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Little Girls And Paralysis


Now I've had a few experiences in my life but this little adventure has left me stumped and somewhat confused. I am currently 20 and live in Pennsylvania but these events take place from my freshman year in high school to the point where I was a junior. For the record I never sought out ghosts messed with Ouija boards and the like. It all started in my old house, my mom and her friends were playing a tweaked version of D&D being bored I thought it'd probably be better for me to just fall asleep until my dad came to pick us up.

Seeking out the nearest place to crash I just laid down on a sitting bench my moms friend had, I was facing them when suddenly I found myself unable to move, I heard my mom laugh and her friends carry on with their game, all I could think of was "Oh god I can't breathe, come on mom help me." fortunately I woke up on my own accord a few moments after, I sat up out of breath and wondering why no one helped me, I brushed it off thinking maybe I was half asleep and half my body was functioning so I just went to watch TV. Now some time late in my freshman year I decided to be lazy and take a nap during the day, it was probably four pm at the time being that it was still light out.

My room is essentially a box shape, at the bottom left is a door that opens to the hallway and on the top left facing the wall is a closet door I barricaded with a rather large dresser since my sisters room is on the other side and I did not want her sneaking into my room, My bed is on the floor in the top right parallel to the closet. So I curled up got nice and comfy and fell asleep facing the closet, suddenly again I can not move anything but my eyes, and am staring straight at my dresser.

At first I think nothing of it and suddenly I am aware that yes I am asleep exactly where I was before, it was hard to breathe again but eventually I found a way to wake myself up, you're going to laugh but I can actually move one of my toes now. So I trick myself into thinking I am falling, eventually waking myself up breathless. So now I'm thinking its nothing more then something funky going on with my sleeping pattern, maybe the reason why I have it because I am falling asleep at odd times. A few weeks later I decided it was safe to take a nap again being no incidents have happened yet, and of course it did.

Once again I found myself facing my dresser but I am able to breathe more clear in this little 'dream', I stared for a moment thinking this is annoying when I hear something that sent a icy dagger right into my gut. I heard a child laughing. The only thing I could think of was waking up as fast as possible again. I trick my body into thinking its falling and wake up, however when I woke this time I felt horrible, as if I haven't slept in ages and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep, regardless I stumble my way downstairs it probably took ten minuets for me to be awake completely.

With that I decided that I wouldn't be napping anytime soon and the incidents stopped for awhile. In my Sophomore year I had long forgotten by this point why I didn't nap anymore, it was a sleepy day at that too warm to go outside or do anything productive to I op to pass the hottest part of the day with a rest. Again I found myself facing my closet, but this time I didn't look at my dresser, rather a girl. I'm 5'6 and this dresser comes to the mid of my ribcages so I'm guessing she was five or six.

This girl wore a long white dress, her hair was black and straight, her bangs came down to her shoulders and I'm sure it was long in the back, she had pale skin, that was as white as her dress and her face I couldn't make out. It was there but it was blurred out, any dream I have of people their faces are usually blurred off, it didn't bother me that I didn't see her face but somehow I knew as she leered down at me, that she was smiling... And it wasn't a pleasant one either. Being that she was eight feet away and I found myself unable to move or breath properly I panicked and woke myself up as quickly as I could. "Oh hell, oh hell wake up." is all I chanted in my head before I was awake again, like the last time I was very tired this time and wanted to go back to sleep. Shaken by the event I tried to reason to myself I probably just had a nightmare of the creepy grudge chick, ignoring the fact that I was aware in my dream.

My final experience would be late in my junior year, I was visiting a friend house and we decided it'd be cool to watch some myth busters and TAPs for the day. The room we were in is sort of funky shaped, kind of like facing a barn from the front, he has arch that leads into the kitchen by the doorway is a brown case that came up to the mid of my chest like my dresser, and a giant cushy couch after that that circles the room. We decided to watch TAPs in the dark of the mid day for kicks and to get a 'spooky' vibe, which didn't help too much being that it was a rerun.

