she go once she hear any rumors. Rumor about this amulet thingy made her became curious and so she found this picture in our room and looked behind...

Well I actually asked why she thought of looking at the picture from behind... Well she says because she knew something was wrong... But I think it is only curiousity... No, really she is that kind of person.
Hey Roy, sounds like your time in Thailand was spiced with a little excitement. Many Thais live comfortably with modern technology and follow the old ways at the same time. Amulets are commonly used for luck and protection. There may very well have been "noise" complaints in that room before. Too many spirits and not of the red wine variety either! 😜
"Mabuhay" verge, (excuse me if I got that wrong, I only know a little Tagalog). I also called the senior instructor "Tatang" at the dance studio where I worked many years ago.

My boy cousins used to play tricks on us girls by turning the lights off too. At first I thought when the lights went off that maybe the light bulb shorted out and blew, or there was a sudden electrical power surge. But then you smelled a candle burning and the scent of funeral flowers...

Maybe your Lolo wanted to get your attention, then when he saw you were scared, he sent the fragrance to reassure you. I don't feel any harm was meant. It is still nice to think that he came by to check on his grandchildren. Thanks for sharing your experience. 😊
Your friend is a mysterious woman... Any idea what drove her to look behind the picture? Was she checking for bedbugs? 😨
I was thinking that your visitor could be someone in a coma having an OBE and wandering about, and the white pajamas was some type of hospital-issue for long-term patients ("jammies" - Aussie slang).

But your comment about feeling that he was friendly and proud of you makes me think my first impression may be loser to the mark. Could very well be a family member dropping by - you may also share that "sensitivity" with your mom and grandma!
wendyjean in Ghost In The Wire?
Rex-T, you have an amazing story here. As someone who is part-sceptic and the victim of extended hauting in my own house I am impressed with this account. Not only are your descriptions detailed and objective, they are very succinct and believable. I am able to share this story and web site with my friends and I really appreciate your candour. 😊
majarlika012 in The Night He Went Away
[at] sushantkar it was a question to us why the doctors did not diagnosed it earlier. But his pediatrician explained to us that there are pneumonias that do not show symptoms. He was not even coughing. It was detected when it was already severe.
Hello Ygs members.
I stated that I wasn't going to partake in a discussion about the events that happened in my story but on reflection i'll clear up a few points
1 The car was travelling at a crawling speed so I was able to see it and the driver very clearly
2 The vehicle is familiar to me as I have been in it as a passenger on numerous occasions
3 There was no reason for my colleague to pretend that he didn't see me. I've known the person in question for over 13 years.
4 The 'double' appeared to mock me if that makes sense but this wasn't apparent until after I had experienced the incident.
5 This incident occured on the ascent of the Gravelly Hill turn off from the Salford Bridge in Erdington Bham.
The event confuses me to this day. I too have heard of doppelgangers but seeing the vehicle also makes it more perplexing. Can a vehicle be recreated? Why did I see this 'double'? Was it some kind of time travel? I still can't figure it.
majarlika012 in The Night He Went Away
Thank you for your comments. Yes, I know there is no coincidence when it comes to God. One way or another, He speaks to us. Though my family sometimes has what ifs (what if we are still complete? What if my brother is still with us?) We all know that He is in a better place now. We always have him in our hearts. He will always be our angel.
Hi Jubeele,
Yes I agree with you. The change in decor was not what the lady wanted and her way of getting attention was to knock over the dirtbin. Scary!
Sushantkar, Huah? To me obviously! Did you think I saw a female? Lol

Melda, 13 reasons!? I am afraid I cannot do a research for each victims... I tried to look for the old news articles as well pretty famous it was since one of the victims was an American pilot! Well I am not going to be detailed for a certain reason, but well, the hotel was a famous haunted hotel around Thailand.

You might notice it if you are curious enough to search it on the internet but please don't name it.
NightlyEclipse in Pesky Ghosts Part 3
[at] Jubeele So far nothing else has happened. I think I'm okay.
Hi Meldel, someone certainly didn't like that concertina door! Maybe the lady wanted the decor back the way it was. I wonder if the renovations disturbed her and she became more "active" as a result. She probably knocked over the kitchen dirtbin to get some attention. Hopefully someone will be able to cleanse that house and help her move on.

