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Jubeele - It was amazing experience and nope not anymore. I haven't done since I was a little girl. To be honest if it was to happen now I think I would have a break down. I suffer from anxiety and I'm also anxious so I think it would make me worse lol! Specially because I live on my own.

Thank you for making me welcome ❀
ERINISAWESOME - I am SO pleased that you decided to respond. You were entitled to make the choice of not reading the comments. Although we shouldn't, we readers become a bit frustrated with that though, especially when somebody posts an interesting experience such as yours and we would like a little more detail.

What I would like to know is this: You say the two of you saw your friend's mother and waved to her. Did you just assume it was her mother or did you in fact positively recognise the overall appearance of her mother?

Regards, Melda
EmmalineTexas in "oh Yup There She Is!"
Thanks for sharing your story. It's great to hear from you and to have you participate here on the YGS site. Welcome.

If Basil is working, keep using it.

Why not keep a small potted Basil plant? It looks great and it is known to repel negative energies.

You should understand why Basil is called the "Holy Basil" after all. In Hinduism Holy Basil is a goddess herself and all auspicious rituals require Basil leaves.

Since you are from Romania, I can make out a far fetched connection.

Did you ever came across the Gypsy community? I think they still follow some of the spiritual practices of their ancestors from India.

Any negative entity, IF IT has anything to do with Gypsy origin in Romania will be repelled by Holy Basil.
ERINISAWESOME in "oh Yup There She Is!"
Hey readers. I didn't realize that reading the comments and participating was that big of a deal on here. I just thought that I would share my story for people to read and enjoy. If you're having questions, I wouldn't mind answering them at all!
Hi notjustme,

Thank you for all your advice and it helps... It gives me hope but... My step dad wipes that hope everyday from me. I cry everyday because of him, and a few minute ago we argued again and I'm in my room crying. I feel like I'm nothing again, I feel like I don't want anything anymore, I'm just so sick of this. I have been doing this for almost 4 years. And also that's when this spirit came into my life.
...trying to get up when I know that I will fall again. Its like I just don't want anymore. Everyone says I'm the perfect child. I have good grades, I'm a good person and a cheerful one... But he only says that I'm a waste of time and the only thing that I do is problems...
Anyway I'm not here to talk about my life except my paranormal experience but... I'm just teeling what I'm going through... And I can understand why it doesn't leave me. This spirit knows I have nothing and no one to actually tell everything. I'm close with my mom but she isn't leaving that man cause maybe she is blinded be his "love" and I told her about my paranormal experience but she says its nothing and I'm just imagining things.
Maybe that thing is doing it on intentionally, just to make me lose all my hope again and submit. I really don't want to fall in that trap again but the things that are happening home and the stress with all these exams and some of the bullies in my class makes it more complicated.
I'm a very sensitive person, and I feel energies somehow. Now is a very heavy one in my room and I feel like I'm being watched and my room became suddenly cold. My parents come home in weekends cause their work is very far away. At night I can hear someone knocking at my door, 2 or 3 times per night. No one is playing pranks on me since my brother is in Romania and now here is no one except me. Also I can feel someone breathing in my face or cupping my face its hand. The thing is I don't understand why it didn't make love to me yet. I mean I heard from other stories that the incubus is constantly raping them but nothing happened to me yet. Is it waiting for something? I still don't understand.

Thanks for your time.
With respect,

Jubeele in Shapeshifter
Jester - thanks for the interesting info. Being Chinese (mostly), I don't know too much about Indian languages. But I grew up with Tamil and Hindu friends in Singapore. I also have a few Indian colleagues at work too. I find the Indian culture rich in variety, legends and traditions.

Thanks to Aaru too for introducing the subject.
Mystory15- I think you are right. Like I said, incubus is a demon, they prey on the weak. Weak meaning no faith people. Your faith could be an avocado by all means. If that gives you strength, it will work. Mind power is super powerful. That is why people say mind over matter. When you feel the lowest, and with nothing in mind to fall back on, that is when you are most vulnerable. Thus giving a chance for that thing. Please take my advice, every time you feel it coming, whether it be the static feeling or just the presence being there. Tell it to go away. Tell it in the name of the light, you are banned from this earth. Believe it when you say it. You have to feel stronger than it. I have a friend who went through the same thing. She attracted in her early 20s. It was with her for years. But she did not need anything to get rid of it besides her own faith in herself. I told her what I told you. It worked for her, she is now a mommy and she does not feel it any more. It tried to come back a few times but she would ban it every time. Now it has not returned in a while.
Actually, I think the only time we question the 'no errors' is when the OP 'speaks' extremely different in the comments. I know as a mod for this site, a well written, error free submission causes us to high five the air and sing a chorus of Hallelujah! (Or maybe that's just me...) Yet, since we're human we're bound to err at some point (a wee typo, or some grammatical 'oops') and I'm okay with that.
Please, don't sweat the number of comments your story gets. Often folks read and simply don't comment.
Hello notjustme,

Thank you for your comments...
I gotta say, I think I attracted this spirit to me somehow. Not only with my thoughts, but also because I have some trouble home. I don't get along with my step dad and I akways argue with him and cry because of him. Once I was so depressed that I even wanted to kill myself. My mom was in hospital at that time and he was being rude to me and the stress of school... But I never did anything becaus I love my mom and I will never leave her just because Its hard for me. Of course I never told hel but she knows that he is rude to me. She talked withy stap dad many times and it got a little better but still, when my mom is not around, he is a bully. I noticed since that time, I felt someones presence and it conforted me. When I was crying, it told me not to and that everything is going to be fine. Maybe that was a way of earning my trust, I have no idea.
When I cry because of my step dad, I feel it again. I feel like it knows my weaknesses and my body very well for some reason. Even though I don't hearit or fell its touches, I still feel connected to it...
I don't know why but I feel like something is going to happen when I will turn 16. Its something that is related to this spirit, I don't know why I feel this way.

I wanted to speak to a psychic or a medium but I don't have the possibility where I live so I tried online but of course there are high prices for calls or emails...
If you know anyone, please let me know.

With respect,
Elvira, to reply separately to each comment simply type in the comment box, then click preview, then post for each one you wish to reply to. Example: Jubeele commented first, so you might wish to thank her>click preview, then click publish. Then move on to the next member you wish to reply to. It's really a lot easier then it sounds, but a bit different then a typical forum set up.
I really did enjoy this experience of yours!

