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Attempted Possession


I was dreaming and my dream became semi lucid. I could hear a girl singing her name to me "Meena". I was sitting at a desk with paper and pencil so I wrote "hello meena my name is ***" There was a spasm in my neck and shoulder, I was startled from sleep by this involuntary action, my mouth was shuddering open and closed while my breathing, which was not under my control, was forcing a slobbering sound out of me. I dismissed this effect with an act of will.

I could hear her singing only in my mind, she sang my name and I could sense something trying to touch my face and neck. I ordered her to go and heard screaming and wailing, this to was in the mind only. She was pleading with me "yes, yes" but I ordered "no, no, go away". The temperature dropped incredibly with every utterance of the word no.

I saw images of her, brunette and very young. What was jarring was that she was rotted on one side of her face and body which seemed to upset her gravely. I simply ordered her to leave being careful to offer no comfort.

I have had things approach me while sleeping before, the worst are more insidious and attempt to control the body, all can be dismissed with conscious effort. This girl was easier to shrug off than most although no others have caused a spasm, more like attempted paralysis.

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happyhappy-yumyum (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-23)
😨 Waah! Creepy weepy!;-; This Meena is a meanie! If you see 'Meena' again pray right away and she'll run Run RUN. I heard that demons disguise themselves as ghosts to decieve others into thinking disembodied spirits are real. Ghosts don't exist as dead humans. Don't let her control you! Hopefully you're better than before now! C: Bye bye!~ xoxo❤ happyhappy-yumyum
gary11872 (1 stories) (60 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-11)
wow, this sounded like it must have traumatised you. I hope it dosent happen again. If it does you should do exactly what you did in this story. You'll be fine.

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