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Ah, Hummmm?

You closed the 'bedroom door'. But when you opened the door to see who may be turning the doorknob it opened to a 'dark alleyway'? Is that how 'hallways' are described in the UK... Something like the Subway in the U.S. Is called the Underground/Tubes in the UK?

Things that make you go hummmm?


Welcome to YGS.

Rosiebob, that's a fascinating experience. I wonder if the man of light was surprised to find you in 'his' house.

Did you ever investigate the history of the house? Perhaps a previous resident was sharing your apartment without pinching in his share of the rent.

Thanks for sharing.
It's a shame that you didn't look through the window, perhaps it was just a couple of cats fighting and your fear and imagination created a monster in the night.

It's important to always consider all mundane explanations before assuming something to be paranormal.

Thanks for sharing.
Did ANYONE else in the household hear this roar?

If you had been asleep for 1-1.5 hours (or did you mean minutes?) then, odds are, if NO ONE else heard this roar then it was a dream.

Just my opinion though.


Argette. Parade ground is the area where you can only march or run on. Not walk. Its where they send solders off to war and lay them down if deceased
zzsgranny in The Hooded Angel
I think the OP was being sarcastic when he called himself an "expert" 😆. Takes one to know one haha But if you read it in a sarcastic tone it makes much more sense.
Spooky. Seem like it wasn't expecting to see you there.
Did it pop its head around corner fast or was it a slow pace movment for the head?
Haha, L-Melb, a bit of "toilet" humour!

Eloisa, your story brought back memories of my primary school days when we were all convinced something nasty lurked in the toilets. Not just girl germs either. After a new batch of ghost stories made the rounds, whenever a girl needed to go to the toilet, she would gather a whole flock to accompany her for safety. It was such a "chick" thing and a most hilarious sight. It really annoyed the teachers too!😆
I don't know that of all rooms the one in question would smell "sweet"... Maybe calling it the "odour room" would take away all confusion 😜
One thing is certain, at our place a family member - who will remain nameless - always seems to be haunting the spot at the worst times!
(Yes, I can hear you all saying "how charming, thanks so very much... " 😕)
Jubeele in Where Did He Go?
I like the Canada idea. It makes sense in a way, the red hat symbolizing the Canadian red maple leaf. Maybe you had a far-seeing and somehow tapped into a "fast-forward" scene from the future.

I enjoyed how you described the scene - made me feel I was there! Thanks again for sharing. 😊
Jubeele... Yeah I got it. Haha thanks! Here in the Philippines we are using the shortest term for comfort rooms. C for comfort R for rooms, to make it short, it would be CR.

Maybe you can change it too into restroom so that other people can understand it.



Hi! Oh thank you for that. I do understand too. And sorry for that, I didn't expect that it is a new word for you and many. Thanks, anyway.

Hi Martin.

No. It's okay. No problem about it. Thank you so much!

A "room" by any other name would smell just as sweet... (apologies to the great Bard). I remember travelling through California from LA to San Fran and all the puzzled looks I got whenever I asked for the "ladies' room". Then after a bit of charades, a light would dawn on their faces and they would say: 'Oh, you mean the "restroom"!' My face was sure red!

My classmates came from different primary schools in Singapore during my years at junior college or pre-university as it was then known (is it still Year 11 and 12 in Australia?). We swapped stories on haunted school toilets in all shapes, sizes and colours of the rainbow. Many were variations on a theme. They all gave us pleasant thrills during school camps. Still, there were a few that were hard to explain away...
If you had taken the phone to the store you bought it from they should have been able to retrieve your data including your pictures. Sorry but without the pictures maybe you should have waited to post the story.
I am more than ready to be told I'm wrong or have (as they say in my parents language) "mistaken a donkey for a horse"
I've noticed a troubling pattern where young people talk of an "entity" that behaves in a controlling manner.
The narrative is peppered with examples of how the o/p is "special" due to what the "entity" does to remain with -but in truth control- the o/p.
I wonder what it is about the young (females in particular I hate to say) which allows acts which are in truth abusive to be seen in the light of "wow, look what they did for me, I must be really special"
The above is not the worst of these examples but I get that theme from what I've read.
Hope I am wrong in a big way and you know you are special and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
Hi Eloisa,
About the title change, I can understand why Martin thought it may have been a typo. Although it seems to be a very common name for that room in your part of the world, I had never heard it used in my part of the world (Australia).
As our television is full of programmes from the US and UK and it doesn't seem to 'pop' up, you can see that it is something new to many of us.
Thanks for 'flushing' this new term out for us 😁
Another great thing about YGS, the world is expanded in all kinds of ways!
aisyah1987 in Childhood Ghosts
It's important to get yourself blessed, say some important protection prayers, mentally visualize yourself being in your own shield of protection and may God heal you and protect you always, dear... ❤
Lilwolf in The Hooded Angel
Ok, if you were a ghost expert at the time wouldn't You still be one now and wouldn't you know if it was bad or evil?

Why run away why not see what it was? Come on now, this whole thing sounds like something written by a skiddish teenager that is interested in the paranormal but doesn't know how to handle it.🙄

First off don't ask the spirits to scare you because you may end up with more than You can chew. It's not very wise to in a sense to test the spirits...

