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MaggieMay_Not in Choices Of Life And Death
Mr Riggs I am so very sorry for your loss. I thank you for your kind words and I promise you I will be praying and sending thoughts and prayers of healing and strength for you and yours. I wish you ease in your heart and mind as I wish your family members the same, and the departed soul rest and succor under the bright blue skies that stretch endlessly into heaven.

Catlyablu-Thank you for responding. I have the book, but I haven't had time to start it yet, unfortunately. Don't underestimate yourself. Honestly I usually just do what I feel is right and it works out. If that means something as simple as recommending a soft drink to sitting and chatting with a very upset man, I do it. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, I'm sure you will do what is necessary without second thought. It really is as simple as listening to the voice inside is telling you. I am sorry for the delayed response. I was in Colorado Springs for a few days and just got home. I did see Cirque Du Soleil (Crystal) and enjoyed Yellow Mountain Tea and had a great time.

Thank you again,
MK1- I attribute every breath I take to a Creator. I am not particularly religious. Don't ask me about Bible, Koran, Torah, Geeta, Katabi Aq Dos, or Dead Sea Scrolls. I have no expertise with any of them. I simply know, down to my bones the creator exists. I don't have any other insights into this incident. I rarely try to read more than I am given in these instances. To be honest, if I am gifted with a direction, I follow it and I figure anything else - why etc. Isn't my business. I am not a divine creature and trying to understand the motives of guiding me? I couldn't fathom them. That would be like asking a caterpillar to understand the motives of a human trying to save an endangered butterfly species. Not possible, no frame of reference and a complete lack of capacity or ability to understand. Thank you for replying and if more happens, I will update everyone.
LuciaJacinta - Thank you for responding. Its fun work and I love it. I don't ever assume one way or another that I will speak to Joe or any of the others again, but it's interesting because when I checked my assignments today when I got home, I have one that goes right by that little shop. I think I'll plan to stop so nothing happens to make me stop. Sorry for the late response - I was out of town and just got back.

Myst - Thank you for replying. Ah teaching? I think I am a student, always trying to learn more, simply by being there for people, you can't imagine how much I learn, not just about them but about myself and the world as I know it... And don't know it... As the case may be.

Sorry for the delayed response. I have been out of town and just gotten back. I was in Colorado Springs - if you love tea and enjoy Dim Sum I heartily recommend the Yellow Mountain Tea house.
LuciaJacinta in Happenings In Churches
Here's another slightly older story I'm going to bump up.

So, let me preface this by saying that this is only a theory and I'm not saying I'm right but it's just a view point I'd like to present. Apologies in advance.

Firstly, I've always been fascinated by eastern orthodox. I don't understand all the beliefs but to me it's pretty fascinating. So now coming from a Roman Catholic background, to summarize, that we believe that the angels are present around the altar. We worship with "the communion of saints" so that is similar to what I think they were saying when they said that your past relatives are present at the altar. I agree with what was commented earlier about past relatives being present at all times, but I think it relates back to the idea of this community at the altar which is what your (priest?) Was saying. He wasn't saying they aren't always present but it can be believed that those in heaven are present at the altar during communion.

Secondly, what people can believe in their religions can be a truth to them and if this (priest?) Was saying that he believed that the deceased were with them, coupled with the faith of the parish they could have collectively brought their relatives to the altar as we are still with the deceased in many ways, as some believe, and they could "hear" what was being thought/said.

Now if it was an angel which it sounds like it could be, it refers to some scripture versus that many people have quoted me. Now I don't necessarily agree with it, because I am still discerning the meaning but it relates back to why some women wear head coverings in Church, "because of the angels". Because of the order and hierarchy of the spirit realm. The angels are to give an account at the judgement.
Which I was going to quote stuff but everyone can just look it up in their own versions of their Bibles if they want's "1 Corinthians: 11-10" which is what a lot of people quote when they say that you are to wear head coverings in Church because of the angels. There are also other verses that relate to the angels being present at the altar as well.

Now that's if what you saw was an angel. Being that it had wings, it's a possibility. I know most of the topics on here are "ghosts" but to me angels are in the spirit world as well and it in my mind should be in the same topic realm. Whenever I have seen "ghosts" throughout my life I had to question if it was an angel, ghost, spirit, guardian... Etc there are many things it could be. I'll also offer the idea that it could have been a dark force as well... I have known stories that people who have worked in churches have told me where they felt dark prsecence as well. Just because it's in a church doesn't automatically mean it's good... I don't know... Possibilities.

But I just wanted to present the theory and you can discount it if you don't agree. Peace. 😊
Regardless, here's another female perspective.

The overreaction on the topic of taboo, as displayed here by a couple of female posters, is blatant contradiction.
I would urge the ladies reading this to think hard about their own reactions to this, as I think it's a symptom of arrested development.
As for this occurring to both the OP and her mother. Paranormal or not, seriously either way, that's something that needs to be addressed. Which comes back to the overreaction on the topic of taboo. Inner work ladies, got to do that inner work.

The black mass on the doorway is relatively common. I personally think it's a build up of negative energy. That you dreamed it is interesting. I think you were tapping into what was around you, paranormal wise, with that dream.
Sounds like the place could've done with a cleansing.

Possession usually builds up very slowly and is, or can be, exceptionally hard to get rid of. The only time I've ever heard of it not building up was with one of my teachers. But she purposefully went into a trance to evoke something, silly mare.
You and your mother may have experienced some kind of psychic vision, albeit an over the top vivid one, to do with something that occurred at one time in the home. The fact you dreamed the black mass and woke in the same position, kind of points me along those lines.
It's also possible you had a blocked ear that cleared itself at the same time as having a very weird nightmare. I wake up with a blocked ear sometimes and it can mess with balance and even give me the odd vivid nightmare. So I wouldn't rule that out either. Certainly better than experiencing a past event.
Hi Alska,

Thanks for sharing, I agree with what's already been suggested. The earrings in the shoes remind me of the sort of thing our grandparents' generation would do. A way of hiding valuables overnight. Don't know if that helps or not.
Get into personal shields. You can't have someone/thing sapping your energy, well intended or not.

After 21 days in the Medical Intensive Care Unit of a very good hospital, it was clear that it was time to make a decision about the future of a very ill and elderly relative. A doctor on the ICU team asked to meet with immediate family members about continuing medical care.

Without belaboring this commentary, all viable medical options were exhausted. The patient had coded twice during the previous night and resuscitated. Machines were keeping her alive. Her future, at best, would have been transfer to an acute care nursing facility for a daily kidney dialysis. With major organ failure and her fingers and toes turning black from a lack of circulation, the decision was an easy one to make.

With doctors and family in complete concurrence, life support was removed. She was given medication to help with post surgical pain. Her blood pressure plummeted and she passed peacefully in 3 1/2 hours.

I have no guilt, remorse or pangs of conscience. When medical options are exhausted, and medical staffs and families have done all they can, it is time to make a choice. We opted to end suffering, and more importantly, potential long term suffering, with a compassionate conclusion.

This ending of life was not murder, and I do not feel a murderer. I do feel I was a compassionate family member who ended pain in a situation that was without hope.

You showed courage, Maggie, in making your choice. You displayed great heart in telling your story. You made my job easier when my turn came to choose, and you helped ease the passing of a sick and tired soul. I thank you for that.

That you were called a murderer was a poor choice of words by people in emotional pain. People in great personal pain are capable of saying terrible things that may leave life-long scars. I find your hurt to be disturbing to me personally.

