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The Staircase


My aunt lives in an old Victorian house with one of those huge staircases with an enormous landing and 3 huge full length windows surrounding the landing. She would babysit me and my sisters for my parents when they went to work so we were often over there.

One day when I was about 13 we were sitting in her living room watching Law and Order, doing arts and crafts when I noticed a figure in a blue dress standing on the landing looking out the middle window. I looked at my aunt and realized she was looking at the figure also. I looked at my sisters, and since they are younger than me and they get scared easily I decided not to alert them.

I remember nonchalantly getting up from the table and starting to walk up the staircase, I remember looking back at my aunt and she nodded at me like she was encouraging me to keep going. The figure had not turned around or moved at all and me as I got closer I remember this feeling of depression and loneliness.

She had a baby blue dress on and it looked to be from the 1800's her hair was dark brown and was half up and curled. When she turned around her eyes were also dark brown but she had this sad look on her face, what she did next to this day creeps me out and gives me the chills, she tilted her head and gave me a half smile and vanished. I ran down the stairs and told my aunt what she did and my aunt suggested we go to the library and do research. While she took my sisters to the children's section I got on line and researched her house. After about 1 ½ hours of looking through old newspapers and different websites I found her.

Her husband was a wealthy man who would often have to take trips for work. In one of the old local newspapers was an article about her it said something about how she would often spend time sitting looking out of the window waiting for her husband to return. Apparently after he left for a trip he never returned, they never found his body and he was never heard from again. The woman that I saw, hung herself from the chandelier that was in the entry way.

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