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Well, this one is real conundrum and it begs the ancient philosophical question:

"Why did the chicken cross the dinner table?"
Macknorton in Soldiers Or Nurses?
Hi LostGirl

Thanks for sharing these experiences, very baffling. Tweed; LOL, that's a classic. Threads on the doors! I love it!

My family recently got a puppy and I find myself now instinctively picking up sandals and shoes off the floor. I'll probably be doing that for the rest of my life and into the spirit world too!

Those shoes are intriguing. I think we can safely assume based on years of research and eye-witness accounts from seemingly non-lunatic, sober folk that our spirit friends certainly appear to have the ability to move material objects, make them disappear and then reappear.

I am always fascinated by the randomness and seemingly pointlessness of these interactions. I assume it takes these souls some energy / force to be able to lower their vibrations sufficiently to move objects on our apparently sluggish plane of materialistic vibration.

For me the question is not so much "DID a ghost / spirit line up your shoes behind the door" but WHY? Imagine a fully-bodied person doing that. Well, Tweed has her personal reasons and possibly that's the same line of thought going on with this spirit?

I guess it's the old theory that someone connected to the flat / building has passed over, but is not really aware of their passing and continues "living" in the house, possibly seeing you as a spirit (intruder) as well, and is confused by your shoes?

If it's an attempt to unsettle you, well they could do that in a far more sinister way, or if it's an "attention" thing on the spirits part, then why?

Anyway, it's endlessly fascinating and your account was very well written and clear.


RCRuskin in Evil Or Not
Hi, Charlice.

Religion is an interesting subject... Not going to say it can cause more problems than it solves; that's really something people are exceptionally good at.

You mention hardships and medical issues. There could be something there that has attracted the attention of a spirit.
Hi, LG.

Details in your experience dissuade me from this being a haunting of folks going on about their life, as if still in a hospital. They, according to your comments, manipulated your possessions. Why would there be plastic measuring cups in a hospital ward, for example?
Macknorton in Attached?
Hi I Won't Tell

Thanks for sharing. I find your story interesting.

In terms of this soul / spirit being your "guardian angel", that depends largely on what you consider a "guardian angel" to actually be.

Another term for these guardian angels are "spirit guides" which is an individual who is attached to you through a mutual friendship and a tie / bond of love. These spirits apparently watch over us, guide us and care very much for us, and every single human being has at least one, no matter what, or so I have heard, and I find that easy to believe to be true. It makes sense; our loved ones still love us want to be around us as they did when they were "alive".

In my opinion, and based only on your choice of words, I would hastily suggest that this spirit is possibly not a guardian angel / spirit guide.

My conclusion is based on your comments:

(1) "...Now I'm no medium or super sensitive to energy, however I could just tell there was something wrong with it. My room in particular. I couldn't ever sleep peacefully because I had the strangest feeling that someone's standing at the foot of the bed..."

(2) Your room felt "wrong" and you could not sleep "peacefully"

(3) Your "witch" friend stating "That it was a spirit who didn't necessarily mean harm but I needed to be cautious nonetheless", and the "creepy part" whereby the spirit apparently stands very close and just watches you.

So the vibe I'm getting from you is that you are maybe a bit afraid, concerned, worried, possibly a bit frightened? So to ME that doesn't sound like a loving spirit guide / guardian angel but more like a lost soul (most likely unhappy) who for whatever reason is hanging around our Earthly plane, i.e: in your room.

You are most likely picking up on that unhappy / creepy "somethings wrong with my room" vibe from this unfortunate spirit.

Now, I certainly don't want to alarm you but I felt I needed to focus on the "guardian angel" angle that you brought and maybe help you with that aspect.

Best of luck, don't be afraid; they are only people just like us but with out a physical body.


wwooghostsub in Cebu City Ghost Revisted
In regards to lady-glow's query- I don't really feel much at all from this because I may be conditioned to spirits and poltergeist activities. I live in a house where there are in the past much activities going on. I report the activities to our provincial bureau a number of times and have had the stories published. Lydia, has also experienced different activities in her house (rented) in Ozamiz City. She is a stalwart individual, in all accounts, and she is not the type that would scream. I check all hotels before ever sending in my credit card number via This place is relatively new and the girl (s) never had heard of any incidents. Finally, I am not a superstitious type, and neither is Lydia. I am a pharmacist (50+years) and believe in science. I believe I have some other sense that picks up on activities, on occasion, such as precognitive dreams.
As for Tweed's comments:
No it is not possible that the signs would be blown off. When we are cooking, we open the windows wide to air out the odour and never in the month that we stayed there did the signs blow off the table. The night that it "flew off", December 4th to be exact, the windows were closed. We close the windows every night because of safety and draft.
No, I am not superstitious of numbers at all. I worked 5 years with a company (Zellers Pharmacy) in store number 444. We stayed in the 4th floor in Manila, prior to arriving in Cebu. I have personally stayed on the 4th floor in Vancouver's Metrotown Holiday Inn for weeks on end. No 4 doesn't bother me at all.
Yes, the drawer is a roller type and I being very curious tested it to see if, in any way would open by a slight tug. The answer is no. I figured you need about an 8 ounce pull to open the drawer. The drawer never ever opened by itself, except on December 5 (1:30 am).
As I mentioned above, I have had a number of experiences with ghosts, and poltergeist activities. Our paranormal society had contact University of Edinburgh about the cases that I have encountered for a visit to my home in Canada. However, the University declined because they felt I have already disclosed the happenings to our society, and felt that the information was "contaminated", as they put it.
Biblio, I,m glad this youngster has found someone to talk to. It also seems that by talking to you it prompted him to talk to his family and now he has that support also. Good job my friend.
Thanks for commenting Tweed, I've read a lot of your stories, all so interesting!

It was a lovely flat but so cold during the winter months, could never heat the place properly (which is why I didn't say anything about cold spots etc haha).

It's interesting to think of the different reasons why shoes would be propped up against the door. Mine were in pairs, it seemed very orderly, it was quite a stiff door to move so I hadn't opened it fully when I sort of side-stepped into the room and noticed my shoes lined up behind the door.