Perhaps the only path to healing great pain is forgiving the unforgivable.
Reading this made me happy too. It shows how love can still reach us beyond the veil. I feel that Ann stayed around to comfort you because you were so heartbroken at losing her. Perhaps when the time is right for both of you, she might then move on.

I wish you and your family all the best. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming account. ❤

My intention in this comment is not to scare you or cause you undue anxiety. On the contrary, it is more about your boy's sight and protective instincts.

It appears that in the Christian religion, the sign of the skull symbolizes mortality and death. Being asleep in the cot when this 'skull' appeared, makes me wonder if your boy's scream (waking up his little sister) was the factor that saved her from harm. I'm thinking SIDS.

Looking at the date this occurred (approximately 3 years ago) I'm assuming that your daughter is now at least 3 years old and therefore well outside the statistical age bracket for this occurrence.

I think you have an extraordinary little boy with an awesome gift.

I'm not the type that says much about my religion (that's personal) but I pray that both your children are healthy and have a bright future ahead of them.

AlskaRJean in Rita And Her Children
LuciaJacinta, hi.
No, I wasn't taking any medication. I don't take any medicines to sleep because it makes me feel horrible the next day. The only thing I really ever take will be asprin or ibuprofen when I have a headache.
The name Rita doesn't mean anything to me, nor do pearls. Um, green is one of my favorite colors, if that means anything haha.
I don't feel like it is an evil presence, I just don't know what to make of the 'off' feeling I get. Maybe because it's something unnatural, I don't know.
I don't know where she came from or if she just attached herself to me because of my battle with depression. I would just believe it is all in my head if I didn't see her so vividly or if she didn't interact with me. And I'm just not sure how to block her or get her to go away. I guess I should do research.
LuciaJacinta in The Fish Dish
I guess I can't draw a diagram on here. Too bad. That would help.

We were facing the stairs. Standing outside of 2nd bedroom door. Behind us was the extension of the hallway, and a bathroom and another 3rd bedroom (parents). In front of us was stairs as I said, a few feet forward on our left was 1st bedroom where all the commotion occurred. The man walked out of the 1st bedroom. He walked directly across the hallway to the 4th bedroom (baby's room) which was probably identically diagonal to Moonchild's doorway (being the second bedroom). Then he stopped and turned around to look at us and put his arm in the crib. We could see it all from where we stood. We might have taken a few steps towards him to see him clearer but we didn't walk all the way in, we had a good view from we were.

And no, I think at least the dad believed all these ideas and suggested some if it to her. He was the one who named her the name very similar to Moonchild and had told her she was from another planet.
lady-glow in The Fish Dish
Moonchild sure had a very active imagination, didn't she?

Reading the part about the 'seance' made me remember one day when two of my daughter's friends came home for a play date. At some point they were drinking milk and making funny faces, I asked them if there was something wrong with the milk and my child said that they had made a 'magic potion' using the magic powder I keep in the cupboard, -they thought the baking powder "Magic" brand was actually an ingredient to do magic! Or, perhaps, they considered me to be a witch?樂

It is not clear to me if when Curly and you saw the ghost:

- did you follow him down the hallway?
- did he enter the bedroom just across from where you were standing?
- you girls have X-ray vision and saw through the wall what he was doing?

Ha ha, just kidding about the last option!

Anyway, I know this site is not about parenting, but I hope Moonchild parents talked to her about the difference between reality and fantasy.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Piumi,
Thanks and glad you find it interesting. Also glad that you've avoided an accident (assuming it was a real woman who's not so good in the thinking department). Was it day time when this happened? Even then my guess is in 10 sec's a lot could happen. I'm not simply dismissing your idea it was something paranormal. Just my opinion. Also I think if it was a haunting it would have been known to many by now. It's a small place you see. And I have an old friend from around that area, I'll ask him weather there's a crazy woman roaming the area, if I find his phone number.

Also I've read your story couple of days ago. Good that it's all sorted out. Hope you're getting along with your mother in law.
LuciaJacinta in Rita And Her Children
Very interesting. I tend to discount sleep paralysis stories because as you say there are "scientific reasons" and if you research others that have experienced it, they all seem to "see" the same stuff, although I have no idea why. But the fact that you are feeling her/seeing her when you awake now turns this story around for me. So question, were you taking any medicine when you were having the sleep issues? Does the color green hold any significance for you? The meaning of "Rita" is pearl. Do pearls hold any significance for you? Like you say, the feeling isn't a "good" feeling from her so I'd try to put a protective shield around you to block her out and tell her she isn't longer welcome to visit you. See if that helps.
Nicky22 in Toddler Terrors
Thank you guys for commenting back! We didn't go to any circus because as it turns out I'm actually petrified of clowns.

And we've heard of the toy manufacturers but my little boy doesn't actually have any of those toys.

My job hasn't been cut off but for the last two weeks now I've had to be off sick because I fell off a ladder at work while holding a huge spanner (not the best idea I know) but as I fell I landed on my back and the spanner landed on me so now my backs in pain.

When we go threw the months where it's active it honestly can be more positive but then we get bad things also occurring

I've got a meeting soon with my local priest this weekend to talk about it. I feel awful thought because before this I have never been religious always thought it was all nonsense but since all off these activities are happening I'm really questioning my beliefs and I'm also going to talk to him about getting my boys christened!
AlskaRJean in Rita And Her Children
Hi Rookdygin. Thank you for commenting.
Before what I'm going through now, I've never had any experiences quite as engaging or any that has singled me out specifically. My grandmother's home had active spirit (s) , but they left everyone alone.
I don't understand why I feel singled out by this presence. I have bouts of deep depression, always have, and I think somehow that attracted it. That's just my guess. I've been tested for bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia, but my results are always normal.
As for someone holding a grudge against me, I can't think of anyone.
I've tried to keep up with the days 'Rita' comes to me to see if there is any particular pattern, but there isn't one. Sometimes, I'll see her back to back days, or sometimes there might be a week in between.
As for cleanses, I've tried burning sage. It didn't seem to help. I'll have to look at the cleanse you have posted, and thank you for recommending it.
rookdygin in Toddler Terrors
Just to make sure...

"Mookie" is pronounced as it's spelled (Moo-Key) correct?

Still may have to due with someone's name or nickname.

Has your employment been threatened recently... Like soon after this incident? I ask because I am 'seeing/feeling' the card and knife in more of a symbolic manner than a direct threat to you... Perhaps a warning about your 'funds' being 'cut' off or something along those lines?

I think each experience should be examined on its own and not 'read into' as a whole.

Your home very active... Is the overall feeling in the home positive or negative? What about each experience? Are there more 'positive' or 'indifferent' experiences or are most of them 'negative feeling' in nature?

There also seems to be a 'cycle' it follows... This may have something to do with the history of the area you live in or more to the point... The home you live in. Time for research.

I still recommend Cleansing and Shielding... Or a Priest Blessing... Or what ever you feel helps you push away negativity and attract positive energy.

Please ask any questions you may have.


I used to see the same shadow man! Tall black shadow wearing a big long hat. He always showed up whenever I had sleep paralysis. I too got used to seeing it and wasn't afraid anymore. Eventually I stopped seeing this shadow figure and everything was back to normal. However, I did have a very weird dream once where he showed up in mine and my cousin's dream at the same time. I have posted that story on here. You might want to check it out:)
RCRuskin in Toddler Terrors
Nicky22, I know you didn't intend to scare any of us. Just that events did.

