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A Family Guardian Passes


This story started... Well in early Dec 2007.

One of our three cats (Blue) had reached the old age of 13 years (plus a little bit. Her health was slowly declining and by the first week of December of 2007 she was near death. Now for some background on our cats...

Blue and Stormy had been born to a pair of alley cats that had mated in our yard, had kittens in the yard next door to ours and then began to be feed / received first series of shots from the lady whom lived two doors down from us. They were never apart in life and ended up being very good nanny / watch cats. They would take turns on watch during the night and if you stayed up you could watch the 'changing of the guard' and 'checking of all the beds'...and if a child was having a sleep over somewhere they would 'ask' (meow) at that child's door until it was explained to them what was going on. 4 years later we add a third cat (Spot...short for Spots Domino because she is a black cat with two white spots on her belly). Blue sees to her training and she joins the 'patrol'.

Now as I was saying... After my retirement (Nov 30th 2006) from the Navy we moved to Austin, TX and settled in. Blues health began to decline and by the First week in Dec 2007 she was being hand fed liquid / super soft foods. She still would use the litter box and tended to her watch post at the front door. I would get up in the mornings to get the kids ready for school and check on her, she would meow at me and sleep knowing that she had been relieved by me.

One morning I went to check on her, as I reached for her she gave a very loud, strong 'Meow!' and I said to her, "Well your feeling goo..." as I touched her I realized that she had passed during the night for she was cold and stiff to the touch. I am confident that she 'remained on watch' until I relieved her and that she said good bye to me.

Flash forward to the evening of 19 Nov 10, Stormy, Blues sister (Now 16 years 1.5 months old,) is showing Grey hair and is moving slowly and stiffly around the house. I'm in my bedroom and I hear from the hallway and loud 'MEOW', this did not sound like either Stormy or Spot, but like Blue (Stormy's sister that had passed nearly 3 years before)...I then heard Stormy meow as if in answer to her sister, then she meowed 3 more times, one sounded like she faced my closed bedroom door, and then one for each for the other two bedrooms... I call out to our oldest child and he tells me that Stormy is just acting weird in the hallway. He tells me later that Stormy exited the hallway and climbed into our pet travel carrier as if she expected to go on a trip... An hour later she was...gone... I 'know' her sister came for her and that she made one final 'patrol' and that they have moved on to a better place, together as they always had been in life.



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Alondraisscared (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-10)
That was so touching 😢 (crying happily) reminds me of all of my childhood pets Share Gif:
Mac_Barbie93 (6 stories) (42 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-18)
This made me tear up. I lost my 16-17 year old snaggle puss to anemia and crf. I have another cat, fifi who's around the same age. They grew up together and shared 16 years together, and also an amazing bond.
Snaggle's condition was deteriorating day by day and she wasn't responding to treatment. A few days after she passed, fifi would constantly stare at places where she would sit in and he would meow for an hour or so. He was like this even when she was ailing. A few times I saw her run around, from the corner of my eye, Like she used to when she was hale and hearty.
She breathed her last after my mom told her that we all love her and she could go to sleep. She was in a comatose state the whole day. Fifi I think has accepted the fact that she isn't cominv back. He's back to his previous bubbly self. We still miss her immensely but Atleast she isn't suffering anymore. She's visited in my dreams once or twice, and she looked happy and healthy like she used to be before. I like to believe they'll always be there for us, even after they pass and the love we shower on them, when they're alive keeps them here, even after they pass. My dad has gotten another cat, Alex. So that fifi doesn't get lonely, but nothing can replace snaggle, but he makes us happy:)
I'm sure your cats are still looking out for you. Keep a watch on the signals that they might leave you telling you they're around. <3
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-11)

Be safe my friend. Stop by when you can.


Thanks for handing out tissues, just thinking about it chokes me up so those are needed.


sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-11)
Dear Rook,

Really great one. Its now my time to be away, hopefully I will be back at least one a day to basis to YGS very shortly. But when I saw Ari's comment, I just clicked and read this one. As Val said, it goes to Favs.

Regards and respects to you.

valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
10 years ago (2014-10-11)
*passes out tissues* Absolutely loved this one, Rook. Instant fave.
Pebbles_Keeper (1 stories) (35 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-11)
Just re-read this.
Again I have a lump in my throat and teary eyes. Just beautiful. ❤
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-10)

Sorry, I should have posted the 'hanky' warning for this one. I defaulted to it being about family pets to cover that detail and should know better.