Growing bored I laid my head down on a lower part of a short end table he had, it has a bottom of wood on the on the floor that I used as a pillow since I was on the floor, the corner of it is in between the arch and the brown case that held all his DVDs. I fell asleep facing the arch and found myself again aware that I had fallen asleep, once again it was harder to breath but this time not that much and not moving. My friend 'Tom' was going on about the show to my little sister, I just signed in my head and looked around thinking "Oh not again." Again there was a little girl but this one was different from the first.

First she didn't scare me in the slightest, she appeared to be younger then the first, hair black and to the shoulder, she was sitting with her knees to her chest and not even looking at me but appeared to be looking at my friend. I watched her for a moment before her head slowly turned towards me, suddenly aware I was watching her she plopped her hands down in front of her and began to crawl towards the kitchens (thankfully!) as she passed the wooden stands edge that blocked my vision of the space between the arch and the DVD case I looked to the other side where I expected to see her move into the kitchen. Her body did not show past the wood but I watched her feet disappear from my vision; I stared at the arch for few more moments trying to see if anything else would happen but nothing did. So I woke myself up, walked towards the kitchen and low and behold my mom was just around the corner washing the dinner dishes.

I finally had enough and told her about the little girls, of course she laughed and pushed it aside even joked about it too. Regardless a week after I told her she gave me two dream catchers and told me to hang them in my room. I haven't had any more extreme experiences after that nor have I seen those little girls yet, occasionally off and on when I am falling asleep at night (I changed my room a bit at this point, my bed now directly next to my door I come in at) I will get a very brief moment where I can not move, my eyes are closed so I can't see nor breath right, I hear ringing and something talks into my neck in a slight hissing/raspy fashion. After it is over I just open my eyes look over my shoulder, I don't feel any sort of ill presence in my room but it still freaks me out.

But I digress, I don't feel that I need to clarify that is a real story because I'd have better things to do with my time then troll sites. However does any one know what these little girls are? I know what they appear like but I get the distinct feeling they are not, nor were they ever human. I would like any theories if you can offer.

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DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
11 years ago (2010-12-23)
Redsphere--that one definitely sounds like an SP episode. Any sort of "tunnel"-like or repetitive noises are mostly attributed to SP audio-hallucinations.

The reason I can say that more confidently is because I recently began suffering from insomnia-induced hypnagogic hallucinations, which is what SP hallucinations are classified as. For me, I typically see either a dark shape move across the room or dozens of spiders rappelling down from my ceiling toward my bed. These hallucinations feel so real that I can actually hear the spiders' little legs walking across my blanket and feel them crawling over me. When I jump out of bed of course there's nothing there.

All I'm saying is that some--not all but I might even go so far as to say most--experiences that occur during SP are likely sensory hallucinations.
Redsphere (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2010-12-19)
[at] DeviousAngel

A Yurei eh? TO tell you the truth I never heard of those or at least never knew what they were.

Had a mild case yesterday, Friday home from school at last I decided to take a small nap a 4:15 pm, set my alarm for 6 because I was likely going to enjoy a long snooze. I end up conking out for a few minuets before I realize I am staring at the wall again, unable to move. It was just random but I heard something like wind being sucked around me. I'm not sure if it relates to anything but usually I can tell the difference between dreaming and weird SP things.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
11 years ago (2010-12-16)
Redsphere - I know this is such a long time after the fact, and I apologize for that, but this particular type of apparition is something that Japanese people have coined the term "yurei" for. Yurei encompasses the type of female ghosts with long black hair that typically wears white (the color of death in most Asian colors, as it is the color the dead are usually buried in traditionally). Perhaps that's what you saw?