Second, Why not just tell your mom what You saw maybe she can help You with how best to deal with it?

Lastly dealing with the paranormal is not a game and not everything dark and shadowy is bad.

Hopefully You can figure this one out and there is no negative repercussions from it.
Jubeele in Dreams Of Water
Vegan, your story terrified me. Being trapped and drowning are two of my biggest fears. Your dreams sound like a bit of precog or premonition at work. I'm glad you don't have those dreams anyone.

L_Melb, I've had similar nightmares/anxiety dreams when I was learning (unsuccessfully) to drive. The worst one was about being at the wheel of a red sports car, not being able to stop and mowing down people on a "zebra" crossing. Ugh. Never mind, we can take the bus together!

Drive safely everyone...
eloisa28, my bad, I thought I caught a typo and changed it, I reverted back to the original spelling 🤦‍♂️
You're clearly more "sensitive" to the spirits than your brother. These are good experiences to cherish. You've been blessed. 😊
It's always nice to have someone watching over you! She must have been a really beautiful person inside out. ❤
I hope that your family and you are doing well... Sad to hear about the negative energy residing in that house. I can relate; coming from a single parent background... *tight hugs* ❤
Glad you found your piano books. Would be nice if they defrosted your freezer too (maybe not, that might get the books wet!).

If you think it might be the necklace, try rinsing it under running water. Water has a spiritual cleansing effect. My Mum (who has a whole store of folk rituals) recommends that as she feels it removes any negative influences or bad karma. It wouldn't hurt to 'cleanse' things bought second-hand as you have no way of knowing where it previously came from.

I have friends who swear on the purifying effects of burning sage, followed by incense. This is to keep the yin/yang aspects in harmony around your home. Also have a look into Rook's method too.

I hope we've given you enough to go on. Do keep us updated. 😊
I've read both your accounts and thought for a while about them. I might be wrong, but I'm detecting a troubling pattern here. Your spirit entity is sending out definite signals of a controlling personality. Having been in an abusive relationship in my past, I see all the insidious hallmarks developing.

I agree with Lilwolf on having personal boundaries that must be respected. If Aizel was a human behaving in such a way towards you, would you still find his behaviour acceptable?

I had the same thoughts about "grooming". This is what really troubles me. Am I reading too much into this situation or is there a sinister intent in the subtext? Either way, please tread carefully and do consider Rook's advice.

Did you say you had 4 stories in total? (Excuse me Rook, can you please make room for me on that fence?)
Sorry about the title. It shouldn't be "Girl's Cry at the 3rd Floor" but it should be "Girl's CR (comfort room) at the 3rd Floor". I don't know what happened. Maybe they changed it or what.

Anyway, thank you for those who read it and for those who will read it. Lovelove!


Thanks Vegan,
I think now I understand why there was the surprise with the locking of the door -at least I don't feel so silly 😜
Hi lady-glow.

Thanks for reading. Well she's a very good friend tho. She's just lazy to go out of the classroom. Haha

After what happened, I can hear other stories from the students who experience something like that. But mostly just flushing the toilet or what.

I didn't use the toilet anymore. Haha because I got really scared that time! I just went back straight to the classroom.


I truly hope that You don't take this as offensive but it sounds as if You need to set some guidelines for Aizel, the fact that he was able to keep You against your will in this place with the animals and him is highly concerning. It is Your body Your vessel, NOT his. You should be in control at all times unless You GIVE him permission otherwise and if I was You I would be very hesitant. To me it sounds as if he is trying to slowly gain control. It starts with an attachment, and if You are not very VERY careful oppression and eventually complete control... I don't want to use the word possession necessarily because I'm not 100% certain it would be right in this case or not.

It is also very concerning that he went from Joy, light and optimist to suddenly somewhat darker, sudden mood changes things of that nature. Makes me think something is up his sleeve so to speak. Just be careful, or else You may find Yourself in a very dangerous position.
Ah, thank you. The Family member that passed, were they prone to playing pranks on other Family members? It may be them making themselves known...Or...if the activity started closer to you buying the necklace... Perhaps a spirit is attached to it.

Just a couple of ideas based on your reply.

Please ask any questions you may have.


NightlyEclipse in Haunted By A Pesky Ghost
[at] rookdygin In January a family member died, and the most recent thing was when I was dropping a few things off at a thrift store and I found a cute necklace. I bought it and brought it home.

[at] Jubeele I did find my piano books! They were in the freezer.
First...I find 1...One...1 Just 1 other post on your profile. If it is indeed about the same 'spirit/entity' then I have some concerns... (Heck I have a few anyway, but I am giving the benefit of doubt here...)

From what you have shared between this and the other account I can read it seems to me that this 'spirit/entity' is grooming you...yup...GROOMONG you... For what purpose, I have no idea... And yes I use/mean 'grooming you' with negative connotations. If this is actually happening then it's not right... As 'good' as things seem at the moment a time will come when this spirit/entity wants 'something' from you...