Yes, I have talked to him about it maybe a couple of years later and he really didn't have much to say about it. He does say he remembers seeing people that we could not and he thinks it was cool. He only had one incident that he was scared. (As far as I know.) T does not see them anymore, or like I said as far as I know. If he does he does not mention it.
Hi Cups,
Well, I'm glad that you found your cushion cover! I don't know if it's Elizabeth or not, but if she IS around, she clearly likes you.

You got me thinking about things that happen here. My husband and I were engaged in 2001 but it didn't work out. He was a widower of 3 years and I had things I was dealing with too.

When we started living together in 2o12, we found dimes constantly. Inside window frames, on tables that I had just cleaned, in our shoes. You name it. When we got married it stopped. We kept wondering which relative - his late wife or my late father - kept trying to nudge us into tying the knot. At the drop of a dime was the message. LOL

Life is funny.

Thanks for the update ❀
[at] Melda

I had another dream of her. This time my other siblings were there, including the eldest one who died of leukemia. Almost the same - mom doing her regular activities except I know that she's dead and I keep trying to tell my sisters how come mom's with us, she's dead. Then I had to tell mom in front of everyone (in the dream) that she's dead and she should just rest in peace. Upon her realizing that, she like decayed but was able to tell us that the pit were we buried her was so deep and she had a hard time climbing up. In the dream, my sisters blamed me for giving mom a hard time saying it was my fault she was buried so deep. Then in the dream we had to set another funeral for mom and made sure she's buried well. Upon waking up, I realized that my eldest sister who was also in the dream who was there during the entire time has also passed away, actually two years prior to mom's death. I really am uncertain with what could be the message for all of these. Meanwhile, thank you for your comment. It inspired me to write more and better. See you around!
[at] AugustaM

There were other dreams involving other deceased loved ones re; Father, Sister and Grandmother but those dreams are not as vivid as with this dream. I once saw all of them - deceased loved ones in one dream speaking to me but I don't seem to remember what they were talking about after waking up. I have five loved ones who died in the house where I am currently living (natural deaths) but so far nothing unusual or ghostly except those dreams. Meanwhile, thank you. I appreciate your thoughts... I took care of my mom and dad, quit work in order to have time for them. Again, thanks.
Hi Guys, how to I reply to each of your comments separately? Xx
There is reason our elders in India insist on a house cleansing ritual before moving in. Old house or new doesn't matter.

One more comment about Rookdygin's prescription. I don't know from where he got these. But hey, thumbs up.

I have been seeing these things done by my mother. Airing the rooms, dusting, sweeping, incense sticks in all nook and crannies of the house and sweeping specifically just before dusk/twilight hour (I understood the significance now).

So, Rook's remedies are spot on.

PS: For Indian readers. The younger generation doesn't care, but now it should make sense why elders perform some minimal rituals before the dusk. Things like lighting a lamp, burning incense and saying a few prayers. It all makes sense now.
Lilwolf in The Henn Theater
Jubeele, Thanks for the pointer I will keep that in mind next time I share a story. 😊
jester in Shapeshifter
[at] sushantkar


[at] Jubeele (I'm not sure of your nationality, but since you tried to look up the meaning of "chalawa", I am addressing you.).

"Chalawa" is a well known term (unlike what Sushantkar wrote).

"Chal" comes from Sanskrit meaning treachery.

"Chalawa" means that cheats, does treachery, creates illusions. This is what shapeshifters are.
Any Hindi speaking North Indian is familiar with the word.
MississippiPearl in "oh Yup There She Is!"
I am very new to this site and have had only one story published so far. I appreciate the feedback I received, even if it was only two comments. If I were to submit a story with no errors, I would hope my fellow YGS members don't think I'm being untruthful, as Rex-T suggested. I happen to write for a living. I'm starting to recognize some of your names as I read through the comments. It's awesome how you all respond to the authors. This is a great site.
Cancer has taken its toll on my family as well and developing it myself is my biggest fear. I think your friend absolutely did come to say goodbye - good thing your daughter's wide open perception of childhood was there to sense and see her. ❀
Jubeele in The Henn Theater
I don't think you've got anything to worry about, Lilwolf. Your writing style suits you - your bright, forthright personality comes through very well.

I follow a simple rule for writing: one idea, one paragraph. If your ideas are flowing too quickly for you, set them down in dot point first. Then rearrange them in the order you want. After that, you can pad out them with more words and descriptions. Try and see if this works for you.

Yes, I started out as an advertising copywriter. I still do a fair amount of business correspondence for work. But I try to avoid technical jargon and convoluted sentences. I want my customers to understand me! 😁
I should elaborate. I say teens because teenagers tend to go through a hormonal phase and can get really dark. When you are at your darkest times, with very little or no faith. That is when an entity or incubus, etc have its chance. Your soul is vulnerable at that tie because it knows you feel at your worse and no faith to back you up.
You know, Cups, we still get a bit of that at my Mum's place in Singapore. It was built over a Chinese cemetery. Over the years, she's misplaced all sorts of things. Sometimes she does find them again, sometimes not. We always thought it was due to forgetfulness, but I've had some stuff go missing too, never to be found and everyone denies ever touching it.

It could be that someone found the cushion cover lying around and kept it away for you, and then forgot all about it in the chaos of the move. But I rather like thinking that it was Elizabeth exercising her decorating skills (I'm sure she'll be happy once you have it fixed up to her exacting standards).

Have a great festive season in the months to come. Hey, maybe you can leave Elizabeth some eye-shadow or lipstick under the Christmas tree! 😘
lady-glow, that's a very real possibility. Especially when many even fail to read the submission guidelines. I mean the clicking, not the retreat lol.
Valkricry: thanks for your always deep insight, though, I think you are missing one more possibility for some posters deciding not to read the comments: they are going to take part in a spiritual retreat, lasting two years, at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, without internet access and away from any form of technology.

Now, seriously, I wonder if the order in which the 'expectations regarding our users comments' are to blame for some of those cases where the posters "won't be reading the comments", only to show up making us feel bad for having an unwelcoming and negative reaction.

I wonder if the option stating "I won't be reading the comments" were the last one in the list would make a difference.

Perhaps some posters just select the first option at hand without even reading what it says... I know I always press the "Accept" button when trying to connect to the WiFi in the mall or some other establishment, but never read the conditions and agreements part.

Anyway, it's just a suggestion.

Erin: in case you read the comments, I really enjoyed your story.

It's okay to ask a lot of questions, that means that you thoroughly read my accounts and that you're curious. For which I thank you 😊

You're also right about me not explaining the incidents in detail. Actually it's the first time that I shared them online, so I wasn't really sure what parts to share and which ones not to. But I will keep that in mind for next time.

