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I am a person who believes in both good and bad energies that we have in the universe existing parallelly. And also since I was a kid, I have had some sightings of spirits and sense negative energies around me, but I was too naΓ―ve to ever notice them. This incident confirmed everything that I have been avoiding so far. I also have known that I get some dreams which can convey message of some sort about my real life and those around me, which I never considered as a gift but after some time I started noting them down on my diary since my family doesn't believe me.

I started working when I was 19 years old in a call Centre in Mumbai. It was mostly night shifts so I could manage my graduation studies and my job simultaneously to pay my tuition fees. I was working in a reputable company which I would rather not name in the year 2019. I had to do the last shift so if I came from college late I could still manage.

As it was a UK process, the timings I used to pick up for the shift was 5:30 pm to 2:30 am at night in UK time which was the last shift we could do. One night I was working late and it had been past 2:30 am because we had to leave notes on customers accounts and I had some follow-ups to do as well. As it was a Friday night and we were celebrating RNR (which is to reward best employees) and everybody logged out a bit early to go out and party. So the floor was empty around 3:00 am.

I was new with the job and hence had a take quite a bit time to complete the procedures and updates. It was colder than usual that night and quieter. I ignored assuming its just the AC and it was not my first time working late. A guy approached me and asked me if I was having any trouble doing the work and needed any help. I smiled and gently replied "No, thanks" because I didn't want my superiors to know that I am taking a lot of help as they were underestimating me already considering I was young and a fresher and it was a very toxic workplace. He also asked me when I was logging out. I replied "As soon as I finish working on the notes".

He said "Don't stay up late a lot and relax, stress isn't very good for your health". I was happy that someone finally understands and got back to my work. When I was finished, I looked for the guy but he wasn't there at all and I thought he must've left after talking to me.

The next day I came to my shift and I was searching for the guy, I couldn't find him. I logged in and I was checking on my emails and updates for the day when a strike of thunder ran through my spine and read condolence notice about the same guy with his picture. He died the same day he met me but in the afternoon by suicide under work pressure. I couldn't believe my eyes that how could it be possible when I met him just yesterday night. I asked my team leader and told him that I saw him last night. He made fun of me that I was hallucinating and said that the guy who died didn't report to work and was found dead in his apartment yesterday afternoon by his wife. I felt so sorry for him and decided to leave that workplace fearing the consequences that this job did to him.

Any questions and feedbacks are welcome:)

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Lost-soul (1 stories) (2 posts)
2 days ago (2024-07-17)
Hello Linjahaha and Rajine,
Thanks for reading my story.
Yes, I did take that as a warning and left that toxicity behind and I totally agree Rajine, that coworkers have a huge role in messing up the experience for you, like my team leader.
Thanks for the comments 😊
Lost-soul (1 stories) (2 posts)
2 days ago (2024-07-17)
Hey RCRuskin,
Thank you for reading my story.
Great that you could relate to the story being worked at call centres, and you are right about being stuck, It can be exhausting when you cannot comment or say anything when the customer is just being harsh to you or simply stupid.
And yes it was cold the entire time, I had to get my jacket and that's why I remember this.
Linjahaha (24 stories) (151 posts)
2 weeks ago (2024-07-07)
Lost: Just a little addendum to my original comment about your account.
I'm willing to bet that after you told your team leader what you encountered, he 'may' have chided you, but, truth be told, you probably rattled his cage a bit. Seeing a man that you never met, & conversing with him nonetheless.
You probably left him more than a little shook. Just my 2 cents here!

The Very Best! 😁 😁
Rajine (14 stories) (833 posts)
2 weeks ago (2024-07-07)
Hi Lost-soul

I to believe that the world (supernatural and not) are kept in balance between the good and bad.

It's sad what happened to that guy, a stressful work environment is the worst thing anyone can face, but it's good that you left while you could.
I believe that sometimes it's other coworkers that make for a toxic work environment.
Linjahaha (24 stories) (151 posts)
2 weeks ago (2024-07-06)
Dear Lost: I honestly think your encounter was a possible warning for you not to let yourself get overwhelmed, or overworked.
Like you mentioned in your account. It was a toxic environment. Look what it did to THAT man. It seems he was well-intended in trying to prevent the same fate happening to you.
It was a wise move to leave there. Good read!

The Best! 😊 😊
RCRuskin (9 stories) (834 posts)
2 weeks ago (2024-07-06)
I worked in a call center once, a place I call "toilet paper" for reasons, but I won't name the actual company. Having worked on multiple projects, I have found that it is not the call center environment itself that is stressful. It is being stuck between customers and whatever client's really stupid processes.

Knowing your coworkers are going to help you out makes the job much easier, but still can't escape the client.

So, to your experience: Was it cold the entire time you were doing your after call work?

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