I try not to be so quick as to rule out VISUAL spiritual sightings during SP episodes as hallucinations, I'm just not certain... But it could be that SP draws spirits to the individual that suffers from it because of the state of vulnerability. In other words, you HAVE to see and you HAVE to hear because there's nothing you can do but lay there and wait until it passes.
Redsphere (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-26)
[at] DeviousAngel

I do not doubt it is a form of sleep paralysis, I am aware of what it is as well.
Granted yes I have seen "The Grudge" (A silly movie isn't it?) but it was not during the time the girls started to appear. However said little girl, black hair, white dress seems to pop up on other stories here as well which may not be all in imagination.
I have considered if it had been my imagination or not, or something brought on by my ghost shows but I do doubt it. I do not ritualistically watch them more them rather occasionally flip through the channels and decide to watch what is on.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-22)
I second nosuchthing--this sounds exactly like sleep paralysis, and since you have either heard of or seen The Grudge and have a tendency to watch ghost shows, it's likely that these girls are projections of your imagination.

Sleep paralysis episodes usually begin with a sensation of pins and needles, like a numb feeling, and difficulty breathing. This is because your mind is at least partly awake and your body is in self-defense sleep mode (paralyzed so that you cannot hurt yourself by tossing, turning, etc.). Most often it is accompanied by a buzzing, ringing, or repetative noise such as a tapping or in this case, giggling. The episodes feel like they last a long time but generally only last a minute or two.

You can prevent SP by moving or turning if you start to hear the noise or feel the tingling sensation, and if it happens anyway, don't panic. Focus on breathing and ignore whatever hallucinations you're having. Try to close your eyes and relax until it passes.

Also, making sure that you are on a steady sleep pattern helps to avoid incidents.
Redsphere (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-13)
[at] thegirlinwhite

It is rare that I enter that state now. Randomly I will be in bed at night, and I become 'aware' breifly that I am sleep and I get a buzzing sound along with something talking to me either beside my neck or at the back of my head. When I say breif I do mean probably a few seconds, as to where the little girls were probably 2-3 minuets.
TheGirlInWhite (2 stories) (26 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-09)
At Red: thanks for clearing it up.

You didn't specifically ask for help but wanted a theory so here's mine:

I think that your spiritual part of your mind and body was ready for you to see ghosts when you were 15. I think that the only way (so far) for you to see them is through this sleeping state you have;why that is I don't know, it may be easier for them that way.

Do you see ghosts often now, and only in that state?
Redsphere (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-08)
[at] TheGirlInWhite,

When I have these 'dream' I usually am asleep, or what I think is sleep for me, but I can see hear everything that goes on around me. As for pressure, I do not ever recall any sort on my chest directly but just on my entire body in general. It didn't bother me too much when I found a way to bring my self out of that state, but I did get a good scare when the first little girl showed up. I've had past experiences with the paranormal before but I've never went into the paralysis dream until I hit 15. As for the house we are in we moved there my freshman year so I do not know too much about it other then from a friend of mine that the previous owners had a daughter as well, but she is still alive and also older as well.
nosuchthing (15 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-08)
Sleep paralysis is what you are experiencing - look it up online and you will see that is what is happening.
TheGirlInWhite (2 stories) (26 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-08)

Cheers for sharing this. I'm a tad confused. When you're having these 'dreams', are you half asleep and you can still, see and hear things in your room as if you were awake? And I know you said you can't move but when you're in one of these 'states'* do you feel a overwhelming pressure on you, like someone is sitting on you, that might explain the difficulty in breathing.

It doesn't sound like it bothers you a great deal, and I'm sure they arn't bad ghosts as they havn't done anything bad, like spinning the bed or putting pressure on you. Do you know anything about the history or these places?

My thoery is (and people can disagree if they want) that you being in this 'state'is the only way you can see these ghosts. I only get this impression becuase you didn't mention that you could feel a presence or see anything unless you were 'dreaming'
I think what your feeling is called 'sleep paralysis', and I believe the reason these happen is for the person experiencing these is aware of the presence.

*sorry to use that word but it's only one I can think of

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