Now on to your questions:

"What makes you assume that the little girl was the only one causing the disturbances if, after all, there'd be, at least, two other possible entities to blame?"

Like I mentioned, we told ourselves that there was only entity which according to my dad's story was a girl. The other ones we never really payed any attention to and also partly because we heard it (well sort of) when it was turning the door knob.

"Did K and her little brother use to hear the couple arguing every night too, or did the arguments were heard only during the nights you stayed over?"

Now this part was kind of lacking in my story, K has 2 brother's and it was the older brother's room. I'm sure he heard the noises as well but he probably ignored them given his personality and lack of interest in spirits. Also the reason why I didn't mention him in my previous account was because we ruled out completely that it could have been him since he is the serious type and does't like playing pranks and also because he voice is quite deep and not girly.

"Were these arguments the reason why K's brother was afraid to sleep alone in that room, or was only because of natural fear due to his age? Do you know if he ever told his parents the reason for his refusal to spend the nights alone in the room?"

He didn't like to sleep downstairs at all, because he was scared but I will ask him why when I get the chance.

"Is there a chance that K's cat was playing with a toy that make bell sounds that night?"

Soon after they got the kitten, they had to give it away because K's mom got allergic from him. So by the time the bell incident happened they had already given the kitten away.

"I guess either the arguments weren't that scary or you girls learnt to ignore them, otherwise, how could you stay up until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning playing video games while the couple was following their nightly ritual?"

Me and K only slept in that room once and that's when that incident happened after that K got a new T.V in her own room. The reason that I know about the arguments going on every night is because anyone who used to sleep there would say the same thing. K's brother used to have some cousins over sometimes and they would say the exact same thing. Also if we would walk past that room at night especially after 11:00, we would hear them.

"Did you ever ask any of the adults to come to the room and listen to the voices?"

I'm not sure if K or any of her siblings asked the parents but I will ask them when I meet them next time.

Also thanks for your comments. 😊
MississippiPearl in The Fisher Farm
Sorry I spelled your name wrong, AugustaM. I don't hire my editor for things like this. This is all for fun.

Thanks for explaining. I think that the mirror was new... Although I'm not really sure and I think that they left it there when they moved out. 😊
MississippiPearl in The Fisher Farm
Thank you for your thoughts, AugustusM. I spent some time this afternoon trying to see if there was ever an epidemic of sickness in this county but could find nothing. I do know this area was the home of Santee Dakota and Ojibwe people whom surely suffered from the immigration of the White people.

Whenever I've had an "experience," it always came to me as a surprise. I never previously expected to see or hear anything, nor did I ever go looking for it. On the occasions I did go to a rumored haunted place, nothing ever happened. I do not visit cemeteries in the middle of the night, attend sΓ©ances or play with Ouija boards. Things just happen when I least expect them. Also, they happen more and more the older I get.

I appreciate your insight. I actually enjoyed the site of the link you sent me. I surfed it for quite a while.
According to my understanding, no. An Incubus is something you attracted to yourself. Normally teens attract them and can get rid of them by ignoring it. The more u give it life, the more it will take from u. My friend had one for years. All it took was for her to basically ban ut from her life. As soon u feel the static, tell it u ban it from existing and only light and goodness can stay.
Hello everyone!

I have a question, can an incubus take possesion of your lover? I was just wondering...

Thank you for your time
With respect,

Lilwolf in The Henn Theater
Jubeele, I honestly don't know what I would have done if he had followed me home. I really don't know much about helping spirits cross over so I guess I would have yet another spirit hanging around my house, or I would hope that he would wonder on.

The Henn theater is really flipping awesome, I like it mainly because it has stuck to it's roots for the most part. It's looking a little rough on the outside now but it's still cool.

Thanks, that actually makes me feel a bit better. I have always been a little self conscious about my writing. Making sure that it is clear and that I don't skip important details and stuff.

Writing has not really been my strong suit mainly because half the time my mind runs in 30 different directions and what may seem like an important point to me may be pointless or useless to someone else so I'm constantly weighing things out before I write them. I appreciate that 😊
Hi everyone! Well, I asked very nicely to please return or help me find the dang missing cushion case. Prepping the guest room for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday yesterday, I was finally getting around to putting laundry away. I opened the closet door, and there it is hanging right in front. 😳 I said thank you.

Now... I should also add that in my frantic searching, my mom asked if I'd looked in that closet. I said, "Ha! No way I'd put it in that closet, it's a black hole, and I know better!" Meaning... It's stuffed to the gills with clothes & shoes, and quite... Messy. I am a tidy person but storage places are another story.

Odd to say the least. I find it hard to believe I'd put the case there & forget, but stranger things have happened!
kxoshblog in Shapeshifter
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Mannerizms in Regretful Spirit?
[at] Rook, thank you my friend! I have been keeping the window's open, but I will place some salt in the closet and let the girls know that it has been cleansed (majority of them are Catholic) but hoping this will help! ❀

Stay Safe and Blessed Be! ❀ ❀
One more question.
What do you know about the mirror? Is it an antique or is it a new one?
EmmalineTexas in Lesson From A Ghost
Jaded_Disciple - Thanks for your story. I really enjoyed it. I do have a question for you. Was there anything going on in your life that paralleled what the ghost was giving you advice about; i.e. Family problems, job stress? Sometimes, in the universe we attract what we need. Just curious.

Jubeele - Thanks for always posting links to additional info. I had no idea that the damage in the Phillipines was that extensive. How tragic.

Jaded, I'm looking forward to reading a lot more of your stories on YGS.

My mother was very close with her parents and nursed them through the cancer that ultimately claimed their lives. Their passing was extremely painful for her. Since then, she has dreamed of them several times - always they are sitting around the kitchen table having coffee and she is so happy to be there again with them just talking and being together - when suddenly she will remember that they're dead and, before her eyes, they start to decay and she wakes up in a cold sweat. As traumatic as such dreams are I don't think they are ill portents or ill intended actions on the part of my grandparents. I think they are "visitations gone wrong" if you will. So much of paranormal perception is wrapped up in our own psychologies- I think that part of the way we see and perceive paranormal activity is determined by our own psychological state at that time. My mother is the kind of person who will intentionally wake herself from a lovely sweet dream for fear that if she let's it go and enjoys it that it'll turn inevitably into a nightmare (boy, would Freud have a field day with that one). So I think the monstrous endings of the dream visitations she has with her parents are merely a result of the interface of her own anxieties - that's likely why they don't come very often because they would never WANT to upset her.