Thanks for sharing Sandy's experience. I hope your sister and her family are safe and happy in their current home.
Roylynx - It might well be that the hotel cleaners were a little lax when it came to washing the bath. That seems to have been your first impression as well. Did you find long hair anywhere else in the room? I'm asking because of the opinion offered by your friends.

The amulet behind the picture is interesting. If it is the custom in Thailand to place an amulet behind a picture in a room where someone passed away, then I would expect it to have been placed there with good intentions. However, there could probably have been a number of reasons for it.

Did you and your friend feel a negative presence in the room?

If 13 people died in the hotel as a result of the fire, then you have at least 13 reasons for a haunting!

Regards, Melda
Hi majarlika012, I'm so sorry for your loss. The passing of a loved one is always so, so difficult.

The night my father passed away, I dreamed he came into the room and smiled at me. I like to think that his spirit came to comfort me and say goodbye. That sweet flower scent could be the spirit of your brother passing through to give his farewell to you.

As for that amazingly comforting Bible verse, I agree with Melda that it's most likely not a coincidence. Be at peace.
Reaper666343 in New House Spook 2
I asked my neighbour and she has no recollection of anything strange in the house. I do keep a journal now. I will use this to update more when I can. I also have been looking for the history of the house and area. So far nothing interesting has come up.
Hi JazzyBaby, how frightening for you - particularly at a time when you're feeling so vulnerable.

Did you ever have any such experiences before this, or was your pregnancy the catalyst for them? When I was going through a very stressful period, I broke out in hives too. The skin is our largest sensory organ and our emotional state can sometimes impact on our physical state. So my initial thought was that the hormonal changes could be partly the cause for anxiety dreams etc.

But then that doesn't explain the rest...

It is interesting to note that when you returned to San Antonio after your vacation, you didn't have any terrifying episodes even though you were next to a cemetery. Perhaps you could look into the history of the barracks where you stayed and find out if there was anything significant about the cross between the walkways. Did you ever speak to anyone else who stayed there in the past?

Glad you and Baby made it safely through that period. Welcome to YGS. 😊
Interesting story.

I consider it unnecessary for the boy- ghost to stay stuck in the barn any longer. After over 400 years it would be nice if someone could help him to cross over or, at least, try to.😐
majarlika012 - This is a very touching story and I offer my sincere condolences.

I hope that in the years since the passing of your brother you have managed to cope with the empty space in your life. His special place in your heart will always be filled, as it should be.

The fragrant scent was probably left by your brother or perhaps a passed loved one who accompanied him on his way. I like to believe that there are loved ones waiting to guide us to the other side.

Your brother's confusion before his death was perhaps due to hallucinations caused by lack of oxygen to the brain. I experienced these hallucinations as well after my lungs collapsed. I am not saying that this is definitely what happened to him but I doubt whether that was anything paranormal. I know that you are not claiming it to be.

Is it coincidence that you happened to open your bible at that specific verse? I don't know but I'm not a great believer in coincidence.

Regards, Melda
Hi Reaper, I've gone back and re-read the first account on your new house. Did you ever get the chance to find out more about the history of the house? Did your neighbour remember if his/her father mentioning if anything odd happening there? What about the family living there previously for 15 years?

It might be useful to keep that journal of yours going with these activities. But so far, the occurrences seem to me more like: "hey, I'm right here". Incidentally, what were you watching on YouTube when you felt the cold spot on your arm? It must be really good to have caught someone/something else's interest too!

Thanks for the update.
Sahajiscool in Sinister
Yes shushant... We are aware of ojhaas... And we strictly avoid them. As far as the matter of that amulet, we also were surprised about its origin and inquired further from my own mom and we were told that it was true. However there is no explanation behind it. Thanks for reading and commenting...😊
Nightly, the part about the oven and locking your cat up was particularly worrying. There comes a point when "pesky" behaviour crosses a line. I'm glad you got the priest in before the disturbances got any worse. Perhaps you should still do a periodic cleansing to make sure they keep away.😐

Wishing you all the best. Be well.
Hello lynx, pretty odd events you experienced while your tour to Thailand. Just confused to read when the hotel staff said that"Have a good day, sir! Have a good day, madam!"...When your friend was "she" then why and to who the hotel staff said "Have a good day sir".
Did the hotel saw something else there?
Its sad to hear of an old building being condemned - especially one with such a sweet story behind its construction. Sadness and violence can happen anywhere and leave scars behind them. I don't get the feeling that there was anything inherently sinister about the house or land just that a tragedy happened there.