It's always comforting to have little habits validated 😜
rookdygin in Evil Or Not
(Hi Tweed 😁)


A few things that should be checked to ensure what you are experiencing is indeed paranormal are...

High EMF throughout the house: Individuals sensitive to EMF often say it makes them feel like they are being watched or followed (You mention things only happen in your home...)

Objects moving: Your profile says you are a teenager... Does this mean 13-14 0r 18-19 (or any age in between)? I ask because the objects moving may...MAY...just be happening because of telekinetic outbursts from your developing mind/body. Especially if you are going through puberty... Or possibly just very strong emotions that you are having 'issues' expressing.

Check the history of the house... Did it always belong to the lady your family bought it from and her family? What happened 'in or around' the home? This may give you clues to who the spirit might be. Remember, rule out everything normal/natural first.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have.


There're two points missing from your narrative:
- what you felt during the experience
- Lydia not screaming in terror when the objects flew off the table, -we women must scream, don't we? 😜

As for the number's meaning, well... Once a person is superstitious, they will believe whatever wrong to fulfill their feared expectations.

Have you read the reviews on the hotel? Has anyone reported something similar to your experience?
This makes me want to watch Being John Malkovich again.

Is it possible the moving blankets, whilst in bed, blew the signs off the table? I mean hotel rooms are pretty cramped.

Ohhhh December 4th, 4 being superstitious to some. Eehh, yeah.
What kind of drawer was it? Modern roller style, push open?

I don't know about this.
Tweed in Evil Or Not
Hi Charlice,

This is as valid experience as any other, don't berate yourself.
Are you aware of cleansing and shielding? This can be done on yourself, objects and your home. Here is a tried and tested method heaps of us here use:
(scroll down to 'Home Cleansing'. The ritual won't banish good and true ghosts, only troublemakers. It will also help calm the energy in your home.

Do you know who the ghost could be? The husband of the woman who lived there perhaps? Or someone who knew them?

As for religion, that decision should come from you. No one can tell you what to believe in, it's a personal path which is unique to us all. Religion/spirituality, or any belief system shouldn't be rushed towards out of fear. Although it (religion/beliefs) should be a source of comfort and sanctuary. Whatever brings you that.
Tweed in Attached?
Hi Won'tTell,

Yeup, I was thinking a guardian type ghost. Perhaps there was something about that apartment complex which provoked this being to hang around you more. Maybe you needed protecting in your bedroom at that time. It may have been tuned into you before then and you'd just not noticed, because there was no need to.
I wonder if your Witch friend was able to communicate with this ghost while he touched your chest? Maybe that's how he could describe your room, the ghost filled him in!
Just a few thoughts.

Thanks for sharing, enjoyed this.
Hi there LostGirl,

Loved reading this, reminded me of getting my first flat. No high ceilings or Tudor themes unfortunately. Sounds like an ace place.

The door thing with the shoes is something I do, so I'm surprised to read about it here. For reasons of pure anxiety, perhaps brought on by being brought up with a herd of cats who urinated everywhere (!), as an adult I now put a pair of shoes against the closed bedroom door before going to bed. So I know if the door's been opened while we're asleep. I have NO reason to do this, but its something I'm compelled to do, going on ten or more years. I also put thread in the front and back doors. Jeesh I'm a weirdo, seriously typing this out makes me want to slap myself!

Anyway so I can't help but wonder if your ghostie at the flat had a similar idea. Don't know why they'd do it with a whole lot of shoes though.

There was a custom at hotels in bygone years where shoes were left outside the hotel room door to be cleaned overnight, ready for the next day. But your ghostie put them inside the bedroom door, weird!
Were your shoes bunched against the door in the appropriate pairs or were they more jumbled up and random? Not that it makes much difference, just curious.

Thanks for sharing, adding this to my faves. Nice to know I'm not the only one putting shoes against the bedroom door. What the heck?! LOL
Melda and Manafon,

Agree, nasty, spiteful and loves the rush of doing something naughty and getting away with it.

They still have a ways to go to be judge and jury as these people are known - only the executioner is hooded.

One day a real life challenge will teach them humility and what's really important in life. Amen.

Manafon - I agree with you. Probably just some nasty, spiteful individual who more than likely posts a load of rubbish on YGS and subsequently gets his/her comments closed.

I had to get the whole situation off my chest because it has been happening for a while and was starting to annoy me intensely. My rant is now over and life continues 😊

Regards, Melda

I'm inclined to agree with you.

If there is no reasonable hope for the patient to be returned to an acceptable quality of life, the exercise may be pointless and unnecessarily painful to all concerned.

Needless to say, I do not wish to bring about death prematurely.

Close consultation with the medical professionals should be helpful in making a sound decision.

This person is 80 years old and in naturally declining health. Prior to this condition developing we had no expectation of her having a bright future with many years to live. This illness is severe enough that there may be no need to make a choice.

Today's developments indicate a slight improvement.

If she can be returned to the life she knew, we welcome it. If this is her end, we accept it and will make the appropriate choice. It would be cruel folly to let her linger pointlessly.

Thank you for your input and taking time to write. Shared wisdom is always welcome.
MrRiggs - in my opinion, many times keeping a patient in life support is nothing more than prolonging their agony.

It's sad, but letting go is part of life.
Thank you, ladies, for the kind words.

The most recent medical assessment shows slight improvement. That is a significant upgrade from the initial expectation of not surviving the first night of hospitalization, or the emergency surgery. During that surgery she was nearly lost three times. The outcome of all this is unpredictable.

We will do all we can by making the best choices possible.

A lesson I learned long ago was that people generally make the best decisions they can with the information available at the time. A new day may bring new information and decisions or choices may need to be revisited and reassessed. In general, I avoid second guessing my decisions.

That bit of information, along with $5.00, will get you a decent cup of coffee almost anywhere.

Somehow it seemed appropriate to toss that in as a lesson learned.

EmmalineTexas in Choices Of Life And Death
Mr. Riggs - I'm so very sorry that your family is going through this. It's not easy to make the best decision for the person that you love so much. I've been in your shoes and all you can do is thank God for the time that you have with them, however long it is. Prayer and gratitude help to keep you together even when you face a potential loss. There are guides and they will not let you down. Again, I'm so sorry.