I think this is why your dream ended on a frightening note. Perhaps subconsciously you knew your alarm should have gone off and you were going to be late for work so your anxiety kicked in and the visitation went south so to speak. It doesn't mean that your mother was angry with you or wanted to scare you - her spirit simply lost control of the situation when your subconscious and anxiety kicked in.

That's my theory, any way:)
AugustaM in The Fisher Farm
Granted, in the past there were many events by which a person could be precipitously ushered off the mortal coil at a comparatively young age. But, since the voices you heard were not menacing, the woman on the stairs seemed peaceful and later had a child with her- perhaps the event we are looking for is something that might have carried off the entire family in residence there quite quickly. An epidemic sweeping the area could have done it - here is a link to a history of epidemics in the area:

Given the woman's attire and long braid paired with the settlement history of Wisconsin - my guess is we are looking at an apparition from the second half of the 19thC. As it happens, the area was rife with sickness at the time...

In terms of the dark spirit you mentioned - that may all be connected. Native Americans had been exposed over and over to illnesses since western explorers and colonizers first made inroads. The result was a 90% population loss in North America. Many times early homesteads were set up in areas that had been previously cleared by Native American habitations. Perhaps the farm was built on Native American territory and the suffering they endured watching their village suffer and die out created a darkness...

Can't wait to hear of your other experiences!
Not all child spirits are dangerous puppets. There are plenty of accounts of child spirits being playful and completely benign - I would posit that the benign accounts outnumber anything more sinister.

It would be interesting to ask around long-term employees of the school to see if they have anything to add and check newspapers for the death of a student...
I get the feeling she once tended someone she loved dearly in that room or waited there for them to return from war... I can't but think that there was a very sad outcome to her months or years of waiting.

I think when you moved in, you filled that place for her - in that seeing you there in the place of the person she had cared for was bittersweet - she didn't resent you for being there but seeing you there brought back the heart wrenching image of her loved one and kindled her desire to nurture and watch over.
Depending on the era, many was the lad (though statistically more rare, some women and girls have done too) who lied of his age and ran away to war so you may have triggered the spirit memory of the house because you were close to the same age as her lost loved one.

Perhaps the white cloth was a handkerchief? They could be quite large in days gone by.

I hope she has since crossed over and can be with those she loves once again.
Jubeele - Thanks for your comments. Those three toads pop into my mind occasionally. That they visited every night at the same time, always sitting there in a row, was a magical thing. I liked your thoughts on reincarnation. I have never been a particular fan of the idea and agree that we should make the most of our time in the here and now. RANDYM and I have discussed reincarnation extensively but I have to admit that I am not smitten with the thought of repeatedly returning to this quickly overpopulating, polluted and strife filled world.

If there is a choice our soul is given after this physical life is through, I'm up for hanging with all my loved ones who preceded me in leaving this life. Like you, I have many things I plan to accomplish before I shed my mortal coil. When I do kick it, I plan on entering the afterlife satisfied!
I am very intrigued by the little warning spirit. No matter what they say that 13 year old was into before he tragically ended his life, he was still just a boy. Bear in mind too that rumor mills and local lore often tarnish the most heart wrenching characters in such events to make them easier to stomach. So, though it isn't fair or right, it is human nature and psychologically easier for society to say 'well, he shot himself because he was into Satan, case closed' than to puzzle over the horrific tragedy of an otherwise normal little boy ending his life in such a way indicting society to examine its own failings.

Maybe too, that dark energy/spirit played a hand in the boy's death. I don't mean to suggest that a spirit picked up the shot gun and fired it but that it got into his head, effected him emotionally, made him feel like there was no other escape from it. Another possibility that would point to the warning entity's identity being the boy.

Given the time period of Spanish missionary activity in the area, any possible lingering monk spirits would have no experience with telephones or any of the tech of the last hundred+ years. Monks could also be quite young depending on the circumstances in which they came to live at the monastery. So they too could be the warning spirit.

For some reason, I just get a strong hunch that the warning spirit was the boy. My gut just won't have it any other way.
This is such a beautiful, comforting account, Iez. Sadly, my family is no stranger to cancer too. My heart goes out to you for your loss.

I think that your little girl, in all her innocence, was communicating with your departed friend. After all, you asked your friend to tell you that she's ok, and your daughter had said "yes" to that request too. That must have somehow enabled a link to be formed between them for that purpose. Has your daughter said anything else since?

My heartfelt wishes to you, your family and especially your mother. Thank you for sharing this special experience. Take care of yourselves. ❀
Ah, Rex - part of that I can answer. Many register and submit the same day because they only registered TO be able to submit. I call this the "I need to tell somebody" syndrome. πŸ˜‰ Being as I happen to be the one who edited this particular submission, I can say, that we mods do try to correct as many mistakes as we can (if there are any.) Believe it or not, sometimes folks really do edit their own stuff before submitting, using word check and everything! 😲 lol
Val - thanks for the timely reminder. Pardon our cheekiness. 😳