Interestingly, some of the most haunted houses I have heard of start out with the sweetest intent - I.e. Built for someone loved by the builder. Maybe that positive energy acts as a beacon or creates an environment where other energies are more likely to stick around... Sort of like a gel culture for growing bacteria in a petri dish... Without the gel, the cultures can't grow - so may be that initial infusion of energy acts as the 'gel' (for lack of a better analogy).

Interesting too that the same event seems (in my appraisal) to have created both a residual (the replay in the hall) and possibly two sentient hauntings (both the husband you met in the hall and the wife who told you to run).

I wonder if old newspapers would have any clues.
RANDYM - My thoughts on this are very similar to yours but I didn't bother to comment as you will note that the OP will not be reading the comments. Frustrating, not so? I would also like him to clear up a few points.

Regards, Melda
My confidence for the loss of your brother. But I was surprise to read that when he was sufferring from sevear pneumonia and if it was diagnosed earlier then why the hospital didn't admit him and do proper treatment?
Obviously death end all the sufferring and I truely believe that he is in better place now.

How young were you back then? Coz it seems to me, if you were really young, and you were told such story, you might brought it in your dreams. You think you're already awake but it's still a dream. You were really scared when your sister told you the story. So by the morning, you thought you're hearing things but in reality, it's just in your head. I don't know. I maybe be wrong though. What I am sure of is young kids have this strong imagination that whatever their mind perceives, they think that is reality.

You may ask your sister too. If there's really such old woman knocking and pleading to let her in, then your sister kight really experienced it beforehand.
When you sleep lying on your back, sleep paralysis is likely to occur. Sleeping lying on your left side is said to be the best position by medical people. I did sleep paralysis once, lying on my back after a hearty meal. In my sleep, I was stretched spread- eagled by hairy black hands holding my wrists and ankles. They were just hairy hands with no body - like from a monster.

The hands were pulling me apart and I could not move, shout or talk. Besides me, my wife slept soundly, unaware I was busy struggling to break free. This went on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then finally the hands were gone and I sat up wondering if they were real or not!
sushantkar in Ghost With Lantern
To LG- India is a big country and author didn't provide the name of the city in his submission, so I don't think that finding any link or supporting would be that easy.
If deceased Jamnadas had won the trail then I would think that proper court procedures must have taken place.
There are proper authorities and agencies in our country who are responsible for implementation of women rights but here it is not a case of women rights moreover it is the Orthodox and constructive thinking of the society which had forced Jamnadas to take such destructive step.
Dilip is right here, in rural sector, especially in the village almost every people knew each other also the literacy ratio as compared to the urban sector is pretty low.
Why Mr. Jamnadas haunt that post office, probably he works his entire life there and when his life ended in rather disrespectfuly his energy imprints remains their so he haunt that post office even after his death.

notjustme in Where Did He Go?
Ola Lady and YGS!... Tim Hortons πŸ˜† yes I do believe they carry sour cream. Have you tried our famous iced Capp? Kept me up most my high school days. Worth it. On to the story... And that is when they realized they forked up by stopping and then realizing he was indeed a spirit, then decided nope, not going to carry this guy on board. Let's be safe and get as many as possible onto another bus. I am no expert on Mexican culture, but from some stories I have read on YGS, many locals do believe in the supernatural. Lol so I wouldn't be surprised if the bus was never broken down in the first place. Just my guess.
Hello Villifan and welcome

The doppelgΓ€nger phenomenon is interesting indeed
Here is what I find different about your case

In most stories I have read about them the doppelgΓ€nger seems to
'keep to itself" so to speak. It got my attention that this one really was so active in wanting you to see it. At least it seems that way to me. This is also the first I have heard of one operating a vehicle. Do you remember what type of car? Could you ask your co worker to see his to see if it's the same

I reallly like this experience you have shared but it really has me at a loss

Thanks for the read
NightlyEclipse - Don't take all the comments made as negative criticism. Unfortunately a lot of teenagers (and not only teenagers mind you) do tend to publish fabricated stories.

