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Six years ago was when I first came across this site. I was pregnant and home a lot so I spend much time reading what seemed like every single story on here lol! Towards the end of my pregnancy and my sons first few months of life I wasn't online at all. I had moved into a new apartment with my husband, his mother, and little brother. I was also settling into my new role as mother. I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone else I'm not sure what it even is that I experienced and if it could even be labeled as paranormal, perhaps someone could help explain. I believed my son was about three months old when I started reading up again. (I notice I had quite a bit to catch up on reading). I was happy about it.

One night I'm lying in bed reading a few stories on here, my son asleep and His dad was across the room on his desk online gaming. Pretty standard night.

There is a story on here, I don't remember exactly who shared it or the title. It was oujia related that I know for sure. I believe it was a group of friends, males and females, playing in a garage. What I do remember in vivid emotion is that there is a part in this experience where the individual is closing his eyes and he describes to see fire and a face that of a demon. I say vividly emotional because I'll never forget how it was that I felt when I was reading this. This image was seared into my mind. Every time I closed my eyes I saw it as I believe this person must have had. I blinked a lot and fast thinking this image would disappear and it only seemed to intensify. I washed my face and I tried to shake it off. Blame it on my wild imagination and decided I'd just to get some rest.

A bit after that I started feeling very uncomfortable, watched, and scared. It got so intense I started to water in my eyes. I told my sons father what I was feeling and I asked him to come lay down to help me get to sleep. He came to bed and I felt better. We turned the lights off and tried getting some shut eye. I close my eyes and immediately I feel something touch my Leg, softly, by my thigh. I open my eyes wide thinking I must have been falling asleep and probably dreamt it. I close my eyes again and I feel it on my arm by my shoulder, a light squeeze. At this point I'm afraid to close my eyes again. I played on my Phone a bit then decided it was getting late id try to sleep again. I thought I was definitely imaging things earlier that I spooked myself and that was all.

I turned over on my side close my eyes and I swear I felt a grip on my neck, like there was no mistaking I felt the presence of fingers on my neck. I jumped up with so much quickness. My husband at the time was asking me what happened and I knew he wouldn't believe me, I decided to not tell him any of it. It took me a couple hours to fall asleep and I did. The following morning I woke up excited as it was one of the first times I was going to get the house to myself. My husband was working and his mother and brother were taking my son to her sisters home. I jumped in the shower got out and called my friend Betsy wanting to talk to her about what happened to me the previous night. I was in my room sitting on my bed putting make up on when she picked up the phone and we agreed to meet at Starbucks to talk about it. After I hung up I continued to do what I was doing and I started to get that overwhelming feeling of fear and sadness again. It was so intense I ran out of the house left the tv and stereo on. Finished my

Make up in my car and met my girlfriend.

We sat across from each other as I shared with her what has happened the previous night. As my story progresses I felt a bit of chills and my eyes were watering but the feeling wasn't as intense or overwhelming although definitely present. At the same time my eyes watered hers were watering as well. I was a little surprised as I realized she deleted as I did in that particular instance in the universe. She laughs wiping her tears asking me if I felt that as well. I told her I did and I couldn't believe she felt what I did. We prayed together and left for home a little shaken But that was the end of that.

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H2olily (5 stories) (158 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-22)
The reason I don't read the ouija stories on here is because of the possibility of spiritual oppression. Who knows what portal was opened? Creepy stuff happens, let's not open ourselves up to it by messing with boards or even reading about them.
svvar (4 stories) (22 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-20)

Yes I can relate to that as well. When I lived with my mother she would never let me watch scary anything in that nature she really believed it attracted bad energies and invited the unwanted in our home. I'm not sure how true that is if it all. Wether it it was purely psychological or a real event I'll never forget.
svvar (4 stories) (22 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-20)

Good point, I was also thinking o may have been extra sensitive with the stress of being a new mother! Looking back I don't recal if anyone we knew passed, I guess I'll always wonder.
svvar (4 stories) (22 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-20)

This was the only time it happened! Thank goodness:-)
KikiGirl (8 stories) (207 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-17)
svvar, what a bizarre and intriguing story! It was very strange that it seemed to happen suddenly and then, just stop. Honestly, I can tell you that I have had similar experiences, where I watched something on the internet or a movie and afterwards, maybe saw 'something' or felt uncomfortable, frightened and nervous. Although, nothing has ever touched me! Sometimes, it was just my imagination taking over, but, I do believe that once a person becomes aware of the spiritual realm, and that awareness supersedes just psychologically being aware of the unseen, but also, physically and emotionally, you can "attract" a nearby spirit/s who now can, and will, making themselves seen/heard/felt.

It could be a friend or relative who wanted your attention for a short time. Otherwise, it seemed to be a spirit or ghost which was not so attached to you on an emotional level because once you made it clear that you did not want it in-and-around your space, it left. It is a good sign that you are operating in a positive and clean awareness and consciousness, that there was minimal negative spirits that felt it necessary to gain your attention.
lady-glow (14 stories) (3078 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-17)
svvar: this is an interesting story. Personally, I do not think it possible to get haunted through the internet or, should I say, it hasn't happened to me in the many years I have been reading the stories in this site.

My opinion is that the stress of being a new mother got the best of you after reading that particular story and, by this, I am not denying the possibility of a spirit trying to get your attention, but I just think it wasn't an evil presence. It is interesting that your friend sensed this presence too; which makes me wonder if someone known to both of you passed away around that time and was trying to say their goodbyes.
Do I explain myself? Perhaps an old lost friend with whom you lost contact?
In such case your prayers would have been the acknowledgment s/he was looking for.

Thanks for sharing.
annie16 (13 stories) (53 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-17)
An experience like yours would permanently scare me off this site. I sincerely hope that this hasn't happened or won't happen again. Maybe Rook can help?

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