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It has been awhile since I last posted but I decided to continue my story. At last ending I told of the creature that lived in my old home. Well things happened and my Mother got divorced and we moved back to my grandmother's place. She purchased a trailer for us to live in and we settled in quickly. Now we all knew of the ghost stories from that land. The upstairs of my grandmother's house was a hotspot for the spirits coming and going. You could sleep in the bedroom below that room and hear people moving all night up there, steps coming up and down the stairs when everyone was asleep. We all knew of the "black woman" who was seen by my Mother, my biological Father and my uncle as well as other various members of the family who slept in that room. Needless to say no one wanted to ever sleep up there. I digress, well we settled into the trailer and the first thing my Mother did was to go around the house and bless it and seal it against any harmful spirits that would try to enter. Bless my Mother, for as strange as she was she was one darn good spiritualist.

The trailer was safe but no one ever went outside onto the property after dark. You would see and feel things chasing you around. One was tall and lean, like a skeleton with skin stretched tight over its bones. That one scared the hell out of me as a child and the thought still spooks me out today. The second was short and squat; we all called it the "toad" because it was fat and had a great greed to it. The third we never named but would see every night peering through that upstairs bedroom window over toward the kitchen of our trailer. It had a pale face and pale hands that would press to the glass and just watch. We all knew it wanted to get into our house but the wards set up prevented it. My mother remarried and my step-father and brother moved into the trailer with us. Now my step-father was not very spiritually sensitive but even he could feel the staring one looking toward the house. He ended up using a cloth spin to shut the curtain at the kitchen so he wouldn't have to feel and see it looking in.

I grew up into a rather odd teenager. Living in an occult family was not easy when you lived in the Deep South. We had Ouija boards, tarot cards and rune stones that were used regular there. My mother taught us kids all she knew of spells, wards and how to contact the other side. Needless to say I was far from being a popular teenager at my school. But in time, as all such thing go I met a boy and started dating him. My middle sister started dating his best friend so it worked out well to go visit them. One night we all had a fight with each other and decided to head home. It was late and the moon was full up by the time we started driving home. We quickly discovered something was following us. We looked out into the fields we were driving past and saw it. It was as tall as a telephone pole and about as slender. It had long arms and legs and ran beside the car out in those fields following us. I ended up driving us home at a break neck speed trying to outrun the thing.

When we got home my mother was standing in the door screaming for us to get inside. She had been asleep and had a nightmare a demon was chasing us. We could see it coming down the street toward the property. We darted inside the house as fast as our feet could carry us. For the rest of the night we sat up in a vigil praying and calling on every good spirit we could think of to guard us from whatever was outside. All night we heard what sounded like long claws scraping along the metal siding at the side of the trailer, the sounds of something rustling something like a plastic bag, maybe wings. Though it was a school night we sat up until the daylight came and the beast vanished. We never saw that one again and can only wonder what it was and what it wanted. Honestly I hope to never see anything so terrifying again in my life. Ok, this was a long one and I will continue to post more of my life's story as time goes on. Feel free to comment anything you feel or think of my story so far.

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StephanDragon (2 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-02)
thank you for the kind comments. The first part of my story was posted around a year ago and so much happened between them. I still practice the occult, it is in my blood and I could not see myself doing anything less. I think that the universe is a large and mysterious place filled with many wonders. Ghosts and other such beings are simply apart of it. Sometimes good, sometimes bad but are a part of the grand scheme of things. Alot of what used to frighten me as a child dosen't anymore. All things take a understanding of the nature of it to overcome. Alot of stories I see posted here the people are afraid, and from what I can see there is no reason to be. Fear feeds the negative ones to do more. Love, hope, and courage will get you through anything that the fates may throw at you and I think that all that has happened to me, and to many of the others here has been a growing experience. Never doubt yourself and always look toward the light.
mementomori (10 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-30)
I absolutely loved your story and it is a very lucky thing that your mother is as educated with the occult as she is. And I was similar growing up, being from the south and having a different belief system than the majority. But the universe is a wonderful thing and you are always given the tools you need for the experiences you deal with at times. Please post more stories, I enjoyed this one very much.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-29)
Wow I liked this story you and your family do certainly have a very strong spiritual side. The thing you described that was following sounds frightning, do you have any idea of what it may have been, I have a few ideas I was just wondering what your thoughts were. Do you still practice in the occult at all. Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for sharing.


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