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The Strange Crash In The Kitchen


My friend recently moved into the attic of a home in suburban Rhode Island, not far away from Providence. The home is that same Folk Victorian style you see all throughout the northeastern United States. The home consists of of three levels: the ground level, the second floor, and the third floor/attic space, all of which are converted into units designed for one family in each. My friend lives in the top level of the home.

My friend is very spiritually attuned, as am I, and prior to moving into the house, she had sent me photos of it right after signing the lease to see if I got any inkling of spiritual energy in the photos. Neither of us did. The home was built in 1900 so it makes sense for there to be residual energy, but it was not readily perceptible. Unlike the other homes I have written about in my other stories, there was no feeling of being watched, no feeling of heaviness and no oppressive feeling. So the little things we began to notice surprised us.

For context of the layout of the unit in which she lived: The door to outside was in the kitchen, which led to wooden stairs that ran along the side of the house outside to the ground level. Off the kitchen was a small hallway with three rooms attached: my friend's room, her kids' room, and the bathroom, and a door that led to the stairs to the second floor of the house. This was the entirety of her level of the home, it was tiny and standing in the hallway you could see into every single room in the house.

The first time I visited the home, we were in her room watching television around 10:00 at night, and suddenly we both heard a crashing sound from the kitchen. It sounded like a ceramic plate had fallen and hit the floor and shattered. Her dog and two cats were all in the room with us and they heard it too, as the dog began growling and the cats darted under the bed. We immediately ran into the kitchen, confused as to what had fallen, but nothing was out of place. We checked every cabinet, every corner of the kitchen to see if something had fallen but it had not. We were very confused, but nothing else happened so we put it out of our minds and went to bed.

One week later, she called me to tell me that she heard the same noise again, around the same time and that her daughters and the animals had heard it, too. Just as before, there was no sign of anything out of place or broken in the kitchen. She also told me that one time when she was home alone with her daughters, she was in the kitchen and saw movement down the hallway toward the bathroom, and she assumed it was her daughter but a few minutes later, both daughters came into the kitchen from the opposite direction. There was no one in the bathroom when she checked. On my next visit to the house we tried as best we could to recreate the sound in the kitchen to determine what it was, but we were unable. Nothing we could clank together or drop would recreate the sound we heard.

One of her daughters said that she saw items levitating in the kitchen. One of her art projects was sitting on the microwave, it was a clay figurine she made in school. She saw it levitate, the head get torn off, and then both fall to the ground all mid-air. Not long after, items began to turn up in unexpected places. Keys would go missing, wallets, clothing items, all to turn up hours later in the most random of places.

After a while my friend stated that she would get home and just feel drained of energy, like she needed to sleep for hours and like the energy was sucked right out of her. She became so concerned by it that she set up an appointment with her doctor to see if there is a medical cause, but I have felt this, too, in the house. The noise has not been heard since, but my friend says that her youngest daughter is petrified of one of the closets in her room and says something "evil" lives in there. She also is refusing to sleep in her own room. Everyone is perplexed by these occurrences.

The house is across the street from a cemetery. I am wondering if that could be the cause.

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Linjahaha (24 stories) (142 posts)
8 months ago (2023-10-15)
Dear V-Peach, I do agree with you that if someone is a nasty person in life that they are likely to remain that way in the after-life, also.
The landlord could not keep that house rented for very long after 'we' moved out. No one would stay beyond a few months. He ended up selling it to-get this-a Minister. The Minister put nice new siding on the house, initiated repairs, & extended onto it. He, then, moved into the upstairs portion (the one we lived in, & fled.), turning it into his Rectory. The entire downstairs portion is a Church.
If you care to look it up, it's called Body of Christ Church. I don't usually reveal this because I don't want to cause him any undue publicity. Obviously, the religious influence has done something to initiate normalcy in the house. He's been there for over 20 years, or thereabouts. God Bless him! The house looks, pretty much, the same except it's not decrepit anymore, & he extended it beyond the driveway side. I give him credit.
I will not even 'drive' by that place to this day. That's the kind of effect it had on me all those years ago. Like I said earlier, it took my husband, mother-in-law, & I about a year to adjust to relative normalcy once we got out. Even our poor dog was jumpy for a while.
Thank you for re-reading my account, & for your insight!

All the very best to you! ❤ 😊
virulentpeach (12 stories) (40 posts)
8 months ago (2023-10-15)
[at] Linjahaha: I am actually in my friend's house right now, the one this story is about. Ever since we performed the purification ritual with white sage and she asked her daughters to return all items from their father's house back, the energy has subsided. There are no more strange noises, teleporting items etc. But I do still feel a presence. I believe there is something here but it is not harmful.