Just my opinion. I have a Cleansing/Shielding Method posted on my profile, please take a look and dare I suggest use it.

Please keep us updated.

(From the fence.)


lady-glow in Where Did He Go?
Hi guys, thanks for reading and commenting on my story.

Jubeele: I have considered that same possibility as you suggest but I remember that the only people gathering by the door were the same passengers I saw getting off the bus before me, and nobody else came from any other direction than the bus's door.

I guess I could have asked if anyone else had seen the man, but I didn't think about it at that moment besides, everybody was sleepy and not exactly happy after having to leave the bus.

Manafon: after all these years I still find it fascinating that his hat was the only colored thing about him though, I wonder if I had like to see an injured or deformed face below that hat or, even worse, if it had been a skull!

Roylynx: now that you mention it, perhaps he was a premonition that one day in the future I would immigrate to Canada?

L_Melb: I still scratch my head every time I think about that man... Or ghost? I saw.

"Recently I've been noticing some odd things happening around the house."

How 'recently'? When did this type of activity start? If your home was 'quiet' until recently... Did you make a purchase and bring something 'new' into your home... Something tat once belonged to someone else?

This sounds like a job for 'The Mighty Journal'. Start recording all the odd occurrences happening around your home... Do they seem to happen at about the same time of day... What was the weather like... How 'important' or 'urgently' did you need the missing item? Record of those things and more, any and all the details you can remember. Then you can review them and look for things each 'experience' has in common, could you 'debunk it' if so why... If not why not?

As for your cat, eh, its a cat... Not quite sure what may be going on in its head... 😆

Have you, can you, check the history of the house (unless you already know it)? May be some clues there.

It has been mentioned to lay down some ground rules... Its a good idea. It give the spirit/entity recognition, which may be all it truly wants, and sets some 'boundaries' at the same time. It also 'creates' a 'tipping point' because something 'negative' will 'ignore' the rules and the 'unwanted activity' will continue, and possible escalate.

If you wish it to cease please check my profile, I have a Shielding/Cleansing method posted there that you may find helpful.

Thanks for sharing.


wow What an experience! Did you ever thank the ghost for folding your clothes? 😆
Vegan93 in Dreams Of Water
Yes! It was truly a miracle! I couldn't believe it I thought we were going to die! Thanks to my boyfriend he saved us!
Love these comments! [at] Jubeele my brother never had dreams of her nor experiences I don't know if it's because he's younger than me? [at] L_Melb a lot of times my brother would go out or come back to the house and leave the door unlocked, apologies I forgot to mention it in the story... Thanks for reading my stories ❤
L_Melb in Dreams Of Water
Wow Vegan, that is a strange set of events!
I never thought about what might happen with electric powered windows in this sort of situation (eeek!)
I must admit I don't drive, one of the reasons (excuse...) being the awful dreams I have where the car won't stop and I mount various footpaths tp avoid disaster!
Hmmm... At least now I feel like I'm doing a public service 😁
Thanks, and SO glad all worked out!
Hi lady-glow,
What a strange experience and from having read your various comments over time, you don't strike me as someone who jumps to a paranormal explanation for anything you can't explain.
The man having taken off his head gear is a good thought by Jubelee.
I wonder if maybe he might have saved you all from an accident rather than being the cause of the break down.
A very interesting read, thanks 😊
Way back in the 1950's... What? Seems like there was one more thought that didn't quite make it into the story. There are still countries that use institutions like Pennhurst with "varying" degrees of success.

You see news stories from back in the day (70s, 80s) talking about the terrible conditions in these asylums. You see people on the floor, covering their eyes and ears and rocking in what looks almost like terror. How much of that was due to the haunting activity. If you think about it, these hospitals have pretty much always been haunted - it comes with the territory. So, you have thousands of already distressed people, locked in their cells all night with who knows what kind of terrifying activity going on. As scary as it might be to visit one of these places now, after its been long abandoned. What must it have been like for the patients...
roylynx in Where Did He Go?
Interesting story! I thought Santa lived in Finland, no? So his real place is in Mexico? Just joking LOL

One of my coworker is also very sensitive; I think I have written a story about her seeing his boyfriend with his already gone ex-girlfriend, she said she had seen her just like a real person but had gone when she realizes. Maybe that is how most apparitions are supposed to be? I really have no idea... Not only her; I have heard many other reports saying that when they saw a spirit it was just like a real person.

Also, I know of that some people are "gifted" when they were born because of their family background. For example, like one of my friends, his grandfather was a "gifted person" and had known to be one of the first media whom had worked with a "real" paranormal science team in Soviet (USSR), now he is the one in his family to have the same "gift" or should I say ability like his grandfather.

True or not about the above statement, some people get their ability from their DNA, I believe, so there might be a possibility that you and your mother shared the same "gift".

Oh, yea, before just assuming on that, did any other else saw the same red hat guy?

Lady-glow, Ah... I understand about the tiny keyboard of iPhone lol
Please feel free to ask me anything from the story:-)

"... I felt that I was about to pee... I even tried to let my friend help me but she refused."😨

If she can't help you peeing then she's not a good friend. (just kidding!)