Thanks for reading.


Sceptic-Ari (2 stories) (611 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-10)
Dear rook,
This is so unfair of you.
You should have given out a hint, at the least!
Now, who'll pacify the child who is whimpering and is unable to bawl, wary what others would think if they see a grown man cry for apparently no reason at all!

Naira (19 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-05)
Oh, Rook, this is such a wonderful story! Kittens are such great guardians...

I used to have 3 that protected me at my apartment, at a time where bad things used to happen... They would hiss at the dark, and sit around me in a circle facing outward as if... Keeping watch.

I saw one of them drive away a shadow figure while another stood between them and I, and the third one climbed on my lap, hissing and meaowing.

Sadly as I had to leave the country for long periods at a time and couldn't bring them with me, I gave them to a great family that owns a country house with many animals, and they even let me visit. And they still recognize me!:)
LeavesFall (1 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-16)
This a great sad but hopeful story. Those two must have been great friends.
draaq2616 (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-12-08)
im sorry for your losses. I have a cat "street rescued kitten now a 12 years old kat." that I brought from california to texas I always see her and think bout how sad and painful it be for me to loose my kat. This was a very warming story 😭
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-30)
Why did you make me cry at work? 😢 Be it human or animal, it's always sad to lose someone who you really care about. But in this case, it's heart warming that they lived to their full extend of life and died doing what they did best and loved to do.

Personally, I think they will always be around to give you and your family the protection you need and give guidance to Spot. It's always nice to hear stories like this.
Watchful (2 stories) (17 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-26)
This is so sweet. Loss is always so sad, but this seems so different. It isn't cold, but warm and even hopeful. The other side is such a mystery, but stories like this remind us (at least, me) that not everything is scary or tragic when it comes to the afterlife.
Vanessanda (3 stories) (226 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-11)
Rook, just goes to show that our pets are as much a part of our family as our kids. We had an Alsatian who patrolled the corridor outside our bedrooms for quite some time after he passed. In those days we had the old linoleum floors and every one of us heard his claws clicking on the linoleum night after night. It was his routine while he was alive. The back door was always left unlocked and we had attached a soft leather handle for him to pull on with his teeth so he could get in easily whenever he felt the need. Who needs burglar alarms and security locks when you have family like that?

Sad but...
ghostboi (22 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-02)
oh man what a great story it just goes to show family bonds with animals are no different to us humans p.s sorry for your losses
herohead (2 stories) (61 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-14)
what a great story. I'm sorry for you loss but in the end, it seems like both cats had a nice ending.
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-31)
oh wow rook just working my way through your stories and this has th be the most touching one here.

Love the fact you heard blue come to collect stormy.
JustCurious (2 stories) (434 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-18)
rookdygin - your welcome, and that is interesting to hear about how she goes straight for the source when playing with some string. I had tried to play with my cat once with a laser pointer, and she kept laying a paw on top of where it pointed, then looked straight at me and sat down watching the hand that had the laser pointer in it. Could never trick her with it again after she figured out what I was doin.

The pictures may catch the other cats spirits in it, and would be interesting if they did, but you never know.

zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
13 years ago (2011-04-18)
Rook: Hey!...Who are you and are you Lou too?...Miss you, by the way! 😊
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-18)

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Mythrill, our kitten does the same thing when she's about to's so funny to watch. Our 'problem' is this...she's smart enough that when you play with her using a string... She doesn't attack the 'free end' of the string, she bats it around once or twice and then goes for the source... She attacks our hands... Never hurting us, but you can tell she's out to 'stop being teased' and knows where to strike to make that happen.

Now that she's 5.5 / 6 months old we do not think she's going to get any bigger, which will make her thew smallest cat I've ever owned, but a purrrfect size to be a mouser. I'll see about getting some pictures of her and posting them... Perhaps I'll catch the spirit (s) of one or both of our dearly departed cats... If anybody would like to see them that is.


