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Ghostly Voices And A Crash Or Was It A Warning Of The Future


My town is not that old at all. Roughly 1800-1890s establish, (European settlers), Before them were the Maori people living in the town. (Which was a swamp/island area surrounded by rivers. So this encounter took place sometime in the year 2008 around June/July.

Me and my mate were hanging out and just walking around. He lives 4km from the town center in a smaller settlement village by the beach. We choose to go for a walk down the 1 road which is 4km long. There are other streets that go off that stretch of road by they just farm roads for the farms around there. As we were walking we decided to record stuff on our phones to see what could come up. Stuff like talking trying to get a response and all.

Each time we did it in the past we got a few voices but sooner put it as feedback from the power-lines picking up telephone cable conversations. (This street of my town hasn't got under ground cables for power). So we just brushed it off. Few days later we did it at diff location where the power cables stop. We got few old fashioned voices (sayings that would been used) From 1920-1930 timeline. We were surprised to get this on our phones but when we replayed they were gone which made us freaked out.

At another week we went along the same path again. This time I was recording the voice recorder for the short distance and after 5 minutes later changed to the video recorder. I started recording the video once we left the last power line pole. So after that we continue walking and after I went pass the one corner I stopped recording and then listed and watched the video to see what came up. Up until the point of where we stopped there was nothing. But at that exact corner all you can hear is a motorbike crashing and then a big bang of hitting the wooden barrier arm on the road. This freaked us out as their was no cars or anything that went passed us.

About two days later in that exact location of where the sound of the crash happened there was a real crash and me and my mate walked pass it freaking out saying no couldn't be that can't of been a future crash coming into the past. We were both shocked for few weeks.

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sheld999 (14 stories) (74 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-07)
Hi all. Sorry for late reply.

Miracles51031 could be possible.

Valkricry yeah i'll dig into it. Not sure if the info will be for public tho. But ill still check.

Zzsgranny. Nearby. To the left is farm land (no buildings until about 2km. Eg barn and farm house) to right a paddock and a stopbank for river and a sewer pound. So not sure on that one. But there is a old motel that's now few flats.

Biblio no worries
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-06)
Greetings, Sheld.

I should apologize first for taking some time to get back to you on this narrative, but I've been trying to find the information to confirm my memory of the data in the next paragraph. Waaaay back in the late 1800s, Nikola Tesla (possibly the world's greatest inventor, with Leonardo da Vinci as chief competitor) speculated that the Earth's ionosphere existed because he was able to bounce radio signals off of it. He never tried to prove it mathematically because he didn't care **why** it worked; all he wanted to do was to bounce radio signals off of it. (Lengthy sidenote: Tesla had invented the radio before Marconi did; in fact, Marconi's first patent application was denied because it infringed on Tesla's work. The second application still looks damn close to Tesla's patent, but Tesla liked to relax by reading about what Marconi was discovering, so he never sued him over the patent violation.)

Anyway, each signal that is bounced off of the ionosphere has a specific wavelength. In nautical vessels, the signal is sent with a prefix code on a specific frequency, so the radio operator didn't need to decode everything that was sent, just the messages for his ship and/or general warnings to all ships about bad weather or icebergs. I read a neat story (I *think* it was in a "Ripley's Believe it or Not" book of odd facts) about the QE2 (Queen Elizabeth the Second) receiving a very staticky transmission with the correct prefix code & wavelength containing an ominous warning... Only to discover as the end of the message that the date indicated it had been sent DECADES earlier, when the same prefix code *AND* the same frequency were assigned to the QM (Queen Mary). The signal, for whatever reason, had apparently just been bouncing around in the Earth's atmosphere waiting to be intercepted. I have NO CLUE why this would be so, but it was attested to by several crewmen at the time.

Here's my point: interception of transmissions my or may not constitute evidence of the paranormal (see, I was going somewhere with this!). Now, a "Spirit Box" which hops over hundreds of frequencies per second may capture specific voices which could not possibly be from a single broadcast, unless the broadcaster was transmitting the information over hundreds of different channels simultaneously, or was broadcasting on exactly the same range of channels at the same speed at the Spirit Box. There is no way to determine how far away -in space or in time- the accident you heard took place. While it is *theoretically* possible for you to have recorded a future event, it is equally possible you picked up a broadcast of an accident on a television show, or a distant accident which coincided with your recording, or --as Miracles and Val have suggested-- a past event which may be repeated under unfortunate circumstances.