I have read your story and we have actually spoken about it before - I'm fascinated by your story. I actually looked up photos of the house and found what I believe to be it and it looks very similar to many of the Victorian style houses here including ones in my family which also have a lot of energy. My thought in your story is that there was a spirit who was in that home who was an unhappy person in their life, and they feed off the energy from the electrical generator and the people in the home. I would bet anything when that person was alive, they were a shut-in with zero connection to their neighbors or community, and was probably disliked by the majority of the town. People do not change after death!
Linjahaha (24 stories) (142 posts)
8 months ago (2023-10-12)
Hi, VirulentPeach: Your story vaguely reminds me of a seriously haunted house my husband, mother-in-law, & I lived in. I posted it on here-House on Erie Road, Willoughby, Ohio. You'll notice 'some' similarities if you read it.
Things moving/disappearing into thin air are what they call apports.
Things physically evaporating, & reappearing in completely different places. Sometimes in the most ridiculous places.
The house we lived in was well over 100 years old, & about 80 yards behind the house in a wooded area was an electric sub-station that we were sure was supplying additional energy to whatever it was in that house.
Also, 'we' always felt drained in the house. Once we would leave it to go to work/stores we felt completely different, & our energy levels felt restored. I, also, agree with Lost Voyage that the cemetery may have 'something' to do with it. Kind of like, wandering spirits passing through, & sticking around for a while. They could be attracted to the energy of the teenagers also.
If you do learn anything about that place, please let 'us' know. We'd be interested in hearing about it!

All the Best!
😜 😊
Rajine (14 stories) (813 posts)
9 months ago (2023-10-05)
I often wonder what Is it with spirits and attics, since you mentioned the cemetery across from you, I'd say it is a cause for concern.
virulentpeach (12 stories) (40 posts)
9 months ago (2023-10-02)
[at] lady-glow: Yes It is the same friend! The older woman was transferred to a care facility and my friend moved out.

My friend never mentioned until recently that her daughters were so spiritually attuned because she worried that if she talked about it, it would make it worse (meaning that stronger entities would begin latching themselves to the girls). It is almost like talking about these occurrences makes them worse!

Nothing came from the previous house. As far as the sound, it sounded distinctly from within the kitchen, as if it happened the next room over, I cannot imagine it would have sounded so loud and jarring if it was from the downstairs. Even if we heard it through the ventilation.

No word of occurrences in the other units. The grandmother who gave the items is the daughters' paternal side. Her house is not haunted to the best of my knowledge, but the family has very weird energy.

I did not sense any energy in the closet at all, honestly. I did check it out as did my friend. Neither of us got any vibes at all. It just felt like a closet. I have experienced creepy closets in the home I rented in college, but not this one. My friend has done a protection spell and energy clearing on the home and believes it is getting better.

[at] The_Lost_Voyage_11: It sounds like the house in your family had a similar air to my family's house... Not this oppressive heaviness and dark energy, but an overall oddness and at times mystery or creepiness about it, Would you say you agree? I think I have a vision of what it looked like by the way, I re-read your story and am pretty sure I could draw it out. I'd love to have been able to see what the house looked like too.

As for your questions, the landlord said no one before had ever said any such thing about energy or spirits. The items brought in from outside were from her paternal side of the family. They were brought in not long after my friend moved in and they were given as gifts by the grandmother. As such it is difficult to disentangle whether the energy in the house is connected to the items or the home but my friend believes that all of the energy is connected to the younger daughter. I wonder if the energy is in fact connected to my friend or one of her kids, because one of the kids always seems to be seeing spirits and entities, and has since she was very young.

I did tell her to send the items back with the girls and she said that she did an energy clearing yesterday and she believes that the atmosphere has changed in the home, for the better. I hope it lasts.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
9 months ago (2023-10-02)
Hello virulentpeach, I appreciate that you read my story and the irony wasn't lost on me regarding the intriguing similarities between (especially) the house you stayed in during your college years and the house I wrote about on North Street. In hindsight I wish I could have provided a drawing of the house prior to the changes, as it was an interesting layout, I can see it in my mind but trying to describe it is another thing entirely. Always amazing how rehabbing a place can really stir things up!

Thank you for providing answers to my questions as well as the additional info on the items that have come into their possession. A dormant force, residual energy, possibly something attached to the antiques and a cemetery across the road, plus throw in a group of sensitives and a really old house and you have a recipe for some sort of supernatural occurrence. You are probably right, it's all interconnected!