MaggieMay_Not in Choices Of Life And Death
MrRiggs - I can't express how very sad I am to hear you are going through this. Please know that I am in your corner. I support you no matter what your choices are. Please also know that I will pray for you and yours to ride out the storms that are blowing through your live. Much love to you and yours.

Less than 72 hours ago a family member who stayed with us during Christmas was hospitalized. The following morning she had emergency surgery due to a very severe infection of the stomach and intestines.

Getting directly to the point of this message, it may be necessary to make the decision to remove her life support.

A meeting with her medical staff should help determine if her condition is survivable, and what quality of life is expected should she make it through treatment.

There is a choice to be made. If there is no reasonable expectation of survival we will remove life support. I regard this decision as a humanitarian necessity and a pragmatic option.

As it stands as of this writing, she will never live independently again. Her most likely option is to be placed in a nursing home. She will now have a colostomy bag, be on kidney dialysis, and has lost her ability to walk. Her internal organs (kidneys, liver etc.) are nearly disfunctional.

I personally heard her ask "How much longer will this go on?" when she was with us during the holidays. She said that after walking 15 feet and being helped up two stairs.

I do not send you this, Maggie, to open an old wound. I share this with you because life happens and illness and death occur. Decisions must be made.

In a previous response to you I said you are not a murderer. When illness or injury make the continuance of life impossible, and competent medical professionals are present, ending life support is a reasonable choice.

Depending on what the doctors have to say, and in concurrence with the rest of the involved family members, we are about to make that choice. I have no qualms about making the right choice, whatever that might be. I feel not the slightest guilt should it be the best choice to remove life support.

I was in your corner before and I'm in your corner now. This time it is my finger on the trigger.

Live your life, Maggie, let the wound heal. There is no guilt in making the right choice.
Manafon1 in Tomten On Holiday?
Melda - As I wrote, often negative karma points are given for no discernible reason. I just received two for a comment on one of Ghosthunter's stories. I have no doubt one was from GH herself but the other one does suggest some little pud is making the negative karma point rounds.

It's probably the only action they can think of that will get any attention. And if that's what "action" has come to mean in their existence... Well it kind of speaks for itself. One can imagine the "karma dealer" visualizing themself astride a mighty steed, meting out justice as he/she sees fit. Judge, jury executioner. When in reality they're a lonely pud at home alone on a Saturday night on their ipad.
Hi, Shy.

I have a somewhat similar skill with bees only. They don't mind me much, which worked well when my parents had a massive infestation in the attic and someone had to climb into the hive to set off bug bombs...

An interesting ghostly experience. Are the girl and cat connected somehow? Probably, or probably not.

Have you seen either the cat or girl at other times? Has your cat seen anything else?
lady-glow in Witch Hunt
Gigakhan - I'm sorry to tell you, but... You have fell into the trap of GhostHunter's tale.😟

This story is based on facts historically inaccurate and is the product of a very active imagination.

Just check the link provided by roylynx. πŸ˜‰
EmmalineTexas in The Carriage House
Melda - Being a troll is the last refuge of those too ignorant to add anything intelligent to a conversation. Don't let the trolls get you down. They have a short attention span and people give them a giant heave like Uncle Phil did on Fresh Prince. Yeah, that visual. And karma is a biatch. ❀
MackNorton - Thanks for your response. I absolutely agree with you that a healthy debate is what is needed.

The irritation which I am feeling here does not only concern me personally. Other people have been targeted as well and they don't deserve it. They haven't made any contentious or nasty comments at all.

My deduction? There is a "nasty" at work on the site and the sooner he/she disappears the better.

Regards, Melda
lady-glow - Thanks for your kind comment. I love your cool calculation, wittiness and sense of humour 😊

Regards, Melda
roylynx in Witch Hunt
Late night here can I share something? Lol


Manafon - I just have to love you! I mean that in a very good way. All you have to do is mention George Harrison, my favourite Beatle, to get my senses rolling forward and outward. I remember telling you once before that GH was my favourite Beatle and you told me that he was yours as well 😊

Personally, as far as the karma points are concerned, I can handle the negative ones when I deserve them. I have deserved some recently. What annoys me is that somebody is going around targeting perfectly innocent people who haven't passed any offensive remarks. This isn't only about me, it affects others as well.

Thanks for your welcome response.

Regards, Melda
Emmaline - As stated in my previous comment on Gh0sthunter's story, I would like to respond to you individually.

It isn't about my down votes in general, it's about the troll who goes around doing that. I deserved some of my down votes on Maggie's story but a number of others didn't deserve them on other story threads where they weren't being confrontational at all.

I'm not going to close my YGS account, perhaps just hibernate for a while. Then again - I've been known to change my mind in a flash and I'm a Virgo? Blast those star signs, mine doesn't suit my purposes😁

Regards, Melda
Melda in Witch Hunt
Good morning! (In SA it is now 07:43). I didn't expect all the responses I received and will reply to them individually on your own most recent accounts.

This is after all Gh0sthunter's story thread.

Regards, Melda
Gigakhan in Witch Hunt
Gh0stHunter, yes it seems to me that you and your friends nearly fell into the trap of the spirit. She snickered because she was looking forward to do whatever to you and your friends. I believe if you had gone into the darkness that night, something worse would have happened. My advice... Stay out of cemeteries after dark... Trust me, I learned the hard way.
Jubeele in Witch Hunt
Puff (aka Rook Dygin), I thought I heard you calling us back. My heartfelt thanks for the lovely music. Yes, I will have that last Moondance with you. You've warmed my soul and restored my faith.

Melda, dear Melda. My dear Big Sister. Your steadfast friendship has helped me so much in those months when Rex-T was in hospital. Take comfort that you're much loved by us all. It's sad that all this negativity has been generated and I grieve at the hurt this has caused.

But this too shall pass...

Our loving wishes to you all
Jubeele, Rex-T & Big T-Rex ❀
Macknorton in Witch Hunt
Hi Melda
Don't fixate on "karma" points.
Just get your honest opinion across in as a constructive way as possible. We all have our own methods on doing that.

There will ALWAYS be people who do not see the world in the same way as you, or agree with your personal philosophy on life and spirits etc but that's what makes life interesting in my opinion.