In any event, you have recorded something remarkable, no matter which explanation is accurate!

Thanks for opening a fascinating topic for us to consider.

DirtCreature (guest)
7 years ago (2017-03-04)
Kiki I think we need to clarify that there are no paranormal "experts". This isn't a science like botany or geology. Yes people here have experiences that they can use to help others in similar situations but no one is an expert in regards to the paranormal. The equipment that is used for ghost hunting is misused generally as well. I watched a guy who ghost "hunts" and he was demonstrating how some of those devices will end up picking up radio waves and will start beeping but it doesn't mean anything. There is no reason a phone or other recording device wouldn't be able to pick up voices and encounters. They definitely can and do.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-03-04)
KikiGirl: I find your assessment of the ability to capture "real" EVP's rather naive. I, as well as many others here, have captured quite a few in my own home and other places that aren't necessarily considered paranormal hot spots. And as far as I know most of us wouldn't actually call ourselves paranormal investigators. You don't need expensive equipment, a good digital recorder would suffice. Cell phones have come a long way in recent years and the quality of voice recordings and videos can rival that of equipment worth hundreds of dollars. Although Google is our friend most of the time, experience is what I depend on.

Sheld: This is pretty interesting and like Miracles, I've never heard of a premonition being recorded prior to the event. Is it possible that your phone picked up sound from a distance?

When it comes to EVP, we have to consider what is going on all around us at the time. Something that we wouldn't hear the recorder could pick up such as a cat's meow or a bird's wings. Just something to think about next time you go out.
valkricry (49 stories) (3269 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-03-04)
Sheld, maybe you should research that piece of road to determine whether many accidents happen there, especially those involving a motorbike.
Like Miracles, I've never had or even heard of a premonition recorded or tape before. Not like the one you describe at least.
According to the Ghost Research Society (international but based in Oak Lawn, Illinois) "An analog tape recorder or digital voice recorder is the most common device for obtaining EVP. However, voices and/or sounds have been known to appear on answering machines, radios and cell phones from time to time." So I see no reason why the sound could not be picked up on a video recorder.
KikiGirl (8 stories) (207 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-04)
sheld999, I am adding this crazy experience to my favorites, so, thank-you for sharing it.

The likelihood of capturing EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena from the word go, from the start is unlikely. I am no expert, but, EVP is usually investigated, recorded and published by Ghost Hunter experts, Paranormal Investigators and Psychics which have much experience in sourcing invaluable paranormal encounters, locating houses, buildings and other locations which are known for, or, currently being considered as paranormal "hotspots" and thereafter, visiting the location with several specialists and some expensive instruments and recording devices to intensively and scruitinisly investigate it, capturing a variety of paranormal activity, historically. But, in a single visit to a location, even, with everyone working to source an authentic hotspot, it is scarce and infrequent that they manage to capture an authentic haunting or EVP. So, if you say that you were able to capture EVP on a cellphone (which is not considered as "ideal" for recording EVP), it seems unlikely that is could have been authentic EVP recording/s.

However, I also have a different point to consider?...

"Precognition or premonition - The ability to perceive future events."
"Technopathy - The ability to undergo a direct communication pathway between an enhanced or wired brain and an external device."
"Electrokinesis - The ability to generate and control lightning and electricity."

Perhaps, you or your friend had precognitive - ability to predict future events, or, postdiction/post-cognitive - ability of hindsight to events and the causes, and was able to somehow, "imprint" what he thinks/feels onto the recorder. Thoughtography is the ability to "burn" ones mental images onto certain surfaces such as photographic film. In simple terms, one of you is a psychic medium with a very unique set of abilities. Perhaps, also able to transfer images, thoughts/feelings into words (and, maybe other medium-types too) onto recordings?
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-03-02)
Sheld - I've never had a premonition recorded on tape or video before. Mine are usually given to me in dreams. I can't say I think this was a coincidence because I don't. What I am wondering, though, is if this could have been a recording of an accident that had happened in the past rather than the one that happened a couple of days later.

I believe anything is possible.

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