JustCurious (2 stories) (434 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-14)
Im so sorry to hear about the losses of your cats. I for one had a cat when I lived in one state for a while, but ended up moving to another state, and had to give the cat away to someone else do to the circumstances not permitting me to be able to keep her. I know for sure though that at the first chance I get I am going to get a cat again. I for one don't mind dogs, but I would probably lean more towards getting a cat before a dog.

Thats interesting to hear about the new kitten to (with how it gets so focused it seems to forget where the edge is) cause I never had a cat that seemed to do that. However the one that I had before I moved would watch my hand and if I moved it just right she would get down on her stomach as if she was getting ready to pounce, and then you could tell when she was going to pounce cause she would slightly raise up a little, shake from side to side and jump at the hand.

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-15)

Thanks for the kind words...It's wonderful to know our pets are there for comfort and protection.

Update...Mythrill...our new kitten has been dubbed with the moniker 'Grace of Not'... She gets so focused on her target or what she is doing she losses track of the edge of whatever she is on... Be it a chair, the back of the couch or even the 'cat tree' I built for her. When this happens you never would think she was a cat as she falls to the floor only to lad on er feet ans look at you as if to say 'I meant to do that'... She also plays fetch and has more toys than my 12 year old (well perhaps not but she has more than anyother cat I've ever been owned

She has been a wonderful addition and has taken her place as one of our Family Protectors.


Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-11)
I never did comment on this story when you first posted it because it was around the same time when I had just lost my aunt and, very soon after, my uncle. It had made me cry the time I first read it and I was afraid I'd be projecting too much of my own personal sadness into my response. Well, here it is almost four months later and it still makes me get misty. I guess I needn't have worried. This is a lovely tribute Rook, you've really done the "Guardians" proud here. I see the same behavior in my dogs and look in those big watchful eyes, right into their souls. And just love and appreciate them all the more.
Thank you for sharing this Rook.
❤ ❤ ❤
hmhurst (1 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-22)
i read about the kitty's and yes I think your story is a very sweet one about your kittys.
biblefreeme (2 stories) (137 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-22)
thanks rook, she seems to have moved on now hopefully to be with my dad he loved cats but mum didn't so we slways had a dog, any hoo I just wanted to add that there is somthing about cats you either don't like them or like me when you do get one you just fall so in love with them it got to be as strong a bond as any between man and dog but cats do get a very misunderstood rep for being selfish and aloof and that's just not how they are I wish id had them years ago I still have scis son who is all black and hes my best bud and such a sweetie
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-08)

Sorry for your loss, I do hope that you feel comfort that you still 'hear/notice' her about the house.

Update...1.5 weeks ago... On 27Dec10 we adopted a new kitten... We were told by the shelter she wasn't heavy enough for them to 'fix' s we would have to have that done when she was 'big' enough. They wern't kidding... Our vet checked over our (MY) new kitten and told us she was a Healthy 4.5-5 week old kitten that weighed 1.71 pounds. She has sense taken to me as Mom... She eats off my fingers as if nursing. (Now I know why mama cats wheen their young... They bite... 😲 lol)

Our 12 year old cat is slowly beginng to teach her the 'rules' of the house and I've heard both of our departed Cat's 'sound off' as if they approve of the new kitten.


biblefreeme (2 stories) (137 posts)
14 years ago (2010-12-17)
i just wanted to say its been a few weeks since I made that last coment sadly my cat was put to sleep but since then I have seen a white streak out the corner of my eye flashing down stairs at feeding time (she spent most of her time upstairs) and both my daughter and I have heard her distinctive meow but very faintly will let you know if I see her properly
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
14 years ago (2010-12-02)
Thank you all for the comments and comforting stories concerning your own pets.

Spot see's the vet in the moring, just a routine check up. We are keeping an eye out for a kitten that she can 'train up' and have as a friend so she is not alone in the duties she seems to think she has towards our Family.


biblefreeme (2 stories) (137 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-29)
this was a very comforting story to read today as my cat skibs is very ill and is seeing vet tomorrow her prognosis doesn't look good poor little thing is a bag of bones and looks so tired so if any one could pray if that's what you do or send healing or your version to her id be very gratefull shes such a sweet little white kitty
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2010-11-29)
I echo the comments of so many of our friends, Dear Rook.
What a beautiful tale of family love that reaches over and beyond what we tend to think of as the Family Unit. The devotions of BOTH sides are clearly represented. Very beautiful.
Thank you.

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