Do you know if any other students ever experienced seen the ghostly feet in the washroom?
That's scary enough to make a person pee their pants! Did you use the toilet or did you forget all about your full bladder?

Thanks for sharing.
What part of nz fellow kiwi? Any idea in age of house street areas
Manafon1 in Where Did He Go?
Fascinating account lady-glow. Your description made it easy to visualize the events. That you noticed that the "man" was wearing a red knit hat without any light source suggests a fantastic example of the telepathic element present in so many paranormal encounters. The color of the hat was considered pertinent information by the mind (living or dead) transmitting the telepathic information and so you saw it. It's one possibility at least!

Thanks for sharing another intriguing account.
Jubeele in Where Did He Go?
Lady-glow, this is mysterious indeed. So did the bus driver see him too and slowed down, or did the man in the red hat somehow caused the bus breakdown? Just to give another possibility: did he take his red hat off and blended in with the rest of the passengers? If his face was in shadow, maybe you didn't recognize him without the hat?

Then again, maybe you and your mum weren't supposed to see him in the first place. Perhaps that could be why he 'hid' from you?

This reminds me of another account where someone saw a passenger get off the bus and then disappear among the trees. It was discussed that maybe spirits are wandering among us unnoticed more often than we realize. Small echoes or shadows just replaying actions that they've done many times before their passing. I can't remember the name of the story, but if I find it again, I'll let you know.

Thanks for another interesting read.
AugustaM in Game Cam Photos
Thank you for including your photos! I am no expert on photo analysis but it sure looks to me as though you caught something in both. The first on the left with the time stamps looks like a fellow wearing cavalry boots with spurs. The right boot and spur are what I see the most clearly... Maybe there's a horse there too but we just can't see it. Otherwise, the reason why a pair of boots might be 'floating' under a tree run to the sinister... In the other I see a human figure that seems male to me judging from the width of the shoulders - the bulkiness there leads me to speculate that he is wearing a uniform. Something about the outline of his head lends itself to a flat cap or kepie.
L_Melb in A Rare Sighting
Well, at least I'm glad that after all your hard work you have found yourself a good position and life is going well for you now 😊
Let us know what else happened when you're ready to share, thanks again, L
I agree, that story was interesting yet unclearly written. Of course Pennhurst is an infamous place, right up there with places like Waverly Hills Sanitorium, Whaley House, Cohen Bray House, Eastern State Penitentiary, The Sallie House (which I'm pretty sure is just as much of a hoax as the Amityville house), etc...

Did you wander around and that's how you were alone or do you mean that you were all together and your friends mysteriously vanished. The red eyes also could use some more clarification. Did they appear to be what may have been red eyes or were they clearly red eyes? Was there some incoming, ambient light that could be reflecting a glow somehow? If I saw multiple sets of red eyes staring at me, I would open fire.

What I understood was that they saw 4 sets of glowing red eyes and asked 10 questions thinking they were eyes belonging to spirits. I would like to know what the questions were, if you got any answers and what happened to the red eyes? Like did they just disappear or did you not get any answers and therefore maybe you just left? Interesting story as I'm sure most of us have heard a lot about that place, just wish there were more details 😉
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published 📷
lady-glow in Jeff Jeffedy Jeff!

Hello and thanks for the clarification, I was puzzled thinking that the detective was acting like one of those pesky paparazzi whom stop to nothing in order to get a good picture.

I'm doing fine, nowadays I haven't commented too much because I mostly read the stories in my iPhone and find its little keyboard difficult and tedious to use... And my PC is buried under a mountain of junk piled up on my desk.
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published 📷
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published 📷
Hi Biblio

I was taught in school during the 1970s and 80s about the founding of the four major religions in Singapore (Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam). Great foundation to promote racial harmony - have children grow up learning about different cultures and to respect each other's belief systems.

From what I remember, Siddhartha Gautama was a Nepalese prince born over 2,500 years ago to a small kingdom on the border between Nepal and India. "Buddha" is more a title than anything else. I think it means" one who is awake", or spiritually enlightened. I've heard the saying "we all have the Buddha within".

I'm not an expert about the Feng-Shui (Wind-Water, elemental influences) aspect, but anything placed at the entrance is supposed to influence whoever (or whatever) comes into or goes out from the place. My mother has made jade talismans, blessed by the temple priest, which I've hung at the entrance of my home. They're for protection, good fortune or something. It reassures her that they're there, so there they will stay.

If Buddha (who dwells within all "Enlightened" souls) is watching over the hallway entry to your parent's house, from the vantage point above waist-level on the windowsill, then I feel that Buddha is smiling in blessing at you. Buddha has been known to have male and female incarnations. My favourite aspect of Buddha is Guangshiyin, the Bodhisattva also known as Guangyin, the Goddess of Mercy. The non-gender specific part is to show that mercy and compassion have no boundaries.

I really appreciate the cross-cultural connections between Hinduism and Buddhism too. Same-same, but different. So rich in heritage! I feel that many peoples in the world share more things in common than differences. Never can figure out why so many want to dwell mostly on the things that they disagree with. The late Carl Sagan said it rightly that "we are made of star stuff". All part of the same cosmos.