After reading your responses, I did a bit of quick research. There is no creature in any culture's mythos named Mookie/Mooky. But, I did find two interesting things, both UK based.

Mooky the Clown,, a performer with the Blackpool Circus. (Clowns are scary in their own right.) Did you folks go to the circus around the time of these events?

There is also a toy manufacturer, Mookie Toys, I think we can rule them out entirely.
Nicky22 in Toddler Terrors
Hey guys! Sorry I scared some of you. I'll answer your questions in this comment! Ok so the first one is I didn't notice anything other than my bank card was missing so I guess I didn't notice the knife because my mind was somewhere else. The knife that was under my pillow was a butcher knife which I suppose scared me more because of how sharp it was. I did go to sleep and my son woke me up screaming and being a single mum I guess I am more paranoid when things go bump in the night but both me and my son saw that thing that night, we had a few things happen before this incident but nothing to make me think this is serious but it seems now things are slowly going threw stages where for a couple of months nothing then for another couple of months it can be awful for us. "Mookie" as far as I'm away means nothing to do with culture or our neighbourhood and my son has only just started saying it since this incident. What worry's me is as I've said I'm a single mum and I am going threw some financial difficulties and I also work a lot I mean my kids never go without but it can be a struggle for me personally and I feel like whatever he was picked my bank card and a knife as a sign of my weakness if that makes sense? As far as I'm aware from what I've heard from other people is my village I live in my is quite haunted but I've never really got to find out how and why?
Wow, how insanely destined was that?! Have you read the book that was suggested to you, Journey of Souls? I find you will enjoy the answers there. I definitely think people come into our lives for reasons. This is great stuff and sometimes I wish I had the courage to take experiencing these things but I am not I would know how to handle it. Thank you for sharing! <3
LuciaJacinta in Toddler Terrors
Scary. Did you notice the knife missing too? Were both items missing that day?
Wow, I loved this tale. I think we are going to need ongoing updates on this.

Loved it too because my husband does the same sort of work and you are speaking a familiar language to

And I really identified with Joe. I have felt like him over the years which is what brought me here to YGS. I lived in an"occupied"house of the spirit world for the last few years and it really broke me down to tears. I felt the exact same way and lost friends because they thought I was crazy. I search the internet (too often) for others that have seen what I have seen and feel like Joe did.

Loved this story. Keep us updated please.
Thanks for sharing,

Some questions...

Did anything happen to you just before that first incident of S/P? Something sudden, possibly an accident? OR Was an item purchased, something old, that was brought into the house? OR Is it possible someone is 'mad' at you or holding a grudge of some type?


You stated:

"I don't like the feeling Rita gives me. The other little shadowlings seem pretty harmless, but to me, it seems like Rita has a reason for coming to me."

Based on what you have shared and the way you describe feeling drained after you 'feel' this spirit/entities presence sounds like it is draining your energy... It seems it may be attached to you somehow... Because you have felt it at work and home.

A Personal Cleans/Shield is a good place to start, then one for the home. Repeat them as needed. I have one posted on my profile or you can find them on the internet.

Again, thanks for sharing and please keep us posted.


RCRuskin in Freedom
😨 😭

I think that covers my initial reaction. I would like to share your experience with a friend who does not have Internet access. May I have your permission, please?
Hi, believe. I have the same questions as Melda. What did the feet on the stairs sound like?
RCRuskin in Toddler Terrors
Nicky, as I read this it is not quite 9 AM my time. And I am going to stay up all night because of your tale!

I have the same questions as the most wise Rook, so I'll wait to read what you have to answer.

And I shall offer prayers.
rookdygin in Toddler Terrors

Thanks for sharing... I have some comments AND questions...

First: The case of the missing Bank card...

So many different things may be at play here... Finding where you did and with what you found it with... Pretty much rules out simple 'misplacment'. I wish to address the knife however...

What kind of knife was it? Was it a simple kitchen knife, was it a butcher knife, a bread knife a folding pocket knife? I ask because the type of knife may suggest 'why' it was there with your bank card. I have a feeling it may have been a warning (more on that...)

Second: Why was the bank card returned and placed under your pillow? My gut says it was placed under your pillow as a means for the 'spirit/entity' to remain hidden... Kinda like an adult playing tooth fairy... You lost (I took) something, I am returning it but I do not want you to know it was me.

Had you gone to bed before your son started screaming? If so is it possible that you did not find the bank card and knife before your son woke up screaming? (I ask because my gut is saying... This was a warning, a warning that was not discovered until after the event it was meant to warn about i.e. The man in the top hat (hope that makes sense).

Children in general seem to be more sensitive to 'unseen' things, the younger the greater the sensitivity (that's just my opinion though) Not all are but as a 'general rule' this seems to hold true. So the fact he saw something is not surprising. However the details you provide about what you saw standing there, well those ARE a bit surprising...

" to his bed was an old man, an evil frail old man. He was wearing a top hat and a suit but his eyes was just black like nothing was there, he had this awful smile that made his mouth go from ear to ear..."

Overprotective Mama Bear indeed... Is it possible that your mind has filled in some details the more you have thought about this?

Another question: Is this the First 'paranormal experience' in your flat?

What is the history of the 'flat'?

Is the term 'mookie' a local/cultural term for a spirit/entity? Or is it simply a word your son started using to describe what he 'saw' that night?

Is your son scared of this 'mookie'?

Things to do:

Start a Journal: this will help track the details of things happening within your flat.

Historical Research: You may find that 'mookie' is how a name from the Past is pronounced and not just a random 'term' your son started using.

Find a good Cleansing and Shielding method and preform it regularly... I have one posted on my profile but they are easy to find on-line...

Thank you for sharing, please ask any questions you may have and please keep us updated.



Hi, I am from Sri Lanka. Please Belive me Dumi is not a Christian as he told you.

Sri Lankans practice a different kind of black magic. I know it has been over 5 years and I hope I'm not too late to shed some light on you.

In Sri Lanka there some people who think they are "gifted" they think they hear various gods. Please google these gods (Sohon Kali, Kadawara appachi, Badra kali, Kalukambili appachi etc) These people who have this gift start a place called "dewalea" because they can look at a person and tell them their past present and future like they have been spying on you. Just like Dumi was able to predict you. Some people are to genuinely hep people, some will help evil for money.

I must tell you that some people who has this gift of talking to unseen gods are able to control spirits. They can order them to do things for them. You said you felt like that he laid a spell on you right? That's must be it.

If we take a possessed person to one of this dewalae this gifted person can ask a spirit who he controls to pull out the spirit that possesses a body. They can ask a spirit to posses a normal person. They can order a spirit to go to a certain house and make them suffer. These gifted people use sea water, river water, spring water and various kind of oils which was chanted to keep this spirits in control. May be the holy water Dumi said must have been some kind of a water. Because you can't tell the difference.

He must have showed you some of the chanted water and spread crosses just to trick you. You said he was kidnapped and soon after he left Sri Lanka.

When he was kidnapped his parents must have seeked helped from one of these places. (Because people often go to these places to find missing people / to find good jobs/ to win a case/ to bail someone out from prison/ to pass an exam/ anything you could imagine) If that's the case there's a huge possibility that Dumi must have got this talent from one of those gifted who encourage evil. You could have contacted his parents and ask. Because even politicians in Sri Lanka go to these places.

