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My name is Andrea and I want to share with you briefly my experience of demon possession. I had a demon follow me for most of my life. I of course was not aware of this at the time but after I was released from the demon about two years ago, I actually was able to do a very fascinating thing. I was able to communicate with the demon and hear from him when he started following me and influencing my life. This was done simply put after the demon had released himself from his application through forgiveness and is now just another being working in the dimensions (heaven) to assist us here on earth. More can be read about the transformation of heaven and the release of the demons through forgiveness at

It started soon after my father died at the age of eleven, when all aspects of my life and 'personality' started changing drastically. The demon used my father's death to turn my thoughts against 'God' and created a relationship (unknowing to me) to the stark reality that a lot of children face when they experience such a loss. From that point on, I questioned religion, God and the meaning of why we even bother being here when we're going to die lonely, miserable deaths.

A couple of weeks after my father's death, his closest friend and wife came to give my mother their condolences. That evening after everyone had gone to bed, I sat in the lounge chatting to my father's friend. Next thing the demon integrated into this man and he out of the blue started fondling me. You can imagine my shock. This event of course spiraled me even further into a darker side of my personality as it was clear to me that not only can God not be trusted but neither can people. So the demon was preparing me to distance myself from God and all of life by showing me the 'evil' side of God's people. That indeed people who were supposedly from God's creation were nothing but evil, supposedly dressed as Christians. So my dislike for religion (especially Christianity) increased ten fold.

As the years went by, I went into a quieter, emotionally unstable personality. During my high school years I found myself becoming distant from the other children and seeking different values to theirs. Things that they considered precision I laughed at like boys, religion and education. This of course had a lot to do with how the demon was influencing my thought processes and my beliefs. I saw things clearly from the perspective of religion and how people are slaves. I understood many things which when discussed with other children, caused them to label me as 'weird'. I asked them (which the demon admitted he did through me) why do they go to church when people die horrible deaths all in the name of God. Now as you can see that is quite something coming out of the mouth of a 17 year old?

When I finished school I was very much anti religion already, yet I found paganism quite an interesting concept. I met somebody who was a Wiccan and together we delved into the art of magic and speaking to the dead (Ouija board). This became my life, a devotion to God's, Goddesses and creating spells to punish people that did us wrong. The funny part of it was that the demon told me he was the only being that I had ever spoken to on the Ouija board, due his ability to block all other beings. You see this demon was no ordinary demon, he was quite powerful and his 'mission' was simply to create a world for me in which my focus was always on him. He had the ability to control my actions to such a degree that all decisions that I made were under his control. Any job that I took would fail and I would be unemployed again, sitting with my friend, playing Ouija board. When I did finally find a two years job it was on a secluded farm where my main focus was just to work, with very little interaction with people.

After two years I met a guy and moved in with him. This of course was not so much to the liking of the demon as he saw me as his possession, so he decided it might be a good idea to control our relationship as well. The relationship became abusive to the point that I was constantly under verbal attack and sometimes physical. The demon would integrate into him and start accusing me of seeing other men, and then the next moment he was fine again. Sometimes he would become violent, picking me up by my neck, throwing me up against a wall and then minutes later he wouldn't remember what he did. This strange behavior went on for about three years and finally I allowed the demon to possess me just to get away from the pain and fear.

The demon openly admitted to me that he was jealous and that the 'other' man was only there to pay the bills. You see by this stage, I had started having a relationship with this demon. He presented himself to me as a God and I believed that he was going to take care of me in this world. We shared an understanding about this world and had decided to walk this world together. It was however not easy for him to watch the other man having to provide for me as he did not want him in my life.

So day after day he would ensure that I hated this man by created the abuse and also ensuring that he was the one that I loved. Strange to hear a person talk about loving a spirit, I know, but if you can imagine you and I walking and talking without physical bodies and yet I was able to see and hear him. I had a serious contempt for humans and related completely to this demon's experience of himself. However once things became too much in the relationship with my ex, I decided to leave and it was the effect of having a possessive ex-boyfriend and a possessive demon that I finally allowed myself to be fully possessed. This was very gradual but by the time my ex decided to do something and take me for an exorcism, I was sitting on my bed day in and day out possessed by this demon. When my ex would visit, I would sit there naked speaking as the demon (in a man's voice), I had fully given up and was allowing this demon to speak for me.