I enjoy a healthy robust debate but maybe people who are simply inarticulate have real trouble expressing themselves and therefore find the only way to argue / make their point is to down vote someone?

lady-glow in Witch Hunt
Melda - your input and your opinion will always be worthier than their pettiness.

Manafon1 in Witch Hunt
Melda - I hope you don't mind me adding my two cents. You wrote that, "This forum is no longer what it used to be". I would suggest it is. There are always periods on YGS when there seems to be a flurry of downvotes. I think just about anyone who's been on this site for an extended period of time has received negative karma points that seem completely out of the blue and unfounded. I have certainly received my share of 'em!

As the late great Lemmy once sang, "Don't let the bastards grind ya down". The people who have been your friends here are still your friends. As George Harrison once sang, "All things must pass", and this recent negative activity is bound to as well. Keep on keepin' on Melda.
EmmalineTexas in Witch Hunt
Melda - I hope that you don't decide to leave YGS. This is a forum for discussion and we shouldn't feel the need to censor ourselves. As long as comments are made respectfully, I thought that was the point of having member posts. When I post on here, I fully expect some people to see things a different way and if we don't agree then that's fine. Different life experiences, difference in religion and in cultural background. I hope that you don't see this as me butting in. I mean it as a support to you and sympathy for being down arrowed. I personally would never do it unless someone was intentionally provoking conflict. Anyway... Just my two cents and I do hope that you stay.

Thank you,
Hi MaggieMay,

I've enjoyed reading your experiences, especially this one because I'm ruled by my nose. Utterly obsessed with smell. 😊
I can relate to much of what you describe. As LMelb says, like empath skills, but with the nose leading the way. I knew there was a name to this, and MrRiggs has found that, so happy days.

I think you'll enjoy this experience by one of the mods, Granny. 'Enjoy' doesn't seem like the appropriate word, 'appreciate' would be better. It's a sad and moving experience. But one I think may help you.
Melda in Witch Hunt
Tweed - You always come up with something worth thinking about. I think I know the poster you're referring to but don't know much about her. I didn't get the impression that she was nasty or aggressive. (Not sure whether we're talking about the same individual but we probably are - first four syllalbles identical)

When I say I don't know what I'm doing on YGS anymore, I seriously mean that. This forum is no longer what it used to be and what inspired me to join.

There honestly is somebody (or perhaps more than one person) going around down voting a few posters. I don't know the reason for this but it seems to be very selective.

I posted some bad comments recently and deserved to be down voted. I have now learnt that when it comes to matters of "principle", I need to take a back seat.

Thanks for your response, I appreciate it 😊

Regards, Melda
Tweed in Witch Hunt
Melda, I know you say you've said some things that may provoke a downvote or two. But I can't think why anyone would. You always communicate your opinions in a balanced fashion, regardless of who does or doesn't agree. So the idea of someone out to get you is hard to fathom.

I don't know if you've ever seen/read me letting someone have it. But it's ended with them deleting their account on a few occasions. It's calculated and timed on my part. I get a lot of downvotes. I get off on it.

The last couple of weeks I've noticed a new member with a name similar to yours. I don't remember this name, but I've mistaken them for you a couple of times. Perhaps your downvoter is mistaken identity. Just a thought. I have no idea what the other poster is like, and I'm not implying they're nasty/deceitful etc, I really have no idea. Only know there's another screen name on here similar to your own. 😊

To add a general, blunt and *constructive* observation in my absence this board appears to have become somewhat of an off topic tea party. That's all well and good, but I can understand why this might annoy some of the regulars who use the site for paranormal topics, not recipe ideas.
Melda in Witch Hunt
Rook - Thank you. What is irritating me is that a few people have been targeted recently and I have gone along removing negative votes where they don't belong. I am not only speaking for myself but for others as well.

If it gives the troll a good night's sleep then so be it.

Regards, Melda
rookdygin in Witch Hunt

Considering I am the individual who placed the up vote my guess is one of two things have happened...


A: Someone tried to give you a second positive vote and hit the wrong arrow (I have managed to do that before)


B: For whatever reason someone really did not like the comment.


C: Someone is 'out to get you'. Not that the Karma Points matter. Good comments stand on their own whether people like them or not.

So, don't sweat the small stuff... πŸ˜‰


lady-glow in Witch Hunt
GhOstHunter, I'm afraid,
Is no more.
Now his name is BookHunter.

And cannot answer
To our questions
'cause he's roaming
Through the long Texas's roads
In search of evidence,
If not a book,
At least a pack
Of rabid wolves.

They say he's pure and innocent,
A magnet for spirits
I say naive and gullible
My friends, we are not.

Gosh! That moonshine is strong, one sip was enough to make me give a try to writing poetry.
Melda in Witch Hunt
Trolls abound. Please stop this. I don't mind receiving negative points when I say stupid things but now I'm seriously starting to wonder what I am doing on YGS. Ten minutes ago I had a plus karma point for my comment to Rook and now it has disappeared.

Believe me when I say I'm not hooked on the plus points but to remove them for a sinister motive? I have noticed this happening to a few posters recently. They are down voted on perfectly reasonable comments. Whoever you are - get the hell off of YGS - you don't belong 😠 Now give me another negative, TROLL!

Regards, Melda
Melda in Witch Hunt
Rook - I couldn't help myself, just had to reply to you! I actually jumped up from my chair and started singing bad moon rising and dancing! Oh wow - That song is going to stick in my mind for many days. One of my big time favourites when I was young 😁

Puff, I think Fergie's witblits got to you. You looked as though you were halfway to the moon and hanging onto something when I spotted you in the hot tub. Sheets I think. Then again, only two sheets and I believe there are three...

Regards, Melda
ajonverje - Let's play cricket, what do you say? 😁 Your turn soon, oh my 😟

Regards, Melda
rookdygin in Witch Hunt


"Well, it's a marvelous night for a moondance
With the stars up above in your eyes
A fantabulous night to make romance
'Neath the cover of October skies
And all the leaves on the trees are falling
To the sound of the breezes that blow
And I'm trying to please to the calling
Of your heart-strings that play soft and low
And all the night's magic seems to whisper and hush
And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush

Can I just have one more moondance with you, my love
Can I just make some more romance with you, my love..."