And yes people who are gifted doesn't really know that they gifted unless a person who has the ability to recognize and inform them that they are gifted. (Mostly Hindu priests only recognize the gifted coz the above mentioned gods are Hindu gods) Example: If I go to the hindu kovil and the preist there recognize me and tell me that I am gifted and if he ask me to practice the ability then only I will be able to gain full control of it. Otherwise the gift will just fade away.

May be Dumi must have had the gift and was advised to practice it. He must have got help from one of the gifted to fly to USA or he must have helped himself to travel. Who knows! In Sri Lanka the "gifted" are very rich and fortunate coz they take money to help people A LOT OF MONEY!

Dumi must have attracted a spirit when you moved to a new place. That's what you must have seen and possibly possessed you.

Anyway I know it's too late. I knew right away what exactly your Ex is. These places can be found everywhere in Sri Lanka, some are fake some are the rel deal. Once I went to the "Dewalae" to get rid of my dead granny who was attached to me.

I hope that I shed some light on you. Dumi is no CHRISTIAN! He must be someone who is "gifted" we call it "Warama" in sinhala in case if you are interested to google.


Hope you are keeping well in present!
Hi Anon20,

Im sorry for what you are going through. I Agree with what you've said about God! He just couldn't be happier with the dinosaurs and had to create us!

Anyway I am from sri Lanka. Once I went through something similar to you. I started hearing voices in my head which was a whisper and it bothered me a lot. Then I started to get pains, Specially my calf, back, shoulders and forehead. I couldn't sleep. I became very aggressive because I was sleepless and tired. I couldn't concentrate and had to quit my job! My life became a living hell.

So my boyfriend took me to one of these people who do rituals to cure people from supernatural whatever you called sicknesses. (I had medical checkups and turned out I am FINE!)

As soon as I walked to the "Dewalea" that's what they call that place. The lady there said that my dead grand mother is attached to me. She's trying to communicate with me (Explains the whispers) and she rub and massage my body every night out of love she has for me (Explains the physical pain).

The lady "Maniyo" told me since she is a good spirit it has no intention to harm me. But she (My dead granny) doesn't know because of her presence around me, i'm suffering mentally and physically. Because of her whatever good that comes to be get blocked (Explains why I quit my job and had a rough time) So the "Maniyo said that she need to do a ritual to send my granny away. So she conducted some rituals, Cutting lime, prayers, and we had to offer food and fruits. I have to wear this thread with a metal attached to it so spirits can't come near me. Soon after that the whispers stooped and there was no physical pain. I started to work again and going on.

As per "Maniyo" someone who wants to hurt you can put a spirit, demon on you unless it's already attached to you. My case it just happened. In your case it could be just a stupid demon saw you and decided to bother you OR a nutcase who hates you want you to suffer.

Therefore, my best advise is find out what happened to you, might be a good spirit or bad you never know and who did it to you and get help and get rid of it. Because taking more time to resolve the issue will eventually lead you to your downfall. Come to Sri Lanka i'm more than happy to take you to the dewalae:) That lady really saved my life. I heard whispers that's why I thought I should share this with you. Hope I've shed some light on you.

I don't believe in god either coz if he was real people shouldn't be suffering at all. Why he wants to make us suffer, the things he created? I don't understand! If he was real world would be a better place. And yes! People who have faith on God might tell you first you need to believe in God to get his help. That's really selfish of God. I've seen devoted people who are unable to afford for a good meal. And again, to believers, I respect your beliefs. I'm just not buying it!

ANON Get help SOON!
DarkSoul94 in Dollar Shop Ghost
lady-glow: No I just joined and that's my first story I've posted here. Unless it was a coincidence lol I haven't read too many stories here yet.

Perhaps, it couldn't hurt. I just don't know what it could be that's doing it. Nothing major has ever happened there that I can remember that could be the reason for a haunting.

Lilwolf: Yeah another girl who left a few months back kept saying the same thing that there was a ghost in the store. And that's she saw weird stuff all the time as well.

No one has died... That I know of. The store is over 10 years old but most of the people who started there when it opened still work there. Only the younger ones who started and left within a few months are the ones I don't know about.

RSAChick: Couldn't hurt.

Lol No it's not... Thanks for pointing it out though. I'm so embarrassed I usually proofread a dozen times before I post anything. I looked over the preview more than that. I'll try to fix them all if I can since I saw a few other mistakes... It'll drive me crazy with my OCD and all lol Glad I could give a giggle, I enjoy making people laugh. Can't believe I missed that though *facepalm*
I am fascinated by this story, because I've had some similar experiences in the past, one in particular being especially vivid and otherworldly.

Please do relate any more information you feel relevant from this experience if anything comes to mind.

I am especially tickled at your feeling that this experience was somehow orchestrated by a "Creator," because that was the only explanation I could find for my own experience. Thank you for sharing this!
believeandsee - I enjoyed reading your account, it is short, sweet and totally believable.

What size dog was Lilo? I don't think that a small dog running up stairs would make the same sound as a human running up stairs.

Was it Lilo's habit to run up the stairs and did this unexplained event seem similar? I ask this because I know that my passed pets visited me, showing me all the characteristics which they had in life.

Like you, I would like to believe it was Lilo 😊

Regards, Melda
Hi, Such an interesting story. I came to Negambo beach with My boy friend few weeks back. He was driving at a normal speed (Because I nag a lot if he exceed my comfy speed limit) suddenly a women with messy hair in rusty clothes A gray top and a torn black skirt jumped in front of our car. Somewhere close to the browns hotel. We thought it's a less fortunate lady (A begger) My boy friend braked and this women started walking slowly in front of the car from left to right eye bowling my boy friend. She had a death stare to be honest. So we waited until she cross and my boy friend slowly started to drive and right when we passed her we turned our heads to look at her and she just vanished. She looked solid like a living person! But there is no way a living person could vanish without a trace or run and hide in 10 seconds! After reading your story... I think it must be one of the rape victim.
Apparently the light outside was not a dream since you both saw it. Do you live anywhere near an airport or military base. If so, could it have been an aircraft, particularly a helicopter? The larger ones I particular can have very right searchlights. Another thought was ball lightning. If you google it, you'll find some pretty interesting reading.

As for the alien, I lean toward that being a dream. You stated that you were terrified of aliens. I think the bright light outside your window may have triggered a nightmare, and your brain pulled up the thing that terrified you the most. Also, unless there were two entrances to your closet, why would an alien enter your closet only to exit it and scare you? It sounds like dream logic to me.

The other items you mentioned are odd, but they don't seem to be threatening. Thanks for submitting this account.
ChickenLittle in My Sister's Shadow Man
I am uncomfortable with the movement from her door to her bedside, and also with the fact that what was originally fear is now a calming feeling. A friendly ghost is a good thing, but what has caused the change in feeling?

Also, why does she think it's her father? Has she considered that this could be a ruse to gain her trust? I think a cleansing would be a great idea.
Maggie- "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Sorry, can't remember who said it. Sounds like you and Biblio are called to "other" teaching. Good for you, helping out that poor guy. He must be terrified.
ChickenLittle in Ghost Made Bacon Sandwich
I'm late to the discussion, but you mentioned being home sick. Were you running a fever? It could explain the humming, and depending on how your body handles fevers, it could also explain the lack of remembering making the sandwich. Also, it might have made you confuse the order of events.

