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Pushed in Between


I was about 7 or 8 when this happened, but I still can remember it very well. I had moved to Montreal with my parents and we moved into this apartment that seemed quite odd frankly. My mom told me she had seen it before and that things happened in it. She told me some people were killed. She said she'd seen it 2-3 years ago though, so I was beginning to be a little freaked out since I had no idea how she could have seen it before if we never went there before. I believed her though. I always felt awkward in there from the moment she told me that.

One night, I was about to go to bed and I had this strange feeling. I stayed up for an hour before falling asleep and when I did, I had a dream that something picked me up and flew me up and then suddenly I was dropped and I was falling slowly for what seemed a long time, then I was thrown down hardly. It was actually about 10 seconds. I fell on my back hardly and heard it crack. I woke up and I knew I didn't fall by myself because, logically, I would have fallen in less time since my bed wasn't too high and it was in between another bed.

My parents woke up right away because they heard a loud noise. I was crying and crying. It hurt really badly. It's as if someone would have thrown me in between the two beds. Right after I had fallen, I already had bruises on my back. My whole back was blue all over only a bit after. I ever had a few scratches, I had no idea how I got them though. Those bruises and scratches were there for a long time but they went away eventually. Some people might tell me that I probably fell by myself but it was impossible. You'd have to experience it to know what I mean. We stayed there for only 6 months, my mom wasn't able to live there. She'd had things happen, actually we all did. We couldn't stay there anymore. Also, If anyone could explain to me what it was, please tell me. I was thinking it was probably a demon but it seemed to me that there was more than one of them.

We're usually really unlucky and we pick out the worst places to move to, lol. I hope you enjoyed reading. I really want to know what it wanted from us though.

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hayley308 (9 posts)
16 years ago (2007-11-25)
i have no idea how it could of happened but I know you DIDNT fall on yourself because if you did you wouldn't have bruising just from falling of a bed.
Hayley x
evilblackwidow9 (6 stories) (132 posts)
16 years ago (2007-05-30)
I would have to have more details to be able to make a certain answer. But to me it seems like maybe a ghost was trying to protect you from whatever was in that apartment and threw you between the beds because there was no time. My e-mail address is evilblackwidow9 [at] I would like to have more details.

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