I have had supernatural encounters since childhood and I understand what you mean when you say people don't believe you because you are a teenager and your word doesn't count for much. Believe me, your word does count!

Remember you don't have much life experience yet, in any field, so accept the advice you get here from members who do have a lot of paranormal and general life experience. They will never give you bad advice.

I'm sorry if I sound like a preaching granny but I don't want you to feel that anybody is picking on you and disbelieving your experiences. Chalk it all up to the learning curve of life.

I don't think we ever complete that curve while we're on earth but we do gain experience ❀

Regards, Melda
MaggieMay_Not, your name makes me smile. 😊

I used to get the old backhand or the bamboo switch from my Dad for "answering-back" too. Still, when I was older, I understood that didn't mean he didn't care about me. But oh, how frightening to see your strong, stoic father so rattled himself. I'm sure he does know more than what he's ever going to tell you. I'll be really interested in your brother's story too if he ever wants to share it. Both my paternal grandparents, an aunt, an uncle and a few cousins also have their share of strange experiences. This sensitivity does run in families.

I read your account last night and got gooseybumps all over. Yes, this is another one for my fav list too! 😘
EmmalineTexas in Father Knows Best
MaggieMay - The maze pendant is Wiccan and it's intended to trap an evil spirit before it can reach the person that it's protecting. It's infused with energy. Just thought I'd pass that along. Interesting!
MaggieMay_Not in Father Knows Best
Babygoatpuller - Thank you for the kind comment. Sorry for the delay, I've been out of town for work. I'm glad you enjoyed this little memory. To be honest, the way he said it told me I really didn't want to know and I never asked. I never will because sometimes ignorance is bliss. *blushes at the favs add. Thank you again.

EmmalineTexas - Thank you for commenting. Isn't it funny how so many people from that era, and their children recognize these behaviors? Still, he may be a disciplinarian, but I wouldn't change him for the world. My father is very sensitive and attributes his survival in Vietnam and Korea to that sensitivity. He never discussed it with me, but it was an not-talked-about fact that he is connected more deeply to the 'other' plane. He was always careful to be respectful of the dead and he never gave a reason why, but I can guess, you see he grew up next door to a cemetery. Also his brother, my uncle, was actively practicing what my mother called devil worship. Our family had a falling out over it, so I never really knew exactly what Jim was into, but as he is the person I and my father used to see in 2 places at once (ie out on the porch and asleep on the couch) I think it is safe to say he was very gifted.

Lady_Glow - Thanks for the compliment. I can't really say. I tend to accept things and not question, especially in relation to my uncle. The pendent is carved with what is either a maze or a spiral shell. I don't really know. There isn't really a center to the maze/shell and there is no exit, only dead ends after the entrance. Is it religious? No clue. Dad carved it, uncle took it for a few days, and it was back by the weekend.
NightlyEclipse in Mistakes Were Made
Hey Rook. Yeah, it doesn't make sense but if they're going to use it I'd rather they not use it as a way to prank me. It sounds dumb, I know.

Yeah, the Ouija thing seems unbelievable honestly I'd rather prefer it wasn't true. Someone suggested that whatever was in my house was using the board as a way to spook me. It worked, that's for sure. The session was closed, I don't think anything else is attached if anything I feel like whatever was attached to the necklace I brought home is responsible for this. I know I'm just a teenager, and my word won't count as much, but I do believe in telling the truth.
Elivia - Hello there. I don't actually know. I just heard it from the cubicle where I saw someone inside. Definitely, I believe she's done using that toilet when she flushed it. She didn't come out after that. No movements after all.

But I really saw, what I just saw. I still had goosebumps while I'm sharing this story. Haha!

Thank you for reading, Elivia!


Jubeele - oh. How sweet you are! Thank you so much for that. I hope people are just like you.

