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Voices, And A Bang


It was a Thursday December Evening, Its summer a cool night not too hot or too cold. It wasn't too late into the night when this encounter well not really a encounter but the incident that happened. I'll will try to write it with the correct way of trying to explain what happen as its still fresh into my memory. Now when this happened it was a clear night with no winds or rain, so it was calm.

I was sitting on the couch watching TV and playing the Nintendo 3ds, while having a fest of chips. Now the lounge I was sitting in is situated at the back of the property... Well not as in the house is at the back I'm saying the room is at the back of the house, So when you walk up the driveway to the door you're basically walked half the house already.

The lounge is connected to the kitchen with another door to the outside (backyard,Pool,Sleep-out and Garage. With a further back yard then the neighbors fence.) Now the far far backyard is overgrown in grass and weeds so intense you can't even walk in it. Yes I know its a fire hazard lol.

I was sitting on the couch minding my own business when I heard a bang outside around the pool which is fenced off. Beside the pool is a few garage doors we have for a project and at the time you had to walk on it to get to the back section of the property which makes a loud bang when being walked on.

When this happened I looked out the windows which we don't close the curtains on during the summer as it gets too hot at nights sometimes and also none of the neighbors can look into the windows as they have high shrubs and trees blocking views. When I was looking out I heard nothing so I went back to watching TV. Few minutes later I hear it again so I went towards the door and window and look out again and still nothing. So I said to myself I should turn on the light to the outside and see if anything moves.

As I move to get to the light switch I heard a deep male voice say "Don't you dare think of doing that". When I heard that voice I went to the hallway closed both doors and acted like I never heard it and came back 10 minutes later and turned light on and saw nothing.

Now if this was a real person my Brothers dog would of been barking as he knows if someone approaches the house 20 meters before hand and gets all mad.

So I think I had a night time visitor.

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sheld999 (14 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-24)
AugustaM if it was an intruder it would had gone through 2 neighbors properties then go to back of their houses which the fench is by the beedrooms. Then climb a fence that's 6foot high. Then walk through waist deep prickles. Then climb over few garage car doors stacked up.

Whuch will make their dogs barked too.
When I heard it I flicked on few lights and saw nothing. I also grab a metal torch for self defence lol
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-23)
Hah! You were far calmer about the whole thing than I would have been! If I had heard a strange disembodied male voice threatening me inside my home in the dark of night, I would've been on the phone with the police right away! Are you certain that nothing more was going on? I mean it sounds as though this could've been a very human intruder...chilling!

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