Luckily for me my ex realized something was wrong and convinced me to go for an exorcism. This of course was very entertaining to the demon as exorcisms are not very successful (the demon just moves on to another body). However at the time it assisted me and I 'released' myself from the demon. It was not an easy process as the reason for me becoming possessed in the first place (depression, loneliness and the inability to relate to humans) was still with me.

Therefore about six months after this I yet again communicated with the demon, as I one day realized he was still with me, yet keeping his distance. I again allowed for him to step back into my life and it was quite a story to not allow myself to get killed by this demon. Occasionally, if I was not careful around him, he would pressurizing me into committing suicide and once it was a close call.

The experiences that I had with this demon were rather fascinating and now that I have the ability to talk to him he explains to us (we work with demons that have been released as I have mentioned) how demons use to work and why. So if any of you have had similar experiences and require assistance, please feel free to speak to me. If you are not sure if you have been demon possessed but you suspect so I can speak to the demons (if any) and find out.

Often people don't realize they have had demon involvement in their life as they don't even realize the extent of demon possession. I am not religious, I work however with all beings in heaven (we speak to them through an interdimensional channel). I speak to the dimensional beings in 'heaven' as it is now (a lot of changes have taken place) as they are now working with us to assist man kind.

For more details on heaven assisting earth visit or for more information please e-mail me at: andrea [at] desteni-universe [dot] co [dot] za

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optimisticbabe (6 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-21)
I am 17 and have discussed issues far more shocking than; 'why do they go to church when people die horrible deaths all in the name of God'. Tbh you remind me of myself at the moment in terms of beliefs etc.
Tiggy (12 posts)
13 years ago (2008-11-28)
You were not possessed. You experienced a severe trauma (the death of your father), and then shortly thereafter you were molested by someone whom you thought you could trust.

Those are very good ingredients for falling into mental instability. You subconsicously created this "demon" in order to make sense of some of the things you've believed, and some of the acts you've carried out as a result of this.

In any case I do hope you are feeling better now, and that the world isnt' such a horrible place for you anymore.
bruwx (2 stories) (78 posts)
13 years ago (2008-07-18)
Im sorry to tell you that you didn't perform paganism, because pagainsm is all wabout good, punishing people is occult and black magick associatied with satanism,
Ohiowatha (11 stories) (415 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-17)
You call it "demon," I simply call it "your personality..." I understand you have faced hardship, but at some point, it might be better for you to take responsibility for your emotions and actions and realize that not everything negative that happens in your life is the result of demonic possession.
lacusclyneofzaft (guest)
14 years ago (2007-06-23)
Tell you the truth hannahbmarie101, demons can poesses human in way of crude sense of humor and they love to mess with people who get in there way. I once was poesses by a demon but I repel demon ever since I got into a fight with my boyfriend but I was the one who don't even remember what I did to him. But he knew it wasn't me and ever since I've release I felt happy.
hannahbmarie101 (4 stories) (23 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-22)
i honestly don't think you were possesed... Demons arent ususally one to be nice to somebody whether they follow them or not, and if you think that you have a demon following you, because of everything that happened, I must to. All of those things have happened to me and much more, and I have days when I get depressed. BECAUSE YOU GET DEPRESSED WHEN THOSE THINGS HAPPEN, NOT BECAUSE OF DEMONS. And if the demon was "helping" you in life, why would he get you to try and commit suicide? I promise I'm not trying to be rude, but I think you had a mental breakdown, and need counseling. Believe what you want, but I don't think its true
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-22)
I was not going to comment on this story as I too felt that it was not a possession. But since the silence has been broken I would have to say I am in agreement with bittersweet. Why would a demon after being released, released from what I am not sure, agree to communicate with anyone who does not have it bound is very hard to believe. According to teachings I have read demons enjoy being demons and they are not going to change for anyone or anything. I visited the site provided and I am more lost now than when I just read the story. Interesting though, very interesting.
bittersweet171740 (2 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-22)
Okay...I don't feel you were actually possessed by a demon. Your father died when you were 11, and you were molested by a person you trusted. These things alone are enough for you to normally question religion and god, and to have a mental break. I believe you couldn't keep a job because of these reasons as well, not a demon. It is common for kids who have been abused sexually or otherwise to later in life find themselves in an abusive relationship. It is common for an abuser to say he doesn't understand/remember why he hit you. Later you talk about actually not being able to see the demon but hearing and talking with him. I think you had a rough life and at some point had a mental break. You are/were not possessed, but I think you should probably seek counceling and medication to treat your condition.

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