Sorry to ramble on. I spent more time in libraries than dance clubs as a teen. Biblio, I'll gladly come over to help you catalogue and stack books anytime if you need a hand! 😆
I liked how you told your story - no need to apologize. It was short and to the point.

I'd hate to have things like that happening at my place. I'm untidy enough without pesky ghosts playing tricks on me. Now that you mention it, when things suddenly disappear at home, I would speak aloud that if I don't get it back by the time I really needed it, There-Will-Be-Trouble. Never thought much about whom I was talking to or why I do that. The missing stuff usually gets "found" soon after that... Ooo-kay, now that's given me something to think about.

Hope you find your piano books in time for your lesson. Maybe you can try what Augusta suggested and get them their own stuff? Set up a little corner for them with an old phone, spare keys and other trinkets. Then address them firmly that you will respect their 'space', so can they please respect yours?

If there's going a resident spirit at home, I'd much rather have one that brings me coffee and does the vacuuming! 😉
Thanks Val for the invite! This is going to be our special Halloween treat. I'm going to bring my husband along to chase off any evil demon bats...! 😉 😆
Ooo Biblio, she was looking right back at you! I'm so honored you enjoyed my story.

Hmmm, it's weird that I never noticed it before, but now that I'm looking at it again, that particular room looks remarkably familiar... See how close the dresser is to the brass bedstead in images 1 and 2 of that photo gallery? I had bruises in the morning from bumping into them in the dark. My husband thinks the lamp with the brass base (is that Art Deco?) looks very much like the same one too. There's also an old wedding photo on the dresser in images 2 and 4 of the photo gallery, "In the bedrooms" (on the left side of the webpage). Interesting coincidence. Wonder if that was her?
NightlyEclipse in Haunted By A Pesky Ghost
[at] lady-glow I'm by Calgary. Yeah, it was a horrid storm. I had 3 pairs of socks on at the same time.

Small update, my piano books are now missing. I normally leave them on the piano stool. Irritating as I have a piano lesson tomorrow and if I don't get them back, I'm losing my crap.
Also, I found the TV remote that went missing a few days ago. In my lego box I keep for kids when I'm babysitting. I haven't babysat for the past week or so. Fricking ghost stop touching my things.
valkricry in Garden Of The Gods
Hahaha - I must have been over excited. That should read,"Martin has graciously granted me permission to do this (Thanks, Martin!) "
valkricry in Garden Of The Gods
Martin has graciously granted me to do this (Thanks, Martin!)
There are whispers in the tiny town of Widowsdance that evil has a name and the paranormal a home.
They call it Trespauze Manor.
More than one foolish soul has taken a dare to spend time in the creepy, old Victorian, only to be forever lost in its twists and turns, or driven mad.
To my knowledge no one has ever made it through all twenty rooms. But, perhaps you are made of sterner stuff.
Dim the lights, turn up your sound, and knock on the door to gain entrance...

If you survive the Manor, you might look at one of the other adventures we offer up as well. Muhahahaha!
Happy Halloween, everybody!
valkricry in Garden Of The Gods
BGP,yes! The terror is very real at that moment. Oh, I so feel for you, going out and having your daughter 'missing'! Of course, there's also that moment, when reunited, you're conflicted on whether to hug them to death, or punish them for scaring you! Lol
valkricry in Garden Of The Gods
hmbeck, well, thank you kindly. I'm glad you enjoy them.

Aisyah, hopefully you will never know that sheer moment of fear/panic. Needless to say, that was the last time I left Josh with his dad on the camping trip. I believe it was almost 5 or 6 years before I could leave Josh under his care without suffering some form of anxiety, even at home.
Bibliothecarius in Grandad's Carved Bust
Thanks, Jubeele, for your insight (unintentional pun, but I liked it) on the carving.

As I thought about your ideas, I realized that we'd had a brass Buddha in my parents' second house in England ( There were small windows on the sides of the front door, each with four or five decorative brass objects/statuettes on the windowsill. When we were leaving the house, the Buddha was in our right-hand window, thus on the left-hand window when we were returning. He was close to the corner with the hallway wall, but a different brass decoration was in the corner slightly behind him. He was turned at a 45° angle, so he smiled at everyone entering or exiting our home and at everyone who came down the staircase. I thought it odd that my hyper-religious Christian mother was ok with the Buddha's presence in our hallway, but she stated that he never claimed to be a god, he was a teacher who sought truth and understanding [Seriously hoping I didn't offend anyone, here].

babygoatpuller in Garden Of The Gods
OMG Val! I know the terror that strikes you the second you realize your child is gone. I had the same terror strike me when I went out to check on my daughter in the yard one morning and she was nowhere in sight. I screamed and ran like hell looking for her. It started pouring down rain and as I turned to go back to the house to call the sheriff's, I heard her yell "MOMMY". What was probably only 5 or 10 minutes seemed like an eternity.

I cannot imagine how many eternity's you must have gone through looking for your son. The fear eats a little bit of your soul with every passing minute.