Apologies to ERINISAWESOME! I hope you do decide to participate though. It still is an interesting story. I have so many questions about it...
All, Valkricry makes a valid point, if it was a new experience the OP may still be in shock, so they're not ready to discuss or possibly not thinking clearly about the events.
I have got a question or two, for instance the date of registration and submition being on the same day. Is that a usual occurrence? Maybe I'm reading too much into this because it was submitted the day before Halloween.
Also, the story is well written (no spelling, grammar mistakes, no abbreviations LOL). Hey, but what would I know, I'm still only a grasshopper.
Clap clap* I loved this story. I loved the fact that you were so settled on not having the surgery, but did it without thinking because of the love and trust for your brother. Vice versa for him to you. Glad to know you discovered it early. Sometimes we get what we want but in another form. You wanted a life, you got a new beginning ❀ or that is just how I see it. Sweet story.
Iez - What a beautiful experience! Thanks for sharing with us. Though very sad your friend is no longer physically here, I find comfort knowing she is no longer in pain and has move on nicely ❀ sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she kicks cancer's ass. It took my mother 20 something years ago. I have seen her and know she is in a good place now.
Dear Ladies (and any Laddies whom might be interested),
There's many reasons someone may not wish to participate in the discussion or even read the comments. It doesn't mean their experience is fabrication. (I know you all know that.)
Personally, from MY point of view I don't see it as a 'pointless exercise', except from the commenting aspect. I do find it rather sad, I guess is the word, though, because to me they feel the NEED to 'get it out there' but don't wish to learn or grow from their experience (assuming it's true.) Or they really, really want to claim a paranormal experience, but fear their bubble being busted through examination. They don't want to hear any possibility that it wasn't paranormal.
Perhaps they've been accused of lying SO often over their experiences, that, even though we're a ghost site, they fear being ridiculed. I still remember my apprehension over my first submission. Even though I knew I'd written truth as I see it, I was not at all sure how it would be received. I remember feeling that way over quite a few of my submissions in the beginning. It took me a long time to accept that I was accepted. Does that make sense?
All that aside, when someone refuses to discuss their experience, it does give us a place to put those 'too small' for a submission, but similar experiences.
Greetings lady-glow, Myst and Melda, as a matter of interest, has anyone seen the latest roster for who's on Troll Patrol this week? 😜
Hi Truffles- I believe because children, especially T was very open thus the spirit child followed him. I would not doubt if T saw and spoke to him, leaving him a friend for a day or so. He was probably lonely and just wanted to have someone to see and hear him sometimes. Thank goodness he did not hurt T. I have learned children spirits often do not know how to crossover and quite often enough are controlled by other stronger entitiies as well. Depending on the location they are stuck. I hope he has since moved on. Spirit children always makes me so sad. Thanks ks for sharing.
notjustme in Doggy Dreams
Jubalee and Emma - that is so sad! 😒 I feel it must be extra hard on them in some ways because they cannot talk about. Just a lone wolf howl. It is amazing how we can feel their despair, isn't it?
lady-glow and Myst - I have finally learnt to read the section regarding the author's expectations before I read the story. If they aren't even prepared to read the comments, posting their experience on YGS is rather a pointless exercise. Offering an opinion is a total waste of time. Okay now I have commented - but it's to the two of you not the OP!

Regards, Melda
I always wonder why people choose to post if they won't bother to read comments or join the discussion. It always makes me question if this a case for The Troll Patrol.
truffles - I agree that the little boy's spirit was more than likely roaming the school. I wonder how he died and whether he even realised that his time on this earth was over. How confusing that would have been for him. I truly hope that he has now crossed over to a good place.

You say he had a backpack. This makes me think that perhaps something happened to him on his way to or from school. Maybe even at the school itself.

Possibly this little boy followed a number of friendly looking kids home. It could be that other parents, or the children themselves, had momentary sight of him but simply brushed it off as imagination.

Really interesting 😊

Regards, Melda
Oh yup... I got discouraged to even read this story once I knew the OP won't be reading the comments. πŸ™„ heart breaking... πŸ’”πŸ˜­
lady-glow in Lesson From A Ghost
I have two things to say about your experience:

First, the spirit's advice was very wise. Second, you have to be in really good shape if you're able to jog and talk at the same time for, what looks like, a considerable distance. I would have stopped after few minutes huffing and puffing my lungs out!

Keep the good work and thanks for sharing.
Monna: Thanks for replying, yes, I was aware that you're talking about your cousin but you hadn't mention that you're cousins on your father's side of the family.

Said that, I have some questions about your stories, I hope you don't mind if I use your own words from both narratives as a base.

"So this was one the incidents, we believe that a little girl used to live there..."

"...This incident happened to my dad... Once when he came out of the bathroom, he saw a faint image of a girl standing behind him in the mirror..."

"In K's brothers room, we used to hear a couple arguing every night..."

What makes you assume that the little girl was the only one causing the disturbances if, after all, there'd be, at least, two other possible entities to blame?

"... My cousin, let's just call her K used to share her room with her younger brother at that time. Because he was really young, he used to get scared sleeping alone and whenever I used to stay over at her house, he would just sleep in her parents room..."

"In K's brothers room, we used to hear a couple arguing every night. The sound used to come from near the window so at first we thought that it might have been the neighbours but every night the argument would have the same tone. It felt like it was on repeat, it would start from around 11pm and faintly continue throughout the night and would be the exact same thing over and over again..."

Did K and her little brother use to hear the couple arguing every night too, or did the arguments were heard only during the nights you stayed over?
Were these arguments the reason why K's brother was afraid to sleep alone in that room, or was only because of natural fear due to his age? Do you know if he ever told his parents the reason for his refusal to spend the nights alone in the room?
I'm asking this because, usually, when young children see or talk to spirits, since many times they are not even aware that these aren't 'normal' people, they will tell their parents about their interactions. If the parents believe it or not is a different story but, this part is missing in your narrative.

I assume that, if the little boy ever mentioned hearing the arguments, his parents either would have laughed it off or would have told K the reason why she had to sleep with her brother.
Anyway, what girl would like to share a room with her little brother?

Is there a chance that K's cat was playing with a toy that make bell sounds that night? I'm not discarding your experience but, it's important to always look for logical and mundane explanations before assuming something to be paranormal in nature.

I guess either the arguments weren't that scary or you girls learnt to ignore them, otherwise, how could you stay up until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning playing video games while the couple was following their nightly ritual? Did you ever ask any of the adults to come to the room and listen to the voices?

I know, I ask a lot of questions, don't I?
aurora2017 - If I dislike a house the moment I see it, either it's ugly or there's something inside it that doesn't belong there. In your case it was something that didn't belong, or possibly a bit of both.

Sawing wood? A previous resident (unfortunately still present in a ghostly form) possibly used the basement for his woodwork. Well, that isn't so bright of me, it seems pretty obvious!

I agree with lady-glow that you are probably more sensitive than your niece and possibly whoever was attached to that house knew it and chose that time to make its presence known. Unfortunately for her, it decided to hang around after you had left 😨

Are you normally sensitive to spiritual activity?

Regards, Melda
a curtis - I definitely would not call that a nightmare 😊

You set this out so well, it's very realistic.

I believe that your mom visited you in your dream that night on what would have been a special occasion in her life - her 65th birthday. She showed you a few of the things that she used to do for you, like the shopping she used to do; the food she cooked which you loved; the ironing. All of this was was part of her daily routine. She even showed you part of your routine, the TV!

You and your sister are very fortunate to have received a visit from her.

Was this the only occasion on which you had any interaction with your mother after her death?

Regards, Melda
Mona - Benign means friendly, caring, etc. - By benign spirit I mean that she is harmless and in real life was probably somebody with acceptably decent characteristics.

Well it's difficult to say what she was like in life because obviously you didn't know her but she didn't try to harm you in any way after death.