Regards to everything,

majarlika012 in Spirit Possession
I was wondering. Isn't it a bit off fighting with your mom over a small thing? And why would she be that angry? In my perception, it might be, that the devil was attracted to you because first, it might be that you had disrespected your mom, second, your mom being unreasonable for being angry with you for not showing your grad pic. She would have just waited for you to wake up.
Dreyk, I absolutely LOVE your writing! These stories are interesting & captivating... You've inspired me to sign in & share my own accounts rather than just lurking around here. Thank you for sharing & please give us more!
majarlika012 in Were You Really Absent?
[at] Randy Hahaha. At least you were able to prove them that you were indeed sick that day. LOL.
majarlika012 in The School Ghost 2
Shutter-like story. Are you really sure it is an original story? I have watched multiple horror stories from different countries and I can confidently say if the story I am reading here is somewhat similar to any of the movies I've watched 😁 But, you're story telling is good ha.
sushantkar in Sinister
In India offering suggesting amulates are quite normal. But the fact is that sometimes shamons/ojhas mislead peoples in need to fulfill their own spiritual/dark desires by offering them cursed/spirit infested objects like telsman or amulates which do the opposite reaction.
Although, this theory is pretty new and I have never heard about people asking for or looking for trees where people had commited suicide for making such thing as we all know that saveging such thing could have bad impact especially on pregnant womens or nursing womens.
Although, I knew about people collecting making talesman from trees where sacrifice is offered by Aghoris, shamons or black magic practitioners in the Eastern part of India. One such place that I new is the famous Kamakhya temple in Guwahati, a provincie in East India the entire process is done very secretively and they allow only those who actually needed this.
It is basically followed by peoples who believes in such things.

So may be the entend of giving that amulet was unintentional... Or not.

jeffinaustx - Why don't you ask to be booked into a different hotel or are the others worse?😨

I don't think I'd get much work done knowing what was waiting for me at my temporary home!

Regards Melda
Benny_Lundon in Hotel Divinus - Debrecen
Hi jeffinaustx, welcome and thanks for the great read.
I know I'd have launched out of bed if the duvet made a move on me like that, creepy stuff 😨.
Wish I had the money to visit that Hotel, enjoy the rest of your stay there and let us know if anything happens.
Regards, Benny.
Wow...What a confusing story!? Or should I say more information please?
The one you guys were out the balcony until 7am... How is it related to the other encounter with the strange scream? What time was it again? Is it afternoon or midnight?

Please clear the fog for us, it is a very interesting one.

Sahajiscool in Sinister
Thanks lady-glow and jubeele for reading my story and also for commenting. As per your concern, I need to tell that amulets (brought only from some holy place like temple) are sometimes worn in our community and also their worth can not be denied to some extent... Its all about faith. Thats why sister's mother in law didn't think much about it... But later she realised it and this has been the topic of talk at their home many a times... And about neighbour, we don't think she meant anything harmful. They have been known to each other for long...
Thanks for sharing your experience. The description of the "old-fashioned phone ringing" takes me back to the late 70's and 80's where, as a young technician, I was fixing faults on telephone lines in Australia. The problem you're having is similar to what we used to refer to as 'Phantom Calls'.

I've heard mobile phones that sound like an old set of bells ringing on incoming calls. It is possible that one of your neighbours could still be the source of your problem, but this doesn't explain why only you hear the ringing.

You may have a better range at hearing low frequency noises than most people or cats.

Also, have you ever picked up the phone when you hear the ringing? Does the ringing stop? Is there someone on the line? Intriguing!

I should let you know, that with all our technology, we still walked away from a few 'Phantom Call' cases with no logical explanation. So please keep enquiring 'the truth is out there'. Just have fun along the way.
I respect spiders and their role in stopping the insect population from becoming a vermin infestation. Even though we're surrounded by venomous creatures in Australia, I feel it is very wrong to kill spiders just for 'fun'. Even bird-eating spiders (if that is what you were catching) should not be treated that way. This to me is another form of animal cruelty, along the lines of fighting fish, cockerel fighting, bull-fighting, dog fights, greyhound racing and pulling wings off insects. Not to mention the hundreds of minus karma points in life this will earn you. Please don't do this anymore!

Now, back to your story... This reminds me of the White Lady of Balete Drive in New Manila, Quezon City. That "white lady" was a teenage girl run over by a taxi driver and buried near a balete tree. When the tree was cut down to build the road, the girl continued to haunt the area, in particular taxi drivers.