You certainly had some powerful back-up with both of you in keeping him safe and you, and I hesitate to use this word, sane.

Instant fav! ❤
Bibliothecarius in Comfort At The Comet Inn
Greetings, Jubeele.

I looked at the furniture in the "Accommodations" section of the Comet Inn's website; much of it does appear to be in keeping with the late 1800s, though there are a few pieces that seem to be from the late Art Deco era (1930). It appears to be a charming inn; however, as I was about 2 inches from the screen looking at the porcelain insert in the brass bedstead, I realized that the center decorative pillow was looking back at me. This is a good story, but the pictures gave me a hell of a jolt!
Satswarup123 in A Bizarre Haunting of the stories... But what's your nationality... Indian or American or European...
I liked your story... But how could you experience so many paranormals...
Lilwolf, Wow! I am sure Vomit could be a spirit so what like linked to your past life, I mean IF you believe in that sort of things, interesting and neither do I think that imaginary friend/friends are paranormal at all.

L_Melb, Oh it's a TV show? Like "Friends" and "Fool House" etc?
I kind of could imagine it as a show like "Adams Family", not the movie series, I mean the old mono-tone comedy show lol

harry1lynn in A Rare Sighting
Thank you for the appreciation 😁
Yes it gives me chills but I am not afraid of what happened...
Regarding the stress part, I think it is very normal for us to be handling those but I am a human.
And the exams were okay, I barely passed. But it was 3 years back and now I have a good job. So it's all well.
Though I have one more eperience. I would want to share it soon.
Dreyk in The Stench
Wow EmmalineTexas... Now there's an old skool idea about what it could have been. Thats really cool and I'd never considered that. Supposedly Domovoi like to live in the house's stove and watch over things. Actually, according to Russian folklore every house in the world has one. Depending on how they're treated they may protect the family or act more like a poltergeist. I'd probably be more inclined to believe it was a traditional ghost, rather than a creepy bearded gnome spirit who protected homes from their owners... Who knows though, maybe the ancient slavs were on to something.
It seems to have been a windigo. No joke, it's believed to mimic familiar voices in order to catch you. When it does, it will eat you...seriously... They're born when someone is lost and starving cut off from any help. Just be careful when outside
aisyah1987 in Garden Of The Gods
OH GOSH I have 4 kids and I CANNOT imagine anything like this happening to me...

May the Gods bless you and family always, dear... ❤
EmmalineTexas in The Stench
Dreyk - I loved your story. As I was reading it, I kept thinking Domovoi (some long forgotten reading I'd done, probably) and I remembered that they live in a kitchen and if they're not given milk and bread occasionally they become unhappy and the stench can become unbearable. I wonder if you inherited a domovoi who was left by the same people who left clothes in the closet. Just a thought. Keep writing please! Your stories are fascinating.
hmbeck09 in Garden Of The Gods
Another story I have favorited by you! I love reading about your experiences! 😊 😊
I meant small stories as in shorter ones. Mostly just hearing footsteps and the temperature gauge going up to 100 degrees in the middle of the night with no explanation. We even had a heating and cooling company come and check it out and they found no problems what so ever. This was when I lived in Creston, IA in a large old Victorian house. It was a beautiful house. Very old. It even had a servants quarters with a back staircase that went down into the kitchen, and boy were those some scary steps, very dark and steep as heck. I loved that house though. I had a fireplace in my bedroom 😆 😆 ❤ ❤
Hi Roy,
No, no the show was a comedy. A TV show from England - although maybe the way they lived could be seen as horror!
I use to have a strange imaginary friend when I was little, when I was angry or scared this little girl with black hair that was always messy looking and the same dirty clothes would show up. Weird thing is I named her vomit, Not sure why I was a very strange kid. But I would talk to her and sometimes when I was doing stuff I knew would get me in trouble She would tell me to stop being a stupid naughty girl but when I was upset I had a bad habit of crawling underneath my brother and my bunk bed because I never wanted to cry in front of anyone and she would lay under there with me and hold my hand or talk to me, usually by the end of it all she would tell me to dry it up and get over it. So she was a harsh comfort as odd as that sounds. She quit showing up when I was six or somewhere around that age. Anyway, interesting share I don't think an imaginary friend is paranormal based but I still found it interesting.
Hopefully I can say this without sounding rude but I the 3am waking hour or whatever it's referred to as has been debunked so many times it's bonkers. Are there specific hours of the day and that ghost are more active... I don't really know. I've heard that there are specific days of the year that it's easier to reach the spirit world and when spirits are more active but I am not sure right off the top of my head which ones. I'm still looking into that theroy too so don't bank me on that. Aw for the rest of your experience it sounds like you just have a mischief ghost on your hands. Set some ground rules, it is your family and your home now. They should respect you and your things. Thanks for sharing, good luck. 😊
I've never really understood the 3am thing either. What time zone are the ghosts using? It's always 3:00am somewhere in the world. Does the demonic participate in daylight savings time?
Very interesting story. I lived only a few kilometers from the North Korean border while living in Russia. We actually took the ferry to South Korea several times. It was an amazing place. I remember there were several "skeleton spirits" in the Korean and Japanese cultures that had specific meanings themselves... The Gashadokuro for example was a starving skeleton creature the Japanese believed came from unclaimed remains left on a battlefield. The skeleton figure its self might be significant maybe to something your mother heard as a child. A folktale or legend...

