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The Lady In The Hat


First off all I'd like to say that this happened when I was seven right now I'm fourteen and live in Florida when this happened I was living in Venezuela and was scared out of my mind of every little noise that I heard. I have written down every tiny detail so most of the story is filled to the top with useless material. Even though this happened when I was only seven I still remember it very clearly.

My family was living in Venezuela in a small apartment right in the middle of the city where there was a lot of traffic. Being seven I was afraid of everything, this was worsened by my families extreme religious views so they taught me that I should pray, since that didn't work I took to sleeping with my mom and dad. One night there was a huge thunder storm and the air was growing colder and colder. I was freezing because of the light blanket that I usually wore also besides that the door to the hallway kept creaking which was usual yet creepy under any circumstance and the constant light flashes showed shadows that would constantly change, and made shapes similar to some that looked like a man. Sometimes they would look like there were more but it was always a man. Since we were on the twentieth floor it was by no means a tree or a bird. Needless to say I was freaked out.

I walked as fast as I could to my parent's rooms. The apartment was very small but also had many old objects that had been in my family for generations. My parent's room was one bed put against the wall with two lamp stands against each side and an entire wall opposite to the bed filled with pictures trophies memories, the old junk that belonged to my family among them an old hat that belonged to some great uncle or aunt I don't remember at this time.

I got into bed and fell asleep quickly but I only managed to sleep for around an hour because I was woken up by a hard thud at the foot of the bed. I kept looking for where the sound had come from however after a few minutes I gave up. But I couldn't stop looking at the hat, and around a minute after I began looking at it some type of mist started to slowly come out of it, but at an angle from the right side of the hat that slowly curved to the floor it was not regular mist it came out with some form of static that was in the mist like the type of static that a TV makes when there's no signal but slower and more graceful.

It slowly fell out in around a minute but being there it seemed to be an hour. As it came out it took the shape of a young woman around her twenties. She had long hair that floated around her head as if she was in water. Back then I remained still and a little unnerved but looking back at it now, she was very beautiful. The mist itself was white but you could make out the wall on the other side through her shape, her eyes were what I remembered the most they were also white but not transparent and she blinked every few seconds with an apathetic expression that bordered on total concentration. When she began to walk I noticed that she didn't walk like a person (of course she was a ghost so who would expect her to) but as if someone had taken various pictures each taken a second apart that when put together looked a film but a little bit apart. Her feet hardly touched the ground and she was very graceful and slow. When she was close I realized someone had turned on the lamp next to me on the bed stand. She put out her hand towards me, but not in a menacing way more like a "come with me" sort of way. I began to freak out so to protect myself (like any seven year old afraid of the dark would) I buried my face against my mom's pillow and covered myself in her blanket. I stopped breathing until I fell asleep which was unexpectedly quick.

Next morning I looked at the clock on the stand and it was frozen on 1:05, for as long as I can remember since then I wake up at least once in a week while I sleep and though this probably has nothing to do with it. I feel a deep feeling of calmness every time I do. Now at fourteen years old I remember that the day we moved out the hat was no longer on the wall but you could see its outline against the rest of the wall. My family searched and looked everywhere across the house but the hat was gone we supposed that a relative had come and took it, but when we called no one had it.

I always ask about it but my mom has never been reluctant to tell me anything about the hat itself, though more probably I'm just crazy and imagined the entire experience.

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Jennifer40 (20 stories) (202 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-20)
Great story! I felt like I was there witnessing it with you. Your description of the apparition gave me chills! Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer ❤
DCinAZ (guest)
12 years ago (2010-10-20)
I agree with all the previous posters, this was very well written and a great story. Did you ever find out who turned on the bedside lamp? And why? Thank you for sharing with us. I'm impressed. 😊
WReck72 (1 stories) (116 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-19)
I'm about to turn 30 and I wish I could write as well as you. Other then your writing skills though I figured I would mention I have ready a lot of stories that talk about a static mist or static fog/smoke apparitions. I think it was more than a dream. Thanks for sharing your story.
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-19)
Kudos to you on your great writing skills. This was very well written, and you made me feel like I was right there watching this lady appear with you. I wonder who she was and what happened to the hat. Do you think she might have been a relative of yours? Thanks, and take care 😊 ❤
BadJuuJuu (guest)
12 years ago (2010-10-19)
I would really like to say that I think you just had a really vivid dream, but this sounds like more than a dream. Very intense experience. Dreams don't normally stay in a person's mind that vividly for such a long time.
I don't think any of the details you gave could be considered "useless materiel." The details establish just how well you remembered that night. Thanks for sharing your experience, very interesting account. 😊
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-19)
You told that story very well, and I'm having a hard time believing you are 14 years old. That story was better written than many stories posted on here by adults. Your description was near perfect. I was able to put myself in your place, and visualize what you had seen that night.
Great story... Well told.
The reason your story is so believeable? You didn't need to sensationalize it with demons, murder or blood, Boards, black cats or spells.

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