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I've had many small things happen to me that aren't really worth writing separate stories for, so I thought I'd write them all together. Although, I'm sure I'll end up missing a few as I tend to forget about some things hehe.

My great grandma Christine died when I was about 2 years old. I don't really remember her well, only vaguely. She was a gypsy and I remember she used to like to sit on the floor a lot. Other than that, I don't remember her at all. But what I do remember, is I used to play with a piece of string, and I would call it Christine, and talk to it. I started doing this after she passed, and my mum found it quite odd. I also had an obsession with sitting on the floor. I've always wondered if I was somehow influenced by her from the grave.

Another thing I remember is playing in my room one day, I would've been around 4, and I heard a woman softly whisper my name. I knew it wasn't my mum and I was very confused. I heard it twice more and then I continued to play with my toys.

Once when I was at my nana's house, I think I was about 6, I saw a small black shadow dart past me and behind the fridge. At the time I didn't know what it was and I screamed for my nana to move the fridge. She thought I was being silly but I was convinced I saw something. She eventually moved the fridge and nothing was there. I think this may have been a shadow ghost.

Also at my nana's house, on several occasions I heard scratching at night. It used to really scare me and I'd make my nana search the room for monsters. This could've been mice but I doubt my granddad would've let mice in my room.

Again at my nana's house, I was sat watching a video in my nana's bed with her dog, Tuppy. I'd say I was about 10 years old, and Tuppy was asleep on my lap. He suddenly pricked his ears up and began barking at the tv... I was confused and told him to be quiet because I was watching the movie. Then the tv began switching channels on its own, I looked for the remote, it was on the side untouched. All the time tuppy was barking at the tv. I got out of bed to get my nana and the tv went back to the video. Confused, I sat back on the bed and it again flicked through channels, before turning itself off. Tuppy then ran out of the room and I ran after him. After I had got my nana and told her, we went back to the room, and the movie was playing.

I'm not sure if this is ghost related but it was quite strange. This was also at my nana's house. My nana has this stand that it quite tall, on top of it is a big pot plant. One day my cousin was walking by the stand and the plant flew off and hit her on the head. I saw the whole thing and she never touched the stand... I don't really understand how, or why it happened. Luckily she was ok but the pot the plant was in had smashed all over the floor. My nana never put a plant there again.

This one was at my mum's house, which is where 2 of my major experiences have happened, but you need to read my other stories for those. I often hear odd noises at my mum's house, but once (and I'm glad it was only once) something breathed really loud in my ear, I felt the breath on my neck and I screamed. Nothing was there, and no one was in the house but me. I think my ghost likes to play tricks sometimes.

Other times you can hear people walking around, we have a wooden floor so it's easy to hear footsteps. There is never anyone there and my mum gets a bit spooked. The attic has also been converted into a bedroom, and when someone is upstairs, you can hear the floorboards downstairs. I often hear this when I'm alone.

The strangest thing was the doorbell incident. The attic is my room, and right next to it is the doorbell sound box thingy. Every time someone rings the doorbell it was really loud in my room and it used to wake me up a lot. I complained to my mum about it and a few days later, noticed the doorbell box had been removed and the wires cut. Thinking my mum had done it, I ignored it, until she asked me later why I had disconnected it. When I told her I hadn't, she looked really shocked and quite scared. We both put it down to the ghost as no one else had done it. We never did find the box either.

Sometimes our ghost likes to help us too. We've often asked each other to find a missing item, checked the house 4 or 5 times only to find it in a really obvious place that we both checked just 2 minutes before. So now we say thank you out loud when they appear.

It seems to like moving things in the kitchen too, I can sometimes hear noises coming from there, like someone is washing up or making some food, and when I go to investigate no one is there.

Oh and before I forget, the tennis ball! This really scared my mum, but I found it quite funny really, and something I would do if I were a ghost... Or a ghost dog haha. This tennis ball appeared in our garden one day, assuming it was from next door, we threw it over the fence. The next day it was in the exact same place in the garden... So again we threw it back over. After doing this for a few days my mum decided to put it in the bin. The next day it was in its usual spot in our garden, right next to the bird bath. My mum became quite freaked out by this and picked it up and threw it hard, over the fence. As expected it appeared again. I decided to move it to the other end of the garden, instead of throwing it, and again it had moved the next day. I eventually became bored with trying to move the ball and I left it. It stayed there for a few days before disappearing on it's own, and it's never come back. My mum was quite happy about that :D

That's all I can remember right now, but I think I've missed a few. I've also had many strange dreams, are dreams at all related to ghosts? There's one thing I would like to write about but I'm not sure if this web site is the right place.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment :)



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McKnee (4 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2008-01-06)
Hi KimSouth0,

Sorry for the late reply, I haven't logged in for a while.

I am not really sure about the history of my mums house, I could ask her though. She has lived there for about 17 years or so.

My nana's house is quite old though, it's actually a tudor style house. Again I don't really know the history but I could ask. They have lived there for at least 25 years.

The experiences don't really bother me much though as I've grown up around it and I don't feel threatened by them.

I think you are right about recieving messages in dreams. I've often dreamt of something that has later happened in the future, and it's not always a good thing, but it is quite interesting hehe :)

Take care


KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-11)
Wow. Sounds as if your home is very active. Do you know anything regarding the history of the house? I would be very curious. I suppose unless it is making it unbearable for you and your mom, then you are dealing with it quite well. If it becomes bothersome, you may need to take action.

As far as the dreams, I can only state my opinion. I believe that dreams are a state of consciousness where we can become more aware of the super natural and can receive messages and warinings among other things. I would think this is the best site to write your stories and share with others. If you feel the dreams are related to spirit activity and such, write it down. You are your own best judge regarding your occurances.

God Bless!

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