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I was either 19 or 20 years old the first time this happened to me. I was living at my Mom's house with my baby and had just gone to sleep. My baby and I shared a room so my bed was against the wall opposite the door and my child's crib was adjacent to my bed (making like an L shape if that makes sense). I had just gone to bed and I started to feel this presence coming towards me. The only way that I can describe it is immense evil. It was like I could feel it coming closer and closer to me. When I felt it right in front of my face I knew I had to open my eyes. It literally felt like my head was going to blow off and I had to open my eyes and make it go away from me and my child. (I know I sound really dramatic but that's really how it felt) I opened my eyes and there was nothing there. Everything stopped. All feelings and senses of anything evil or negative were just gone. Right away I got up and got my daughter from her crib and took her into bed with me. I didn't feel comfortable having her sleep there away from me. About a year passed and nothing like that happening again so I figured it was just nothing and forgot all about it.

Then one night I was lying in bed going to sleep (in my Dad's house now, we moved there) and I felt something touching me. I started fantasizing and having this sexual dream but the whole time I could feel someone's hands on me touching me as if they were right in front of me. I opened my eyes and everything stopped and there was nothing there. I checked to see where my hands were, thinking it was me doing it without realizing but it wasn't. My hands were nowhere near that area. So a bit of time passed (not much and I don't know how much at all so maybe a few days, maybe a week?) and the same thing happened. But this time I just let it happen thinking I was just really good at daydreaming (even though I KNOW I am not asleep) and then I climaxed and it was awesome and I "woke myself up" or whatever you want to call it and tried to sleep properly. This went on for a few weeks to a couple of months... Maybe longer (it was a couple of years ago so my timing may be off) or maybe shorter. It isn't every day but it is often enough. And I am quite happy with this. But then one night something changed.

While I was "falling into it" as I used to call it, I heard something else in my ear. It was in my right ear. There was something trying to occupy me and keep me "busy" and focused on the sexual stuff but this time in my left ear I heard someone talking. A woman's voice and she was saying something along the lines of "that's it, keep going, we've almost got her". I got really scared and tried to open my eyes and stop what was happening. Instead of being able to sit up though I was completely unable to move and everything went from a good feeling to a violent and controlling feeling. I kept seeing images of faces and things and I didn't know what they are and I couldn't get away from them. Finally I opened my eyes and sat up and it stopped.

The next night, the same thing happened only as I started to fall into it, I tried to stop myself right away because I was scared. There wasn't the nice pleasure anymore but again I felt the anger and violence. And again it took everything in me to open my eyes and sit up.

This went on and on for a couple of weeks. After a while it would sometimes let me think that I was awake. Like, I would feel all of the pressure that was on me come off and I would sit up and feel better only to feel like someone dropped something on me again and I am back on the bed unable to move. The whole time though I sensed this anger and evil.

Another time I thought I had fallen off of my bed to get away from it but it turned out I was still on it. It's like it was playing with me and getting some sick pleasure from it. I tried falling asleep in front of the television thinking that maybe it's in my head and I am thinking about it so much it is me doing this to myself but it happened there too. I got together with my partner and this would still happen. I would feel it coming and I was falling into it but I couldn't always get away. I would hear myself screaming to her and flailing around the bed but she didn't hear me. When I finally did regain control I would ask my partner why she didn't wake me and she would tell me that I wasn't moving at all or making any noise.

Another time I had a vision that I pulled the blankets over my head to hide from them and looked up to see their fingers wrapped around the top of the blanket to pull it down. I used every ounce of strength that I had to kick my legs to wake up my partner and regain control of myself but again, I wasn't moving at all. The next day though my legs were so sore it felt like I had run a marathon.

After thinking about all this I think this happened for months and months maybe 6 months or longer. It was hell. I was terrified to go to sleep. I got more and more depressed and just couldn't get out of it.

One day I told a woman at the place of my work about everything that was happening to me. She had mentioned that lately when I would walk into a room it was like I was sucking the energy out of it and I was all negativity and she would get really bad vibes, which was weird because she loves my energy but felt like there was something else going on. It was so strange.

