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My California Ghost Stories


Story 1

When my sister was about 9 years old, she was alone in my room praying her rosary. Suddenly, she heard the sound of books from my bookcase falling to the floor although none actually did and the room turned red. She ran out of my room and unfortunately, that was the last time she ever prayed the rosary. I believe it was the devil scaring her commitment to her faith out of her. 😢

Story 2

Within a couple of hours after he died and the night before I even found out, I was watching a movie and felt my ex-BF's presence watching me from the window next to me. It was an eerie but strong feeling that I couldn't shake. Suddenly, his spirit flew along the outside of that side of my house, knocking loudly along the walls and windows before flying off. I didn't know what to attribute it all to until the next day when I found out that he had died while I was having dinner before the movie. I believe that it was him saying goodbye.

Story 3

Not long after my cat died, I was on the couch watching TV when I heard and felt the distinct sound of a cat jumping from the couch back to the cushion next to me. I thought it was my other cat but she was asleep on top of the couch. I believe that it was my Dusty saying goodbye.

Story 4

I was in the shower when I heard 3 hard knocks on the bathroom door. I was home alone.

Story 5

We had just moved in the day before and were sitting on our bed. The closet door was open. Suddenly, my dog stood up, stared into the closet and started shaking, growling while breathing in as well as out, and her hackles went up. She seemed scared.

Story 6

I was at work with just one coworker in the room and I heard two voices whispering right next to me and one of them said my name. It was not my coworker.

Story 7

The basement of my workplace was rumored to be haunted by voices and sure enough, when I was down there alone, I heard voices next to me.

Story 8

At work, a coworker told me that he saw me go into the restroom. He then turned around and saw "me" coming down the stairs and said, "Wait! Didn't I just see you going into the restroom?" He said that "I" smiled slyly at him and said, "Maybe." He didn't tell me about that until a few years later when we worked at another place together again and we were having a relaxing moment with other coworkers, hanging out after hours before leaving. We were talking about the supernatural and I asked him if he'd had any experiences. He thought a moment and said, "Yes! It was about YOU!" My blood ran cold just then and as he told me what happened! We believe that he saw my doppleganger. 😨

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Dar77 (10 stories) (64 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-09)
I really liked your California ghost stories, especially the ones about the three knocks and the doppelganger. California seems to be rich in paranormal stuff! Thanks for sharing 😊
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-04)
I believe that everybody has at least a couple of incidents that are unexplainable in their lives. Many do not bother to recognize or remember those incidents. Others can recall a few strange incidents. Still, other people seem to have a great many incidents happen to them in their life. You certainly seem to be in the latter category!
lady-glow (16 stories) (3159 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-03)
Hello HawaiiFemme.

These are some interesting little stories.

The first one remained me of a time many years ago when a statue of The Virgin Mary was passed around the neighborhood houses on a weekly basis with the purpose of people getting together to pray the rosary every evening at around 7 pm.

There was a boy named 'David' and us kids would giggle during the part of the litany that says "Tower of David". One of the days when my family was hosting the statue David wasn't present and we were gigglier than ever and one of the neighbour ladies said something like "Girls, the Devil is here trying to stop our prayers", at that very moment David came into our living-room greeting us with a happy "Good morning!"
That was enough to make everyone start laughing to the point that we couldn't finish our prayers and all the guests had to leave.

The next day, my eldest brother told us that, once he was alone in the living-room trying to study, he felt a heavy feeling that only stopped after he knelt at the feet of The Virgin and prayed the rosary alone.

...Something to ponder about...

Although I tend to always look for as many logical explanations before assuming something to be paranormal in nature, I'm aware, too, that not everything has an explanation.

Thanks for sharing.

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