Was there any tale associated with that Kamatsile tree? Does your family have its own legend of a White Lady on the farmland? Since the apparition was wearing a wedding dress, is there any local story of a jilted bride or betrayed wife?

It could very well be that you saw the "Spider Widow", the manifestation of all the vengeful mates of the male spiders killed for your amusement... 😨
Jubeele in Sinister
I've got a Big Question Mark (?) concerning the motives of that neighbour. Considering the negative impact of her suggestion, I can't help wondering if her real intent was to cause mischief. Your sister's mother-in-law should more cautious with any further 'helpful' advice from that particular source. Just in case... 😐
Lilpeach, I suggested seeing a doctor because I suffer from tinnitus too. When it gets quiet, the ringing becomes more noticeable. It seems as if an appliance or machinery nearby has been turned on and is emitting on some subsonic frequency that rattles my eardrums something horrible.

I think it's better to eliminate a physical cause first before moving on to other possibilities.

***Aw, babygoatpuller <blush>...I'm still a 'young' Padawan, learning from the experience of yourself and many others here. 😳
MariaMason in Scary Hummmm Noises
If it was an ITI surrounding, then that noise can be of any mechanical equipment.
MariaMason in A Shared Experience
That was really scary. I seriously don't want to face such type of events in my life.
They show no signs of a demonic essence, which is the extent of what I can see these day and its been about 7 years that they have been with me. My mother is a high priestess that always blesses the house and they never see effected by it. I should have mentioned it earlier, though they always cause me to blackout if I stay up too late into the night. I do barely get much sleep anyway because of book reading and horror movies.
Hi villafan; this is an unusual story. An event that you will probably never forget. Your words seem to suggest that you are a teacher, and as such, probably a keen observer of human mannerisms and appearances. From what you've written, there seem to me to be three possibilities that might explain your experience:

1. The obvious one is that your colleague should not have been driving where you saw him, for some personal reason that he didn't want to share. He possibly momentarily overlooked this fact and spontaneously wanted to say hello.

2. You were mistaken. It wasn't him. This is a very unlikely scenario in view of the fact that you are convinced it was him and he clearly recognized you too.

3. You saw a doppelganger. There are two of him and we can't explain it.

I am curious about the commonplace location of the event at a roundabout. I have a picture in my mind of the two cars passing each other in the opposite direction. Would you mind providing us with the location of the roundabout? I have a general recollection of the geography of the UK and I'd like to see it on Google Earth.

Thanks for this story villafan. Excellent.
I think I would have freaked out.

Specially if I'm waiting outside the cubicle and believing that someone is in the cubicle the whole time standing there.

But to then realise that no one is in there... But when you said you heard the toilet flush, was that something you actually heard and was there any sort of movement or anything?
That's still really strange, something or someone was defiantly on the other side of that door!

On a good note, at least you was brave enough to open the door and have a look around. 😁
jeffinaustx. How utterly facinating yet deeply chilling. Have you ever done any investigating into the Hotel? I also don't scare easily, but I can tell you that if my duvet covered did that to me I would run, call me chicken if you must. Love your writing style.
Hi SilentAngel, in my opinion, and from my experiences, these so-called "ghosts" are nothing more than demons. They might tell you they're guardian angels, spirits, whatever, heck they might even give you a forewarning to my message but best to stay away from them. They like to "infest" in groups, and continuing to interact with them will encourage more of them to join the merry party. You will find that they like to mix truth and lies, and you won't be able to tell one from the other. Do you think it's a coincidence that all of them "forgot" their names?

If I were you I'd visit a pastor or priest of my nearest church (not cult πŸ˜†) and seek help and advise from them. Please see my YGS profile for my views on this.
dilip506 in Ghost With Lantern
If the man is found innocent also, in such cases, his respect in society vanishes. Especially in the village areas of India. People do suspect him and keep him away. But things are diff in cities. People do think and behave in more mature way. Since this happened in 80s, the maturity level of people would be different compared to these days. Yes, even if he was found innocent, the society might have banished him. His wife might not have trust in him.
Bibliothecarius in The Ghost Car Of Highway 58
Just watched an adaptation of this story by "Beyond Creepy" on Youtube ( As I was listening, I began to wonder why the story was so damn familiar.
It was published there on Oct 15, 2016.

