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Last Experience Has Gotten Me Traumatized


When my grandpa stayed with me and my family for the last few weeks of his life, he would sleep on the floor by my side. I, my grandma and my sister shared a little full size bed so there wasn't anymore room for him. He was ok with an air bed on the floor so he never complained. I slept by the edge so of course, he would be down next to me.

This incident happened 2 years after he had passed away. One night, for some reason, I went to bed early. My grandma and sister were still up watching TV. In the living room. I dozed off for what seems like a few minutes only and when I woke up, my blanket was off of me and half of it fell over the side of the bed. I felt cold so I grabbed my blanket and tried to pull it over me. As I pulled, I felt like something was holding onto it. It felt like it was stuck on something. I didn't think of anything paranormal at the time. I pulled on it for a bit and then got mad and sat up to look down the side of the bed. Nothing. After I did that, I pulled on the blanket and it came up like it was never stuck. I was really tired so I just went back to sleep.

I didn't think of anything at the time but later, I realize maybe my grandpa was playing with me and had pulled on the blanket and held onto it. When he was alive, that was the spot he would be sleeping at. Now, I do get scare thinking about it but at the time I wasn't.

To this day, when I sleep, I refuse to let my blanket fall off the side of the bed. It's been more than 10 years and every night, I'll wake up a few times to make sure my blanket is still fully on my bed. That incident really traumatized me and I don't even live in that house anymore.

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lostsoul (10 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-09)
its nice how ghost can be thankful and really kind with feeling❤ ❤ 😁
Worried_Brit_Chick (6 stories) (108 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-18)
Hey, I'm sure your grandpa didn't mean to scare you, maybe he was just letting you know he was watching over you, and didn't realise it would freak you out? If anything like that happens again and you think it's him, maybe just say something along the lines of "I'm really glad you came to see me grandpa, but please don't play tricks on me" I'm sure he'd understand 😊
Rashidah (guest)
13 years ago (2010-11-17)
This was a cute account. If it was your grandpa then he still have a good sense of humour 😉

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