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I don't have anything amazing like in the ghost shows I've watched but I do have some experiences I have had with the house I lived in about 3 years ago.

When I first moved into the house I never felt anything strange with it. I just thought it's a beautiful house with large space and a big backyard. However I do remember some weird situations.

As a teenager attending high school there were times I would take naps for a few hours. The amount of time I would use was about 2 hours a nap. I would lock the door and the light would be off because I would nap during the day. Why would I keep the light on with the daylight coming in through the window? Anyway I would wake up and its night time and the light in my room would be on. I would be upset because I was thinking who came in my room while I was sleeping. I didn't like the idea of someone around me while I'm sleeping especially in my room with the door closed. It could've been my dad or my sister but when I would check the door it was still locked.

There could've been a simpler reason for that like I know when I was a really young child I would sleepwalk and end up in another room when I wake up. I could've flipped the switch while sleepwalking and went back to the bed. However because of the other experiences in that house I think I can be sure it wasn't me that switched the light on.

Going back to the idea that I took naps, some nights I'd be lying down and I just got the feeling that something was looking my direction. I would see a black shadow on the wall that seemed to dash off when I looked in its direction. At the time I would just think maybe I'm crazy and there's nothing there. But my cousin spending the night tells me I'm not crazy.

I'll introduce a little background on my cousin. She came from the Philippines and she says she has a "third eye" not a literal third eye but an expression which over here is called a 6th sense because of the movie. In the Philippines she says she saw an old woman whom she didn't know and then later on she saw a picture of our great grandmother and it looked just like the old woman. The problem with that was I think that our great grandmother was dead before me and her were even born.

She says she doesn't like to be able to see things like that and I don't blame her.

In connection to the story of my house she spent the night because my mom let her and her sisters stay the night because I think they were planning to go maybe to DC to look around. She says she saw something on the wall of the basement floating and it looked like a black shadow. I then knew I wasn't crazy. Either that or me and her are both crazy but then there's more weird situations that told me I'm not seeing stuff that's not there.

I was alone in the basement on our computer when I heard foot steps behind me. There were other times I heard footsteps behind me and my sister would scare me or my dad would say something to me but that one night was different.

I heard the footsteps that were slow footsteps like someone walking. I then got the feeling something looked at me and gave me an angry look. However I looked behind me at the time and there's no one there; no sister nor dad.

My friend says he had a weird experience too when he got off the computer. He went up the steps and suddenly goose bumps in the back of his neck area. He ran up and came to my room and says he saw the light on under the door but I told him later I never turned on the light. I was napping that time too and the door was locked that time also but when I woke up that night the light was off. It's a little strange that he tells me the light was on and I wake up and it was off the very same night with the door locked.

Last situation in that house I want to share is when my family moved out of that house. My parents were trying to sell the house (they actually didn't believe in the ghosts its just they found another house they were interested in but me and my sister do believe that there were ghosts.)

The house was empty because all the furniture was removed. We still had a few things left in the house like a desk and TV. My sister liked to sing but not in front of others. We had a karaoke system set up in front of the TV and she says she was practicing singing. She was in the upstairs part and she says she heard knocking in the basement. She says she thought it was me and she went into the basement to look around but no one else was in the house. She never told me that story until I told her I thought maybe the house was haunted.

I didn't know too much of what went on there because I only lived in that house for a few years; about my whole high school career and about 2 years of college but I also knew someone in the same neighborhood that said she lived there for about 30 years. If I'm not mistaken she talked about a murder that happened in the neighborhood. I never got the chance to ask her the details because she was not only my neighbor but also my boss and she was strict at work so I couldn't really ask a lot of questions. I wonder now if the murder happened at my house.

Anyway I'm not looking for fame or attention just to write my story and maybe see if someone can tell me what they think or tell me they had a similar experience. I know my situation isn't as scary as other people's and I think I'm grateful for that.

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