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This isn't the most interesting story you'll find but I do want some questions to be answered by some of you that are more experienced on the paranormal.

First when I was an infant I was able (according to my mother and my two uncle's she was living with at the time) to see something at the top of a set of stairs in the house. My mum said I would be sitting there (or laying, whatever babies do) and then I would look at the top of those stairs and start smiling and giggle a bit. My mum and uncle's also saw something at the top of the stair but only at the corner of their eyes as they walked past or were sitting on the couch, they said it looked like a 'black shadow' or 'blurry thing'. Also while we were there one of my uncles called mum into his room and said "Doll (nick name), come listen to this... If you listen really closely you can hear it being tapped back", he began tapping a simple short tune on the top of his bed head, just like he said, the tune was tapped back. Another time, me, mum and one of my uncles were out (don't know, mum can't remember) and my other uncle was left at home alone. After he took a shower he saw his speaker moved slightly away from the wall, he didn't think anything of it and moved it back, he then went down stairs and when he came back up to his room his speaker was laying on the floor. After me and mum left that house to live on our own, we were told by them that one day they went to the kitchen and all the stove elements were on but not on fire and 'the pot popped off the stove and landed upright', that was a quote from my uncle, we don't know the details like where it was on the floor or if anything was even in the pot.

This reminds me of when my little brother was a baby. But this was in my current house, we used to have what was called 'The 10 commandments' hanging on our wall but it was the Indian 10 commandments not the bible ones. Anyway when my brother would be crying, mum came to comfort him, mum's back would face the 10 commandments and my brother would calm down. Then being a baby and all, he would look around the room then his sight would get fixed on the picture of the 10 Indian heads with writing under them then start giggling as babies do, which brings me to my first question. Can babies see ghosts? Were me and my brother seeing something or were we just giggling at nothing.

These are some odd things that have happened in my house. First when my brother was still a baby, where those 10 commandments hang, they fell off the wall for no reason, I can assure this because the nail (thick nail) is quite deep in the wall and there is plenty of nail sticking out to hold a picture (I checked right before writing this), when it fell the glass broke, we hang it up there for a while after changing it to another picture with glass over the frame, it too fell and broke (not straight away). Mum one afternoon, saw her handbag slightly swinging on the door handle; I'll add that the bag was too heavy to be moved by what little wind was there.

This next thing is the last thing that has happened in this house but I find it creepy, not because it's scary but because it was personal (happened not long ago, 2010). Let's say at this point in time people were giving off negative energy, like hate and sadness and me and my brother called out to mum a lot (leave it at that). It started as mum hearing one of us calling out to her so as normal she came to see what we wanted but none of us said anything. The second time this happened it still sounded like it could have been both of us (I'm a girl and my brother's voice hasn't cracked) but each time it happened it sound more and more like me. For a while we just thought mum was going insane (a joke really) but then other people started to hear it, like my brother and my mum's boyfriend. And how it happened next was weird, my mum and her boyfriend were sitting in her room watching T.V. And they both heard my voice right outside the door, a quick "mum" as I do when I actually walk to the door and quickly turn and walk down the hallway but I was in the lounge room also watching T.V. And when I watch T.V. I don't hear anything basically, I hear it but I don't remember it but that's off the topic, my point is that I didn't walk up the hallway and say "mum" really quickly then leave. For the whole time it was only the word "mum" and it was my voice. When the cause of the negative energy left so did the mysterious "mum".

All this brings me to the rest of my questions. Do ghosts find it easier to feed on negative energy? Is my house haunted? Can ghosts mimic things they hear often? And why did the ghost only mimic me? All answers are welcome and even criticisms and I will answer any questions you have as well (that's if I even know them).

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willow12 (2 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-19)
I lived in a house for three years and there was a period of time in which I would hear my name being called a different people. Once it sounded like my mom who had recently passed. Another time it sounded like one of my room mates. It happened for a couple months then just stopped. Six years since and it has not happened again. Weird.
bannana78 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-18)
i hade somthing kind of like the voice happen tome once I was in a trailer that is in our yard and I heard some one call my name and I asked my friends if they had heard it and they said no 😕
elsaro (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-08)
Thank you both for your comments, they did help me understand a little. There actually was a death in either my house or the one next door but all that's happen there (that I've heard) is a Coo-coo clock going off when they don't own one. We didn't really try to debunk them cause no one else sounds like that and the sounds were close, they didn't sound like they were coming from outside. I don't think I have a sixth sense because I haven't seen a ghost since then and I don't remember that.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-07)
The voices imitate and mimic family members mainly to get your attention, the energy you give off after realising that it wasn't a living family member is what it craves. Onya Ikatsu you summed everything I was going to say! 😆

Thanks for sharing.

Ikatsu (3 stories) (24 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-07)
Hello Elsaro. Your story was very fascinating, actually, that everything happened so coincidentally like the 10 commandments picture falling, the voices, etc.

First off I can say that many things so-called paranormal can be explained. Voices for example could be outside noise that we hear and our brains try to make sense of it in simple words. Did you try to debunk some of the things that were happening to your best ability?

Other things like the speaker being completely knocked off and the hand bag seem a bit strange, too. Usually, negative energy can be a feeding ground for certain things to come and go, as it is the same with fear. However, spirits can manifest in either environment via attachment to the place or house, or object in the house.

It seems that children can see much more detail of apparitions and witness more. It's the same with animals. I've always stuck to the theory of fear, once again. Babies are naive and just learning of the world--they are susceptible to anything. You could have very well seen something, the same with your brother. If conscious or aware, some people can close off the paranormal from their head, and others speculate the opposite--if you have a sixth sense the door to it cannot be closed. Do you believe you have one?

Lastly, the voices. I'm not sure why, but many times people like my mother heard me calling for her and that's when I was resting, which was very strange. The same happened with my mother. If it is paranormal I believe they can imitate sounds, due to it being so common, though I'm unsure of the reason why.

I think whatever is in your house is what I call a mischievious spirit, if it is haunted. They usually play jokes on people like name calling, moving things, etc. I wouldn't even consider it a poltergeist, though I'd need more detail for that.

Anyway, I hope I've enlightened you on my opinions, knowledge, and experience.

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