I used to feel like I had a really strong relationship with God but for a few years it was strained. Just before this had started happening I was becoming closer to God spiritually and was trying to become a more spiritual person. My friend suggested that I ask my guides/guardian angels to help me and surround me with their love and support. She also suggested I start praying again (I used to pray every day but then stopped for a while). I didn't think that it would work at all. But that night when I got home I prayed and I asked for assistance. That night was the first night that I slept without being under attack. I could sense that there was something sinister near me, but got the distinct feeling that it couldn't touch me or get into my head. After that, for the next few weeks I made sure that I prayed every night.

Every now and then I would forget when I was going to sleep and sure enough, the day I would forget, it or they would come back to me immediately. It was like they were waiting for me to make a mistake and sometimes they got their chance. Still, even after it's been gone for a long time, if I forgot or if I don't ask for that extra protection, I feel it. I don't really know what it is for sure. Has anyone experienced this before?

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TalonWalt (3 stories) (69 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-22)
The "letting you feel like you woke up -- only to find yourself back in bed unable to move again" part sounds like a back to back episode of sleep paralysis to me.
Shuster84 (3 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-29)
Thank you all for your comments! I have read them and thought that I had already given myself over to Jesus by accepting God fully into my heart but then I realized that I hadn't specified Jesus. I am not sure why. I thought that I would pray and tell God that I accept Jesus equally into my heart as I accept God. It's been an amazing week and honestly, where I used to feel like something was waiting for me just beyond what I feel is my spiritual boundary, I don't feel that anymore. I feel safe. Which is an amazing feeling and one that I haven't felt in a really long time. I think with prayer to God I was almost there but I needed that little push to get them all the way gone. Thank you so much everyone for the comments and suggestions! It has really made everything completely calm down.

Robertar - I realized the connection of everything after the fact when the pleasure became that same evil. In my opinion, that was the first contact that was made. "borderline porn" it was not and nor was my description graphic in any way. Perhaps next time you comment on things you can be more sensitive, or keep it to yourself.
arnaros (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-27)
I want to thank for sharing your story with us. To answer your question yes I have experience excatly the same as you have this is my story. When I was 20 years old I was really despered to looking for purpose in my life and went to see a spiritual woman who told me I had 2 guardian angels over me and she foretold of my marriage and some else in my future. And I also was reading a lot of spiritual stuff... (what bible warn us about to get near) After all that surch which I was looking at wrong places (I know that now today) I opened a door for some evil to come to me at every time at night I got excatly the same I just close my eyes I was not sleeping but got to another place and my body was frozen, and I felt that evil presence getting closer and closer to me all the time and each time I tried to wake up open my eyes but couldn't do it immediately. When I open my eyes the evil presense was gone but I couldn't move my body for next 10 minutes.
After awhile I was so afraid to go to sleep. I didn't told anyone about this for years. This was so strong that if I just lay down and closed my eyes the evil presense was immedately over me and getting closer.
One day I had enough I told to this presence to come I was going to face you,
And I lay down to my bad and immediately I was on another place I remember it like it was yeasterday, though it did happened 17
years ago. I was lying and I saw myself on a black coffin and something was gettin real fast at me and all my courage was out of the window, and I was using all my will and strength to wake up to get away from this place but nothing was working,
And it got close and closer and I felt like my ribs was taking through my body it hurt so much, but the presense of this evil was horrible, I just barely woke up,
But second before I woke up. I saw it
It was 8 feet tall red skin with long fingers and 3 inc long nails it was over my body was going to rip my heart out, and it SCREAMED and I really could hear the most HATRED I have ever felt I have never felt so much hater in my life this was fallen angel demon, and I realise it hate us the mankind so much with all that it has and all their purpose is just what bible tell use destroy and slaughter us and lie to us.
I woke up and pray and pray like I never prayed before.
A week later I took jesus in to my heart, and I got home after the meeting, to my room and I just felt piece and hormny.
What I hadn't had before.
But the attacked didn't stop immediately but something was different because when I felt the presence I just order it in the name of jesus to go away and it did obey.
They tried 2 or 3 more times to attacked me but when you have Jesus, god, and holy spirit on your side. Its no fight.
Just speak and the evil runaway.
I have not have attack for 16 and half years.
Because it's the blood of jesus christ that brought the victory for us.
If you want to know if someone is with evil spirit inside himself and he don't know he has you can know how to find out.
Just ask the person to call the blood of jesus christ over he's life.
I once asked my nephew this question (because he was in wrong spiritual matter)
And he yealled at me he couldn't and ran as fast as he could out of the room.
Because the evil spirits can't stand the blood of jesus.
I hop you really turn your heart to jesus and give him your burdens and sins and he will wash you clean. Because he did that for me.
But I will warn you the evil demons will try to lie to you that you are not worthy or your since are so great or etc etc.
Don't listen to this lies because nobody of us is worthy of forgiveness it is The Grace and love of God we are forgived.
Jesus died for all of us. And he will send us holy spirit to guid us.
I just want to say good luck and I promise this is the only way to get away from this
And you will get a new and enjoyful life.
May God smile on you and bless you in jesus name and good luck.
robertar (223 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-27)
not sure what to think when the stories transition from frightening evil into borderline porn. Sort of makes me wonder what is the main point of the story.
JimD (431 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-27)