(Andrea22 has not been active on YGS since 2013, but I thought I'd mention it.)

As I like to be reasonable, the video DOES include a spoken & visible credit to YGS, quotations from Andrea and Sacul were *also* specified. I didn't see a direct *link* to the story, but I am busy tidying up the basement and may have missed it.

I had the same thought as lady-glow. It is unusual that a woman's allegation was taken seriously against a man of a respectable standing, particularly during the 1980s and in certain societies. There must be more to this story than meets the eye.

Ayaz, please talk to us... See I haven't even made any corny analogies about cricket this time!
Hi Nevym, welcome to YGS. One of my neighbours (a good friend of ours) is from Montenegro - he says it's a most beautiful place.

My first thought when I read your account was that all the disturbances reminded me of pranks. The lost-found shirt, the noises in your bedroom, the fallen books etc - nothing was actually damaged. There's also the gathering of teenagers together... Could it be an attention-seeking poltergeist?

But then again, there's the fear level to consider. Was it more a startled "this-is-some-weird-stuff" or a full-on terror "danger-run-for-the-hills" fear? What was the underlying intent you sensed behind these activities?

Another thing to consider: was there any unresolved family issues relating to your great-grandmother? Don't mean to get too personal - just think about it for yourself. Also, is there any significance to the time 1:55pm?

In any event (many members here will suggest this as well), ask if your grandparents will permit a cleansing ritual of some kind. There are many ways available. If they're not on board with the idea, you can just do your own bedroom so you can at least have a sanctuary at home. Rook's method, which has been used by many, can also be found on his profile.

Without knowing more details, that is all I have for you. Be well.
Unexplained in Ghost Buildings
Your excellent story reminds me of this one:

lady-glow in Ghost With Lantern
Not meaning any offence and not wanting to have a biased opinion about this story, I would like to ask to the Indian members of the forum the following questions:

Given the work in progress in which women rights are in India, would the facts of this story be plausible during the last quarter of the previous century?

Would a woman's word have had any weight against the word of a man as highly regarded as Mr. Jamnadas? Did the court call for the testimony of any witnesses?
Or, am I misreading the narrative and his reputation got tarnished even after he was found not guilty?

"He trialed court case and win that case. But since than, his retirement date passed over and his honor and prestige among people was badly harmed. Due to that fake case, his retired life was totally dishonored and very sad full... Most of his colleagues and relatives had broken relations with him. Even his wife had not trust him..."

I imagine such a case would have attracted some attention from the press, could any one provide a link to the records of that year?

Any idea as why Mr. Jamnadas would haunt the entrance to the post office with his lantern if that wasn't a normal pattern to his daily life? Did he live close to the post office?

I'm aware that the OP won't even bother reading the comments to their story but, I want to put their story to some good use and, hopefully, find some truth to this experience.

majarlika012 in Heavenly Scent
I also have the same experience. I submitted it but hasn't been approved for posting yet. A scent that is relaxing.
majarlika012 in Another Restroom Story
Was there any back story regarding that haunted restroom in your school?
majarlika012 in Call Center
I am not sure but I think I have read a story same as this before. You know, the elevator opening at some floors then showing it's already full. And yes, I think it was because of a mechanical issue, faulty sensor.
lady-glow in Father Knows Best
MM_N: beautiful and interesting story.
Just curious, does the pendant represent a religious symbol?

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Sinister
Welcome to YGS.

The skin on my belly got itchy at the thought of having a thread tied around during pregnancy, specially in the last trimester when the skin is sore and full of stretch marks, that would had been enough for your sister to feel uncomfortable while wearing the amulet; but after knowing its origins I completely agree with you that it should be avoided. There's no doubt it had some negative energy attached. Creepy, very creepy!

Glad to know your sister didn't wear it again.

Thanks for sharing.
Faith - Thanks for a wonderful story. It made me wonder enough to ask you something. Are you by any chance part native American? I know that chanting can be a form of prayer or accessing the divine energy, depending on how you look at it. It's just possible that you tapped into the chi of the area (for lack of a better term) and the land spoke to you to tell you about the deer. If you were in an Alpha state you would have been very receptive. Great story, I loved it. ❀
majarlika012 in Grandmom Still Cares
Wow. That was a nice story. But, not to ruin your belief though, don't you think it is much appropriate to thank God instead? Because I believe it was Him who forbade you to go to that country.