I completely understand having two minds with two languages. I grew up speaking Russian at home, but when I moved to Vladivostok no one could understand me. I ended up trying to speak with a "Russian" accent but everyone thought I was from Serbia or Romania... Guess i'd seen too many Dracula movies. It did come over time though, and after a couple years things were pretty much effortless. Then of course I moved back to the US and confused the hell out of a McDonalds clerk when I ordered entirely in Russian... She just looked at me puzzled and confused, smiled and said "sorry I don't speak German..."
Lady-glow, It has been awhile to see your comments! How are you doing?

You are free to imagine anything senhora lol

That part I did not think before I write lol Sorry for the misleading writing style.

I meant there, besides being caught on bed, he was once caught (probably some picture taken) by the detective sent by his ex-wife. That woman, I still have her contact since she is one of the manger of my sister's old working place, now is that too much info?;-)

lady-glow in Jeff Jeffedy Jeff!
I find this part of your story to be very disturbing:

" cousin became a "Play-Boy" who would cheat on any woman he is with, every time he was caught on bed with other woman, and he was once caught by a detective sent by one of his ex-wife."

Do you mean the detective entered the room where and when your cousin was enjoying what should have been a private moment? 😨

It's easy to imagine a person coming back home only to find their partner taking advantage of their absence to cheat on her/him, but for an stranger to enter the place?! Even if the detective was doing their job, couldn't they be accused of trespassing or breaking into private property? Would it be legal to do such a thing? Or were they doing the deed in the open?😅

Sorry for all the questions, sometimes my imagination runs wild.

Anyway, I agree with Jubeele, your cousin problems are his own making. Besides, whatever you both fought for was probably as simple as not wanting to share marbles, it's hard to think karma would be that harsh on him for such an small matter.

Thanks for sharing.
Hii Sid926 thanks for reading my story... I also agree that peepal tree isn't a haunted house for demons but what I felt was negativity there. It may be another spirit roaming there because that house was owned by some couple who died horrific death. As I know, the husband in the couple was a heavy drunkard. One day he beaten his wife and she commited suicide. Thinking that the police will beat him and he'll be caught for harassment, he drank poison and both died on same spot. I think that spirit I encountered was either attached to this incident or something else

Anyways, thanks:D
wth_devildog in Haunted By A Pesky Ghost

Your experience is VERY similar to an experience that my wife and I had. I posted that story here on YGS. It's called "Mortuary Affairs". Check it out if you get a chance. We were are all too familiar with items disappearing and ending up in strange places. As well as furniture being moved out of place. You're not alone. Thanks for sharing!
Jubeele and L_Melb, I do not think I was allowed to watch any horror movie during my childhood... At least I do not remember watching any...
I shall google the movie and see it on Netflix or somewhere available. Drop Dead Fred... Hmm...


MaggieMay_Not in My Mom's Poodle
AugustaM - I am not sure about monster. Probably just a careless kid. To the best of my knowledge no other pets were shot with BB guns in the entire time I lived in the neighborhood.
It's actually not so odd, at least not for me. It tends to be a recurring theme for me. For example, before I went into the military, I was working as a hostess at a Denny's. This couple with their two kids came in and for some reason, instead of asking if they wanted coke or milk, I asked if they wanted Roy Rogers or Shirley temple. NOT normal for a Denny's menu at all. The lady literally went white and looked like she was going to cry. She excused herself to the bathroom, the gentleman asked why I offered those drinks. I said I didn't know, it just seemed right. Then he explained that they had just came from her mother's funeral. When she was young, her mother used to take her out to have a Roy Rogers or Shirley Temple. It was their bond.
So action/reaction seems to happen a lot. I still don't know about WHY I asked as I never had and never did again, but I just accept and move on.
Thank you for the kind welcome.
MaggieMay_Not in My Mom's Poodle
Kest, I have no idea if it still happens. My family left that house some years ago. It actually makes me sad to think that it might, that Squidgem might be an 'abandoned' pet.
MaggieMay_Not in My Mom's Poodle
Thank you for your comment lady-glow. Residual or not, I could have done without seeing it. I am working on my next post. It should be submitted in the next two days or so.

You are welcome - my pleasure.
AugustaM in My Mom's Poodle
Well, someone in that neighborhood is a monster! I sincerely hope it was some sort of a freak accident...

Its odd for me to come across this story this morning. I often joke that I was 'raised by' my mother's miniature poodle, Annie. She passed when I was 17 and she was 18. I haven't been lucky enough to dream of her since then (nearly 15 years) but for a hand full of times at most. Last night, I dreamed of her (and the dream wasn't exactly warm and fuzzy... A neighbor had come over, wanted to meet her and there she was... But I kept on trying to explain to the neighbor that she was dead -yet there she still was...odd). Strange indeed 🤔 I nearly dropped my coffee when I saw your story pop up!