I am very very sorry that this has happened. Please hang in there; it's going to be ok. I must say: It's a demon, and has been embedding its foul self into your life, at first via pleasure, and later by its true, foul nature. Demons exert much power, but never stop suffering the flames of Hell. They attack us due to: HATE. The pretense is dropped, once a firm toehold is established.

The proximate goal is to drive you nuts enough to consider harming yourself. The ultimate goal is damnation, which it feels it may have a chance of - due to a potential suicide. They are experts at psychological warfare. Isolation and attendant depression are most effective for its ugly purpose. You're not crazy, and we'll work on this, ok?

I do suggest Catholic Holy water on the bed, especially at night (9 PM - 6 AM are the psychic hours), and the liberal use of the phrase "Jesus and Mary help me". Watch the reaction! This embedding has been subtle and is now getting ugly. How often I've heard this. But, we'll fight it. Email me, should you require more, which, probably, you will. Hang in there; it'll get better. God bless you.
Jitow (362 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-23)
It sounds like an incubus and it is not good, that is why it ceased when you prayed to God. The reason that it continues to come back when you don't pray is because you have not committed your life to Christ. This is how very simple it is and some will post on here things advice that makes it complicated but you have already proven to yourself and all others reading here that God is the answer. Your soul is up for grabs while you are alive on this earth. God cannot look upon us with our earthly sin, Christ made the once and for all sacrifice for those sins and all we have to do is accept Chist into our soul and God is able to continually place us under His Almighty watchcare. Now, you may say what is accepting Christ into your heart and soul, since your soul is up for grabs, you are actually asking God/Christ to send His Holy Spirit to possess your heat and soul. Once Christ through the Holy Spirit possesses your soul, nothing else can. If you stray from God, you may be oppressed or obssessed again but not totally possessed. Now back to your soul being up for grabs, this is just another way to explain spiritual warfare. What is spiritual warefare? When Christ dide on a cross at Calvary as our perfect once and for all sacrifice, died and God brought Him back to life-the devil was defeated. For Christians we already know what side we are
On and we already know that we have victory in the war against evil-when Christ died and was ressurrected by God he defeated death, hell and the grave for all who love Him and accept His precious gift of eternal life in Heaven in God's presence. God has told us in His Word the Bible that it is His Hope that no one perrish but He will not manipulate our free will that He gave us. He wants us to truly love Him by our own choice. The devil knows that he is defeated so why does he continue to fight against God? Because he understands free will as well and he will do everything in his power to deceive, confuse, preoccupy, kill, steal, and destroy to keep people from placing their trust in Him. This is why he uses the scary visions, UFO's, the New Age movement in order to misinform people about God and what Christ did for us. If you have not asked Christ to possess you, then something else will. There is no neutral unfortunately. You cannot just sit on the fence. When Christ walked the earth in a Man's body He told us all that if we are not for Him, then we are against Him. If you will pray and invite Christ to fill your heart and soul with His Holy Spirit this evil that is hanging around you will leave because they know that you are now un-possessable. So basically you can be possessed by the Loving Holy Spirit (who is Christ in you), by an evil sprit and face eternity in a bad place, be self possessed and spend eternity in the same place, or be possessed by nothing and still go to the same place.

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