(Moondance By Van Morrison)


We await your arrival and hope you bring evidence to prove us wrong, but until then...

"I see a bad moon a-rising
I see trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightnin'
I see bad times today

Don't go 'round tonight
It's bound to take your life
There's a bad moon on the rise..."

(Bad Moon Rising By Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Puff (aka Rook Dygin)
So these 'visits' started sometime in 2014?

Please start a Journal (or have your sister do so)... Sorry its just that they are an easy way to document what is happening, when it happens and who it happens to. To include weather conditions, the feelings of those who experienced the occurrence AND the general 'feeling' with-in the home.

More details equal better 'trouble shooting'. It may be as simple as 'Great Granddad' is appearing as he last remembers himself looking physically, and as a cancer victim this may be a very scary way for him to appear to a 3/4 year old... Have your sister say something out loud the next time this happens...

'Grandfather, you are scaring your great granddaughter, please stop. We do not mind your visits, but she is scared of what she 'see's or is feeling.'

Another thing... A home cleansing/shielding may help the situation. Positive/Good spirits/entities should be ok but any negative/malevolent spirits will be pushed out... If present activity may increase before cleansing/shielding take effect... Repeat as needed.

I have one posted on my profile, or you can find plenty on the internet. Thanks for sharing.


This is totally scary. I am glad that the thing didn't harmed you.
sheetal in Hard Letting Go!
This really broke my heart. Loosing our parents is the hardest thing to bear. May his soul rest in peace.

P.S. I suggest you to do meditation for calmness of mind or you should do vipassana course. This will really help you.:)
This must have been a terrific experience. Do you still go to that house?
Really enjoyed this story. I am just wondering that if any one else encountered her.
Cole_Harris in My Niece's Dinner Show
RCRuskin, that's why I starting posting to this site. I'm concerned that what might be happening in this house (some of which is described in my other posts), could be having an affect on my niece; and I want to keep her safe.
Rex-T - Thanks for the update. Here's a toast to Arthur, wherever he might be. (Hopefully not your internet troll)

Regards, Melda

This is like a postscript to this encounter.

We did a 'drive by' of Jubeele's new work location today and surprised ourselves as to how close to 'Arthur's' house it is!

The house looks so different (not as dark as it once was). We paid our respects to Arthur with an Aussie style 'Gidday Mate' and drove on happy in the fact that some old houses don't get bulldozed and turned into car parks. 😊

Now where did the bus go? Whoops, different story.
Jubeele in Witch Hunt
Val, I love how you put everything back into perspective! ❀ There are far more important life-and-death matters to worry about. Life's too short to dwell on such things.

Rex-T took me out for retail therapy today. Shopaholic bliss. I've also brought extra supplies of pot stickers for all. We have a Korean, as well as a Chinese grocery store. They stock different types of frozen dumplings, all ready to be steamed or fried. I usually steam first, then pan-fry them. Soft and chewy on top, then crispy on the underside.

Melda, we all have those "oops" moments. If I've offended anyone in the past, it wasn't intentional and I apologise unreservedly to all. Fergie, that moonshine is seriously potent <hic>. I think I see lady-glow over there, or is it 3 lady-glows? 😡
sheetal in Trapped
This is quite scary, and I can understand how much it was hard to go through with this. I am glad that nothing has happened further.
Melda in Witch Hunt
Val - You're spot on. I know I definitely deserved minus points on two of my remarks. If I could take back those comments, I would. Unfortunately I feel pretty strongly about that subject and allowed my heart to govern my intelligent thinking. Not a big deal anymore for me but I understand why I annoyed a few people.

Regards, Melda
lady-glow in Witch Hunt
Moonshine?... I prefer to call it moonglow! 🍹

Yikes... My bodysuit is almost ripping at the seams... After having all that delicious food you might have to call me lady-balloon!🎈
Melda in Witch Hunt
Fergie - You had me reeling with the witblits and I hadn't even had a shot yet, only smelled it. I see Puff in the hot tub swigging down shots of the stuff. Anybody else with a driver's license? Oh my word, I see a lady glowing in the distance, over and above her usual glow. Please don't let her drive 😁

Regards, Melda
valkricry in Witch Hunt
Jubeele - you've had me craving pot stickers SO badly, I actually ordered some delivered for lunch from a new place. I actually haven't had any in about 10 years. Why? You ask, knowing my weakness for them. Because where I live, well the Chinese/Oriental food served up is a lot like going to Taco Bell and expecting real Mexican food. Just not happening. But the ones I got today weren't too bad. YAY!
Guys, don't sweat the karma points. Unless you're collecting enough that your comment gets hidden, just ignore it. If you ARE getting that many negative 'votes', maybe you need to rethink what you said.
Rex-T in Witch Hunt

I suspect that your burning ears picked up on Big T-Rex thinking that he might go to your place and clean up any bad people.

However after last night, I've decided to keep T-Rex close to deal with any negative tooth fairies.

I'll still be cruising the site and you know how to contact Jubeele.

Big T-Rex is looking forward to some white lightening.

Rex and Jubeele
Assuming grandpa came to visit, there's hardly anything sinister, though understandable that you'd feel discomfort. These things happen, but, experiences on this site aside, they don't seem to be all that common. (Or are just something we don't notice?)

It's the night terrors that alarm me more. Not sure what the connection between the two events could be, but my gut tells me there is a connection. In which case, it was not grandpa visiting, but something masquerading.
Fergie in Witch Hunt
My ears are burning, did someone call my name?

Oh wow! Another party? It's a long time since I have been on troll patrol on the Miss Demeanor.
Jubeele, Rex T, Melda, good to see you here. Is that Val and Lady Glow I see over there? I thought I saw Roy and Babygoatpuller a moment ago. Is Puff in the drivers seat or the hot tub? That guy moves like greased lightening.
Speaking of lightening, I brought some "wit-blits" (white lightening) this time - similar to 'moonshine'. Who wants to be a dare-devil?
Its wonderful to have you back, Biblio! I'd missed the depth your comments add to our discussions. Glad to hear that all is well if a bit unusual. Glad too that Jim has someone to confide in and supportive parents - such an awakening would be terrifying to go through alone.

