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I have read many of your stories and they're very interesting, fascinating and very scary! Well, I come to all of you for help. I had to sign up because I can't tell a couple of my family members; they'd be very upset.

What happened is I hacked my AM/FM radio to become a ghost voice box-search: "Frank's Voice Box." I'm what you'd call a geeky girl, since I have this knack or ability to open, clean up laptops and cell phones, and reassemble. No education on any of that. So after watching several YouTube videos on "Radio Shack hack radios," I was positive I could do this. The thing is the only AM/FM scan with preset radio that I have is a very cheap, AIWA model CR-DX501. It was a bit harder than I expected since I had to work my way in the unit, but I cut off the "MUTE" cables, and that did the trick.

It works as a regular radio, but when the "scan" button is pressed, it won't stop at any station; the term is "sweep." I have lots of EVP's, both in Spanish and English (I am from Puerto Rico). There's no room for discussion with regards to a Spanish-speaking EVP on a voice box. I haven't gone back and listened to most of them, nor have I downloaded the software to clean them up. I'd be very happy to pass that on to an expert.

The most significant EVP I got while I was doing my sessions, which are very nice and kind spirits so far-is that I found out the hard way that one of my cousins passed away. I haven't had contact for more than 13 years; my brothers and I figured out he'd be dead because of AIDS, but he really took care of himself. Never got information on date of death, what state, or cemetery. Still, it was shocking to hear my cousin scream to me the only name he used to call me: Linda.

That name was my first at birth; my parents changed it only a year after I was born to my current one because they were afraid of bullying (Linda means "beautiful" in Spanish). A good part of my family took in the change, but he really never did, even as an adult. I answered by both names most of my childhood. In fact, as confirmation for these EVP's was the continuing muffled words in the background, and one of them was his nickname as a kid, "Carlitos."

It is funny and annoying when I introduced myself the following day that the spirit world would not acknowledge me by my name, but "they" call me "Linda." I never challenged nor provoked any spirit since I know better than that; I am very spiritual and quite advanced overall. The problem is, I believe I opened a portal (I don't "sense it",) and I don't know how could I ever have done that.

Please read part 2.

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SallyH (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-27)
Interesting story. I can't imagine what kind of forces would cause the radio to behave like that.

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