I understand your feelings of hesitancy regarding sharing of your paranormal experiences. You don't need to feel worried about the reception you'll find here - this is a great community. Mind you, they will ask questions but no one means any disrespect by their speculation and questioning - they ask because they are genuinely curious and interested. Welcome to YGS 😊
MaggieMay_Not in My Mom's Poodle
Thank you for your comment, L_Melb. I agree, it was most likely a residual view, and yes, violence is ugly. I genuinely believe whoever shot the BB gun didn't mean to kill him. Remember BB guns were common and not considered lethal back at that time. The person who shot him probably thought it would bounce off or maybe do a hard bite.
I wonder if folks with otherwise fairly 'normal' sleep cycles report be awoken by the paranormal at 3 am because the body is at its most relaxed at about that point in its wake/sleep cycle making it more likely to pick up on little sensations that would otherwise go unnoticed. My mother has been a nurse for 48 years and between hospitals and nursing homes, her experience has taught her that there is something about the wee hours of the morning - the body is at its most vulnerable. If a patient has not been doing well, that's the time when they'll most likely slip away.

Mind you, I am NOT in any way buying into or supporting the idea that 3 AM has some occult significance or that it is the devils time etc... What I am saying is that it is a time of day when the body's natural rhythms are at a low or at some place in their cycle when they are creating very little of their own energy of any kind making for less interference and more likelihood of tuning into or picking up on something possibly paranormal.

That's my thinking on the whole 3 AM thing anyway. 🤔

As for your pesky ghosts - they do sound mischievous indeed! Maybe try talking to them? Set down rules or be stern with them - another contributor to the site (I am sorry, I can't recall who just now) wrote of an incident where their keys had been absconded with and they told the spirit 'ok, very funny - I am going to leave the room and when I come back, those keys had better be on the table.' (or something along those lines) and sure enough the keys turned up. Perhaps your resident ghosties just need discipline (that does sound funny!). Maybe pick up a toy cell phone and keys from the dollar store for them to play with so they'll leave yours alone. 😁
This is for anyone on YGS who might be interested:

(First, my most humble apologies to Granny for putting this originally with my comments on your story. I realized my faux pas immediately after I posted it. I'm sooo sorry! 😳)

I live on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, not too far from the North Head Quarantine Station, which is considered one of the most haunted sites in Australia. My husband used to fix their phones years ago, but I've never been there. I'm thinking of organizing a history or ghost tour there in about a year's time. Would any YGS member in Australia (or any other part of the world) be interested in joining us? Safety in numbers and all that.

At this stage, I'm just wondering if anyone would like to join us. I realize it's a while away, but I thought it will give those who may be interested some time for preparation. Bearing in mind I've only ever been on one ghost tour, which was in Port Arthur, Tasmania, this should be interesting. I could be the first chook taking fright at a giant Bogong moth and running out the door! 😆

I've attached a link for those who might wish to know more:
My heart is sad for Squidgem. Sounds like a residual haunting and I wonder if it still happens. Look forward to hearing about more of your experiences.
lady-glow in The Hooded Angel
Personally, I find it hard to believe your mother's inability at reading your fear and believing that you had seen an angel.
If she's so religious, how come she didn't go to her room to check if the angel was still there? 🤔
lady-glow in My Mom's Poodle
That was such a cruel thing to do to poor Squidgem!
I agree with L_Melb, your experience looks like a residual of the poodle's last moments.

Looking forward to read more of your experiences.

Thanks for sharing.
Wish Not - Thank you for reading and commenting on my story. I'm new to this forum and I love the stories that you've posted. I did read "Exit Wounds" and ouch that sounds so very painful. I couldn't get the photos to work but a burn that big had to hurt like heck. I did see where people were suggesting using salt before moving your possessions into a new house. I think that it's a great idea.
Could it be you were distracted when you came home and simply shut the door at the time, and not properly engaged the lock? Sounds like great-grandma may have locked it for you...

There was already a close bond between the two of you before she passed away. So when your great-grandpa gave you some of her belongings, those items could have created an even closer link with her. Maybe great-grandma stayed around just long enough to see that you would be alright, then moved on to where she had to go.

Did your brother ever mention dreaming about her too or having any similar experiences to you?

It's a sweet, poignant story. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Hi Vegan93,
You say the door locked but you already believed it to be locked, did you see it or hear it lock?
Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but I'm wondering how you were alerted to this if the door was already how you believed it was (does that make sense? Can't put my question into words!)
You're so lucky to have had not only your grandparents but your great grandparents in your life!
As my parents moved half way around the world from where they were born I didn't have that luxury and would have loved it!
Sure you're being watched over still 😊
L_Melb in A Rare Sighting
Very interesting harry1lynn
I appreciate how you've explained your experience, it sounds believable and I think you did see something.
The one thing I'd like to ask though is if you believe the odd sleep times, fatigue and stress from the exams may have caused you to have a strange "vision"?
I know when lacking proper sleep and being stressed I have had to take a second look at things!
Either way, it does give you a shock! Thanks and hope the exams went well 😊

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