Welcome back!
I forgot to add something else- I didn't take the bed with me when I moved from there, my partner and I used his double bed in our new home. The bed went into my mother's basement storage room so I don't know if it would've fallen in our new place or not. To my knowledge it's still in her basement or she's sold it in a yard sale by now, I haven't asked her.
It was just a basic single bed, metal frame, and the way it came apart was the metal struts? I guess you call them that? Anyway, the 3 metal pieces that stretch horizontally under the box spring to support the mattress were moved. Not exactly moved, just kind of nudged out of true so the bed wouldn't collapse immediately, just after I was asleep and moving in my sleep caused them to slide further out of place.
My dad put the bed back together for me and was getting a bit miffed when it fell because he knows he assembled it correctly. He was going to drive screws into it to hold it together and I told him to just leave it, that I would sleep on the sofa- bolting the metal bars in like that would make it unnecessarily more difficult to take it apart. Remember, I was only living there temporarily until my partner and I found a more permanent place. Sleeping on the sofa wasn't a big deal so I abandoned that stupid bed.
Jubeele in Witch Hunt
That was a great party, Melda. Everyone who joined in helped make it a success. The good feelings generated for everyone made it all worthwhile. We've got a lot of good, decent people in our YGS community.❀ We also have a Big T-Rex on our side. We'll send him over to SA soon! 😁
Melda in Witch Hunt
Jubeele - I think I'll bring a surprise dish 😁 Koeksusters? Love them but they're not so easy to make. Perhaps Fergie can do them better than I do. Smoked snoek tart? Always a winner but it is so, so 1980s. These favourites need to be spiced up every now and then. Um... Maybe I can do that. Perhaps better than what it was at New Year?

T-Rex will have to come here to pick up a criminal to chow on. Since he's been gone, they have gained more momentum.

Regards, Melda
Melda in Witch Hunt
Rex-T - Thanks for your response. I know why I got minus points but so be it. If my opinion is trampled on, that's fine with me. I won't be so eager to offer it the next time round.

I think there are people who "patrol" the comments and decide to vote certain people down. I honestly don't know why.

Regards, Melda
Jubeele in Witch Hunt
Well Melda, let's get on the bus, have a drink and chat with the others. Rex-T has released Big T-Rex who's now out on patrol. I might ask lady-glow for some of her churros. I love to dip them in chocolate sauce. Did you bring any koeksusters and smoked snoek tart?
Rex-T in Witch Hunt
Thanks Melda for your support,

The timing and therefore the intent is fairly obvious. This is not about just not agreeing with a comment or comments.

As I've commented before, hand out a negative or positive karma point and let's discuss why. After all, most of us are adults and should be able to hold a robust discussion, while observing respect for others.

Let's do our best to keep this site great.

Melda in Witch Hunt
Jubeele - You were just voted down again and I removed the minus point. I replied a few minutes ago to tell you the same thing but probably didn't hit "publish", so am responding to you once again.

Regards, Melda
Melda in Witch Hunt
Jubeele - I have had a number of karma points deducted. I know why and from whom. It's okay. Next time I'm invited to offer an honest opinion I think I'll just shut up. Even when asked to be open and honest, you aren't allowed to be.

Regards, Melda
Jubeele in Witch Hunt
Hah! And so it begins. The Negative Troll Fairy has already struck in the last few minutes and down-pointed me! 😜 Every few weeks, someone (or maybe a whole pack of them), has been quietly removing points from me. This has been happening ever since I joined YGS. Tsk, tsk. Now, I really wish they would tell me what I said has upset them so.

This is bullying behaviour and most troll-like!
Jubeele in Witch Hunt
Val and lady-glow, oh wow. 😳 Thanks for the vote of confidence. We'll do our best. My troll hunter name is Fruity Tanglin.

Lady-glow, like many others here, I'm glad of your piercing laser-bright eyes to catch the discrepancies. You keep us on our toes and the site is all the more better for it. 😘

Val - I've made extra pot stickers just for you.

Melda - you've spoilt Big T-Rex. You've been letting him stay up late watching the cricket! 😁

Em - I think MrRiggs made the Mint Juleps. RC made the choc chip cookies. Mojitos sound like a great idea. I've also brought the thermos of Bloody Marys, plus the toothbrushes. ❀
Rex-T in Witch Hunt
Melda and Val,

Big T-Rex here. Love looking after all of you. I've put on a bit of weight while in SA, looking after Aunty Melda. The bad people taste yummy.

Rex-T's secret name is Rastas Pittwater.

I can always go to Fergie's place.

You are all safe
T-Rex 🐲 Hunter, sorry!
Let me get this straight...
This is the general premise of your story:
An evil spirit just randomly decides to try and freeze you to death in a graveyard for no apparent reason, and you are saved by another completely random spirit that has absolutely no connection to you in any way, of whose grave you happened to be "allowed" to view before your imminent murder, and a grave that just happened to have a picture of the deceased so that you could conveniently recognise him when he decided to "save" you?

I'm no expert on evil spirits deciding to randomly kill people but surely trying to convince you to slowly contract hypothermia is possibly the most ridiculous and convoluted method imaginable.
Surely a quick shove from behind onto a rail way line or into traffic would be far more efficient / effective way?
Getting back to this apparent murder attempt: why wouldn't you just think "Gee I'm really cold" and get back in your car?
Many people falsely believe (thanks to Hollywood) that malevolent spirits can just "pop" into people's bodies and get them to do all sorts of crazy things under the vague notion of spiritual possession. I believe that under some circumstances when an individual is physically and mentally vulnerable due to mental illness or particularly drug use, negative entities can affect them to a degree. But this "affection" takes a long time and the individual is increasingly worn down. This was not the case with you in this story. You weren't possessed or had been under a prolonged psychos assault from a low level entity.

You would know if you were being targeted and haunted as the activity would increase as your fear grew and your health suffered, and particularly your loved ones and friends would know probably long before you did.

And just say, for the sake of argument, that this random good spirit decided to "save" you, he would not have allowed you to go to the cemetery in the first place.