You mentioned also that up until this happened, you did not believe in ghosts. I would suggest that you don't have to come to a conclusion about this immediately. Don't look for more paranormal experiences, but be aware of your environment. Consider the suggestions made and try to come to a conclusion that makes you comfortable. You were the one who had the experience; you know what you saw and how you felt. These are just suggestions to help you process what you experienced. On the other hand, if you conclude that it was a paranormal event, it sounds benign.
Kerry0501 in Freedom
Aww, what a beautiful story. Funny enough when I know I'm pregnant I dream it first I'm like no can't be. Then do a test and tada. I knew I was pregnant with my first all because of a dream what felt so real so I secretly did a test and found out later on I was 9weeks gone. I now have 3 children and it is busy very busy a 6 year old and 5 year old and a 2and a half year old.
hawkseye12002 in Holiday Visitor
Hi everyone...

I have been away because 1) I have been busy and 2) I have kind of gotten a sour taste in my mouth for this site, now... But... I am back to say a couple more things.

I must first apologize. My post started out as just me trying to point out that you guys should not be so hard on the original posters, because we are not the ones who have the experiences. We are not the ones who went through what they did so who are we to judge what they're telling us? Instead... My emotions got the best of me and I kind of flared up and went off... I lost my cool. For that, I apologize.

I do not necessarily disagree with the "nit picking", I am just saying don't nit pick and then beat a dead horse into the ground with it's leg. Do you feel inclined to do some research and see if you can find out something about it? Do your thing... Knock yourself out. But to go to extreme lengths to try to prove or disprove someones statement here in one of their accounts...ugh...that just set me off.

I see that Oceana has not responded and quite frankly, I can't blame her. I'm sure I would've walked away, as well.

She had mentioned taking some pills, I am wondering if she had some hallucinations. I guess we'll never know, now...

Anyways...I'm not going to comment on it further, I just wanted to apologize for going off the way I did... I could have handled that post a lot better than I did. My apologies.
ButterflyBabe i'm thinking if that was the ghost of the old lady who previously lived in the house then maybe it possible she doesn't realise that she has passed on. She maybe wondering who you and your family are and what you are doing in what she considers to be still her home,it's just a thought. You mentioned that you have not seen her since you laughed at her so maybe you laughing at her was the push she needed to make her realise she was no longer living and she simply went to the other side, again it's just a thought. Keep us up to date if anything else happens.
She hasn't come back since. Usually she comes and visits nightly but ever since I laughed at her she hasn't come back. Now that you mention it IrishGuy, she did look like the previous owner who died in the house. I didn't put the two together until now. 🤔
Manafon1 in The Old Lighthouse
Hi LuciaJacinta - Nice to hear from you. You can comment on a story no matter how old it is (although sometimes the person who posted it is no longer around). I have the movie The Fog on DVD. It's a fun flick. The fog I saw wasn't as dramatic but any fog that seems to create its own light from within is alarming!

I listened to the call of the Fisher Cat online - they certainly do have a wild call and I imagine many people have mistaken them for people, or for that matter ghosts, over the years. However, this account took place off the coast of South Carolina on Hilton Head Island, right on the border of Georgia and is too far south to have been a Fisher Cat. Unlike the Fisher Cat which repeats their weird cry repeatedly, the scream Billy and I heard only occured once. I spent a lot of time at the lighthouse and never again heard anything like it. Thanks for your theory though and for reading my account.
rookdygin in "camilla" Encounter


In the Place the First:

Home made, paper Ouija Board... Playing around with it... Placing 'salt' around it?

May I ask where you learned to use a Ouija Board?

What was the 'salt' supposed to do? I ask because 'salt' can be used to 'seal' an area, so by placing a 'ring of salt' around your homemade board you effectively blocked any spirits from being able to 'reach' the Board.

Of course that is just my 'two cents' based on experience...

In the Part the Second:

"I downloaded a ghost detector on my phone and walked around for a bit. This detector apparently "communicated with the spirits"."

The 'communication' part of this I can 'kind of' wrap my head around... Most phones have speakers and microphones and once a data base is loaded to them a spirit able to select a word from that data base... But if one goes with the theory that Spirits are 'Intelligent EMF' then they 'exist' in a frequency range modern day cellphones are not built to 'reach'.

The same can be said for the 'ghost detecting' part of the application... No matter what 'software' you down load the 'hardware' of your cellphone is not designed to pick up the frequency range, nor even the type of 'energy' that the majority of Ghost Hunters/Trackers seem to agree that spirits may be. EMF is measured in milligauss (sp) while cellphones operate using frequencies measured in Megahertz.

Oh heck here, this explains it better...

Gauss: Gauss is a unit of measurement of magnetic flux density. The definition for gauss is the following:

A guass is equal to 1 Mx/cm2 or 10-4 teslas.

The symbol for gauss is G

Then you have...

Hertz: Hertz is a unit of measurement of frequency. The definition for hertz is the following: One hertz is equal to one cycle per second.

Our cellphones work in the Mhz range which means...

Megahertz: noun - one million hertz, especially as a measure of the frequency of radio transmissions or the clock speed of a computer.

Phones just are not designed to 'measure' or detect EMF levels, and no software downloads can change that fact.

So I am not sure how your friend got 'pushed 'into' the fridge. Nor why everybody felt lightheaded but I am pretty sure it was not from an 'evil female spirit' that appeared in you basement.

Thanks for your submission.


LuciaJacinta in The Old Lighthouse
I've been reading over this one for the last few days. Not sure if there is a rule on here about commenting on older stories?

No one mentioned the old 1980s movie "The Fog" have you ever seen this movie? Its kind of a campy oldie but it was one I saw when I was very young that has always stayed with me. I really do think of this movie often. It scared me. See certain things spook me, like others might get scared if a ghost pops out and says boo, but I get scared by things like this, Fog! Come to think of it many horror movies have that fog in it. Fog is spooky!

Now as for that sound... My guess is it was an animal called a "Fisher Cat". Google it. A few years ago, someone saw a Fisher cat in our area. So I looked them up and read up on them. That night one appeared in our yard. It made the weirdest scream I ever heard. They are known for their screams. Their habitat stretches down to North Carolina.

Anyway...could be, or could be a ghost. 😁
LuciaJacinta in "camilla" Encounter
5 letters beginning with C could be Clara

I second others that think the Ouija board can be playing with fire. Yes it can contact the unseen, but you don't know if you are opening doors that should stay closed.
LuciaJacinta in The Blue Church
Just wanted to say I've read and acknowledge your experience. I feel sad for your relationship with your mom. I look forward to your stories if you share them.
Totally agree lilwolf and absolutely no offense was taken. Just sharing an experience I had. That was a good ten years ago and I am now aware of how absolutely foolish it was that we were "playing" with something like that. I don't want you to think I was being snippy. I have enjoyed reading your comments on other post and think you add much to the conversation. Good vibes to all! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
The figure I saw on the other side of the glass door was definately in the house because the front door blinds were closed and if somebody was out there, their shadow would not project through and around a corner to be positioned where I saw it.

My dog is an outside dog because my partner has 2 kids that are allergic to him and I had no other option but to leave him outside.

My partner was given the information by the neighbours. They have taken her to the doctors, and specialists but she has never been diagnosed. They have had a psychic/medium in the house aswell. We have also seen people doing what I thought was a smoking ceremony next door.

Just to clarify, my neighbors are decent people, I've been over to their house, they have a nice home and never have domestics, we never have problems with them, they own a buisness and are good to their children.