Regards, Melda
I remember the 1990 Luzon earthquake. It was such a terrible tragedy. Do drivers still honk their horns on South Drive to alert any passing spirits?

I found these links looking up the former Hyatt Terraces:

This was eerie but very sad at the same time. That spirit obviously needed to pass on his message to someone. You were there at the right place and right time for him. I hope he can move on and finally be at peace. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Redwolf, your experiences are so incredible. It's really interesting that your daughter saw Billy as well. I've gone and read both your accounts on Billy. They were so sad, and bitter-sweet.

It made me think of my first boyfriend. I was 17 at the time and he was 20; we thought we had all the time in the world. We were going to meet around Valentine's Day in 1982. But the helicopter he was flying crashed into the Straits of Malacca 4 days before that in an air-force training exercise. I've dreamed of him a few times over the years. He was smiling at me, as if just checking in to see how I was doing.

I'm sure it was Billy who was on hand to save you from a nasty fall on those two occasions. It's comforting to know he's continues to watch over you.

Trying to keep up? I get that same problem whenever I walk with my husband. He's 6'2" and I'm only 5'1". I've got to take 3 steps for his every stride. In the past, I've threatened to tie a leash on him to slow him down!

Have you tried acupuncture for pain relief? I've had it on my knees and my Mum says it helps with her back too.

Do take care of yourself and best wishes to you and your family.
EmmalineTexas in Doggy Dreams
Notjustme - Your story is so sweet and so sad. Anyone who says that animals don't have souls has to be mistaken in my book. I hope that you cuddled your baby for a few days after that to help her deal with losing Uncle Bo.

The howling reminds me of when I got my border collie, Cowboy. He was a grimy little furball who was chasing cattle on his family's ranch until we scooped his muddy little butt in my Jeep. He slept for about half an hour of the ride. Then he sat up and with all the power a tiny puppy could muster, he howled one long despairing note. He mourned because he'd never see the other puppies and his parents again. I burst into tears it was so heartbreaking. I cuddled him into my lap all the way home and he's never made that sound again. Dogs do grieve. Thanks for your story. ❀
Jubeele in Doggy Dreams
Animals do grieve. My aunt had been living with my cousin during her final years. When she passed away, Ginger the chihuahua (her favourite) kept going to the bedroom hoping to find her. Each time she would come out looking so dejected. Finally, she seemed to realise my aunt wasn't coming back and howled for a while. She wouldn't eat for the rest of that day either.

Reading this made me teary too. 😒 Thanks for sharing.
Hi Manafon, I've really enjoyed Part 2. This is actually my 2nd attempt to post a comment. The initial one was so 'profound' that its very weightiness crashed my whole machine. So I'm afraid this will have to be the 'diluted' version.

I loved the 3 toads turning up on your doorstep each twilight for a feed. Hop-hop-hop and hello, helloo, hellooo! Reminded me of Toad of Toad Hall from "Wind in the Willows". The other thing I thought of was the Chinese 3-legged money toad. My Mum gave me one such talisman years ago. Not sure how effective it is, but since then, we've paid off the mortgage, are currently debt-free and get the odd windfall whenever we hit a financial snag. Ok, being careful with $$$ helps too.

About reincarnation. My parents converted to Christianity and sent us all to Sunday School and Bible studies. But I also grew up in Asia amid Taoist/Buddhist practices. I always felt it was more of a personal spiritual journey towards Enlightenment. Our efforts from each lifetime is to ensure that with every turn from the Wheel of Life, we're that much closer to our souls' ultimate goal of divinely-blessed Immortality.

This is merely my personal take on this, as every individual's path to self-awareness is different. I feel that Buddha or the spiritual ideals of enlightenment is contained in all of us - we all have the potential to achieve divine light. It's keeping on the path that's the tricky part. That's how the idea of reincarnation comes in: we're being given another chance to do better because this is a difficult endeavour.

The question of loved ones left behind and memories of past lives is an interesting one. I sometimes do wonder if there's something behind recognizing "old souls" and feelings of dΓ©jΓ  vu. Oh, have I said this before...?

But I'm not entirely sure about having multiple bites at the cherry, over several lifetimes. My own preference is to always do the best with the time and resources we're given. In this lifetime. Best not take anything for granted! πŸ€”

Thanks for your comment, K and her family moved out from there around 2 years back I think. Also what's a benign spirit, sorry I'm not really good at this stuff lol


As I mention in my previous story, K is also my cousin from my dad's side so we often go to visit them. 😁
notjustme in Doggy Dreams
Lady-glow: that is so sweet. You are right. They do deserve much more credit for their senses and love. Those who are closely bonded to their pets just KNOW when they feel grief.
MaggieMay_Not - You may not agree with my perspective but the baby you so badly wanted was just not meant to be, as insensitive as that may sound. I'm thinking of your husband's vasectomy and all the issues you had with irregular cycles, cysts, medication, etc as well as the recommended hysterectomy.

I also wanted only two children and I was horrified when I discovered that I was pregnant with a third. I had changed from the pill to a different method but like you, I also used to fall pregnant at the drop of a hat (or whatever). It took a lot of personal soul searching and encouragement from family and friends for me to accept my situation.

Yes I know that sounds selfish and it was. Well needless to say I gave birth to my beautiful daughter and I could never imagine life without her.

The difference between you and I is that she was meant to be. No matter what, that baby had to be born to me. This is my belief, I don't expect you or anybody else to agree with me.

What a blessing it was that your brother ensured that you changed your mind. He knew that baby would never be born. Also, it was definitely not a coincidence that there was a cancellation and you could go in for the op the next day.

This experience of yours has got me thinking of how we tend to plan our lives ahead and how often things simply don't fall into place the way we would like. Life lessons, I think.

Regards, Melda
MississippiPearl in The Fisher Farm
Thank you for your comments and reading my story, Manafon1. I don't know about a telepathic connection, but she is still clear in my memories. Actually, I think I saw her a second time in the same place with a child standing next to her. The little girl looked much like her mother. However, I was pretty sick that time with the mumps and had a fever. That's why I didn't include that in my original story. I may have been hallucinating. If I did see her, I wasn't scared that time either. I just knew that she had lived there a long time ago. I believe there was also a negative force in that house as well, but it wasn't her.

I am going to continue to write on things that have gone bump in my life.

Again, thanks.
lady-glow in Someone Comes Home
Welcome to YGS.

That house sounds so interesting, though I understand not everyone would like to share their place with a ghost.

How long did your niece live in the house? I find it interesting that she didn't seem to sense anything before your visit. Perhaps you are more sensitive to the paranormal than her and, without knowing or wanting it, your presence opened a door welcoming the previous duellers of the house.