This submission reminds me a lot of when someone thinks God saved them when they are the only survivor of a plane crash. If that's the case then God wouldn't let the plane crash in the first place, would He/She?

In my opinion your story is just that, a story. It reads like a sychrine Readers Digest "guardian Angel" type of fiction and has deeply flawed logic on many levels.

You will no doubt feel perhaps persecuted or offended by my bluntness but this site is for people to share their genuine spirit encounters and is not a platform for people to practice their fiction-writing skills.

You have welcomed others opinions and I have freely offered mine.

EmmalineTexas in Witch Hunt
Is it too late for Susie Chinquapin to join? Who was it that makes Mint Julips? Was that RC? I make a mean Mojito. I know you kill vampires with a stake, so maybe a sharpened tooth brush...hmm. Count me in.
Melda in Witch Hunt
Val and Rex-T - I'm Rexie Meyer. Oh my word, I'm getting cold feet. T-Rex, as fond as I have become of him through his regular visits, might consider me a threat 😨 Rex-T, please leave him at home.

Regards, Melda
valkricry in Witch Hunt
Somebody say pot stickers?
Jubeelee and Rex, you'll need your troll hunters' names.
You take your first pet's name and the street you were born.
For instance, I had a dog named Rebel, and I was born on Racine Ave. That makes me Rebel Racine.
AugustaM Your comment intrigues me, but I am unsure at this time what I have that I feel would give me inner strength.

KatelynC I think I have some control over them because if I tell them to be quiet, they will usually quiet down. It's rare I have to ask twice. I am curious if you have experience with this yourself though.

Rook - I always feel privileged when you read my story:)
I really like reading everyone's comments to this. I hadn't heard the voices in a while, but a couple of nights ago, they woke me up around 2 a.m. It's odd that I am woken, but a few times I have managed to be woken from them. This time it was a woman. Sounded like just one woman. She was very happy. She kept laughing. Then she'd talk (I couldn't hear her well enough to decipher what she was saying) and she'd laugh again. I am not really scared by these voices I guess because I've never found them to be threatening. There's really only once I got scared by one, but that's a different story I need to write. I almost got out of bed to go search the house and turn off the TV, but from my room I can tell there's no TV on. I pretty much just rolled over and went back to sleep. I thought of this conversation though when I heard her and for just a second, I kind of wanted to know what she was so happy about.
Rex-T in Witch Hunt
Thank you lady-glow.

I'm sure Jubeele and myself will be up for the 'rites of passage' challenge. Hmmm... Let me qualify that remark, as long as the challenge does not require any death defying feats (I've had a 'gut full' of them) or burning any unfortunates at the stake.

Now down to business!

I'm bringing tonic water with a twist of lime (time for a change from soda water) and Jubeele has whipped up another batch of pot stickers with her famous dipping sauce. This will mean that Big T-Rex with be lurking around the bus.

Don't worry Puff, he is very good at pushing buses that run out of gas, looking after 'good people' and dealing with 'bad people'.

Thanks again,
Jubeele, Rex-T and Big T-Rex 😁
Hi Mandee

Thanks for sharing. I was interested in the bed collapsing part of your experience.

Can you please elaborate on that aspect?

What kind of bed was it?
How was it assembled?
What part of it was disassembled in order for it to collapse?
Did it collapse when you were in it sleeping?



Thank you for sending me your personal story about messages from the grave.

I would like you know that as the father of a daughter, my youngest child, my heart sorrows at learning of your daughter's passing. There are no words known to me that can truly comfort such a loss. I suspect you have many friends here. Take heart that your loss is shared amongst caring souls.

In writing this story I was simply passing on my experience to other folks who have an interest in such things. I did not expect to have accounts such as yours sent in response. Those responses are clearly more significant than the information I presented initially. You and other contributors have gotten my full attention.

I have searched the internet using "telephone calls from the dead" and "phone calls from the dead" as the topic. I found loads of information that indicate to me that this phenomenon is more common and widespread than I expected. It has also been the topic of science fiction and paranormal writers. The American television series "Twilight Zone" aired at least one episode with telephone calls from the dead as the subject. The time frame for that program was the late 1950's-early 1960's.

The dead are apparently not as dead as most people generally believe. My view is that human bodies fail due to illness, accident or age. The occupant departs to another location. We process the body and mourn the loss, sometimes in despair and agony. In reality, the occupant has moved on rather than becoming truly deceased.

I have been out of my body a dozen times. When that happened I was still me. The only change was not carrying a load of bone and muscle around with me. I think at death the out of body experience become permanent as it relates to that particular body.

I do not believe the dead to be dead. I think they are as alive as we are. We are simply no longer co-located in the flesh. That they choose to communicate is no longer a surprise. After having multiple out of body experiences and an NDE, I believe graveside sorrow to be natural, but it need not be heart rending. Loved ones live and we will see them again.

All personal opinion, of course. All are welcome to disagree and/or share their views as we come together to share and learn.
babygoatpuller in Witch Hunt
But lady-glow, that's what I and I'm sure many, many others love so much about you! πŸ˜‰ ❀

Your nikpikityness is the shining light on the discrepancies of these "stories". You go the extra mile and don't hesitate to call foul.

I feared you'd gone soft there for a bit but appreciate seeing that you haven't. 😊
lady-glow in Witch Hunt
babygoatpuller: your comment makes me blush!
Sometimes I wonder if I'm acting like a grumpy, nitpicky witch.

You made my day! 😘
lady-glow in Witch Hunt
Jubeele and Rex-T.
The first ride on the bus is a rite of passage for any YGS's new member... A graduation ceremony, and a welcome to the 'Troll Patrol Unit'.

Welcome my friends, let's find and fight πŸ‚πŸ’©!

All aboaaaard!🚌
Jubeele in Witch Hunt
Gh0stHunter, your stories have been well-written and quite entertaining, despite the irregular gaps in detail. However, Val has already put into words what I wanted to say. I do hope you're able to get more details from Aaron. Book title, author, name of the library. These details matter more than the preamble at McDonalds.

I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps someone saw your group at the gravesite and thought it would be fun to frighten you. Or were you set-up? The whistle could be a signal from the pranksters. The snicker was someone laughing at the joke they were playing on you. These are distinct possibilities.