I have had experiences in this house before and after these incidents, but they were very different, non threatening and even a few funny experiences like the ones my partner had described.
So it was not a spirit that resides here normally.
Whoah massive alarm bells with this. Maybe it's because of all the horrible things done to children on the news lately but this narrative gave me the absolute creeps. I fear it's not paranormal and that there's something suspicious going on with those neighbours. Keep your wits about you. I agree keep a journal, and one for your neighbours movements too. Hate to advocate nosey behaviour, but I draw the line at sketchy weirdos. Something ain't right there.

Stay safe, install a sensor light if you don't have one already. Keep your house well lit at night, leave outside lights on all night, that kind of thing. If it's possible to have your dog in a position to alert you to oddness, do so. Perhaps keep your dog in a room of your home where he/she can watch outside, where a dodgy person may choose to enter from. Umm yeah, have a horrible feeling this ain't paranormal. Reminds me of when you hear people on the TV saying stuff like 'he was real quiet, kept to himself' or 'he was such a nice man'. 😐
lady-glow in Tandra
Welcome to YGS.

Anjaneya - that's an intriguing experience though, in my opinion, it seems more like all those women were taking care of your Grandmother.

Have you talked about this 'dream' with some of the family members on your Grandma's side? Have you seen any photos of deceased women related to her? - I wonder if you would recognize any of the women from this vision as relatives. Are you aware of any female relative passing away during child birth?

Would it be possible that the stress of watching your Grandma slipping away and being unable to help her was the cause for your family's arguments?

When you say "...I think that my Grandmother was taken over by an entity more powerful..." Do you mean you are afraid her soul didn't go to a place or rest but was taken by something negative? Was she a religious/spiritual person?

Anyway, I'm sorry for your loss and I hope my questions are not offensive.

Thanks for sharing.
RSAChick in Dollar Shop Ghost
Cleansing,shielding,and even asking should work.
Hope this doesn't sound cruel: I know you mean mopping (as in cleaning the floor with a mop), but when I read your story I pronounce it as you spell it, moping (definition: wander about listlessly and aimlessly because of unhappiness or boredom) and I giggle a bit at this image of an emo teenager moping around this store after hours, with these shadows and falling things all around... And then, moping in record time, lol
RSAChick in The Blue Church
Thanks Mavvey! So it seems that Barbara Heck probably had nothing to do with the things you experienced at the church. And does make one wonder, like RCRuskin says, what may have happened there before your scary encounter.
Hoping you and your brother have been able to overcome and deal with the things your mom exposed you to!
Looking forward to your next story.
RSAChick in Tandra
Hi Anjaneya,
Sorry for the loss of your granny and your family's difficult times.
Besides your dream/vision in your grandmother's room, was there anything else that happened that made you think she was taken over by an entity?
And what did your "trusted people who have known the other side" do to help you overcome the situation?
Thank you 'Chanced' for your comments that put me on the road to reading this most amazing account by 'groundzero7'. It was informative, foreboding, grievous yet uplifting.

Yeh, I also put 'groundzero7' and this account straight into my favorites. This may be the best submission that I have read so far.

I really appreciate you sharing this experience with us.

ChickenLittle - I do believe that Overrated did overreact a bit. I completely understand being uncomfortable discussing the hormonal change theory with a male. That's why I stated it would be helpful to have a female YGS member chime in on that aspect. I also felt that sex might have been a taboo subject within her family due to religious beliefs. Overrated stated in her reposnse that sex is not a taboo subject in her family but that certainly wasn't stated in the account.

Overrated seems to be suggesting that something was attempting to possess her and I was suggesting a more prosaic explanation. She stated her mother also experienced a similar attempt at "possession" and it would seem that as she wasn't that something else was likely taking place. I agree that what she describes seems outside a normal experience related to hormonal changes but I was suggesting that the sound of wind, numbness and a hot feeling on the face, could have been subjective impressions brought about by intense emotional feelings. Would that be weird? Yes. However it seems more of a stretch that something tried to possess her and her mother once each and never again, failing in both instances.

Overrated also stated I should read before commenting, which I did. I found the majority of her account compelling and interesting but found that one bit questionable. I was only stating an opinion. Believe me, I wasn't thrilled to comment on that one aspect but certain things Overrated wrote hinted that what she was describing was indeed related to her boyfriend's phone call. By the way, thanks for your female perspective. That is much appreciated as I REALLY don't want to discuss that aspect any further.
That would definitely be creepy, I agree with lady-glow just ask them to stop. Do You know if any other workers have saw or heard it besides the one You were with that night?

Maybe its someone that use to work there or that was a regular that died? Just a thought.

Thanks for sharing

nolasara, I'm not saying that homemade Ouija boards can't work. Personally I wouldn't know because I have never used one at all. I'm just saying that it sounds like an unreliable source. Especially for conjring a vengeful spirit on the first try.

No offense intended just my opinion, especially if You don't have a lot of experience using one. Do I think its possible for one to work, maybe I think it just depends on the person using it.

I don't have much to say about the story, but would like to comment to Lilwolf about homemade Ouija boards. I worked in an old building in the French Quarter in New Orleans several years ago. I was working in a gift shop that had an upstairs stock room. One afternoon I was upstairs with another employee who said she was sure the place was haunted. It's the French Quarter, according to most people EVERYWHERE is haunted. Lol. So long story short, she made a board out of a piece of poster board and used a take out lid from egg drop soup with a hole cut in it for the pointer. It gaves us a name, dates they lived, their age, what they did for a living. I don't believe the other girl was being dishonest. It was an amazing experience.
Skull, I have some advice and questions.

First of its NEVER a good idea to just play around with an Ouija board or the supernatural in general. It opens You and anyone involved to some bad things.
2nd A paper Ouija board, You just drew one on a piece of paper and it was effect enough to bring forward an angry spirit? I'm sorry not trying to be rude but I have a hard time believing that.

I've talked with people and read a few stories on here where someone tried to use an Ouija board to communicate and it hardly ever just happens on the first go. Not unless it was already there in the first place and that's with a REAL board.

3RD The part where You said that You felt light headed and so did the others could have been the presence of a spirit or it could be the simple fact that You had a strong adrenaline rush going. A combo of using a Ouija board well sorta You drew one, hoping to hear from a spirit, fear because You don't know what's going to happen etc. Was it your first time doing this?

4th the ghost apps on phones are not a reliable source. They can be fun but usually not legit. If You want a real chance of hearing a ghost get a tape recorder it dosen't have to be anything fancy and set it up and wait. IF there is a spirit in your house that can and wants to communicate You will find out.

Now for questions when You say that Your friend was pushed into the fridge do you mean he crashed into the front or side of it?

Also how do You know that Camilla wasn't the spirit's real name, that the name starts with C and that its 5 letters long?

I'm not exactly sure how any of us are supposed to know the name but I can try to help You by giving you some advice. Please stop playing with Ouija boards real or not and the supernatural in general It is never smart to mess around with a spiritual tool that You don't know how to fully use.


I also don't think Overrated was being unreasonably defensive with her response. I think she felt uncomfortable, as a young female adult, discussing hormonal changes and sex and guilt with a male. I feel she stated so simply without calling you names and was not at all out of line.

Now, regarding the experience itself:

Since you asked for a female perspective, as a "mature" female who has experienced the "hormonal changes" associated with puberty, the imbalances associated with endocrinal issues, two pregnancies (talk about raging hormones!), and other life changes, I can honestly say that I have never experienced most symptoms Overrated described within that short time. No hot AND cold flashes, no numbness, no loud rushing wind sound, and no involuntary urge to grab my pelvis. (Okay, maybe I had an evil smile or two during pregnancy). If I were to try to find a biological reason, I would look more to circulatory issues (numbness, hot and cold feelings, involuntary grimace, and rushing wind sound).

