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Summer School Dream


I had gone to California from my house in Florida (which took TWO plane rides) to see my brother, Blake. He was 24, going on 25 next month. This story takes place just barely after my encounter with the evil spirits in my old home. After I got off the plane, I had to get a taxi, which wasn't too hard and went to Blake's work; the Pontiac Hotel. I stayed there for free, in room 221. I loved the room, it was a large, one roomed place with a largish kitchen.

After a week, I decided to stop freeloading and go to summer school every other day. One, mildly warm day, I fell asleep in class. Raven, one of the friends I had made, tapped me on the shoulder, and I tiredly slapped it away. But then it happened again. "Miss," she said. Raven never said Miss. I peered up, no loner sleepy. What I saw wasn't Raven, but a woman in a long dress, a schoolteacher from the 1900's. I fell back in my chair, screaming. "Miss!" she helped me back up, and I looked around. Kids. Kids that wore those old clothes off the golden days.

I turned and ran. Of course, screaming. Something was jacked, I remembered I said. I flew through a door and slammed it shut behind me. I remembered my teacher saying that back then, schoolrooms were only one roomed. So what was this? I opened the window and cried for help. No one was there to help. I turned back around and started writing on the chalkboard, in large letters; WHERE AM I? And next to it wrote "In my world, I want to play with you..." I freaked out and an idea struck. Jump out the window. Maybe this was a dream and the shock would wake me up.

I took it, and flew out the window. I awoke, and I was in class again, covered in cuts, and bruises from the fall. What fall? It was a dream, wasn't it? I don't know what it was, but I never went back to that summer school. I never fell asleep in school again. I was forever scared of going to school in the summer, so I did good in school. Any advice to what I experienced?

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reader (3 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-18)
well it sounds like a dream, it sounds like when you are in between of being asleep and awake if it makes sense, its when you think you are awake and see and feel stuff around you. 😁
Diyanuh (2 stories) (39 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-02)
maybe it was just a dream to show you what it was like back in those days but who was writing on the chalk board that's what confuses me well anyways that will teach to do better in school 😆
Ryokoie (2 stories) (9 posts)
14 years ago (2007-08-23)
I don't know but it sounded like maybe a subconcusious thing, like do better in school or such? I will say it's a very intresting dream, and I hope you recovered from your experience. ^_^

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