However, it is good that you did not go. Everything works for good:)
EmmalineTexas in Father Knows Best
MaggieMay - Thank you for such a great story. I'm the child of a Vietnam Vet and I completely understand answering with a Yes, Sir or No, Sir. It's interesting that he always wanted to pay respects in a graveyard. Something tells me he had a gift that he didn't talk about and when he knew you had it too, it scared him to death. ❀
DestinyGirl in Best Hug Ever
Thank you for sharing your story. It touched me deeply and personally. My maternal grandfather passed away when I was 19 years old. I am the youngest granddaughter on that side of the family, and I always had a special bond with my grandpa. I was crushed when he passed away because he had always been so vibrant with such a strong personality, and he could make me giggle as a little girl like no one else.

One night, a few months after his passing, my family had gone to visit my grandmother and other extended family. As the youngster in the house, I was assigned to sleep on the couch in the living room. This was the room where my grandfather had passed away. Before going to sleep, I was thinking about what might happen during the night, and I made myself rather nervous.

In the middle of the night I woke up suddenly and was immediately terrified to open my eyes. I just knew if I opened them I would see something that would scare me terribly. I laid there whimpering for a few minutes, and then a sudden calm came over me. I realized that anything in that room was a manifestation of my grandpa, and that he wouldn't do anything to hurt me or purposely frighten me.

It was then that I felt that same warmth - loving, positive, peaceful. I let it envelop me for a moment and opened my eyes. I didn't see anything but the dark room. The warmth stayed with me until I fell back to sleep, and I slept very soundly for the rest of the night.

I'm glad you got to experience something so calm and loving with your grandfather - I hope you can always look back to that feeling and find comfort whenever you need to.

At the time it was really frustrating. I had never heard of a doppelganger or any such thing.
I know I could not convince this teacher it wasn't me. I thought she was out to get me or something.
Its the same as being accused of something you know you didn't do.

Have a good day
majarlika012 in Were You Really Absent?
[at] Randy: Oooohhh! How does it feel having someone who look like you and there were witnesses that they saw you, well in fact you're in a different location? πŸ˜• I forgot to ask my classmate so I am asking you hehehe
babygoatpuller in Father Knows Best
Wow MaggieMay! Just WOW! This was such a great read. I could almost feel your father's fear the way you've written this. No telling what would have happened if he hadn't finally caught up to you. He obviously knew it wasn't anything good.

Did he ever elaborate on what the outcome could have/would have been had he not found you? I've heard/read about Rose Hill Cemetery. None of it was good. Could you please talk to your brother and ask him if you could share his story here?

Thanks for sharing. Going to my favs.
sushantkar in Ghost With Lantern
Ok... Publishing a story and avoiding answering the counter questions /comments is like dropping a dumb bomb and escape.
Author is not serious about anyone's concerns so obviously writing about it is also a waste of time.
😨 😁
babygoatpuller in Phantom Phone Ringing
Jubeele already gave my suggestion lilpeach, but she does that a lot. πŸ˜†

A few years back I was hearing a low level rumbling noise, especially when it was quiet. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from and nobody else could hear it. I finally went to my ENT and he said it's tinnitus. It's annoying as all hell but I'm used to it now and I know it's not some phantom tractor. Ringing is a classical sign.
You might want to do a simple old form if cleansing yourself. It involves cleaning anything out of your space that doesn't bring you joy (I.e. Items like those moving boxes), opening up all the windows and sweeping out all the corners.

A new form of caffeine might help too. Everything from sodas to teas and coffees to chocolate has caffeine in it. Sure, on its own - as in pure caffeine tablets - yes, it tastes bitter but the taste is difficult to discern in foods and beverages containing average amounts. Vitamin B is also a good one for energy.

Seems like more than anything else, you need to take control of the situation. Get rid of the OB. Perform cleansings yourself. Clean out your space so nothing can hang on. Lay down ground rules with any entities that remain and get some rest. 😁

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