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Crazy With Sleep Paralysis


I had a question to ask anyone experienced for a while, but couldn't find time about something that I have been experiencing for around three years.  I have had sleep paralysis at least two times a week and sometimes three to four times in one night.  Once, when I was sleeping over my friend's house I got sleep paralysis and heard a child's laughter followed by what felt like something tickling me.  Then, one time (this wasn't sleep paralysis) I had a dream about a mad lady that was very furious because of me and dreamt that she hit me with a sharp, long wooden stick, but strangely only hit my hands and I actually felt it.  When I woke up, I saw two parallel marks on my hand that couldn't have been made by my nails or anything sharp because it was sort of engraved in deep then disappeared after a few minutes later at the same spot the lady hit me.

I don't sleep in my room anymore because I'm afraid of sleep paralysis and bad dreams.  I sleep near my mother and didn't have nightmares or anything since.  Today, when I was alone, sleeping where I usually slept I had it again.  The sleep paralysis.  I felt as if something were watching me, but I can't tell between the real 'being watched' feeling and me being insane.  I have never seen shadows before or demonic entities, but I did once see a white floating 'thing' in my peripheral vision about four years ago at my current home.  

Am I just being paranoid? Or is this something that should be taken to an expert? Should I be concerned or scared about this situation? Comments are deeply appreciated.

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SamGibs1978 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2016-08-22)
I've been dealing with Sleep Paralysis for a few years now. Most recently, the bouts of SP have been accompanied with visions of an entity, I say visions because it's not as though I'm seeing it with my eyes, per say, almost as though in my mind. And, at first it was just "there", now it is physically interacting with me through touching and penetration. I've not really determined if this is just hallucinations, or if this presence is really there. It can be difficult to tell, confusing and frightening. I can relate to what is happening to you. The good thing? There seem to be many others that understand and can empathize with you. For me, that is very comforting. Though I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Good luck with your situation.
envolga (1 stories) (24 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-11)
that is a demon ^.^ will they ever leave people alone get the Roman Catholic priest... (not being rude being honest woman...)
BIGSHIV (6 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-30)
If anyone is reading this and has had similiar "Sleep Paralysis-like" experiences and wants some advice, counseling, or help. Email me at va_lova_4u [at] or wait until I make a post. I have had numerous experiences since childhood. Most of my encounters were much MORE intense the one described. If you are having these issues or know someone who is, remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There is HOPE and it CAN be STOPPED. I used to be a victim and now I am FREE from these "evil spirits" thanks to THE ALL MIGHTY GOD.
cloudlion (5 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-23)
alright, I have had this all of my life. The worst case I have had was a year ago. I dreamed I was in a small room. There was this man, it looked like he had been burned everywhere. I was frozen. He took out a buters knife, smiled and cut me. I woke up screaming my head off. And the EXACT place he cut me a thin red line was, and it was fever hot.
then I told my (ex) step mom about it. She just blew it off. I am*** religion and I often do rituals. I did one asking my spirit guides to protect me. And it worked,.
Prehaps I helped you and prehaps not. Anyway if you need help, my email is cloudlion [at]
Good luck
JarMan (guest)
11 years ago (2010-11-23)
Sleep paralysis is a very really phenomena, your brain goes through cycles and during it's deepest cycle you dream, during this time your body usually locks down to prevent you from hurting yourself.

Sometimes you can wake up while your brain is still in this cycle and still dreaming. This can be a very scary phenomena, as often times you are temporally paralyzed and your mind will even project dreams on to your real world environment, you can both hear and see things that are not there.

Unfortunately, science is still unsure on what exactly causes the sleep paralysis phenomena, it can happen once in your life or constantly.

On a side note, some people believe sleep paralysis is a "safety" trigger for your body when you are being threatened by a spirit will ill intent. Your body locks down and prevents you doing anything. When the spirit sees it cannot aggravate you, it moves along. I don't really believe this theory.
DirtyD (3 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-23)
I get the exact same thing you do. Sleep paralysis at least four times a night, two-three times a week. It gets so annoying seriously. I've gotten used to them, when I do get sleep paralysis I tend to ignore it. I wouldn't be scared anymore just act like it's nothing and sometimes it goes away. You should try it. 😳
Susie-P (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-22)
Hi Candycane, I have had Sleep Paralysis for along time it can be very scary, although there are explanations for it, I actually spoke to my Doctor about it as I have been not getting enough sleep, I said please don't think I'm crazy BUT, an I told her, she googled it LOL, anyway's she said it is common to feel like you are being touched seeing people who aren't there an also smelling different things, along with the famous an scary feeling as though you cannot breath an cannot move, no matter how hard you try, however my doctor wrote down the link so I could investigate, along with the scientific reason why sleep Paralysis happens, The other reasons are spirits, there is a folklore section you should read.
I joined this site today an saw your story an felt I had to help you as a suffer myself I can say try to get rest don't be afraid to sleep, as I was always putting sleep off, my episodes became worse when I was tired an over tired, the more sleep I have the less it happens, I can suggest trying to have a sleep during the day I hope this helps.

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