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Crash, Bang, Wardrobe


My first 'encounter' with ghosts was when I was about 4yrs old. I've been told little children have great imaginations, but what makes this different you'll see as you read on!

It was a typical suburban housing estate we lived in at the time, nothing special so we thought. It started with little things at first, things you could explain away or scoff at. Losing keys, doors open when you knew that you closed it, not being able to heat a particular room etc. I remember every morning I'd wake up feeling tired and angry because my favourite teddy had gone missing or my clothes that my mother left on the chair for me had been put up on the wardrobe out of reach! Months of unexplained 'the fairies did it' mishaps led to more intense and sinister happenings. I remember one particular week of hell that ended up with us moving out for good. It was during the severe snow we had and all roads closed, helicopters dropping off food and the snow had covered the front door nearly to the top so that my Dad had to get out the sitting-room window and dig us out. But this particular morning was scary for me because I was trapped in my room. I woke up sleepy as usual, my teddy gone again but when I turned on my little lamp beside the bed I realised I had a bigger problem... The wardrobe had been pulled from one wall to in front of the door.

Now this wardrobe was not the plywood wonders you get now, it was a mahogany 2 door thing that took my dad and my uncle an hour to get up the stairs! I'm 4yrs old, how do you explain that? So I managed to climb up on the bed and use a shoe to get my dads attention. He came upstairs and tried pushing it with the door but it wouldn't budge so eventually had to get a ladder and get in through the window. I went to school, forgot about it but then during the night I woke up screaming because my bed was moving around the room (divan bed on wheels) the wardrobe doors banging and in the corner of the room I saw 3 men crouched down playing cards. They were bald and had chains on their ankles. They just looked at me when I first started screaming but then turned their attention back to their game. My Mam & Dad grabbed me and we drove to my aunties which, thankfully, wasn't too far through a blizzard.

We went back next day to pack up clothes so we could stay away for awhile. My Mam let out a few profanities as we went in. Every door in the house had a hole through it. Kitchen knives stuck in photos, scissors on pillows, furniture toppled over and then when my Mam went to re-hang a curtain in the sitting-room she called my dad to have a look. There's a man collapsed on the ground across the street. My Dad ran out and he was gone, but my Mam kept banging the window telling him he was a blind eejit and he's over there! But nobody was there.

Needless to say we packed up and moved out. We later heard reports of neighbours being attacked in their gardens, unexplained fires and not one person could keep a pet as they would all freak out or run away. Out of curiosity my Dad told me a few years later that he went to the Council offices and looked up the planning for the area. Turned out that half of the estate had been built on an old graveyard that had no headstones and had been abandoned for so long that it was just cleared and built on. Such a Horror Movie cliche I know, but when it happens to you for real you just have to believe there's something out there. I do believe in ghosts/spirits/demons and I do believe that they don't do anything until provoked.

I've since experienced many other things, from just noises to people in photos that shouldn't be there, to just 'feeling' something there with me. It scares me half the time and I'd love to be able to logically explain it or be able to communicate with whatever it is just to know I'm not going insane! (my doctor says I'm not) I just hope he's right!

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cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-18)
Wow I would have been scared out of my feety pajamas if that happened to me. 😨 So there were bodies burried on the land with no grave markers, well that would explain the activity. That is so creepy how your mom saw the guy from the window and your Dad didn't. Thank goodness you all got away from there.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-18)
Crazy people don't think they could possibly be crazy. If you were crazy, the thought would have never entered your mind. 😁
That has to be one of the freakiest stories I've read in quite a while. Glad your family was able to move away and put it in the past. ❤
Worried_Brit_Chick (6 stories) (108 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-18)
Hey, great title, it made me giggle! I really enjoyed reading your story. My boyfriend is from Ireland and his mum is always telling me about spooky things that go on over there. Hope you don't get too creeped out by the ghostly goings on xxxxx
butthead (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-18)
you are not insane.
I believe you are right, children are common to have 'experiences' with seeing and hearing things more reguarely, partly (I think) because of the energy they posess as a child, and in a way I can't describe perhaps also because of the innocence they hold which projects an open mind.

I wonder if some of the things you saw (people playing cards in chains and the man who collapsed outside the window) could be residual hauntings in some way, but I think for sure something or someone in particular grew fond of attracting your attention and took it a lil too far with the wadrobe and stuff. Saying that... I guess if those who were playing cards had indeed been a residual haunt, I'd assume they wouldn't be able to react to to you by watching you as you scream.

Just a very active place to live for obvious reasons, I guess... And not my first choice for when I relocate!:)

Thanks for sharing...

Marg (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-17)
I believe you are telling the truth and you are not insane. I have read stories about homes,apt.buildings,highways and etc being built over.There's a place in Flordia called the'dead zone'and many strange accidents happened there on this highway and still does. 😊

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