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My Twin Called Me


Hi, this is my fifth story. I have a twin sister, Teresa, and we both work at the same job. We will be turning 19 on January 31st. Anyway, this past Saturday (NOV.13) we worked from 10am-3pm (five hours).

Teresa was the outside cashier and I was inside taking orders. I was getting a refill for a customer when I heard Teresa call me. Her voice sounded like it came from a distance (from afar) but, at the same time, it sounded like it was right in my ear. Weird. I turned around to see what she wanted but she wasn't there. I have heard voices before. I knew in was my twin and I thought she was in trouble outside so I said a quick prayer for her and went by to work. When we clocked out I told her what happened. I asked her if she ever came inside and she said "no." She told me, however, that around 1:40pm she started not feeling good. Strange, maybe it was a twin thing.

This next story happened when my Mom was a teenager. My Grandma (my Mom's mom) was mistreated by her Dad growing up. When He died, strange things began to happen. One night Grandma had a dream that she saw him standing at the top of the stairs. He looked upset and asked her for Masses to be said for him. My Grandma ignored it, thinking that she was just dreaming. What was weird was that it happened for three straight nights. My Mom said that the next morning she could smell the tobacco from his cigar. Grandma did have Masses said for him and he never came back.

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Loganz_sis (1 stories) (150 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-17)
The famous twin thing!:) I totally get that, I and my sis are identical twins too.

I am sure your parayer made her feel a little better, so nice to see that you guys are close.

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