Manafon had a good point regarding telekinetic energy. You mentioned arguments, near divorce, depression and other struggles. The stress combined with teenagers and pre-teens could be responsible for some of the activity. Also, had some of this started before the move into this house? If there were entities in the house, cold they have tapped into the beginnings of this and caused it to escalate, or do you think the stresses were solely caused by what ever would have been in the house?

A lot of questions, I know, but I find this account interesting. Thank you for sharing this!
RCRuskin in The Blue Church
Hi, Mavvey.

I find your account fascinating, even if all the facts are not straight.:) I'm curious about intervening events, from when the church was consecrated to when your mother took you there against your will. Apparently, some unkind spirits moved in to what was once a house of prayer.
sophiethunder in Ghost Made Bacon Sandwich
I don't think so. Maybe I did sleepwalk. Maybe there is no paranormal thing happening at all. It might be I was unwell and was scared by the humming and kind of got freaked out by practically nothing. Thanks guys, you put my mind at rest.
This just happened to me this morning, I walk in my office and I see the green light came on on my mr coffee coffee pot and it starts brewing a pot of coffee. I do leave the night before with the water and coffee already set up so when I walk in I can just turn it on. But this morning I hadn't even turn my office light on and I saw the green ON light on and heard it start the brewing. Very weird... I don't believe there is any pre set timing on this machine and if there is I don't know how to use it. I have had it for a few years now too. And I asked the 2 people that were already in the office if they turned it on and neither had. Just a very strange and spooky thing. 😐 Lastly, I had just visited a dear old aunt yesterday too who is dying not so sure that there might be some dead relatives hanging around right now and someone might be trying to get to me 😆
Bee_Beans in My Friend Bill
Instant favourite. Thank you, Groundzero7. What a beautiful account.
Vikraal: Hey how are you brother. No offense taken. Sometimes I think about the validity myself. I just believed it when my father said it. I am not contesting it being true or false. Apparition/ Hallucination/ Paranormal Experience, can't say¿ But Mystery, for sure mate. Cheers.
Bee_Beans in "camilla" Encounter

My first reaction to the fridge issue was also that it must have been a humongous fridge. Lol. That didn't sit well with me so I went with the alternative. It would be great if the OP would clarify 😭.

If the OP is using the same app that I tried, the 'spirit' would have been female. The app only ever gives female names. I know I 'encountered' one with a name starting with C but for the life of me I can't remember the name. I will post it if it comes back to me.

lady-glow in "camilla" Encounter
Bee_Beans - yeah, sometimes my imagination runs wild. 😁
Still, I find it hard to believe that much activity after just one OB session, specially if there wasn't a previous history of the house being haunted.

Now, it's going to be hard to come up with a name for this 'spirit' without knowing if it is male or female, and without knowing if it was telling the truth or if it was lying. 🤔
Bee_Beans in "camilla" Encounter

Perhaps the OP means that the friend was pushed into the outside of the fridge instead of actually forced inside the fridge. Just a thought.

Bee_Beans in "camilla" Encounter
Hi Skull_The_Demon

Based on how you describe the app, I am pretty sure I have tried out the same one. It is complete nonsense. The answers to your questions run on a loop. If you ask a question that doesn't contain any keywords stored in the app's database, it just repeats the same answer or falls back on one of the standard ones ("Do you believe?" or "Get out" etc). It's a fun app to scare gullible friends with but it certainly is not real.

Scary story, though.

Mavvey in The Blue Church

Thanks for commenting! I will admit that the information of Barbara Heck was given to me by my mother, spinning tales as usual and the archives at the local musuem which like most small town musuems could be frabricated information to draw in more tourists. I wrote this in the perspective of my young self, and what I believed had happened at that time as it was told to me - I never really knew Barbara Hecks fate because of my own personal research into it. In hindsight I should have put more effort into the research of the blue church before posting.

However, since that night I haven't bothered to do so as I haven't been interested in it or its history. I apologize for that mishap!
lady-glow in Dollar Shop Ghost
Mods - sorry, I guess I'm mistaken.

DarkSoul - that's creepy. Perhaps next time this happens, you could ask in a polite but firm way to stop giving you extra work.
Have you consider to bless or cleanse the store?

Thanks for sharing.
[at] ajonverge: its an interesting story. What I feel though is this could merely be a creation of your dad's own mind. The ghost of a bride asking for lift has been much hyped in Indian urban legends. Like the ghost that snips women's hairs now. Just feels too funny to be true. I do believe that your dad believed he saw something. However, I'm confused about this. No offense bro. Peace and keep posting.
The same thing happened to me. I was around 6-7 years old and sleeping in my mom's room and suddenly I wake up to find two green
Glowing figures laying on the bed beside me ''Note, we were sleeping on the ground I don't know why'' just staring at the roof, one woman, and one man. I remember the woman, they looked just like a normal human being but neon greenish. I remember the woman holding something in her hands like a bowl or something. I was calling out to my mom and woke her up, I pointed at the figures and my mom just told me to sleep fast like she also saw it but I don't know. I wasn't scared, I was just interested in them. But as soon as my mom told me to sleep I slept quite fast. When I woke up in the morning they disappeared and I missed them for some reason, I wanted them to come back and visit. Since then i've not been visited by them.
lady-glow in "camilla" Encounter
Either your fridge is humongous or your friend is a mini-midget... Otherwise I can't fathom a person fitting into a fridge.

I have my doubts about those ghost detector applications but, after reading your story it makes me wonder their effectivity, it seams that it opened the gates of hell and a legion of demos came through your home made Ouija board! 😁

Scary story... Wrong forum.
This site is meant for real paranormal experiences... Just my humble opinion. 😉
lady-glow in Dollar Shop Ghost
MODERATORS: I'm pretty sure that this story has been published before.
RSAChick in Barbie Legs (help)
Weird and strange experiences.
I have a question: why is Netflix playing while you are sleeping?
I know you say it was paused, but could this possibly be the source of the little girl's cries?
RSAChick in The Blue Church
So sad that instead of protecting you, your own mother exposed you to these things! Hope you find some way to deal with it.
It seems Barbara Heck died suddenly at the ripe old age of 70, in 1804, in her son's home. She is indeed buried in the Blue Church Cemetary. But you don't seem to have the historical details of the church quite right, taking away some credibility of your story.
Sophiethunder in one of your comments you stated that your boyfriend has a private fridge due to his allergies. You also stated that there was bacon in your boyfriends private fridge so i'm just wondering is there the slight possibility that you did in fact sleepwalk and go to that fridge and take the bacon and put it on the frying pan and cooked it? But that still wouldn't explain how it ended up becoming a sandwich. Is it maybe possible you could have got the time line of events wrong and you maybe cooked the bacon and made the sandwich and then fell asleep?
catleyablu in "camilla" Encounter
Can you provide more detail as to why you believe this entity's name starts with a 'C'? I've always heard it is best not to research too much into negative spirits...
I have to say I don't think Overrated was out of line for feeling the way she does about the comments made, but I also don't think your theory is off, Manafon. Evil does prey on our desire for pleasure and who knows what this negative entity was trying to do! It's a scary experience but thank goodness you were able to fight whatever negativity was trying to take hold of you. Thanks for sharing and I hope things have/are getting better for you and your family! <3
It could have happened but I think there is a logical explanation to this one. I tend to agree with those that say you were sleep walking and it was you that made it but you had a memory lapse.