Anyway, it seems that they had no bad intentions, perhaps they were disturbed by the renovations done to the house and we're just curious about the people living in their place.

Thanks for sharing.
Melda in Pop
Rex-T - Don't be surprised by my lack of knowledge regarding TV programmes at the time I was growing up. TV only reached South Africa in 1975! Actually it might have been 1976 but I seem to remember that this huge event took place the same year my eldest son was born.

We were so protected in this country by the government of the time that it was like living on another planet. Even when we had TV, everything was censored. There was a lot we were not allowed to know. There was no such thing as freedom of the press. It probably took them about ten years to decide that TV could no longer be avoided. But that's politics in the "old days" and not appropriate for this forum. I could carry on forever!

Anyway - Pop knew that both his son and daughter were closed off to anything supernatural. He had one or two experiences of his own which he only discussed with me so he knew that if he wanted attention from the family he would have to get it through me, and Craig, who has also had a few experiences. I knew he wanted me to tell his son to think of him and talk to him. Brian couldn't feel any connection but I'm sure his dad heard him and to me that was all important but I'm disappointed that he couldn't tell Brian what he wanted him to know.

Thanks for the comment and I'm looking forward to your next submission. I really enjoyed the last one. 😊

Regards, Melda
Its late for this now, but sorry Red Wolf, I was thirteen and stupid. I was over eager to relate to some else. I didn't mean to upset you.
lady-glow in Doggy Dreams
Such a touching story. I think we tend to give animals less credit that they deserve.
It is obvious that your puppy understand that there's no point in trying to find Bobo anymore.

Your story reminds of a day back in Mexico, when my aunt's cat got hit by a car and died on the road, they removed the carcass and buried him in their yard. Later that day, my uncle took the dog for a walk and, when walking by the spot where the cat got hit, the dog smelled the ground and began howling in great sorrow.

Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading your experience.πŸ’“
Welcome to YGS.

Truffles: what a fascinating experience!
I agree with you about this little boy following T.

"... I never mentioned what I saw to T for a long time."

I assume you have talked to him about that incident, what did he say?
Does your son still talk to spirits?

Thanks for sharing such an interesting story. 😊
I got confused.

To this point and after reading both of your stories, I don't understand if your whole family lives in K's house, or if your father went for a sleepover the day he saw the girl in the mirror, or if you are talking about two different houses altogether. πŸ˜•
Rex-T in Pop
Melda, you surprise me. The first few episodes of the TV series 'Kung Fu' introduced Grasshopper who had to snatch the pebble from his master's hand to leave the temple.

You may/may not have seen it growing up. At the time, it was ground breaking stuff for us learners. I've been a grasshopper ever since.

Pop trying to communicate with your hubby (for me) is sad. There was so much I wanted to say and do with my dad but never got the chance.
Mona777 - The couple you heard arguing could have been residual energy. I'm not saying that that is so but it is a possibility.

I'm not sure whether your cousin and her family still reside in that house but if they do, I would suggest that they have the house cleansed/blessed. That would of course depend on K's parents.

If the young girl is a benign spirit, it would be helpful to her if she were assisted to cross over. She doesn't sound harmful but rather seeking attention. Either way, a blessing of the home would probably send her on her way, depending on their religious beliefs.

Regards, Melda
I hear Simon & Garfunkel: <pitched at contralto range> "Like a Bridge over Troubled Water..."

This brings back my days with an "a cappella" singing group. I remember how hard it was to learn the Beatles song, "Because" from the "Love" album. All those weird half-tones! πŸ™„
HaaHaa Jubeele - I'm a sixties baby myself. The hippy in me may be young but I'm a bit older πŸ€”. With a Coca-Cola in hand (per your song which is now lodged along with that commercial in my brain) I feel a Paul McCartney tune coming on, "Hands across the water... Hands across the sky".
Manafon1 in The Fisher Farm
MississippiPearl - I thoroughly enjoyed your account. Many here on YGS have lived in haunted houses. You are one of them! Your encounter with an apparition in a dressing gown holding a candle on a staircase, with all the other minute detail you noted was fantastic. Ghosts do indeed seem to often gravitate to staircases for whatever reason. The way she just looked at you made me want to know if you felt any type of telepathic connection with the apparition?

I ask this because there are elements of your account that remind me of those experienced by YGS member ScottGrant. Please look up and read his account titled "The Great Samsara". He also encountered a female apparition in the middle of the night on a staircase. She too just looked at Scott but he felt as if he was being "scanned". This to me suggests a telepathic element at work. I would be greatly interested to discover if you sensed any mental connection with your night visitor.

Thanks for sharing your account and welcome to YGS.
Oh no, Manafon, I feel a song coming on: "I like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony..."

'Fraid so, I'm a 60's baby! 😘
Jubeele in Pop
Melda, I knew you were the researcher extraordinaire!😘

Don't worry about the drama points, I believe the algorithm resets itself after you've posted a certain number of comments. (Sorry Martin - have I given the 'secret' away? 😜) I still love you anyway, Denise.❀

Now, I've got to read Manafon's Part 2...
Jubeele and Cups - Thanks for your nice comments. You are right Jubeele, if only people could carry an unbiased logic with them, not only concerning the paranormal but with different viewpoints informed by cultural and ethnic diversity, the world would be a much nicer place in which to exist. The young hippy in me seems to be directing my hands as I type this πŸ˜‰.
Melda in Pop
Jubeele - I'm not allowed to give you a karma point. I'm told to vote for somebody else. I trust I'll find an equally deserving poster ❀

Regards, Melda
Hi Chris - Your account really caught my attention. I have read hundreds of paranormal case studies over the years and your account of seeing an elderly woman kneeling at the foot of your bed and on one occasion, standing in your bedroom, is similar to many well documented reports. In other words, you're in good company! It is important to note that each time you saw the apparition you had just woken up. It is a very common time to see an apparition. The mind, unoccupied with other worldly thoughts in the initial moments after waking, is more receptive to such encounters. Similarly, when one is awake but occupied in activities like reading, writing, listening to music and so on, sets up an ideal situation that is conducive to seeing an apparition. That detachment from the world around the person having the paranormal experience is reported with regularity.

Your reactions were quite normal and it is interesting that she was aware of you and reacted to your screams by leaving. It seems likely she was, in her way, checking in on you. I was curious to know what her face looked like on the occasion she looked up at you? Was it a kind face? Could you make out specific features? That you noticed the apparition holding a white cloth was interesting. In several apparitional case studies I have read, if an apparition appears multiple times, new elements and details are seemingly introduced.