Rook - since you missed our "feel-good" After-New Year online party (see comments page from my account "Horsing Around"), I've brought you a platter of fried pot-stickers and my special dipping sauce. Can you please put on "Blue Moon" (Bobby Vinton's version), Van Morrison's "Moondance" and "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival?

I'm not ready to board the bus just yet. As I wait on the steps, can someone please mix me a Blue Moon cocktail? 🍹
I think that this is actually the most heartfelt of all your experiences so far. Whether or not there was anything to the shadow man, you and your sister obviously believed that you saw him.

But I agree that both of you, particularly at such a young age, should have been safely in bed well before that hour. So did you watch Spongebob on video or TV? I can never figure out why that cartoon is so popular with young children. Give me Astro Boy, Atom Ant or Yogi Bear anytime (this definitely dates me).

Do you or your parents still live in that house? Have you looked into the history of the place? Did anyone in your family or close to you pass away around that time? Finding some answers might help allay even the greatest fears. πŸ€”
MrRiggs, I have read all your submissions with interest. If I haven't commented before, it is because I didn't have anything intelligent to say, or anything to add. This time I do.

Shortly after our youngest daughter, Angel, passed away, her worldly goods were packed up and removed from her house, many of them to be put in storage at our house. Her cellphone was switched off and locked in our gun-safe, in our bedroom. A couple of nights later, we were awakened by the ringing of a phone - coming from the safe. My husband unlocked the safe in a 'panic' - the phone was still switched off.

Thank you for reminding me of this event. I somehow forgot to record it in my journal. I think this was the first of our "Messages from beyond the grave". πŸ€”
LauralouCornishgirl in My Cat Visiting
Thanks for the comments, my mother in law used to hear her deceased dogs foot steps walking with her on the track they used to walk and in the house, even indents in the couch like she was still there.
Its nice to know they are OK after they're suffering, but I haven't senced anything for quite a while now... Not pet related anyway.
Well, MaggyMay_Not, you are in for a treat. I'm about to write a story that will illustrate what happens when the nudge, push or shove is ignored.

The things I write about have happened to me personally. I do not hesitate to record my experiences for two reasons. First and foremost, I want people to know what is possible as we journey through life. I suspect that there are a great many people who may not be aware of what exists within the realm of reality. In truth, there is more to the human experience than the physical world visible to the naked eye.

The second reason is more selfish. I have wanted to put my encounters in print for years. Some experiences are decades old. It is wonderful to be getting this done. I feel as though the proverbial weight has been lifted. You see, in 2015 I had a dream in which I was told with clarity that I would pass between 2016 and 2019. It remains to be seen how accurate that dream will prove to be. On the mark or not, I just want this project done.

Your assessment of my personal traits is correct. From you I would expect nothing less. You have quite a gift.

I would be a pompous fool to take this opportunity to bore you with the details of my background. Just consider me an average geezer. Those who know me might describe me as somewhat less than average

What wasn't average was my father's behavior, as he seemed to work earnestly in an apparent attempt to beat me to death as a young child. My lot in life was hunger and poverty; my wardrobe the clothing I stood in. Johnny Cash's recording about "A Boy Named Sue" comes to mind. I learned to stand my ground.

Years later, my life had totally reversed itself. I lived and worked with substantial prestige and privilege.

How does one go from one station in life to the other? Yes, committed and stubborn to be sure. Hard work? Of course. Willing to brawl and stand my ground to the death? Yes, I have done both. But those things are modest personal accomplishments.

The real reason life has taken this course is the guiding hand that nudges, shoves, pokes and, when merited, punishes. Put another way, we are not the totally independent actors we think we are.

Having a bit of an independent and stubborn nature has evidently required shoves rather than subtlety. Perhaps it is my Scots-Irish ancestry. I do know that I continue to marvel at the mysteries, complexities and interconnected nature of the human experience.
Bee_Beans - Thanks very much for your comment, I appreciate it.

Tubby legs - yes, that sounds about right 😊

Regards, Melda
Rex-T in Witch Hunt
Hi everyone,

I'm a neutral observer on this story. Why? I am not qualified to give views on a subject that I know nothing about (Witches in Texas).

I did go for a look on Google and found the sites that lady-glow and Rook posted recently.

I don't know why but I kept going and found another site that talked about Bittick Cemetery and a woman (who is named Elizabeth) that was hung for either being a witch, stealing a horse or being a Unionist. This all sounds familiar.

Anyway, the link to the site as follows,


I have never had an experience of my own, but this story gives me all the feels, both good and bad; bad only being that you and your baby had to go through this, but good knowing he had a mother with such love, courage, support and determination for the best. It's also awesome to have had the chance to experience such guidance ❀. It almost makes me a bit envious, however I wouldn't say I don't have my own group... The idea that there are others out there looking out for the people they love doesn't just give me warm feelings, it also asserts my beliefs within my inner intuition. Thank you so much for sharing such a person account of your life. ❀
babygoatpuller in Witch Hunt
I was wondering how long this was going to be allowed to go on. Thank you lady-glow for your always insightful and dogmatic insights and bringing to light the possibility that something is "off" with this OP.

For me, the skepticism started with the first story. I let it go, didn't comment and moved on. Shortly after, another story and it made less sense halfway into it and by the third one, I felt I was being more "entertained" than anything and stopped reading the stories and just read the comments. I am so happy to know that I'm not sitting on the bus by myself anymore and apparently haven't been! 😊

Rook- you're late! Let's get this thing going! 😜
I too lived in an older home for a time. They do have history, along with old electrical wiring.

It was interesting to learn of it being part of the underground railroad, and after looking up Missouri, I learned of a stronger involvement than I had known.

My Great, Great, Grandparents ran a Post and Stagecoach Hotel in a northern State during the time of the Civil War. They too took in runaways.

The large hotel cellar had a connected underground room with an exit near the stagecoach barn. There was where the rested horses were connected, and the baggage area might have gathered an extra, headed for Canada. How interesting to think, from that house to ours.

These buildings are long gone, and the field is planted with potatoes. As a child I often rode my horse by this area, she would walk sideways with her skin rippling. Animals are sensitive too. I am guessing she saw or heard something I could not.

All now history.

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