The spirit world seems to abide by their own set of rules. They do certain things like turn lights on and off, play with buttons, breathe on you maybe, open doors possibly turn water on and off... But I don't think cooking a bacon sandwich is their typical realm. Plus did I read that right that you didn't even have bacon in the house? Spirits can't materialize bacon. They tend to hide things that do exist but create something from nothing is not typical of them.

Sorry to doubt the paranormal experience of this. I mean, it probably happened yes but I don't think a paranormal explanation is one for this story.

Unless I'm just a doubter and totally wrong here.
I think it is interesting that you mentioned the possibility of an entity "pretending" to be a canine, do you have any particular theories on that?

My first thought was that a "ghost dog" would not be altogether unpleasant, but that doesn't seem to jive with the feeling of dread that seems to proceed it.

Thank you for sharing
Well, like I will always comment, don't fear it. Don't let fear conquer you.
I know of, that most spirits cannot harm you physical but can do psychological damages, most of the time they will use your emotions and weakness, in most of the case, fear.

You have to let the spirit know that it has no right to be there and that the place belongs to you not her, you need to stay strong. Do not try to "fight" with it because it will use the emotion as an energy source, be calm, and stay strong. If you need, do a cleansing of your choice and change the atmosphere of the surrounding.

Lady-glow, Hahaha:-D

Sophiethunder, Here another classical effect on "fear", just calm down.
Ever thought of having memory lost? It happens to my friend sometimes, she always forgets that she have made a cup of coffee and will make a second cup realizing that there is already cup of warm-ish coffee on her desk.

Well, I am not trying to make a joke out of it, I mean you know, sometimes you just need to calm down and think, let me write it to you too, do not let fear conquer your mind.

sophiethunder in Ghost Made Bacon Sandwich
I don't understand.
I don't know what it was. I mean there was no one else in the house other than me and I checked everywhere. There was nothing that could've made the sandwich apart from a ghost or me. Sure I could've walked in my sleep and fried the bacon, but I was awake when I checked for anyone else in the house and the bacon was in a sandwich when I got back. I don't know how it could've been anything else.
I checked with my boyfriend, and there was some bacon in his private fridge. He has allergies so he has a separate fridge.
I don't know. I'm confused as hell and slightly freaked out.
With some luck, one of these days some one will submit a story called 'Disappearing Food, please help, it's getting expensive'. 😜
KatelynC, Sorry was away and busy...
Hmm...Why don't you write a story and tell us about it?

Well, well. Do I smell some donut out there? Wait, no. 🤔
Your experience here is understandable and believable, right until you last commented.😐

Well, I did read reports and cases about spirits hiding items but never a spirit cooking, this could have been an interesting one IF you are not making things, really, I was quite curious.

Symptoms and the atmosphere all sound familiar on some of "real" stories here, but if you are not taking advices and don't want to think logically just stop at the point of this story itself, don't add any additional information which will spoil and mislead us...

Look, not every stories need to involve spirits and spooky stuff, just face the fact sometime, it WILL release some of the stress you have, I promise.

sophie - You think it was paranormal or you would like it to be paranormal?

A bacon sandwich without the makings anywhere in sight? Sounds a bit porky to me.

Regards, Melda
Hi, so reading the comments I realized I never thought to research German immigration history of Moweaqua Il. So I looked it up and found an article about the founding of the town. There is actually some folklore about native american involvement, but it actually seems to have been founded by a German Immigrant through his own farm purchase in 1852 (the article link: The house my mother grew up in is actually very creepy looking. I do not know the address but I saw it once, it is literally separated from the Calvary Cemetery in Moweaqua by N 2200 East Rd. My mom pointed it out during my grandmother's funeral and told me about how they used to go across the road to play in the corn field behind the cemetery. It is creepy, and given that the town has like 1500 residents I am not surprised if it is no longer considered a town (I know it no longer has its own school district and goes to Shelby County school system now with like 3 other townships).

In Regards to Rook, I am approximately 50% Scottish as my father is first generation American and the rest a jumbled mix I have only traced my Mom's family to the mid-1700's and there is some Native tribes but not enough I would account it for anything. She is mostly from early English settlers. Her grandmother ended up in Illinois from Ohio on the orphan train during the great depression after their father give her and her sister up.

My mother did indeed finally tell me about a giggling girl from her childhood that my sister and I thought we might have seen in out apartment but were determined to not believe until we decided it was time to leave.

Regarding Publicways: I have seen a psychiatrist (remember the psych hold? I wanted to make this all go away or explain it away) and was informed that other then very stressed out I am of sound mental health and the Dr. Stated that the very limited mental health issues from one set of the family that lived in my Mom's childhood home was possibly attributable to some environmental factor rather then an organic factor. But thank you for your concerns.

I am playing with the idea of some sort of hypnosis to maybe find something that can at least point me in the right direction of what has been happening to me.
sophiethunder in Ghost Made Bacon Sandwich
I think it was paranormal. My dishwasher starts when I tell it to and not about half an hour after I load it. It was so random as well, if it was anyone who knew me, trying to look after me why would they make a bacon sandwich? I don't really like bacon. Plus there was nothing in the fridge or cupboards and my boyfriend was going to get a takeaway on the way home.
Bee_Beans in Where Did He Go?

Thank you for the post.
I just wanted to let you know that I experienced something VERY similar here in South Africa.

Also on a bus (the trip would take about 4 hours). We were on the highway when I saw a person further down the road flag the bus down to a stop. The Driver's Assistant went outside to check on the person and returned alone. I was sitting close to the front of the bus on the side where the person was standing. He/she (couldn't see due to the fading light) never got on the bus and never walked away from the bus. He/she simply vanished! The driver then told us that the bus had broken down and we would have to wait for the next one. We ended up spending the entire night on that bus and were only collected the next day (the trip eventually took about 16 hours instead of the intended 4!)

Very odd!
ThirteenStars15 in Gift Or Curse?
[at] Jubeele

Aww thanks:DD
Honestly... I don't think I will ever be ready...
Hahah... Strangely I never predict any lotto numbers... I do have dreams of numbers and woke up telling my parents but it will never be the winning ones...

But as for random luck... With loads of wishing, I kind of have won maybe a few bucks... (And many concert tickets)

I hope my wishing 'powers' will come back soon... (Not too sure if its luck or the power of wishful thinking LOL)
ThirteenStars15 in Gift Or Curse?
[at] Bee_Beans

Hmm... Happier... I am not sure if I am happier...
Because I would very much like my 'wish' one would come back... Because there are a lot of wishes I would like to come true...
Does your dishwasher have a delay start option? Could the humming be the sound of the furnace/heating system?

This is just my opinion, but it sounds like you assumed to have had a paranormal experience without first ruling out all possible mundane explanations.
Sophie, This is the first time that I have ever heard of a spirit cooking for someone. That's actually pretty awesome, as for the humming noise it could be a lot of things. I know my Mom has said that sometimes when a spirit is around that She hears a similar sound just not really loud, was this paranormal I'm honestly not sure.

Either way this was an interesting read thanks for sharing.

Feel better soon.
Hi Ali,

If you have Netflix I recommend you watch "The Nightmare". It is a documentary about people who have experienced sleep paralysis in a range of levels. The symptoms/occurences you;ve described are common phenomenons people with sleep paralysis experience; especially seeing a shadowy man with a top hat. Hope it works out!

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