Who knows, this woman might have been tryimg to help out your parents by making your radio unable to pick up the Lakers game you were listening to. Again, your detachment from other thoughts while focused on the radio is pertinent and suggests the static could have been from paranormal interference. I hope someone who lived on the island can provide you with specific information of that house's history or to share their experiences there. This is a site where that does happen. I had a woman who lived across the hall from me in a haunted apartment comment on one of my stories. She was happy to find that she wasn't crazy all those years ago when she saw an apparition there and to find another who could validate what she experienced. I hope you will find that here too. Either way, your multiple encounters with the elderly female apparition are similar, in general details, to what many others have experienced. Hopefully that helps in some small way. Welcome to YGS.
Jubeele in The Henn Theater
Spooky, Lilwolf. What if the little boy had taken you at your word and followed you home? πŸ‘»

When we lived in Sydney's Lower North Shore, I used to walk across to the Hayden Orpheum, a historic Art Deco cinema dating back to 1935. On my days off, I loved going to the morning or afternoon matinees where I'd have the whole place to myself.

I Googled the Henn Theater. It looks great - just the sort of place I'd love to 'haunt' (pardon the pun). I'm sure that boy thought so too.

You set a great mood for the scene. I enjoyed reading this. 😘
Melda in Pop
Jubeele - Thanks for your comment. I loved Pop like a father, not a father-in-law. He had a hard exterior at times but had a heart of putty and a huge sense of humour. We had a very good relationship.

I learn quite a lot from you. I had no idea that the grasshopper held any symbolic qualities. Very interesting!

I don't have a problem with grasshoppers but I'm not overly fond of locusts. A bit of a leap, I know. (Not intended as a pun πŸ™„) One sunny day last year I was back-washing my swimming pool and also bent down to clear the basket of leaves. After I'd finished I went back inside the house and the lower part of my back was extremely itchy. I kept scratching but the itch remained. I asked my domestic worker (she works for me once a week, or twice when I want her an extra day) to have a look to see if I had a rash. She pulled my jeans down slightly and let out a yelp. Out came a locust and perched itself on the bathroom window. I was completely freaked out and so was she 😁. Nasty creature, taking advantage of me like that.

Oh by the way, cheeky girl, I've already done some research for you. Manafon's part 2 has been out for ages. Just take a look and you'll find it. Think you can manage?

Regards, Melda
Oh Maggie, you made me cry! I know that baby ache. I've had so many problems conceiving years ago, irregular cycles, poly-cystic ovaries, 30% of both ovaries removed and a surgical procedure on my womb. Then came the IVF attempt - and we lost the baby. It was a painful time.

Your brother was indeed looking out for you. That is such a beautiful, loving experience.

I'm sorry you didn't get to have another baby, but I'm really glad you're here to share this with us. Hugs to you. ❀
valkricry in Enormous Black Deer
Sounds like you may have seen a black (melanistic) deer which is indeed rare in itself. A big buck can weigh over 275 pounds. Which if you include antlers in the height is more than massive looking. Now, I feel the need to stress this: if this is what you saw, it was a very rare sighting.
According to some Indian tribes (Creek and Choctaw especially) such a sighting would be indicative of good fortune, and that you are traveling on the right life path. It also stands as a reminder to embrace the graces symbolized by the deer; gentleness, kindness, forgiveness, the embracing of one's feminine side. That these are not weaknesses but strengths.
Jubeele in Pop
Melda, this account of your Pop really touched me. What a wonderful man - he's left you all a precious memory to cherish. This is such a lovely blessing.❀

When Grandma passed, I was only 7 years old. The morning after we attended her wake, I found a beautiful emerald-green grasshopper resting on the living room wall. It was unusual as we lived on the 7th floor. When I called my parents' attention to it, it hopped off towards the doorway and flew off.

My Mum believes it was Grandma come to see us once more before moving on. She also reminded me that I was the only one of her grandchildren born in the year of the Dragon, same as her. Incidentally, among other things, the grasshopper symbolises taking a leap of faith, moving forward, while staying grounded. It's considered a good sign to find one in the home.


P.s. When you're in the mood, can you help me with some research? 😘
Hello Manafon, many thanks for sharing this fascinating account.

I was struck by the lovely simplicity of your acceptance as a child with regards to your experiences. You didn't feel threatened; hence there was no cause for alarm. If only we could hold on to that unbiased logic, then there would be less unreasoning fear of the unknown and more openness to new ideas and different viewpoints. It would certainly make for a more peaceful, enriched world.

It was great that you connected with your bio-mom. I was really taken by the idea that your "beddy-bye" rocker could have been your grandmother. It's such a comfort to know that love could transcend time, distance and other boundaries.

I'll be certainly watching out for Part 2. 😊
SoniaMary - πŸ™„ Right now I don't feel inclined to do any research and at the time I posted my comments I probably didn't consider it necessary as you had already received links from two posters. Since then you've received further links. Besides that, you mentioned that you didn't want to be told that this was a living deer.

I apologise if you think I was being snarky - it was not my intention. 😊

Regards, Melda
L_Melb - I've wondered about that a few times over the years. If they did get on with my life, then I hope that they made better choices than I did. Like investing heavily in Bitcoin a couple of years ago. 😁 😜 Thank you.
SoniaMary0023 in Enormous Black Deer
Thank you biblio, it did have that color and as you said it just mightve been a unique experience. I just never have seen such a dark deer. I just found it odd I guess...
SoniaMary0023 in Enormous Black Deer
Tweed, no it was not a moose lol I don't think we have them here in the area, never seen one
SoniaMary0023 in Enormous Black Deer
Roylynx, #2 was the size but skinnier, and the antlers were perfectly shaped upright
SoniaMary0023 in Enormous Black Deer
Thank you rook, ill be sure to look into that. Its just idk... I did say I live in a small town, at least I think I did, and things like that would be published in the papers. It was around lunch where military people and even town folks come out to eat at that time which is the only busiest time in my small quiet town. Ill be updating as soon as I find out anything about people knowing of real live deer that looked like the deer I have seen. I was searching for a spiritual answer of some sort... Like maybe it couldve been a sign. I have had signs telling me that my spiritual awakening has beem manifestating, all in different signs. And honestly it did make me upset that everyone assumed the opposite. Or it feels as if I'm speaking nonsense. Idk... Personal life has gotten the best of me

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