Were these items that were brought into the house there from the beginning or brought in later? Research into the house's past as well as the immediate area will help and I would still strongly advise some sort of clearing/cleansing. Disturbing noises with no apparent cause and flitting shadows are one thing, but when people are afraid of rooms and someone's health is at stake (your friend's energy being drained) that's something else entirely and needs to be directly addressed. You friend could try to store the items in question or leave them with someone else for a short time to see if there is a connection at all. Being psychically sensitive may have awakened the energy/entities in the area, and though I'm not sure of the explanation as to the appearance of the boy as relayed to them by their neighbors, the house seems to be a hot spot of activity.

I'd be curious as to if there are peak times for these occurrences and also has your friend heard of any stories from previous tenants of her apartment (maybe shared with her from other tenants who have been there a while)? Has she asked the landlord?

Sorry for the questions, but there is something tickling the back of my mind about this haunting, something I can't quite get to, the questions sometimes help me articulate what I'm picking up on. In any regards, I enjoy the stories you share!
lady-glow (16 stories) (3160 posts)
9 months ago (2023-10-02)
Hi VP.

Are you talking about the friend from one of your previous stories?


Sorry, but I have to ask in order to avoid making the wrong assumptions.

Anyway, if you're talking about the same family, in your previous story there's no mention of the girls being "psychic and attract spiritual energy", though the fact that they are young makes them more receptive to the paranormal world.
Also, if it's the same family, did they bring along anything from the previous house?

Something that, in my opinion, would be important to research, is if the crashing noise wasn't coming from the downstairs apartment, after all this is an old house and it's possible that the walls are not sound proof. As for the reaction of the animals, I wouldn't consider it conclusive, they would have reacted the same way regardless if the noise was caused by a mundane event or by something else. Or perhaps, had it being made by a paranormal/negative energy, they would have behaved a little different prior to hearing the noise.

Are you aware if there's any unexplained activity in the other units?

"One of her daughters brought home antiques from her grandmother's house which may have invited the energy... Old toys, a toy box, and some old ceramic plates may have something to do with it."

Just because the stuff is old doesn't necessarily mean that it has to have negative energy attached to it.
Is this grandmother your friend's mother? If so, what do you know about her house? Has your friend ever mentioned her mother's house being haunted?

From my point of view, I wouldn't discard the possibility of something coming from the cemetery, perhaps a lost spirit that doesn't know where to go next. But I'm not sure if it was there before your friend and her children moved in or if it came after.

Something that you hadn't mention is what kind of vibes your friend feels coming from her daughter's closet. Have you checked it too?
After all, you both are "very spiritually attuned" and, I imagine, would be able to sense the energy "living" in there.

Has your friend done something to protect herself and her children from whatever is there?
If not, I hope she will do it soon.

Thanks for sharing.
virulentpeach (12 stories) (40 posts)
9 months ago (2023-10-01)
[at] The_Lost_Voyage_11: I wanted to start by saying I just read one of your stories today, the House on North St. And was trying so hard to envision the layout based on your description... It sounds a lot like a home in my family and like the home I rented when in university, both of which I have written about. Fascinating!

As for my friend, where she lives has been continuously rented, but my friend and her daughters seem to be psychic and attract spiritual energy. One of her daughters brought home antiques from her grandmother's house which may have invited the energy because my friend said she did not feel it when she first moved in. Old toys, a toy box, and some old ceramic plates may have something to do with it.

My friend also indicated that she has seen the spirit of a boy in the home recently, who appears to be of Native American descent. Her downstairs neighbors are from Guatemala and the spirit of the boy she saw resembles one of their sons. So it could all be interconnected.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
9 months ago (2023-10-01)
Hello virulentpeach, another fascinating and perplexing encounter! Thanks for sharing!

Was your friend the first to live in this apartment after the house was converted into units? How long had her apartment been vacant prior to her moving in?

My feeling is that the energy/entity in this home or at least her apartment had been dormant before she moved in. That's why neither of you picked up on it. Just as ghosts typically pull energy from people and the environment in order to manifest, when the energy became active again it took a little time to draw enough energy to begin manifesting into shadows and be able to move objects. Now it's gotten strong enough to be able to draw energy directly from her, which is now a physical health concern. I'm curious as to how old her daughters are, because if they around the teen years, that's another source of energy it can draw from and since kids can replenish their energy much more quickly, it isn't as apparent.

I believe the crash heard in the kitchen was residual and may provide a clue as to what happened in the past there that contributes to the haunting. If she hasn't, she should research the history of the place. The cemetery may play into it, but I think something else is at work here. It would be in her best interests to have the place cleared/cleansed in any way she can of this entity/energy or she may end up having to move.

Hopefully that helps, I hope she's able to resolve this situation quickly! Please keep us posted!

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